[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, HEA]

The Omega Network has gone into effect. Numbers of suffering omegas—like Lennox—are being rescued across America. Lennox Ashton has endured extreme levels of neglect and torture from his inner circle. All he wants to do is end the pain, but others refuse to allow him to give up.

Hugo Cormac is the strong, protective new Alpha of the Oceanside, California, pack who is willing to do everything he can to show Lennox how much he loves him. Beta Blair Peregrine wants to be the caretaker of his budding family, tending to the needs of those he loves before his own. Falcon Beall, also one of Hugo's Betas, is the calm one of the group. He longs to love and to be loved.

Just as these werewolves begin their life together, Lennox is captured. Will he be saved, or will his life end just as he is finding love?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lennox (MMMM)
66 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I like Joyee, but all her books have the same "cute as button twink who forgives too soon". I just wished she would add more depth to the Omega books because of their abuse.
Lennox is the fourth book of the series and an improvement on the last book, though still not quite to the standard of the first two. Lennox has been through hell, locked away in an attic for years, abused, starved and neglected he is finally rescued - but left scarred both physically and mentally. Hugo, his rescuer and bodyguard finds himself falling for Lennox and decides to become Alpha to a pack in order to keep Lennox, but that is merely the start of things to come. This story is a bit like an extended 'what happens next' from Lennox's point of view. It's about his recovery and finding love more than anything else. It's a little slow in places and I felt it wasn't up to Flynn's usually standards, but certainly improved upon the last book of the series which, unfortunately, proved disappointing. A good read but not the best.
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5 ANGELS: "The Omega Network came into effect in time to save Lennox Ashton's life. He was close to death from the physical abuse he received at the hands of his alpha when Hugo Cormac arrived with the Council enforcers. Lennox is taken to the High Council where he spends weeks recovering, but much of the damage can't be repaired. The worst is that Lennox can't feel his wolf anymore and is afraid he has lost him. Hugo never leaves Lennox's side through it all and he tells Lennox that he agrees to take over the position of alpha, a job he never wanted, if Lennox will stay by his side. Understandably, Lennox questions his real motive, because why would anyone want such a damaged omega at his side? In the end, he agrees, giving them a chance for a future, but part of his old inner circle is at large and they won't give up possession without a fight. Will Lennox finally find the love and acceptance he has yearned for? Can Hugo earn his love? Is there more in store for Lennox and Hugo than they ever imagined? I can't imagine the horror of finding myself beaten, abused, and starved without anyone to help, as Lennox was before the Omega Network started, giving Lennox the chance he never thought would come. Hugo was a remarkable man who saw beyond Lennox's physical injuries to the truly beautiful person he was inside. Staying at Lennox's side throughout his recovery showed what an incredible and loving man he was. It was delightful how their new pack accepted Lennox knowing how injured he was. I will never understand how so many in the werewolf community never gave a thought to how the omegas were sold to the highest bidder, having no rights until they were forced to see the injustice head on. The way a few people were willing to intercede for the omegas, like Hugo, and were willing to do what must be done to protect them in their moment of need was amazing." -- Lennox, Fallen Angel Reviews

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Four months ago I was finally rescued from hell on Earth. I didn’t think there was another way to describe it. I was trapped in an attic for five years, basically since the time I became the pack’s Omega. The moment the ceremony was over I was led to the Alpha’s room and locked in. That should have been my first warning to run, but I was young and naive.

The rescue happened about a week after I posted to the Omega Network that came down as a special mandate. The funny thing was, well, there were a few funny things actually, according to the High Council… I was dead. And one of the people who hated me most, the housekeeper, was the one who helped me post on the network. She wanted the Alpha for herself and hated me. But how anyone could want to be with someone so evil was beyond me. Oh, and she thought I was about to die and didn’t want to have to clean up the mess.

Yeah, she had it real rough.

I guess one of the reasons I got rescued first of all the abused Omegas was mine was the worst story. Yeah! I took first place at something! And because of the fact that my Alpha had reported me dead four years ago. Car crash. So my pack never even fucking knew I was still alive, locked in that attic.

The night of the rescue was a haze for me, and I only remember bits and pieces. I heard a lot of noise, guns firing, yelling, and my Alpha howling in defeat. Hell, I was so far gone, practically at death’s door, that I couldn’t even open my eyes or move.

Then someone broke down the door to my prison and I remember bright lights. Even with my eyes closed, they were so bright after years in the dark with only one little window in the attic to give me any light.

“Sweet mother of mercy,” a man whispered as I heard him move next to me. I started to whimper, thinking he was going to hurt me. “Don’t move, Lennox. I’m going to get you out, little one. You’re safe now.”

It was probably stupid of me to trust that voice, but I did. He was true to his word and all, but after everything I’d been through, trust wasn’t something I planned on giving someone ever again. His voice was deep and carried a kindness I had not heard in so long, and I remember wanting to see his face. I wanted to know if the man was as beautiful as the voice.

