[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, werewolves, bondage, sex toys, HEA]

Baptista just can’t seem to get a handle on things. Life sucked as an Omega but he knew what being one always meant… Until they came to the island and it seemed fate just wanted to blow his life and everything he knew all to hell.

Kelvin is one of the perks of this new life. They can be honest about what they feel for each other and explore it how they want. And then there’s Quilan, a man so intense Baptista is confused by, drawn to, and comes alive with him… All at the same time. He’s just afraid he’ll get burned. That leaves Meriel, who’s so shy that for once Baptista has to make the moves to seduce this gentle giant.

But when the drama isn’t over, more secrets are uncovered, and Baptista’s powers start spiraling out of control, will the men he wants stand by him?

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Baptista (MMMM)
43 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
I'm finding it difficult to make my way through each new book for this series. The overall story had all the basics necessary but it left me bored. The lovers, and I use the term loosely, reminded me more of whiny teenage girls. They whisper, cry and get they're feelings hurt at the drop of a hat. Not that I don't think men shouldn't show they're feelings. I'm all for a good heart twisting, tear inducing breakdown, but any more they swing between wimpy and blowing smoke up each others backsides. As for the sex, it was explicit, but not erotic or passionate. So I'm afraid a three is the best I can do for Baptista, Quilan, Kelvin and Meriel because really, it's all "understandable".
OMG What an amazing series. Love every book. I made sure I had the ebooks on every device so I could read no matter were I was, as soon as one ended I got the next. This is not a series to miss. 100% Recommended
Professional Reviews

4 RINGS: "As Baptista’s story unfolded, it took on a life of its own. It was great how the plot began where the last one left off. The way the Alpha’s invaded the packs that had an omega and kidnapped them was horrible. When they failed because they were all on vacation, it proved how crazy they were. Many of the omegas had not wanted to go home, but agreeing to give up their packs forever to bring all the omega children to safety was difficult for them. When a child learns that they were adopted it can be harsh, but knowing that their parents knew and never told them would make anyone wonder who they could trust. Baptista’s willingness to open himself to his mates showed what a wonderful man he was." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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I focused back on Quilan now that Tag was occupied. “We should still find you a room.”

“I’ll sleep anywhere you’d like me to,” Quilan offered. I thought it was odd until I figured out the hidden meaning and then I blushed. My face heated up so fast I almost felt light-headed. “Just when I didn’t think you could get any prettier, you go and do that.”

“Oh, I’m not pretty and I need to shower.” Oh god, just kill me now.

“I think you’re very pretty and you smell like salt water and all man.” His green eyes flashed with desire and I felt nerves pooling in my stomach. Wow. Was he always this forward? Maybe he hadn’t gotten any in a while and like a starving man, a hamburger looked just as good as steak?

Someone saved me before I’d have to reply, calling Quilan to come get his bags. He squeezed my shoulder again and headed back to the yacht after he let me go. I saw the others already unloading stuff off of the yacht and smiled, giving a dorky wave when I saw Kelvin. He was another hottie. Bright blue eyes, light brown hair, six two, not an ounce of fat on him, and all kinds of yummy lean muscles. He just looked at me and I wanted to swoon.

Kind of like with Quilan.

Kelvin jogged over, taking my reaction to him as his opening. He was hesitant and then leaned in to hug me when I made the gesture of stepping closer. “I missed you. How are you holding up?”

“Okay, trying to keep my head above water but we all are. I’m sorry I didn’t wish you good-bye but I didn’t know you were going,” I rambled nervously, trying not to get aroused and hard from his touch. “I’ve been so busy trying to get space and I assumed you just didn’t want to hang out with someone with so many issues. I didn’t even know you were gone until Dewey told me you guys were going to pull up soon.”

“You didn’t know I was gone?” he asked, a little bit of hurt in his tone.

“I’ve not seen or spoken to anyone in a few days,” I admitted. “I was taking some alone time and trying to process. I’ve been sleeping during the day and staying up at night.”

“That’s understandable.” He started to stand back up straight from the way he had to lean over to hug me. I saw indecision on his face, his arms still around me, and then he quickly leaned back down. I gasped as his lips brushed over mine. Then he kissed me again and I nervously returned it, rubbing my hands over his chest. “Too soon?”

“No, it was very nice,” I whispered as he pulled back. “We could even do it again if you wanted.”

“I want. But I don’t want you to think the only reason I’m kissing you is because Quilan looks at you like he can’t wait to see you naked. All these hot, single guys we brought back make me nervous. There’s so many for you to choose from that will want you.”

“Well, I should thank them if they got you to kiss me,” I teased, trying not to make it that he only kissed me because he was jealous. “I was worried you didn’t want to spend time with me anymore or if I’d done something wrong.”

“No, you didn’t do anything wrong and I wanted nothing more than to hold you as you sort all this out that’s been dumped on you. You just seemed like you wanted space.”

“I did, I do, just maybe not from you,” I admitted, not sure if it was the right thing to say but it was the truth.

He smiled at that and gave me another quick kiss. “I’m going to help unload and we’re going to figure out where everything should go. We want to start stockpiling so if there’s ever bad weather or a storm, we don’t have to worry we ran out of toilet paper. It’s not like we can run to the store so we have to plan.”

