[SSiren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, werewolves, HEA]
Van Pierre is on the hunt for his missing date. He doesn’t need some nosy wolf shifter getting in his way, but that’s just where Fang seems to be. When Van sets out to find Sy Wren, his every move is hampered by the pesky werewolf. It doesn’t help that Fang is the sexiest man Van has ever met, one that sets his blood to boiling every time they lock eyes.
Fangor Strigori is a man on a mission, a secret mission. When a handsome vampire gets in his way, Fang decides to wrinkle the by-the-book man’s world. But what started out as a bit of fun quickly turns into a burning inferno when Van rocks Fang’s world every time they touch. Fighting his attraction to the handsome vampire might be more dangerous than completing his mission.
Vampire and werewolves don’t mix. Everyone knows that. But the desire that burns between them might be stronger than old prejudices and the danger they face when the Ministry starts to hunt them down. If the Ministry doesn’t get them, the heat of the night just might.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn and Lynn Hagen are Siren-exclusive authors.
Heat of the Night (MM)
29 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by D. L. Benson
Such an amazing story! I LOVE how Van and Fang's relationship developed and grew. Loved the interaction between them both the romantic and funny.The danger just added to their hotness.




“You son of a bitch!” someone shouted. “I was trying to prevent this.”

Van spun in time to see the werewolf from the restaurant charging after him. He took on a fighting stance, prepared to lay waste to the shifter. “Back off before I arrest you.”

“Why the hell do you think I’ve been following Sy?” the man asked. “And you just gift wrapped him and handed him over.”

Van was confused as hell. “What are you talking about?”

The shifter paced in front of Van, grabbing his hair and yanking at the strands. He looked like he was having a nervous breakdown. “That demon was paid to kidnap Sy. I’ve been tracking him down for weeks while trying to keep Sy safe.”

“So, you’re not stalking Sy?” Van stabbed at a guess.

The guy gaped at Van. “Stalking Sy? Are you nuts? Why in the hell would I stalk him?”

On a personal level, Van was ready to wash his hands of the whole mess. But he couldn’t do that. The guard in him was ready to find that demon and pulverize the bastard. “How did you know the demon was after Sy?”

Van growled when the guy reached into his inner pocket.

“I’m just getting my ID,” the guy said. “Don’t even think about attacking me.”

Van relaxed his stance when the guy whipped out his leather ID holder and flipped it open for a brief moment before flipping it closed again. “Fangor Strigori, but call me Fang. I work for the Department of Demon Affairs. We’ve been tracking Daemon Brimstone for some time now, and I almost had him until Sy decided to go out on a date with you.”

“What does Sy’s personal life have to do with this?” Van asked.

“Regular routine,” Fang said. “We rely on it in order to catch our suspects.”

Van had a feeling he was dealing with another loon. The man used a lot of hand gestures and never made eye contact. But the badge had been real. Van would know the Ministry seal anywhere.

At least he thought it was real.

“Why does this Brimstone guy want Sy?”

“That’s what we’re trying to discover. Brimstone’s interest in Sy developed about six weeks ago. So far, I’ve been able to prevent Sy from getting taken.” Fang’s eyes strayed to the shadows behind Van. “Until you fucked that up, buddy.”

Van’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t see how this was his fault. “Maybe if you had told Sy what was going on instead of making him think you were stalking him, he wouldn’t have taken off.”

“I’m not stalking him!”

“Does he know that?”

“Of course he does. Why would—” Fang’s mouth slammed shut so fast Van wondered if the man had chipped a tooth. “Look.” Fang pushed a hand through his dark hair, his eyes darting around nervously. “I don’t have time to explain this all to you nor do I have to.”

Van whipped out his own leather ID holder, flipping it open to show off his badge. For a hot second, he felt like they were in some strange ID duel.

“Oh, find that in a Cracker Jack Box?” Fang smiled. “I got mine in a box of Lucky Charms. Those leprechauns really know how to make things look authentic.”

If he didn’t need the man to continue speaking so he could find out who had taken Sy and why, Van would have belted the wolf right in the mouth and made sure he chipped more than a tooth.

“No, I did not find my ID in a Cracker Jack box. I got it from the Ministry of Paranormal Affairs, just like you did.” A slight smirk crossed Fang’s lips that made Van wonder if the wolf had gotten his badge somewhere else. Maybe he really had found it in a cereal box. “How do we find Sy?”

“I find Sy by following the clues.” Fang made a shooing motion with his hand. “You can go do whatever you little bloodsuckers do.”

Van’s nostrils flared as he tried to hold in his anger. He had known Fangor Strigori all of five minutes and already he wanted to strangle the man. Working with him to find Sy was going to be damn near to impossible.

“Who paid this demon to kidnap Sy?” Demons never did anything unless it benefited them. Kidnapping a female impersonator didn’t seem like much of a benefit.

