Jingle Balls

Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 20,463
0 Ratings (0.0)

After ten years, Lacey Mathers is called home to attend her mother's funeral. She discovers, her mother wasn't who she thought she was. On top of that, the handsome lawyer handling the will is so lickable she can't help but drool over him. Although her attraction to him boils her blood, something else about Dominik stirs the primal side of her.

Dominik Napier can't keep his eyes off his gorgeous new client. Every fiber of his being craves her, but can she accept his animal nature?

Christmas lights are twinkling and carols are jingling, but Lacey can't stop daydreaming about him in nothing more than a red thong and a Santa hat. Will the secrets she discovers tear them apart or bring them closer together? Can Lacey accept him being furry? Or will they both end up with coal in their stockings?

Jingle Balls
0 Ratings (0.0)

Jingle Balls

Purple Sword Publications, LLC

Heat Rating: Steamy
Word Count: 20,463
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Anastasia Rabiyah

“So you come here to ask for forgiveness by trying to kiss me and coming onto my boys. Ralph has a serious hard-on because of you. He has your scent in his nose and he might come after you. He’s not so gentle. I should let him have you.”

Lacey took in a deep breath. “Is that what you really want?” She pushed her breasts into his chest.

“Don’t tempt me.”

“No temptation. Just fact. I’m here. I want you.”

“That rolls off your tongue so easily, I can almost believe it.” He grabbed her chin and squeezed a little until a small sound came out of her lips.

“I’m not lying.”

“So if I took you into the alley, pulled your pants down, and fucked you, there wouldn’t be any objections from you.”



He captured her mouth and kissed her fiercely. He scraped his teeth over her bottom lip and then tugged on it. Dominik slid his fingers through her hair and gripped her head. He pushed her into the side of the building. His erection pressed along her thigh. She placed her hands on his chest. She ran her nails down his pecs and tried to kiss him back, but he broke it off before she could catch up to him. Dominik stepped back, breathing hard. It was difficult for her to breathe. Her attraction to him was rising in her. Lacey pressed her nails against the wooden panels of the buildings to make sure the earth wasn’t moving. His kiss had stirred a lust so deep she wasn’t sure what she was feeling. No man had ever made her feel that way. Her body temperature was rising. Her palms were sweating.

“Still want me?” He planted his hands on the building, trapping her between his arms.

Is he daring or threatening me? Maybe both. He still doesn’t believe me. She could see the light of disbelief in his eyes. “Why are making this so tough?”

“Because I can smell your fear and see your uncertainty. That means you don’t want me.”

Lacey sighed. The frustration she felt welled up in her eyes and a tear slipped down her cheek. “I wouldn’t have come down here and waited for you if I wasn’t sure of what I desired. I’m not usually so forward, okay? You’re the big honcho around here and are used to everyone bowing to you. Sorry if I’m not that woman for you.” She tried to duck away from Dominik, but he wouldn’t let her out of the cage of his arms.

He growled. “You drive me crazy. I want you. I want to fuck you.”

She bit her lip, laid her hand on his groin, and cupped his cock through the material of his jeans. “Then fuck me. Don’t leave me hanging. You kissed me and now you’re doing nothing. Aren’t you used to getting what you want?” The temperature of her body spiked and the craving to be with him was overwhelming and at the same time being with him was calming.

“You have no idea. I’m next in line for the pack leadership. Everyone just hands me everything or they fear me. I guess it’s gone to my head. I expected you to just accept what I was. God, you’re radiant. You’re something special. I sensed it the first time I saw you. Do you know that?”

Her cheeks burned at his compliment. “No one has ever called me that.”

“They should. You taste like chocolate and vanilla.”

“That has to be the cake I had for dessert.”

“No. It’s all you.”

“Then why are we standing around here and talking. I thought you wanted me.”

“You keep tempting me, and I won’t be able to control myself.”

“My house is only a few minutes away.”

He trailed his fingers through her hair and then down her cheek, leaving tingles from where he had touched. “I have to warn you about getting involved with me.” He leaned closer and ran his nose along her cheek. He inhaled and his whole body shook. His tongue brushed along the same path he had run his nose along.

Lacey tried to remain still. The passion he invoked in her was so strong it was challenging to concentrate on anything else. The agony of wanting him was spreading through her veins. Dominik had awoken something inside of her she didn’t understand. “Why? You going to eat me up?”

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