Julian's Happy Place (MM)

Aberdeen Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,944
65 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Djal was just trying to do his duty as beta of his pack when he made one small mistake, and now he has a pack member chasing after him, intent on mating him. If Djal doesn’t figure out how to stop Julian’s obsession with him, he just might strangle the man.

Julian has lived through hell, more so than most people know. When freedom comes, Julian is still faced with people out to harm him. The mere sight of the big, strong beta makes Julian feel safer. One night spent together convinces Julian that Djal would be the perfect mate. He just has to catch Djal first.

When Djal discovers that someone is abusing Julian, the protective streak he tried so hard to control breaks free. It goes way beyond what Djal knows he should feel for a mere pack member, and only by giving in to Julian can Djal come to terms with the need growing inside of him. But before Djal can save Julian, he has to figure out who is after him, and Julian isn’t talking.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Julian's Happy Place (MM)
65 Ratings (4.8)

Julian's Happy Place (MM)

Aberdeen Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,944
65 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Another MUST READ that just makes ya hungry for the next in the series....
I was hesitant to buy Julian's story because I knew he had been abused by his appointed mate, Frank. Now that Frank is dead, Julian's other abusers torment him. He turns to Djal after a one night affair hoping he can make Djal love him so he can be protected by the beta. I don't think I cried this much since reading Bald Eagle's story by Lynn Hagen. That is not a bad thing just make sure you have a box of Kleenexes handy when you read this story. It was fantastic and by the end Julian has the alpha terrified of him so much so the alpha runs from him. Only a ticked off mate can scare another wolf until his happy place is redone. Loved it!!!
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "This story was hysterical from the very beginning. The picture of Julian chasing after Djal, who was probably twice his size, and Djal hiding from him was just too funny! The visual descriptions of the characters brought them to life for me. As Julian's past was revealed, it was a wonder that he was willing to trust anyone after the abuse he endured for so long. Julian's sadness when he realized that Djal didn't want him was heartbreaking because after he gave up his dreams, he lost his will to go on. Djal's distress over the change in Julian was very telling when he finally began to come to terms with his feelings, but will he get a second chance before it is too late? Alpha Iben may be the strongest alpha in history, but when Julian got angry with him, Iben found himself cowering in fear; just too funny!" -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.25 KISSES: "Stormy Glenn writes paranormal romances that I personally enjoy. Her shifters, vampires and aliens are always fun and interesting characters to me, so when I’m looking for an easy, sexy read that will give me an hour or two of escapism from my everyday life, I’ll reach for her books time and time again. When I read this book, the saying, ‘be careful for what you wish for’ reminded me of what Djal in particular went through. In the beginning of the story, he’s truly irritated with Julian’s affection for him, but once he loses it, his fear of commitment, love and all around stubbornness almost causes him to lose his mate forever. Although I really liked Djal, there were times I wanted to strangle him. How could he not want the sweet and sexy, Julian? I will say he’s never intentionally a jerk to Julian. He tries to let him down easy, and once Julian overhears the negative comments he made about him, Djal was truly contrite. I liked watching his feelings and respect for Julian grown and flourish as the story continued and all in all I really liked him as a character. Julian of course was my favorite hero. He’s sweet, determined and is stronger emotionally than he realizes. I loved his spunky attitude at times as well as his devotion and love for Djal. I liked how he is a survivor and refused to be a victim of his abusive past. Julian’s Happy Place is the second book in the Aberdeen Pack series. I’ve read both books in the series and I’ve really liked both of them. The heroes in the first book definitely play a part in the second book, but because the story is well-written it could easily be read as a stand-alone in the series. I do recommend reading all of the books in series order. This way you’ll truly understand the dynamics between all of the characters and enjoy the story that they tell. Julian’s Happy Place is filled with sexy shifters, a lot of action and adventure and plenty of romance to keep fans of paranormal romances very satisfied. I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series and hope that it’ll be released soon! Recommended!" -- Gabbi, Top2Bottom Reviews

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Djal slipped around the side of the house then pressed his large body back against the large, two-story, wooden building. He closed his eyes and prayed when he heard the quick patter of feet running past his hiding position. He opened his eyes a moment later and held his breath as he watched Julian hurry past him as if he was invisible.