“Start up the chopper,” he called out as he lifted me into his arms. “We need to get him to the Council Hospital now.” And that was it. I blacked out from the pain of being moved.

They kept me in a medically induced coma for the next month, trying to save my life. Not that I thought it was worth saving, but I remembered the voice. I shouldn’t have been able to hear anything when I was out of it, but I heard him.

When the doctors woke me up, he was there, and I had been right. The voice came from the most handsome man I’d ever seen. He was muscular and tall, at least six four to my five four, deep green eyes, and black hair that looked wild and untamed and stopped at his chin.

“You’re going to be okay, Lennox,” he said gently as he raised my hand to his lips. “You made it through the worst of it.”

“Why did you bother?” I asked angrily, my voice sounding hoarse and my throat hurting from lack of use and the tube they used to give me fluids. “Death would have been better and we both know it. My wolf has died, and everything inside of me has as well.”

“Don’t say that,” he whispered as he started to pull me into his arms. I panicked and started fighting him, not willing to take the chance that my rescuer wasn’t going to use me as my inner circle did. He immediately let go and sat on the edge of my hospital bed instead. “Things are going to be better now. You’ll see.”

I huffed in disbelief, not having the strength to do anything else. That was all he said before the flurry of doctors, nurses, and tests started and another form of hell began for me… Learning how bad of a shape I was in.

Once it was all over, the doctor pulled up a seat next to my bed and spoke gently as his kind eyes held sorrow in their brown depths. “We did the best we could, Lennox, but since you never shifted after you were beaten and we couldn’t get you to shift either, you healed slower than a human would.”

I swallowed loudly a few times, trying to just bite the bullet. “How bad?”

“Now keep in mind if you can communicate with your wolf and get him to come out, shift fully, then a lot of this might go away.”

“How bad?” I asked again. I just wanted them to tell me so I could start processing.

The doctor rested his elbows on his knees, folded his hands, and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath before opening them up again and speaking to me.




“Fuck me, Hugo. I want to feel you now that I’m whole. I want to ride you because I can now with my knee healed.”

“Anything you want, my mate,” he growled, taking us down to the chaise lounge. I quickly grabbed the bottle of lube he’d left there just in case I hadn’t slicked myself up enough for him. I quickly scrambled to pour a bunch onto his hard cock and impaled myself on him.

“Yes,” I hissed, throwing my head back as I leaned over and placed my hands onto his chest, no longer embarrassed by them.

“Shit, sweetie,” he moaned, grabbing my hips to keep me still. “You could have hurt yourself, and I am ready to blow you’re so tight.”

“Being with you could never hurt me,” I whispered, letting my emotions show in my voice as I stared into his eyes. I moved my body up before lowering it back down.

“Just when I thought he couldn’t get any more beautiful,” Blair whispered. I felt Hugo’s dick twitch inside of me, realizing we weren’t alone.

I turned to Blair and Falcon, crooking my finger at them to come closer. They did, looking hesitant. “Kiss my mate and your Alpha.”

“Really?” Falcon asked, but Blair didn’t hesitate, moving so fast to mash his mouth against Hugo’s.

“Oh fuck, that’s hot,” I moaned, moving my hips to ride my mate. Hugo was mostly sitting up since the pillows propped him up, and I got a front-row seat as their tongues dueled. Then I saw Hugo reach out and take Falcon’s hand, moving it to my cock.

“Is this okay with you?” Falcon whispered as he moved closer to me.

“Yes, fuck yes,” I answered with a gasp. “Touch me.”

He smiled as he stroked me, moving his body to kneel behind me. Falcon kept one hand on my dick, moving in time with my hips as his other hand wrapped around my chest. His cock poked my ass and I had dirty ideas about them double stuffing me another time. But for now, he was moving so the cheeks of my ass gave him the friction he needed.

Hugo and Blair stopped kissing, gasping for air, and I met my mate’s gaze. “Guess we’ve decided to move on past kissing to see if being with them is right.”

“I guess we have,” he replied with a wide smile, looking past my shoulder to Falcon. Then Blair moved his face in front of mine and kissed me. I opened right up for him, moaning when he sucked on my tongue. I was going to blow real soon with this amount of attention. I moved in time with Falcon’s thrusts, feeling ten feet tall at the happy sounds he and Hugo were making.

But how did we bring Blair in on the fun? And then it hit me. I pulled off his lips and opened my mouth wide for him. His eyes went wide and he glanced at Hugo.

“Oh yeah, suck his cock, Lennox,” Hugo moaned as he plucked my nipples. Blair smiled and gently moved his dick past my lips. I smiled up at him as I licked around the head and took as much as I could of his nine-plus inches in my mouth.

“Fuck, that’s good,” he moaned, carefully not thrusting into my mouth. “I never thought it would work out between us when I saw how in love you both are.”

“I know, I worried about the same thing,” Falcon grunted. “But I knew it would kill me to keep my hands off all of you.” Falcon reached past me and cupped our Alpha’s head, pulling him forward for a kiss.

“We’ll figure it out,” Hugo moaned when they were done.

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