[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/M, werewolves, sex toys, HEA]

Life isn’t easy, and Dewey knows that better than most. After living with a pack who used him as a toy and sex slave for two years, he finds hope when the Omega Network is created. But he has one condition… He’s already in love, and he won’t leave Taggart.

Taggart wants what’s best for Dewey and has suffered plenty for him. A dire wolf in a gray wolf pack, the Alpha has been drugging him with wolfsbane for years to keep him weak.

When the Council steps in and gives them sanctuary in Denver with Tristan and his men, the abuse stops, but difficult decisions follow. Percy and Azyle, the Betas from the closest dire pack, show up unexpectedly to see if Taggart and Dewey will fill the void in their inner circle.

Can Taggart recover after being drugged for years, and will Dewey ever truly accept the Betas?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Dewey (MMMM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
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kristina leigh
I love this series. It's great to see the little guys be important for once. I have laughed and at time cried through each of these. I completely recommend them to anyone who likes romance and wants to see the little ones get the spotlight for once.
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5 ANGELS: "Dewey by Joyee Flynn is the fifth book in the Resistant Omegas series. Dewey, like many of the Omegas, finds himself in an abusive pack that except for one person, Taggart, uses him for their own entertainment. His alpha gives him to the winner of the pack race for a week to do with as the wish. Lately, it has become a weekly event, leaving Dewey with terrible injuries. Taggart attempts to wins Dewey each race, but their alpha drugs Taggart with wolfsbane to diminish his strength and to keep Taggart from challenging him. Taggart once again asks Dewey to run away with him, but Dewey tells him that he has put in a request for help from the Omega Network. Taggart agrees to wait and both are surprised when help arrives so quickly. The rescue team doesn't know what to do when Dewey protects Taggart from them, until Carson, an Omega, arrives to help Dewey. When they arrive at the Omega sanctuary, Dewey and Taggart are separated until everyone is sure the Dewey is safe with him. As an omega, Dewey needs an inner circle to keep him safe and Dewey isn't sure when he meets the two betas, Percy and Azyle who are looking for an alpha for their pack. Dewey is more than interested in the betas, but is he ready to trust again? Will Dewey and Taggart be allowed build a new life together with Percy and Azyle? I fell in love with the first Resistant Omegas story and this book more than lived up to the earlier ones. It was beautiful how Taggart did everything he could to take care of Dewey in spite of the dangerous situation they were in with their old pack. It was disgusting how the alpha gave Dewey out as a prize, allowing the winner to do whatever they wanted to him for the next week, never caring about the physical abuse he endured. I can't imagine how scared Dewey and Taggart felt when the rescue team broke into his home after the cruelty they suffered from their pack. It was fascinating experiencing how Dewey felt as he began to explore his Omega abilities for the first time. The way everyone at sanctuary worked to make them feel safe was inspiring. There are still more Omegas needing assistance and the Omega Networks job won't be finished until everyone is safe and happy." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Being treated as a sex slave for the last two years has made life miserable for Dewey. The only bright spot is the love he shares with Taggart and even that’s kept secret to avoid them being killed. His only chance of getting out of his pack alive is being rescued by the Omega Network and he won’t leave without Taggart. Taggart’s the lone dire wolf in the pack and because of his size and strength has been drugged to keep him controlled. When the Omega Network steps in and Dewey’s given sanctuary with Tristan in Denver, Taggart is allowed to go along, but it’s not all smooth sailing. Not only do two dire wolf betas, Percy and Azyle, arrive to see if Dewey and Taggart will complete their inner circle but because of the wolfbane, Taggart goes into a dangerous withdrawal. Will Taggart survive and if he does, can he and Dewey find happiness with a new pack? Dewey is book five in Joyee Flynn’s Resistant Omegas series. There are several important returning characters, so I recommend the books be read in order. I enjoyed this latest addition to the series and the unexpected twist of Dewey starting the story already in love with Taggart. He’s just as physically abused as the other omegas in the series but his emotional pain is worse since the man he loves is willingly staying with the pack—and being drugged. It’s not something the author has touched on before but the distress both men feel at being unable to rescue the other is handled well. One of the features about this release that I appreciate the most is how much of the plot is devoted to recovery. Despite the many terrible things that happened to Dewey and Taggart, it doesn’t overly dwell on the bad stuff more than necessary. Instead you get how much they love each other. Percy and Azyle are good additions and make a nice complete inner circle, unfortunately Dewey and Taggart are so tight that the story is a little unbalanced—at least for awhile. Two couples coming together made for issues to resolve but by the end Ms. Flynn had done that and melded them into a believable foursome. Vencentio is coming next." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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I hated this part. I hated standing here waiting to see who would win the hunt for me and what I’d have to endure the next week. Scratch that, I hated being with people who weren’t my choice as well. And then I hated having to be with my inner circle.