And he wished he was.

This thing with Julian was really getting out of hand. If the man wasn’t trying to chase Djal down, he was staring mooneyes at him. Djal had barely had a minute to himself in two weeks. If something didn’t change soon, Djal was going to strangle the little guy.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like Julian, because he did. Julian was cute, and he made Djal laugh. But every time Julian looked at him, he had daydreams in his eyes, and that just wasn’t who Djal was. He didn’t sleep with every Tom, Dick, and Harry that came around, but he liked keeping his options open.

Julian wanted commitment. He wanted a mate, and he wanted Djal to be that mate. Everyone knew it. Djal felt like he had become the butt of everyone’s laughter over the last two weeks. And just because he had tried to comfort the guy after he had been kidnapped and attacked by his ex.

Djal knew he made a mistake when he offered comfort to the man. He knew it when he did it. It should have simply been the beta of the pack—Djal—comforting a pack member—Julian—as was his duty.

It had turned into far more, and now Djal was paying the price. It had gotten to the point where he was avoiding pack gatherings just so that he wouldn’t run into Julian. The guy was sweet, maybe too sweet. There was a gentle nature about Julian that called to every protective instinct Djal had and maybe a few he didn’t even know he had.

Djal wanted to wrap Julian up in bubble wrap so the world couldn’t hurt him. And that was dangerous—to Djal, to Julian, and to the pack. Djal had no doubt that if he gave into the crawling need that ate away at him every time he smelled Julian’s alluring scent, he would forsake everything in order to keep the man safe, even his duty to his alpha and their pack.

And in all of the years that he knew Alpha Iben Khenti, Djal had never let the man down. He wasn’t about to start now, and that meant staying as far away from his cute little pack mate as he possibly could—no matter how much he wanted to taste Julian’s sweetness again.

When the sounds of Julian’s footsteps faded, Djal blew out a frustrated breath and pushed himself away from the side of the house. He cast a quick glance down the path Julian had taken and then hurried it into the alpha house.

Djal wanted to sink into a hole the moment he closed the door behind him and realized that Iben and his mate, Zack, were in the great room, staring right at him with a good deal of amusement on their faces.

“Problems, Djal?” Iben’s eyebrow quirked as the man asked a question he already knew the answer to.

Djal curled back his upper lip as he growled at his alpha. He was probably one of the few people in the world that could get away with such an action without losing his head. Iben had befriended Djal and his siblings, Sissy and Rory, when they were toddlers. They had stood side by side in support of the man ever since.

“I swear to god, Iben,” Djal grumbled as he pushed a hand through his long hair in frustration and stalked into the great room, “if something isn’t done about Julian pretty soon, I’m going to flip the hell out.”

Iben laughed. “He likes you.”

“He’s obsessed!” What part of that didn’t Iben get? Taking a deep, unsteady breath, he stepped back from his alpha and lowered his tone. Iben would have his butt in a sling if he was disrespectful. “He won’t leave me alone, Iben. He follows me everywhere. I can’t get a moment alone.”

“Would it be so bad to be with Julian? He’s actually a pretty great guy.”

Djal’s eyes snapped to Zackary Evans, the mate to Alpha Ibenré Khenti. Zack was crazy about Iben, and protective as hell. He saw his duty to the alpha to keep him safe and happy. He would never understand the need Djal had to keep all of his pack safe. It was ingrained in him, part of his very DNA. He could no more deny his need than he could deny his pack or an order from his alpha.

“My duty is to Iben and this pack,” Djal replied. “I don’t have time for a mate.”

“Maybe you should have thought of that before you slept with Julian.”

Djal’s eyes narrowed. While he hadn’t come right and said he slept with Julian, pretty much everyone knew he had. Djal wasn’t proud of that fact simply because he had been trying to comfort the guy, not fuck him into the mattress.