“Okay, I’m going to go grab breakfast and then Quilan wants to talk to me about the security on the island.”

“Don’t kid yourself, Baptista,” he chuckled. “That’s not all that man wants to talk to you about.” I blushed again because I’d gathered as much from Quilan. “That’s cool though because you’d need three to ground you anyways. I don’t mind as long as there’s a place for me.”

“There is,” I assured him. I really liked Kelvin already and him just mentioning that I would need three mates and sort of putting his bid in sent a thrill through me.

“Maybe after you’re done and I’m done we could take a nap?” he asked seductively, his voice going low. “I don’t want to rush you but I’ve really missed you and have been worried about you. I’m tired from the trip and a nap with you in my arms sounds like heaven.”

“Promise to kiss me some more and it’s a date,” I answered, glancing up at him from under my lashes.




My mouth fell open as I stared at the monster between his legs. I didn’t normally like hairy men, and Quilan didn’t have much on his chest at all, but he did at his groin. It was trimmed, but thick, and a glorious treasure trail that I knew I was going to tease many, many times.

“That won’t fit in my ass,” I whimpered as I stared at the cock. Part of it was desire, because a piece of meat that big would make my ass sore for the rest of the day, burning, and hurting so good. Just the idea of it made me shiver. But then, maybe it really would split me in half.

“Getting you ready for it is half the fun.” He sat down backwards on the second seat, his legs hanging off the back of the four-wheeler, and gestured me closer. I did as he wanted, moving between his spread thighs as he eyed my body over like a caress. He used the tips of his fingers only as he touched my shoulder and moved down my body. “Such soft skin. I just want to lick and caress you until you come just from it.”

“Another time I’d take you up on that, but I can’t take any more teasing,” I panted, trying to move so his hand would touch my cock.

“Me either.” He growled loudly as he wrapped one arm around my waist and easily picked me up. He set me down so each knee was over his spread, muscular thighs, and my ass was hanging over nothing. I quickly grabbed onto his shoulders for balance as he slicked up the finger of one hand. Then the other hand cupped the back of my head and he crashed our mouths together. I moaned like a slut, desperate to be touched in the way he offered.

The kicker was that I wasn’t a slut, far from it. I hadn’t enough experience to be a slut. I’d only been with four men, all in my old inner circle and none of it really pleasant. Hell, kissing Kelvin earlier had been my first kiss that I wanted and wasn’t some sloppy one from my old inner circle.

But if I got pleasure like I was getting from Quilan now, I could get on the slut bandwagon. Oh yeah, big-time.

He mastered my mouth while one large finger rubbed my hole to get it to open. He was taking too long and I didn’t want that. I wanted cock and fucking and pleasure and to come like right now.

“I like pain as long as it’s not over the top,” I mumbled against his lips as we kept kissing.

“Then lift yourself up and fuck my finger,” he ordered, his deep voice rumbling through my body. “Show me how to please you, baby.” I nodded and lifted my hips slightly, his finger moving with me. Quickly, I thrust back down and let his thick finger penetrate me. I screamed in pleasure, not caring who in the foliage of the island might hear me.

Riding that finger in a way that would have made any cowboy proud at how I could keep my balance, I let out years of sexual frustration. It just came pouring out of me, all the wantonness I’d never gotten to experience, the pleasure I was never free to seek for myself.

“More,” I demanded, meeting his shocked gaze. I wasn’t sure why he looked shocked and I didn’t have enough blood flow in my brain to decipher what was going on. Maybe I just didn’t really care. If I was going to have a torrid affair in the middle of nowhere it seemed I was going to make it all about me.

Well, he’d get off too and he started it, after all.

The second his fingers could move easily inside of me I demanded another finger. He delivered and I arched my back to accept him. Quilan lowered his head to my chest and started sucking my nipples. Holy crap, I didn’t know that could feel that good for men. I always just assumed women were the only ones who liked that from what I got from my old inner circle’s mates.

“Harder,” I whimpered, hoping he’d know what I was talking about. I must have confused him because he sucked harder and started moving his fingers inside of me to help. I had meant what his mouth was doing but truth be told, both actions were more than welcome.

“Since you’re so adventurous there’s something I’ve always wanted to try and you’re small enough I can support your weight.”

“Whatever, yes, just fuck me!” I was stretched enough now that I was riding four of his fingers and I needed to come. It was killing me to hold off my orgasm. Quilan gave me a feral smile as he pulled his fingers free. Then he moved his right arm across my back, his hand wrapping over my left shoulder as I raised an eyebrow at him.

“Put your hands on my knees and lean back,” he ordered. “I won’t let you fall.”

Interesting promise since that would have me in a crabwalk position with the support being my knees over his thighs and my hands holding me up. I did it though and Quilan moved his cock so just the head of it popped inside of me. I moaned but did my best to keep still. If I squirmed too much I might end up with my ass on the ground.

Then he moved his other arm to mirror his right one before pulling me so hard against his body, his cock slammed into me with such pain and pleasure I swore I saw stars. He was a dire wolf after all. They were the strongest of our kind and the fastest. I smiled up at him when he gave me a questioning look to see if he hurt me. He gave me a smirk as his eyes shined with lust that I could only interpret in one way.

I was going to get the fucking of a lifetime.




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