“I don’t know.” Fang’s chest heaved as he sighed deeply. “And that’s driving me nuts. I know that the contract was put out on Sy a few weeks ago. I know that Daemon Brimstone is the one that has him now. I even think I might know where Sy is being held. What I don’t know is who hired the demon in the first place.”

Van was going to smack the man. “If you know where he is being held then what in the hell are we doing standing around here? Let’s go get him.”

Fang held up a hand and then wagged his index finger back and forth like a wiper blade. “It’s not that simple.”

“Make it simple,” Van growled.

“The most likely place for Daemon Brimstone to take Sy is back to his father’s bordello.”

Van felt his stomach roll as all sorts of sick and twisted scenarios started going through his mind. “A bordello? This moron took Sy to a house of ill repute?”

“Well, it’s not like Daemon has a lot of friends. He’s a demon.” Fang spit out the word like it left a bad taste in his mouth.

Van cocked his head. “You have something against demons?”

Fang tucked the ID back into his pocket. “I have something against anyone that forces another into slavery.”

The need to find and rescue Sy suddenly became even more important. “You think he was kidnapped to be someone’s slave?”

Fang shrugged. “Is there ever a good reason to kidnap someone?”

Van couldn’t think of a single one.




Jealously clawed at Fang. Sy might have a killer voice, but the guy wasn’t all that. Fang was a werewolf. He was lethal, possessive, and…and fuck he was losing it. He needed to pull his shit together. He’d never reacted like this with anyone else.

“This is still my investigation,” he snapped. “I’m just letting you tag along. Keep acting like a shitwit and I’ll ditch you.”

Van spun on him so fast that Fang nearly collided with the vampire. “I’m about sick and tired of your threats. I don’t even know who you are. Nobody has heard of you at the Ministry. Care to explain that to me, wolfie?”

Fang had had enough. He swung, clocking Van on his roman jaw. The vampire hissed and leapt at him, but Fang moved out the way just in time. He swung again, but this time Van was anticipating the move. He grabbed Fang’s arm and yanked it behind his back.

“Who the fuck are you?” Van growled in his ear.

“Detective Munch. I work with the Special Victims Unit.” Fang twisted and spun out of Van’s hold. He slammed his fist into Van’s chest and then followed that up with a leg swipe.

Van went down.

But he grabbed Fang and took him down as well. Van twisted at the last second, and Fang slammed to the concrete on his back. The vampire laid flat against him, baring his fangs. His red eyes blazed as his sharp fangs gleamed under the streetlight. There was no way in hell Fang was going to show his belly. His was too dominant for that.

Instead, he gripped the front of Van’s shirt and yanked the man down, shoving his tongue deep into the vampire’s mouth. Van stiffened, as if shocked by the move. Good. That was exactly the effect Fang was going for. He couldn’t reveal who he truly was, so he had no choice but to shut Van up.

What better way than to kiss the guy? Unfortunately, his planned backfired. Van’s heat soaked into Fang’s body, and he felt something hard rubbed against his stomach. Fang’s intention was to show Van who the boss was, but he found himself groaning as Van’s fingers twisted into his hair, pulling roughly at the strands.

Fang bucked, and Van pressed his body harder into him, as if showing Fang who the true boss was. Fuck it. He’d relent to Van for now. Van lapped at Fang’s lips, nipped his lower one, and then cupped the back of Fang’s head, pulling Fang closer.

Van wasn’t the only one who sported an erection right now. Fang was so damn horny that if Van tried to fuck him right here on the street, Fang would let him. There was just something about this vampire that drew Fang to the guy. Van was a royal pain in the ass, uptight, distant at times, and yet Fang wanted to burrow closer and take anything the vampire had to offer.

He could barely hear the street traffic around him. He hardly noticed the people walking by who were staring at them in curiosity and confusion. The scent of the ocean faded, and Fang’s world had shrunk until only Van existed in it. Van nuzzled his neck, licking at his throat, and for the first time in his life, Fang considered allowing a vampire to bite him. Fuck, he was on the verge of begging Van to do just that.

“So sweet,” Van murmured into Fang’s neck. “Smell so good.”

Fang arched his back as Van sucked up a bruise on his throat. His fingers gripped Van’s upper arms as he tilted his head to the side, giving Van all the room he would need. It was as if Fang’s body was on fire, melting from the inside out.

Their bodies rubbed together. Friction, that was what Fang needed. His cock strained to be freed, throbbed to every lick and nip Van was giving him. Fang gasped when Van captured his lips again and then bit gently on the lower one, breaking skin.

Van tightened in his arms, as if he’d been given the greatest gift of all. He sucked at Fang’s lower lip greedily, and Fang let him. A tingling storm began at the base of Fang’s spine and skyrocketed around his groin. Oh god, could Van really make him…He gasped again and gripped Van’s arms so tight that he felt his nails digging in deep.

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