[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, vampires, HEA]
Ready. Set. Find your mate! Kamali Zalika is sent to find her mate after a vision quest pointed her to the sunny land of LA. Once there, a shocking revelation is revealed that not only does Kamali have one mate, she actually has two very old, very gorgeous vampire mates.
Mikel and Ezekiel Cabral never expected to share a true mate, but both are quite surprised by their little vixen. As leaders for the North American clan of vampires, they must always be in control. So what’s a couple of vampires to do when a curvy woman with a mouth of sass tips everything upside down?
When trouble from Kamali’s past shows up on their doorstep, they must all stick together or Kamali might be forever taken from them, and to a place where no one could ever reach her again.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Kamali's Courage (MFM)
6 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
It was good but it felt like it was just the starter of a mini series. It didn't have enough depth into it & it was more about learning & laying the ground work for 'the circle'.
I would have liked to have seen more of the relationship develop with her mates.




Mikel stood from his chair and came over to her, pulling her into a hug that had her rapidly-beating heart calming.

This is what I needed. His arms around me, holding me and protecting me. Making me feel safe.

Ezekiel stood behind Mikel and when she was finally released from Mikel’s hug, Ezekiel quickly scooped her up and carried her to a chair. Sitting in an overstuffed, red leather chair, Kamali was held in Ezekiel’s arms, resting comfortably on his lap.

Oohhh, I could definitely get used to the snuggling, she thought and burrowed deeper into the warmth of his arms.

Laughing filled her head and she let out a low growl that had every head in the room turning to her.

“My, she is certainly beautiful, is she not, Josiah?” a low, sultry voice commented and Kamali turned toward two vampires that were seated on a leather love seat together. The woman had rich, shiny black hair that was spiked into what people called a pixie cut. And that was exactly what the woman looked like. Her beautiful blue eyes framed by her hair and her tall, willowy looking body gave her an elegance and grace that one could see even though she was still seated. The man, you could clearly see, was tall and very muscular. He had dirty blonde hair and mischievous looking eyes that were dancing with amusement. Kamali could tell without being told that these two were very old for vampires, at least a couple hundred years old.

“Yes, Ange, she is indeed lovely.” The man stood from the couch and, with vampiric speed, came to her. He clutched her chin in between his fingers and said in a deep voice, “If you ever get tired of these two heathens, by all means, you may join my own personal harem.”

Suddenly, she was ripped from his grasp and placed behind two snarling vampires.

“Back off, Josiah, or I will rip off your head and tear out your throat” Ezekiel snarled. Mikel just continued to snarl and hiss.

It took a moment for Kamali to notice that none of the other vampires moved to help or defend their friend that was about to be killed.

Ange, apparently seeing her confusion, said in a bored voice, “Don’t worry about them, Kam. They will fight it out, snarl a little more, and then in five minutes be right as rain.”


Ange smiled. “Yeah, since we are bound to be best friends, then I am giving you a nickname. Come over here and take a seat. We can talk about shopping and any other crap load of girly shit we want. I am way overdue girl talk! I live with four of my brothers, and girl, let me tell you, that house has so much damned testosterone that a person can choke on it!”

Kamali was shocked. “You have four brothers? I have sisters but no brothers. I can’t even imagine being surrounded by all those guys.”

Ange cracked up laughing and said between gasps, “I actually have five brothers total. You are mated to one of them.”

“What really? Which one?”

Slowly coming out of her laughing hysteria, she said, “Mikel. He is actually our oldest brother. Then there is Kris, Josiah, Raymond, and then finally Quaid. I’m the youngest of the bunch, and unfortunately the only girl too. But with you now mated to my brother, I finally get to claim to have a sister!”

Kamali laughed at the other woman and said, “Well, it is always nice to have another sister. I have plenty of practice so you are in good hands.”

The men in the room had been staring at the two crazy females in awe.

“It’s like they have been friends forever from the way they talk and act” Mikel muttered under his breath to his brothers. Ezekiel just laughed and pulled Kamali back on his lap, wrapping his arms around her in a safe cocoon of warmth.

“Love, what are you doing out of bed anyway? You were pretty sick earlier and we just wanted you to get some rest.”

Suddenly Kamali’s dream came rushing back to her and everything that Karina told her invaded her mind. With a yell, she jumped up from her mate’s lap and ran to the desk that held a very old-looking phone on top of it. Picking up what looked like the receiver, she looked in confusion at the buttons and the spinning things in horror. Kamali started pushing button after button, until a hand clamped down on her shoulder, yanking her away from the stupid old contraption. Turning around in her captor’s arms she laid into the closest person.

