Leaving the Closet for Love: Darrin's Story (MM)

Leaving the Closet for Love 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,751
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

It’s instant attraction when Darrin Daniels meets Ethan Porter, and they get along great both in general and between the sheets. They share many interests, like each other’s personality, and make a great couple. There’s only one problem. Darrin quails from Ethan’s public displays of affection. He’s still deeply closeted.

Darrin doesn’t like hiding his feelings for Ethan from the world, but Darrin works in the family business and expects his dad to retire and turn the business over to him one of these days soon…and the father, “Big Earl,” is a terrible homophobe. He’ll cut Darrin off from the business and the family if he finds out Darrin is gay.

Meanwhile, however, Ethan is unhappy at being hidden, and he breaks it off with Darrin. What can Darrin do? Things come to a head in an unexpected way, and Darrin finds himself at a crossroads where he has to make a choice.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Leaving the Closet for Love: Darrin's Story (MM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Leaving the Closet for Love: Darrin's Story (MM)

Leaving the Closet for Love 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,751
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



It was foolish for Darrin to pretend he hadn’t heard Ethan’s half of the conversation. He ventured a guess. “Sick friend?”

“Sick friend who was supposed to be coming to the dinner party tomorrow. And me with enough food for eight.”

“You can always freeze the leftovers. Your fridge is working fine now.” Darrin grinned.

“Hey! Why don’t you join us? I don’t know if the fifty-dollar payment I gave you was enough, but can I sweeten the pot with an offer of dinner tomorrow?”

“You already paid me. You don’t owe me anything else.”

“Okay. Forget the concept of owing. How about you come just because I’m enjoying your company, and I hope you’re enjoying mine, and it would be nice to have you here with my friends tomorrow. I think you’d fit in. Unless you have a problem with gay people, which more than half of them are.”

“No, I don’t have a problem with gay people.”

“That’s good. I’m gay myself,” Ethan confided.

“So am I,” Darrin at last admitted, “but don’t spread it around. I’m not out.”


“I work in the family business, and I’m supposed to take over when my father retires, but Dad is a terrible homophobe. He’d disinherit me and sell the business to someone else if he found out I’m gay.”

“Sheesh! That’s an awful position to be in. You’re sure it’s that bad?”


“You have my sympathy.” Ethan laid a hand on Darrin’s knee and gave it a comforting squeeze. This had the unintended effect of making Darrin’s dick lurch in his pants. He wondered if Ethan had noticed. If he had, though, he said nothing and gave no indication.


* * * *


In fact, Ethan hadn’t noticed Darrin’s dick. He was too busy focusing on Darrin’s overall appeal to him. Personality counted big-time with Ethan, and he found Darrin’s personality very attractive. Too bad the man wasn’t out of the closet, though. It must really get in the way of his social life.

If the two of them ever got together—and Ethan was already envisioning such an eventuality as a distinct possibility—how would Darrin’s closeted status play out? Ethan was an affectionate person, used to being demonstrative. Would he have to rein in his affections? Could he rein in his affections? Not kiss Darrin in public?

Well, he was getting ahead of himself. They hadn’t yet discussed the possibility of seeing each other socially as yet.

Ethan’s thoughts were brought back to the here-and-now by Darrin’s voice.


* * * *


“So, what’s on the menu for tomorrow? And how should I dress?” Darrin asked.

“Dress casually. We’re not formal types. Your glass seems to be empty. Would you like a refill?”

“Given that I’m drinking on an empty stomach—and no, that’s not a hint!—and seeing that I’m driving, I think stopping at one drink would be prudent.”

“Are you always that sensible?” Ethan asked.

“Not always, but usually.”

“Maybe if you were a little less sensible, you could come out of the closet and tell your father to go fly a kite. No! I’m sorry! I was out of line to say that. I barely know you.”

“It’s all right. I told you what the situation is. There’s no reason for you not to express your opinion after that. I left myself open for it. No fault, no foul.” Darrin tried to sound reassuring.

“Well, thank you, but I still think I was being brash.”

“Perhaps a bit brash but not rude or out of line.” Now it was Darrin’s hand that landed on Ethan’s knee reassuringly.

“Thanks,” Ethan said, clapping Darrin’s shoulder.

“Well, let me get on home.” Darrin rose from the love seat.

“Don’t forget your tool kit.”

“Thanks. I almost did!”

“It’s still in the kitchen. I’ll get it for you.” Ethan scurried off toward the kitchen and returned in a minute, tool kit in hand. “Here you go.” He held the bag out to Darrin.

“Thanks. Now, what time tomorrow are you expecting your guests?”

“Between six and six thirty. Most of my friends have nine-to-fives, and they’ll want to go home and change clothes first.”

“I’ll be getting off work at six again, but I’ll bring a change of clothes to work with me and change right there at the store. I won’t be able to take a shower first, but I should be able to get here before six thirty.”

“That’s fine. No problem.”

“What should I bring?”

“Just yourself. Honestly.”

“Wine?” Darrin asked.


“Is it an occasion? Your birthday or something?”

“You know the Broadway show, or the movie, Mame?”

“I have the CD. Oh! You’re talking about, ‘It’s Today’?” Darrin asked.

“That’s precisely what I’m talking about. Do I need any further reason to celebrate? It’s today!”

“I like your spirit!”