But one thing had led to another, and things happened.

“It was a onetime thing,” Djal insisted.

“Does Julian know that?” Zack asked.

“I told him.” And he still felt the weight of his guilt at the tears that had sprung to Julian’s eyes when he did. But, no matter how he felt, Djal couldn’t back down. He couldn’t, and wouldn’t, be the mate that Julian was dreaming of.

There was just no way.




“Kiss me, pup.”

Djal was ready for Julian to kiss him. He was even ready for the man’s eagerness. He wasn’t ready for the streak of lust that flared to life deep inside of him the second Julian’s lips touched his.

Julian wasn’t a graceful kisser, and he certainly wouldn’t win any awards. But he more than made up for that lack of expertise with pure enthusiasm. Julian kissed Djal with a hunger that rocked Djal to the core.

Crushing Julian to him, Djal pressed his mouth more firmly against Julian’s. He moved his mouth over Julian’s, devouring its softness. He stroked his tongue across Julian’s lips, tasting him. When Julian’s lips parted, Djal delved inside to explore and conquer.

Djal pinned Seth against his chest and moved his lips over the man’s jaw, kissing a line to his swanlike neck. Djal brushed his lips over Julian’s throat. His lips left a blazing trail on Julian’s heated skin. He kissed the silky skin at the base of Julian’s throat.

Something intense flared inside of him when Julian moaned. Djal felt a possessiveness that was far beyond anything he had ever felt for Iben, Sissy, or Rory. He needed to possess Julian, to feel the man submit to him, to his wolf. He needed to know that Julian belonged to him and him alone.

And Djal suspected Julian needed the same thing.

“Mine,” Djal growled savagely against Julian’s throat. He nipped at the bite mark he had left, licking across it with his tongue. Julian’s shudders filled him with an overwhelming need to give the man more—more pleasure, more caring, more everything.

He felt the harsh, uneven breathing coming from Julian’s body. It was as poignant as the hard cock pressing against Djal’s abdomen. Julian’s body seemed to ache for his touch. His beautiful eyes were no longer pale but stunningly emerald green.

Djal stroked his hands down Julian’s side until he reached the man’s ass—and what an ass it was, tight and rounded and made to be fucked. Djal didn’t want to tell Julian that. It seemed wrong and out of place, even if it was true.

“Are you ready for me, pup?”

Julian gulped and nodded.

Djal kept his eyes locked with Julian’s—watching for any sign of pain as he lathered his fingers with lube then slowly pushed one into Julian’s tight ass. Except for the slight inhale of breath, Julian didn’t move a muscle.

He pulled his finger out then pushed back in, gently fucking Julian with his finger. When he thought that Julian could take more, Djal pressed in another finger and wiggled it around.

Julian suddenly wailed when Djal pushed in a third finger and altered the angle of his thrusts. Djal knew that he had hit Julian’s prostate. He started to move his fingers in a steady rhythm, making sure he stroked his fingers over Julian’s sweet spot as often as he could.

“Oh gods…Djal…I have to…oh please.” Julian clutched at Djal’s arm, his nails digging in as he started moving his hips, pushing back against Djal’s fingers. “I need!”

“I know what you need, pup.”

Djal fucked Julian’s ass a few more times and then pulled them free. He grabbed the tube of lube and spread some on his cock. Julian had plenty of lube already in his ass, but Djal wasn’t taking any chances.

The air around Djal seemed electrified as he lifted Julian up by his hips then slowly lowered the man down onto his thick cock, gently thrusting into him. He pressed in a little more each time, and Julian rocked back, silently begging for more. With every inch that slid inside of him, Julian’s eyes widened until they dominated his face.

Once Julian’s body rested fully against his, Djal paused. It took every ounce of control he had honed over the years to keep from plunging into Julian’s sweet body. He wanted to give in to the blazing fire burning inside of him, to plunge deep inside of Julian.

He just couldn’t.

He wouldn’t move until Julian gave him the okay.

“Djal, please, I…I need more.”

Oh, thank fuck!



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