“Why the hell can’t you get a normal phone?” she exclaimed. “You know, one that a person can tell what numbers are where and how to even hold the stupid receiver!” It felt like the room was closing in on Kamali and she started to hyperventilate.

Ezekiel, being the unfortunate one to be holding her, raised his hands in surrender, as if she was holding a gun pointing straight to his heart.




She looked at him and slowly unhooked her bra clasp and let her beautiful tits fall. Ezekiel could just imagine tit-fucking her and marking his scent on her skin, so no other would even come near his love. All the different ways he planned to take her started to filter through his mind. Ezekiel wondered how his beautiful Kamali would take to being tied down with silk scarves as he ravished her body before finally giving her release after hours of unfulfilled, tormented pleasure.

Kamali was obviously nervous, taking off the last piece of clothing that would allow for cover. So, being an old-fashioned gentleman, he decided to help her. Getting up, he stalked to her and grabbed the piece of lace before ripping it off of her.


He shrugged, unable to care because now that she was fully naked, with only the thigh-high boots, Ezekiel could see how glorious his mate’s body really is. Huge, perfect breasts led down to an hourglass shaped waist and the most glorious pussy he had ever seen. What truly caught his attention was the fact that her pussy was bare and smooth.

Unable to control himself any longer, Ezekiel grabbed her by the waist to push her further up on the desk. She squealed at the unexpected movement, and when he spread her legs out where one was on each side, she let out another squeak.

“This is where you belong, Right here, spread out for me like a feast for a king.”

She let out a whimper when he ducked his head and his warm breath breathed on her inner lips. He smiled to himself before giving into the temptation of finally tasting his mate.

The first swipe of his tongue was like heaven, and from the way Kamali bucked, she would also agree. Ezekiel started out slowly, tasting his sweet mate and playing with her before he started attacking her with his tongue, plunging his tongue in and out at an inhuman rate. When he grazed her clit with his teeth and started sucking, she went over, covering his tongue and lips in the sweetest fluids that had ever passed his lips.

Ezekiel looked up into the dazed face of his mate and licked his lips. “That’s one.” She widened her eyes and just stared at him as he bent back down and started lapping up her juices that were left over, trying his best to ignore the hard-on that was about to break the zipper of his jeans.

Spreading her legs farther apart, he couldn’t help but appreciate the way she looked spread out with those boots of hers. He started stroking her pussy lips, occasionally slipping one finger in before quickly removing it as she tried to clamp down and keep him there. Ezekiel chuckled to himself, unable to stop the joy he was feeling because his mate was a little minx.

Finally deciding to take mercy on her, he shoved two fingers in her pussy, pumping furiously before adding a third, and before long, she was clamping down on his fingers, orgasm taking over her whole body. She was the most beautiful sight, head thrown back and small whimpers coming out of her mouth as she finally came down from the rush of pleasure.


* * * *


Okay that was enough! Kamali was getting tired of being played with and all she cared about was getting that huge dick that was straining against her mate’s jeans and having him pound into her pussy with it. Just the thought sent a rush of liquid leaking from her.

“Stop playing around! I want your dick in me now!”

The bastard had the nerve to laugh at her before finally moving away from her and quickly undressing. Finally, standing before her, she came face to face with the biggest cock she had ever seen.

Crap, I’ve never taken one that big before, she thought. Not even her toys at home were this big. 

It was long and very thick, the head an angry purple color. Kamali couldn’t stop herself from licking her lips as she imagined tasting him.

Ezekiel, catching her, quickly shook his head and said, “Not this time love. If I let you taste me I won’t last. The first time I come needs to be in you.”

“Okay, but you owe me.”

Chuckling, Ezekiel moved to her splayed legs and stepped between them. Dragging her closer to him, he rubbed his hard shaft against her opening, spreading her juices on himself to make it easier to penetrate her body.

Slowly, almost too slowly, he pushed inside of her, little by little. Thankfully, he didn’t just shove inside in one go because he was so big. Finally, after what felt like forever, he was fully seated, balls flat against her skin. Ezekiel stayed still for a couple seconds before he looked in her eyes and finally moved.

Withdrawing a little from her body, he started a nice slow rhythm that quickly became faster, harder, and deeper. The sound of skin slapping skin reverberated throughout the office, but all either could care about was the feeling of neediness. Kamali could feel another orgasm starting to rise in her, even after coming twice in such a short time. She could feel Ezekiel pounding into her and it felt like every time he did, he became bigger and bigger inside of her. The pain and pleasure mixed as she kept pace with him, matching his thrusts with her own.

Suddenly, she felt a pinching feeling, and when she looked down, he was playing with her breasts, alternating between pinching them and then suckling them into his mouth. Finally, he reached down, and as he kept pounding into her, he fingered her clit as he sucked on her breasts.

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