“So tomorrow we’ll celebrate tomorrow, but today is pretty special, too.”

“You mean because every day should be special?” Darrin asked.

“Well, that’s certainly true, too, but I meant today is special because I met you.” Ethan took a step to close the gap between them and then kissed Darrin at the corner of his mouth. “Was I out of line? Are you involved with someone?”

“Totally unencumbered—unfortunately.”

“If I have anything to say about it, that won’t be true for much longer.” Ethan winked at him.




Darrin could feel Ethan’s hard-on prodding his thighs as Ethan worked over his wrinkled hole with his probing finger. Ethan’s raging dick was leaking lube copiously.

When he had lubed Darrin thoroughly, Ethan rubbered up and thumped his cock up against Darrin’s ass crack. Then he angled his body until he had the head of it prodding at Darrin’s pucker. One demanding shove and Darrin’s sphincter opened enough to gobble the invader and grab it around the ridge below the crown’s flare.

Even though Darrin was used to fucking, not getting fucked, there was an undeniable series of hot thrills racing through his ass—in fact, through all his body—at the feel of that thick cock burrowing higher and higher in his asshole. As Ethan rocked his body back and forth, he applied steady pressure to drive his dick deeper and deeper until he was buried to the max.

When his groin was snugged against Darrin’s butt cheeks and there was nowhere else for him to go, he began the sad trip back out. But as soon as he’d withdrawn to just the apple-like knob, he hurried his way back into Darrin, thrusting fast and hard in his eagerness to plunge in to the hilt once more.

Then he began chugging in and out steadily, each inward drive an energetic surge. About five of these and he again changed his pattern. Now he twisted his hips with each plunge so that his dick turned as he drove it in. He was scraping every inch of Darrin’s internal walls and activating nerves Darrin didn’t even know he possessed.

“Roll over. Let me see you,” he urged, so Darrin did as Ethan had asked. Immediately he learned two benefits of getting fucked on his back. One, he could watch as that big, thick, crimson-colored dick surged in and out of his asshole. And two, his nipples were now where Ethan could reach them more easily.

Ethan proceeded to take advantage of that fact, tweaking Darrin’s supple nips until they elongated into rubbery minifingers and then hardened until they were more like leather. Thrills coursed through Darrin’s body. Every time Ethan diddled Darrin’s nips, he felt it in his dick and balls.

He wasn’t the only one paying attention to his balls, either. Ethan reached low and cupped Darrin’s sac, squeezing it cautiously and sending his fever spiraling higher. Then his fingers traced trails in the furrows of the wrinkles of his sac.

“Jack me, will you?” Darrin asked Ethan, and he obliged, curling his hand around Darrin’s stiff dick and grasping it in a tight, dry embrace. Then he slowly began to tug at it, sending friction charges throughout it.

Of course he was continuing to drill Darrin’s ass with his cock as he fisted Darrin’s seething cock. Darrin’s balls felt nearly ready to spill their cargo. A thought hit him—could he stave off his orgasm until Ethan had fucked him, so Ethan could suck him to completion? “Hold up there,” Darrin told him, pointing to his hand so he wouldn’t misunderstand and stop fucking him.

He hoisted an eyebrow inquisitively.

“I want you to get me off with your mouth,” Darrin explained in a strained voice as he fought to hold back his climax. “Fuck me hard and fast.”

Ethan obliged, driving his sturdy dick into him with rabbit-rapid hunches. His balls slapped Darrin’s ass cheeks. His sweaty, hair-forested torso dripped large drops onto Darrin’s body. Darrin looked up into his eyes and felt himself being pulled into the whirlpool of their depths.

Ethan’s face took on a fierce intensity, and Darrin realized he was about to reach his peak. “Gimme it, babe,” Darrin urged him. “Cream me.” And cream him he did. With one last driven, needful lunge, he plunged deep into Darrin’s ass and released his cum. Despite the rubber, Darrin could feel the warmth inside him as Ethan’s thick jizz spurted stickily into the latex.

Darrin put his arms around him, holding Ethan inside him, embracing him. Ethan felt warm and strong and good, and Darrin hoped this was going to be a relationship of long duration.

Ethan seemed eager to finish Darrin off. “I don’t want to be selfish in my pleasure,” he explained. But Darrin wanted Ethan to enjoy his orgasm fully, and when he tried to pull out of him, Darrin held him back. Only when he couldn’t feel Ethan spurting anymore, when his body fully relaxed, when Darrin feared Ethan’s dick might be shrinking and the rubber might slip did he let Ethan pull out of him.

Then Ethan dived for Darrin’s dick and began sucking the eager thing.

It didn’t take many slurping sucks for Ethan to get Darrin off. His tongue lolled around the crown while his lips compressed his spongy dick and his mouth sucked hard. His lips traversed the length of Darrin’s cock, up and down in a steady rhythm that was guaranteed to get him off fast. As he sucked, he fondled Darrin’s balls with one hand and teased his nipples with the other. Darrin groaned and arched his back, driving his dick farther down Ethan’s greedy throat. Ethan sucked voraciously.

Darrin, no longer trying to hold back, gave in to the need that gripped his body and gloried in the feel of Ethan’s demanding suction. Ethan was a skilled cocksucker, obviously well practiced. Darrin grasped the sides of Ethan’s head and urged him on, encouraging him to suck faster.



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