Sex Party (MFMM)

Cowboy Sex 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 120,783
257 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, bondage, sex toys, public exhibition]

She’s a rebel and drop-dead gorgeous. She isn’t just the girl-next-door. She’s a billboard for the typical blonde-haired, blue-eyed babe and a known hellion in her small southern town.

Peyton Storm has the world by its throat until her world spins out of control with the unexpected. Her goals and dreams are shattered as opportunities slip out of reach.

Enter Braden, Kane, and Evan Cartwell. The Cartwell brothers offer Peyton a roof over her head and the security she needs. Soon, Peyton finds herself surrounded by a real family, but she’s after far more than friendship, and she’ll pull a few capers here and there to gain the attention she most desires.

In the middle of Peyton’s games, an unforeseen attack places her in a psychopath’s line of fire. Afterward, the Cartwell brothers realize what they almost lost, and they’re forced to acknowledge the feelings they share for Peyton. Promising a special kind of commitment, Kane, Braden, and Evan ask Peyton for her complete submission, but gaining her compliance is more complex than they anticipate. Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sex Party (MFMM)
257 Ratings (4.2)

Sex Party (MFMM)

Cowboy Sex 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 120,783
257 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Amazing new series for me. Can't get enough
The teasing starts right from the beginning, Peyton is a wild child that knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Only problem is that the men she wants are her legal guardians and the small fact that she's underage. Which leads to months of sexual torment to her guardians as they resist the temptation that is thrust at them. Once her eighteenth birthday comes all bets are off as she openly pursues her men, when she finally breaks through their defenses tragedy happens as she is caught up in a high school massacre. Becoming withdrawn it takes months for her to recover emotionally enough to even think of pursuing her men again.

The sparks between her and her men Kane, Evan and Braden fly fast and furious as now they're trying to hold her attention as she goes through her depressive cycle. But now, the evil that she had been caught up in that dark day at the school comes back to haunt them...

This book is a great start to her series. Read it and enjoy, 100 thousand words of suspense and excitement not to mention scorching hot sex.
Professional Reviews

Recommended Read: "Sex Party will leave you excited, seduced and tantalized. I've only read a handful of erotic books this year that have rung the bell for me and Sex Party is one of the top!" -- Becky, Dark Angel Reviews

5 STARS: "Natalie Acres brings readers a new series. If this first one is any indication of how incredible it is, then the we can only expect better." -- Estefanie, Night Time Romance Reviews

4.5 KISSES: "This was a good book that was as hot as a forest fire. Good heavens -- there are no men in my town like the Cartwell men (grumble, grumble), but I sure wish there were. I was a little surprised at the car they purchased for Peyton to use as her mode of transportation (youll have to read the book to find out what it was), but I sure wish my parents had given me the same type of car Peyton got instead of the 1972 Dodge Dart I got to drive. While they were close in color there was nothing else similar about them! Peyton is one lucky lady -- and not just because of the vehicle they purchased for her. She had three hunky men that loved her and wanted her to have only the best. Natalie Acres has written an awesome story that will touch your heart, wish for a cold shower, long for a couple of hot men (or three actually), and make you glad that you read it." -- Laura, Two Lips Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Sex Party is a completely comical and sexual thrill that will have the reader laughing out loud... Ms. Acres captures the reader's attention with her ability to enhance each scene with dramatic and vividly detailed descriptions leaving no stone unturned. Her heroes, the sexy and masterful Cartwell brothers, are well defined alphas... Peyton, for her part, is a typical but strong willed eighteen year old who knows who and what she wants and isn't about to let anything or anyone stand in the way of their happiness... The sex is scorching red hot as Peyton and her men create a blazing trail hot enough to cause the biggest inferno their small town has ever seen!" -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

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"Kane, have you seen Braden?" Peyton rushed into the kitchen in her T-shirt and thong. He didn't look up. To glance away from the Daily News meant to give in to guilty pleasures. The closer Peyton moved toward graduation, the more he ached to touch her, just to remind her of the pleasure they'd once shared.

"Don't know if he's up yet." Kane ducked his head and stared harder at the words in front of him.

Evan walked in and swatted her on the ass with the newspaper. "Where were you last?" He stopped suddenly. "What the fuck is that?"

Kane's entire body jerked to attention, realizing the alarm in Evan's voice sounded out with far too much warning. Immediately, he glared at the adornment around Peyton's neck.

She ran a lone finger over her throat. "Oh, you mean this?"

Evan's gaze stayed at her neck. "That's it."

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Kane shoved his chair back, made a sudden leap for her and Evan immediately threw back his arm to keep Kane from getting his hands on her. No doubt, a few seconds slower and Kane might have wrapped his hands around her neck and yanked the collar right off of her. Right after he choked her for wearing it with far too much pride in the first place.

"Down, cowboy, you know what I'm doing if I have this around my neck," she purred, slowly running her finger back and forth over the leather choker.

"He's gonna kill ya," Evan began with the warning, the one signifier to let Peyton know he volunteered for the job of tattling to big brother.

He'd have to stand in line because this went way too far.

Every nerve ending in Kane's body pulsed with anger and with lust. It was a dangerous mix. "Peyton, go to your room right now and get that damn thing off your neck."

"Sorry, Kane, I can't do it." She popped a hip and smiled seductively. "I'm afraid my Master may punish me."