Basically I hated my life.

But I did have one silver lining to my crappy existence… Taggart. A man so fine and with such a big heart he could turn a straight man gay. I swear, he could. There were men in the pack who were straight but would make the exception for Taggart.

As I stood there waiting to find out who’d own me for the next week, I prayed to whomever was listening or gave a shit to let Taggart win. I didn’t want to go with anyone else this week and I couldn’t deal with the pain in the eyes of the man I loved when I had to. It killed Taggart when he lost and I went to the winner.

Maybe I should back up and explain the situation better. I was sold to this pack almost two years ago. The Alpha wasn’t gay and took me only at the claiming ceremony. One of my Betas was so busy kissing the Alpha’s ass that he fucked me just to gain favor. See, my Alpha didn’t have to fuck me to gain power, just someone in the inner circle does. I’m pretty sure that the Beta was in love with the Alpha, but that was a whole other can of worms.

The other Beta loved screwing me relentlessly… But he was a sadistic son of a bitch who liked things that made my skin crawl. His idea of normal was so fucked up.

Since the claiming ceremony when I became the Omega of this pack, I’d been used as a reward for the strongest wolves. Every month at the full-moon gathering I’d stand on one side of the pack lands, guarded by the lesser-of-two-evils Beta, while everyone else was on the other side. My Alpha gave the signal and it was a no-holds-barred chase to see who could get to me first. The winner got me for a week for whatever they want.

Two or three if the Alpha was impressed with them or they were in his favor. But there had been times, I think when the Alpha was just bored, where he did this every week. I had a few other theories why for the past several months we’d been doing this weekly.

One, I think he knew his sadistic Beta is going to end up killing me and wanted him to focus on something other than me. Two, if I belonged to someone else for the week, the Alpha didn’t have to deal with me and the other Beta could solely kiss his ass. Three, my Alpha was just a rat bastard. Four, he liked to keep the pack in good fighting condition so if something ever happened and the Council found out what he’d been up to, then he’s got soldiers to fight.

That was why Taggart and I had to put on a show for the Alpha so he never found out that we were really in love. I know it tore my man up inside that he had to treat me so poorly in public, and he begged me to run away with him. But I just couldn’t do that to him. If we ran, he’d be a dead man walking if anyone ever found us. And so would I.

“Wanna have sex while we wait?” my Beta asked quietly. I gave him points for asking, but my answer was still the same.

“Not really,” I answered quietly as I leaned against him. He wasn’t a bad guy in the sense he was evil… He was just screwed up in the head. “Ryan had me last week and he did a number on me. I hurt in ways I didn’t think possible.”

“Yeah, I saw the new marks and how you were limping. I hope he doesn’t get you again.” He didn’t look at me but he didn’t move either so I could stay standing by using him to lean on. I hoped Ryan didn’t get me again either. He was another fuck head. Ryan didn’t like sex unless the man under him was screaming in pain. I couldn’t even count how many bones of mine he’d broken when I’d belonged to him.

Right now both my ankles were still healing and he’d dislocated my shoulder. Taggart was going to freak when he found out. And then blame himself for not getting to me first. It wasn’t his fault though. He was a special kind of wolf as well and our Alpha was threatened by him. So he remedied that by drugging Taggart with wolfsbane to keep his strength to that of a normal wolf or less.

Did I mention my life sucked?

I was having trouble not collapsing when I saw four wolves burst through the tree line. Taggart was in the lead, and while that made me want to cry with relief, I saw Ryan was right on his heels, trying to bite his flank.

“Man, Taggart really has a hard-on for you,” the Beta mumbled. “I know you’ve got that hot, tight little ass, but he acts almost like you’re dating.”

“Yeah, I normally date rapists.” I snorted and shook my head, trying to pull off my disdain act while my stomach knotted. “He’s just as bad to me as Ryan or worse.”

“That blows.” I knew the guy was trying to sound sympathetic but mostly he just seemed bored. As long as everyone never found out that Taggart and I were in love, they wouldn’t keep us apart.

Speaking of Taggart, right when he was within a hundred yards of me, he spun in a fantastic move to take Ryan out. He grabbed the smaller wolf by the neck and his jaw and whipped him back behind Taggart. He never broke stride, slowed down, or acted as if it fazed him.

