[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, werewolves, sex toys, HEA]

When Vencentio was rescued from his last pack, his life was supposed to get better. In a way, it did, but being locked up in a room in the High Council Estate where his wolf felt trapped wasn’t the new life he expected.

Alpha Carter Whelan shows up to ask Vencentio to join his pack after the Omega rules change, but it’s soon discovered no one in the Omega Network even knew Vencentio was at the High Council Estate. Terrified and wondering what sort of trouble he’s in, the Omega runs with Carter to Denver to seek help.

After fighting with Carter, Vencentio tries to run and ends up crashing into Marlow, a man with the prettiest green eyes ever. Later that night, he meets another god of a man, Galvin, who offers him something he’s never had before… A friend.

But will Vencentio be able to trust anyone again?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Vencentio (MMMM)
55 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
I think Vencentio was a great follow on in the omegas series, I felt sad for all the things vencentio had to live with but he showed he was strong and willing to try again, I was happy he found a new circle that loved him and cant wait for the next book to follow :)
So far I have really enjoyed the Reluctant Omega series and this one didn't disappoint. Vencentio first rubbed me the wrong way at first but as it got further into the story he made more sense. The series manages to mix totally hot sex with some humor thrown in along side of it. Recommend this to anyone who enjoys M/M/M/M menages.
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "When the Omega Network rescued Vencentio from his pack, he was taken to the High Council Estate, hidden away and basically ignored. Occasionally, a council member would use him sexually, but that was better than having to service the entire pack. Vencentio had given up hope, until Alpha Carter Whelan arrived to gain him as his omega, but he was horrified that Vencentio was being abused by the people who should have been protecting him. Vencentio is shocked to learn about the new rules and rights regarding omegas that he was never informed about. To say that Vencentio is skeptical about Carter's motives would be mild, but when the council member returns to have sex with him, Vencentio can no longer accept being treated that way and he turns to Carter for help. Carter notifies the Omega Network and they hatch a plan and the two escape. Vencentio believes that no one acts without expecting something in return, making it difficult for him to accept help from Tristan, an omega, and others at the sanctuary. Vencentio meets Marlow, his guard and Gavin, a new comer to the pack, finding him drawn to them as much as he was attracted to Carter. Vencentio's desire Marlow, Gavin and Carter bode well for his future if he can learn to trust in their growing feelings for each other. After all the hard work the Omega Network has done to rescue and protect omegas in danger, it was sad how Vencentio seemed to get lost in the midst of all the turmoil. The way Vencentio despaired about his situation was terrible, until Carter arrived, giving him the courage and hope that his life could change. Seeing someone as world weary and despondent as Vencentio begin to open up to the possibilities of what the world had to offer was truly inspiring. I was moved by the way Carter, Marlow and Gavin never gave up on Vencentio, even when things looked bleak; they were always standing by him until he was ready to accept their love. The idea of a Sanctuary where individuals can recover until they are ready to continue their lives reminds us that things can change even if just one person is willing to help, showing others that they can make a difference." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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“You have to have an inner circle to be grounded. It’s no longer who has the money to buy an Omega or making deals for them like property. The inner circles now petition directly to the Omega and offer them what they want in their contract so they’ll pick them.”

“So you’re like old-time courting me?” I thought I understood but I wanted to check. I moved around him, making sure he was looking at me. “The Alphas have to court the Omegas into signing a contract?”

“Yes.” He was a little breathy as he stared down at me. “But there are still rules and new clauses in all contracts that the Omega has a chance to break the contract and return to sanctuary if they’re not happy after two years. There’s also quarterly reviews on every Omega’s situation now as well so the same mistakes aren’t made.”

“I really get a choice,” I whispered, more to myself as I glanced down. Wow. I didn’t really notice the height difference until I was looking as his massive chest. If he hadn’t had his suit on my nose would have lined up perfectly with his nipples.

“Yes, you get a choice, Vencentio. No one should have been coming in here and taking advantage of you.” Carter sounded all growly again. I glanced up at him curiously, feeling slightly empowered now.

“And how does that make you feel?”

“Pissed off like you wouldn’t believe,” he admitted. I glanced up at him through my long lashes, hesitant to believe him. “You should be treated with respect and taken care of, especially since you’re in sanctuary. I’m furious this has been going on under the High Council’s nose.” He shook his head and looked away from me. “I’ll inform them at once.”

“No, no, don’t do that,” I begged, reaching up to touch his face so he’d see me. “I don’t want trouble. I want to be left alone. You tell someone and they’ll ask me why I didn’t say anything. Then I’ll have to admit I was pathetic and lonely and offered myself like a whore because that’s all I know and sex is all I’m good for. That would be humiliating.”

“You’re not a whore and I highly doubt all you’re good for is sex, Vencentio,” he said gently as he cupped my cheek. He searched my face and came to some internal decision. “I won’t tell anyone if that’s what you want. But no more. Even if you don’t pick me as your Alpha you need to understand you have rights now and can say no.”

“Pick you?” I whispered, staring up at him with something close to hope. It was a stupid emotion but looking at the handsome man before me, touching and talking to me so gently, I couldn’t help but feel it stir in my belly. “Does that mean you still want to court me after everything I’ve told you?”

“Even more so than when I first walked in here,” he admitted with a smile. “I want to take care of you, Vencentio, show you there’s more to life and love you one day.”

I shut down when I heard that last part. I stepped away from him, shaking with anger that I could have been such a fool. “Get out.”

“What did I say that was wrong?” His eyes were wide and he stepped closer.