"Your what?" Evan's skin didn't turn red, it flamed violet. Oh hell, violence loomed everywhere.

"The hell you can't." Kane stayed focused. "Just run on along and take it off. Now."

"Braden!" Evan started his immature rant for big brother. "Braden! Hurry, get down here!" He walked out of the kitchen and stood at the steps long enough to scream. "All hell's loose and there's an outbreak!"

The brothers crossed their arms and seethed while Peyton pulled a pastry out of the freezer, tossed it on a plate and put it in the microwave. "It's no big deal, guys."

"Uh-huh." Evan bit down on his lip.

"Really, it's not. It just means--"

"I know what it means, thank you very much." Kane glowered over her.

"Good, because now you know what does and does not belong to you." She set her jaw. "For the record, I do not belong to Kane Cartwell. Say it with me now. Let's practice together."

Like hell she didn't. If one woman on God's earth belonged to him, Peyton Storm was his.

Braden casually walked into the kitchen and didn't look surprised at all to find her with a collar around her neck. He sat down at the table and stared out over the lawn.

"That's all you're going to do?" Evan yelled. "Just come in here and sit down?"

"Hell, look at him," Kane said. "He already knew she had the damn thing. Who called you?"


"What are you talking about?" Peyton removed her breakfast from the microwave, grabbed a fork from the kitchen drawer, pushed it shut with her hip and cut off her first bite. Waving the first bite around, she inquired further, "Don't tell me. You know the owner of Clink?"

"Sid Jones," Braden said.

"What the fuck was he thinking?" Kane demanded.

"He didn't know she was ours." He slipped. And really fucked up when he did.

"Excuse me? I'm what?" Peyton dropped her fork. Hell, at this point, she might as well drop her pants too. Kane was sick and tired of her 'fuck me now or I'll fuck someone else' games. In his mind, this act, this collar idea, bordered with treason.

Kane decided to run with Braden's Freudian slip. "Boy, you hit that one right on, Braden. She may not know it yet, but she's definitely ours." He rubbed his hand over his erection. Damn if he didn't have a stiff one the second he spotted her little neckband.

She narrowed her gaze, shoved a bite of pastry beyond luscious lips and chewed slowly.

"That's right, darlin', think about a rebuttal. Chew nice and slow," Evan mocked her.

"Fuck you, Evan."

"I would've volunteered for the job, baby. Seems someone beat me to it, and I wouldn't dream of moving in on someone else's territory."

"I don't have a problem with it," Kane growled, and snatched her forearm in a locked clasp. He quickly pulled her with him.

"Braden! Do something!" She sat down on the floor, her bare feet bracing her against the tile.

"Damn it! Get up!" Kane yelled.

"No! Let me go!" She kicked out at him as he tugged her. Evan stood in the doorway, watching with a big grin. Braden's eyes were misty with pure lust as he watched for a flash of skin, a show of pink. Oh yeah, he knew by the way his brother stretched his long neck. He wanted to see her little pussy.

Other than rubbernecking a little, Braden didn't move and Kane noticed. All right then, he had big brother's approval. God help her, she was going to know what it meant to submit by the time he finished with her.

"Braden! Evan! Do something!" she pleaded and tears now formed in the corners of her eyes. "I belong to someone else now!"

"Oh really? Then where is he? You pushed too far this time, darlin', and you got my undivided attention just like you wanted." Kane locked his lower lip under his teeth.

Evan started for the door. "I'm headed to town. Anybody need anything?"

"Yeah, go by the horse supply and grab me a crop. There's a pretty little tail that I plan to spank."

 * * * * 

"You...think...I'm going to fuck Evan in front of you?" 

"No, sweets, you're going to fuck us all and maybe even at the same time," Kane said. "Isn't that what you wanted?" 

She narrowed her gaze and looked at his cock. "You wish." 

"Say, 'Yes, Master' and that will suffice." 

"You're nuts." 

"No, you wanted to submit so we're going to begin your training period." 

Braden nodded at Evan and Evan stripped down to his boxers. 

"The first thing we're going to do, Peyton," Kane's voice held steady, "is teach you about obedience, establish trust, and educate you in domination and submission." 

"What if I--" 

"Did I ask you to interrupt?"

Evan smiled. "Keep doing it. I get to punish you when you don't mind." 

"Mind? Have you seriously lost your grip on reality?" 

"Peyton, Sid said you were asking a lot of questions. We're going to answer them. This way, you won't go to clubs where those underage do not belong." Braden's legs splayed open and the length of his cock left an imprint off to the side. 

"I'm not underage. I'm eighteen." 

"And not quite twenty-one," Evan reminded. 

"Where's your fake ID?" Braden asked. 

"I don't have one." 

"Peyton, go stand in the corner until you can make up your mind to tell us the truth." Kane pointed to the corner. 

Oh, the tone he used with her was going to get him in a lot of trouble. Once she rode his cock again, she'd ride all night. Good grief, she almost came just hearing him. His raspy voice, his rigid body fighting to remain in control, all of it provided more than she bargained for or ever imagined. 

Evan had the cutest little dimple in his cheek when he tried to fight off a smile and look all tough and bad. Right now, he looked good enough to suck dry and she couldn't wait to sip on his stalk. The way his cock twitched beneath his boxers made her mouth water. 

"Corner, Peyton," Braden said. "Now."


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