My man had moves that no one could rival. Especially our Alpha. Taggart would have long since challenged him if he wasn’t being drugged regularly. I worried about the permanent damage the wolfsbane could do to him. But as things were, he might not win the fight against our Alpha and I wasn’t willing to take that risk. Plus, the Alpha fought dirty. If he knew he had a challenger, some type of accident would happen to the guy.

I’d seen it before.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Taggart was now right on us and leapt at me. He shifted on the fly and knocked me to the ground, catching me before I hit dirt in a way no one else could see. To everyone else it looked like he’d given me one hell of a tackle.

“I win,” he snarled against my neck as he spread my legs. “I beat everyone else and I get the prize.”




“Now we claim you, my love.”

“Okay,” I squeaked, wanting to slam my head into the table at sounding like such a dork. Before anyone could say anything, I jumped up from my chair and raced up to my room. I heard three sets of feet on the stairs just as I hopped onto the bed. Finding the slick Azyle had left there from the other day, I set it by my hip and got naked.

“Well if that isn’t an offering from the heavens I don’t know what is,” Tag said with a growl. In a flash they were all in the room, door closed, and yanking off their clothes. “Let’s start slow this time.”

“How do you mean?” Azyle asked hesitantly.

“Why don’t either you or Percy take Dewey, while the other takes the first, and Dewey can suck me off? We’re not leaving in the morning where we have to hurry all of this. I think we just need to make the group connection while handling everything else. I mean, our stuff still has to be packed and shipped to Wichita. I had to leave my car behind, et cetera.”

“And I’d like to know more about the pack and Wichita before we just blindly move there,” I added, wondering if I shouldn’t have asked that before I signed my name on the line. Well, if the pack sucked it wouldn’t have stopped me from going. But it would help to know what we were walking into.

“Good plan. I get Dewey.” Percy chuckled as if he’d just called shotgun to get the front seat of a car for a road trip. He was such a goofball.

“Fine, but one day the reverse might be done,” I teased as I got into position on all fours.

“No worries,” he whispered in my ear as he molded himself to my back. “I like cock in my ass and you’ve got a nice one. Anytime you want to try something new and top, you just let me know, baby.”

“Thank you.” It meant the world to me that he’d even offer. I doubted I’d ever take him up on it but if I ever did, it wouldn’t be for a long, long time. He kissed my shoulder and I felt cool lube being poured down my crack. I moaned when his finger pushed inside of me. I stared up at Tag and let him see on my face how much I was enjoying it.

“You really are the hottest thing ever,” he cooed as he lay down on the bed so he could kiss me. “I love you. If this gets to be too much you just say the word and we stop.”

“No, I want this. I am glad you thought to do it this way instead of me taking you one at a time.”

“You don’t like being the center of attention.” I never thought about it that way but when Tag said it out loud… I had to agree. I didn’t like all eyes on me. Sure, I liked when it was Percy or Azyle or Tag but all of them at once just made me feel like I had crap on my face and I should hide.

“Thank you for caring enough about me to know that,” I whispered against his lips. He smiled and pulled my head to his, plundering my willing mouth with his tongue. At the same moment, Percy’s one finger became two and I moaned as he stretched me wide.

“Fuck, his ass like sucks me right in,” Percy moaned as he added another one. “I can’t wait to feel it on my cock.” I made little mewling noises of agreement, so wound up and horny now that I might die if someone said we needed to stop. They both got the idea and Percy pulled his fingers free, replacing his cock in my hole.

“Don’t you need to be stretched?” Taggart asked as he knelt in front of me and held his dick up as if it was my favorite treat…which it was.

“He likes some pain,” Azyle answered. I heard him grunt as Percy cried out in pleasure. “I just open him up slightly, slick up my cock, and shove it in. Drives him crazy.”

“Yes, fuck me while I fuck Dewey!” Percy begged. I smiled up at Tag while I swallowed his cock down. At least things would never get boring with our new Betas…apparently.

“You okay, my love?” Tag asked me as Percy started thrusting from the force of Azyle moving behind him. Part of me wanted to laugh. Did he really expect me to answer right then since I had his dick in my mouth? “If you’re not just stop what you’re doing. Don’t bite though, please.”

“Has he bit you before?” Azyle asked hesitantly, all moving ceasing.

“No!” I yelled around Tag’s dick which came out more like, “Mow” of course. I think they got the point because Tag gave me a wink and Azyle went back to drilling Percy, which pushed the man’s dick deep into me. It felt fantastic… Much better than the dildo they’d been using on me. And I didn’t think anything could get better than that.

It seemed I was wrong.


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