“You said I could say no so I’m saying it and asking you leave my room.” I pointed to the door and moved to the side so he could walk by me without touching me.

“Baby, I’m sorry, okay?” he rambled as he knelt in front of me. “I beg you to tell me what I said that was wrong. I’ll leave then, I swear it, but I can’t fix it if I don’t know what just happened.”

“My old Alpha and pack said they were going to love me,” I answered with snarl. “They promised me after the claiming ceremony. You know what happened instead?”

“Yes, I’ve read your file,” he whispered sadly.

“Yeah, you got the short version, buster,” I snapped. “They never loved me. I was the pack whore. Everyone fucked me at least once a week to get power. At least once a week. There were thirty guys in our pack. And I asked once how they could break their promise to me. You know what they said?”

“No.” He looked torn as to what to do or say.

“They said I wasn’t worth loving, that I was unlovable and not worth anything but for fucking. So don’t tell me that you want to love me one day because I won’t fall for that shit again.” He opened his mouth to talk but I held up my hand. “You said if I told you what was wrong you would leave. You said I had choices or were you just lying to me?”

“No, it was the truth,” he said sadly as he stood, his head hung in defeat. “I’ll leave because that’s what you want but I meant what I said, Vencentio. I’m sorry your pack and old inner circle were such bastards, my old one was too and my Omega got hurt because I was a fool and didn’t pay attention.”

“Just leave,” I whispered. “Just leave me alone. That’s all I want is for everyone to leave me the fuck alone.” He headed towards the door and opened it, pausing as he took in what I said.

“We don’t always get what we want. And living alone trapped in this room is no way to live, Vencentio. I’ll leave because it’s what you want but I will be back to court you. You deserve more than what you’ve been given and I want to show you there’s more to life.”

And with that he left.




That night after we signed the contract and it was time to consummate it, I had a case of nerves. And I don’t think I was the only one. The three of them knelt on the bed of the room I’d been given, naked, and not hard. I was lying in the middle with the same condition, pulling the sheet over me.

“Why does this feel so awkward?” Galvin asked, breaking the ice. “I want this and this is much easier than having to do it in front of the whole pack but it’s like I’m scared frozen and don’t know what to do.”

“I feel the same way,” Carter agreed as he sat back on his heels. “Signing the contract was one thing but now it’s like we have to have sex and I feel pressured.”

“Welcome to my world,” I chuckled, shaking my head when they all glanced at me with questioning looks. “Look, I’ve never had sex because I’ve wanted to but because I’ve had to. Now I want to and you guys don’t.” I started to get upset. “Guess I was only wanted in theory.” I threw back the sheet and started to crawl out of bed.

I didn’t make it. Carter grabbed my wrist and dragged me back in front of him. “No one said that. I want you very much but this isn’t something I’ve done before. I had a claiming ceremony with Sampson but I wasn’t Alpha so I didn’t go first. I’m not used to taking the lead.”

“I’m stretched and ready to go, Carter. All you have to do is kiss me and want me,” I said gently, seeing the situation for what it was now. They were nervous and that wasn’t a reflection on me. “Kiss me and touch me, make me hard, and the rest will fall into place, yeah?”

“I can do that.” He lowered his head slowly as his hand moved between my legs. We knelt in front of each other and his strong arm wrapped around me as he fondled my dick. I moaned into his mouth and then gasped when another set of lips kissed my shoulder.

“He’s so damn pretty,” Marlow mumbled against my skin. Then he sucked on my earlobe, driving me wild. “You are gorgeous and responsive to us in a way I never thought possible.”

“Someone fuck me already,” I whimpered as I humped Carter’s hand. I’d never wanted sex before but these men really cared about me and I wanted what they offered. I wanted to make love and not just fuck. Marlow wrapped his arms around me and lay back on the bed, taking me with him.

“Hold his legs wide and I’ll jack him off as Marlow teases him,” Galvin suggested. I watched as Carter did just that, moaning when Galvin used his slicked-up hand to get Carter ready. He pushed inside of me, spreading my ankles even wider.

“Are you okay?” Marlow asked gently, holding up a hand for Carter to wait when he felt me shivering.

“Just give me a second,” I whispered, trying to breathe deeply through the bite. “I wasn’t thinking about how huge you were when I stretched out and then we danced around for half an hour or so. I think I tightened back up some.”

“I hate that I’m causing you pain and dying to fuck you even harder you’re so damn tight,” Carter said with a moan. He closed his eyes and bit his lip, visibly restraining himself from moving.

“I have an idea,” Galvin announced before leaning over and swallowing my cock. Yeah, the pain was gone after that, moving into that hazy line between bite and bliss.

“Move your cock to my lower back,” I demanded of Marlow. He did and moaned as his pre-cum and my sweat made his dick move perfectly against me when Carter thrust forward.

“I want to come inside of you,” he quibbled even as he pinched my nipples mercilessly.

“Come on me first and we can fuck later.” I hadn’t realized that’s what I wanted until we started, but I did really want it. “Galvin, stop.” He turned towards me and popped off my dick. “Feed me yours and then when you’re ready blow on my face.”

“Shit, you are a kinky little fuck,” Carter grunted, his cock twitching inside of me.

“I think I am.” I smiled brightly as Galvin crawled closer. “I’ve never felt I could ask for what I wanted before. I like this.”

“We do too, baby,” Marlow said gently, realizing why this was important to me. I howled around Galvin’s cock when he pushed it in my mouth, Carter hitting that perfect spot inside of me. I sucked my man’s dick like I’d never sucked before… Because I wanted to.


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