Dragon's Mate (MF)

Cairngorm Dragons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,828
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Historical Fantasy Romance, shape-shifters, sex in shifted form, light bondage, spanking, HEA]

Braemuir is the chieftain of the Clan and a shape-shifter. He must find a mate and impregnate her before the Gathering of the Clan at the Summer Solstice if he is to stave off a challenge for the leadership.

An unknown black dragon and his mate are trying to get rid of Braemuir in order to keep the Clan treasure for themselves. When Eilidh NicDhoughal mates with Braemuir, she becomes able to shape-shift, too, but being Braemuir’s mate puts a target on her back—and if one of a mated pair dies, the other will die, too.

As Braemuir struggles to keep Eilidh safe from the black dragon’s attempts to dispose of them, a battle ensues amongst the dragons. Just when the identity of the black dragon is finally discovered, Braemuir gets another shock that will change his world forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Dragon's Mate (MF)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Dragon's Mate (MF)

Cairngorm Dragons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,828
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
The first in this series that I have read and was not disappointed. Each new work by Clair de Lune is done with aplomb and style, never fails to entertain and enchant me.
Thanks Clair. It is great. I'm exited to read Ness's story
Professional Reviews

4.5 LIGHTNING BOLTS: "Braemuir is the clan chieftain and he is also a dragon shape-shifter. He has to find his mate and get her pregnant before the Summer Soltice, if not he will be challenged and would probably lose his place in the clan. Eilidh is just a plain girl who never thought in her life that she would be the mate of Braemuir. Turns out that she is and things move fast. Only thing is that he has to keep her a secret and keep her safe. I enjoyed this story and I can't wait for the next one to see what happens next. When you find out who is after Braemuir and Eilidh it could be a little surprising. I sorta felt that I knew who it was and I just happened to be right. I'm not saying that this book is predictable. The author was very descriptive in the dragons colors. Made me wish to see them in real life. I could just imagine tuning into a dragon and flying around. In this book you never know who you can trust and who is really your friend. It was pretty exciting to see what would happen next and to who. I have read books by this author before and I enjoy every book that I read from her. Her writing style in unique and easy to follow. I will warn you that there is a little bit of whipping in this book and tying up. So if you don't like books with BDSM in them then don't read this book. If you do then I will say you should enjoy it." -- Crystal, Storm Goddess Book Reviews & More

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“Where is she? Why didn’t you say so to start with?”

“She’s over by the shore. She’s been hurt. She asked me to come and get you. I can’t carry her by myself, and yours is the nearest house.

Ciarda began to hurry, and Eilidh had all on to keep up with her. Eilidh was kindhearted and, at first, didn’t wonder why Mairi wanted her above all others. Ciarda was walking fast, and Eilidh couldn’t keep up with her without an effort. Nevertheless, she began to have niggling doubts. Something struck her as not quite right. She stopped. Ciarda hurried on for several paces, and then she noticed that Eilidh had stopped.

“Why have you stopped, Eilidh? We must hurry. Old Mairi is near to the sea and the tide will soon turn. She’ll be in danger.

Eilidh had, perforce, to put aside her doubts. Everyone knew just how fast the tide raced in when it turned. If Mairi, old and infirm, was injured and unable to move, when the tide came in, inevitably, she would drown. Eilidh tried to ignore the voice in her head telling her something was wrong. She tried to ignore the feeling of evil coming ever closer. It was very hard to do, as the nearer they got to the shore, the stronger the feelings became. Still, for Mairi’s sake, she continued to hasten after Ciarda. At last they came to the shore. Eilidh couldn’t see Mairi.

“Where is Mairi?” she asked.

“Just over there, beyond those rocks. You go on. I have a stone in my sandal and must remove it.”

Eilidh continued down toward the rocks. The bad feelings she had been having grew stronger and stronger. She was forced to grit her teeth and oblige her feet to keep moving. She rounded the rocks, just where she couldn’t be seen from the shore and found not Mairi, but a large, well-built man. He was much taller and stronger than her. He was masked, and she was afraid. It had nothing to do with the mask. He seemed to have an aura of evil about him.

“Where is Mairi? What have you done with her?”

“I know nothing of Mairi. I want you. Come here, woman, and give me no trouble or it will be the worse for you.” He had a set of iron chains in his hands. Eilidh stood no chance against his strength, and he took her by surprise, as he wrapped the chains about her body, pinning her arms to her sides. She was easily overpowered. Loaded with the iron chains, she was unable to shape-shift to her dragon.

“Answer my questions satisfactorily and you shall live.” 

“What do you want of me?” Eilidh asked. She didn’t believe he was going to let her live. She was scared, but she tried not to let him see it.

“Are you mated with Solus?”

“That has nothing to do with you.”

“Oh, but it has everything to do with me. I will rid the world of Solus and then the Clan will be mine, and with it, the treasure from Medina Sidonia’s sunken galleon. Only Braemuir is given that knowledge. If Solus dies, I shall be Braemuir. Feasgar and Maddain are no match for me. Then I shall have all that wealth. Nor shall I make the mistake of squandering the gold on a parcel of peasants, as the Braemuirs do.” 

“I don’t know what you mean.” 

“We shall see about that.”

Eilidh felt a huge pressure on her mind-shield. She longed to call for Solus but dared not lower her shield to do so. This man was pushing ever harder against her defences. She let him see a little, hoping it would be enough to convince him she didn’t have the knowledge he sought. He gave a shout of triumph.

“You are his mate. Now I will kill you, and consequently, he will die, too.”

He placed a gag over her mouth to stop her crying out, and then he chained her to the rocks.

“Soon the tide will come in. Don’t worry, your death will be quick. It’s pity I can’t stay to see it. No one can save you now.” He laughed in triumph.

Eilidh was out of sight of the shore. She couldn’t cry out in any case. There was no one to hear her, and the sea made enough noise to drown out the sounds she could make around the gag. The tide had turned, and the sea began to flow rapidly toward the shore. She struggled with the chains. She tried in vain to become her dragon. Oidhche was right. She was unable to shape-shift, loaded as she was with iron chains. She let out a silent cry.

My love, my mate, come to me. I am dying!”




He was elated. She’d accepted him as her mate, with all that meant. He changed to his man form and she to her woman. He showed her how to create clothes, so she would never go naked. It was a simple piece of magic and, if she had ferns and heather to hand, she could create clothes from them. There was certainly never any lack of the raw materials. Then he arranged his plaid on the ground, lay down upon it and held out his arms for her. Willingly, she lay down. She would have lain beside him, had he allowed it. He, however, had other ideas. He pulled her on top of him, breast to chest. Then he arranged her legs on either side of his. He allowed her to take his face in her hands and kiss him. She was a very willing and very apt pupil. She seemed to enjoy the different position. She had more control, or so she thought. She framed his face with her hands and lowered her mouth to his. Her kiss was sweet but tentative. Then, as she became heated, she became more sure. Her tongue invaded his mouth. His cock swelled and throbbed. No woman had ever affected him so deeply before, and he had known many! The connection he felt to her was something he’d never felt before. He responded at once, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Their tongues tangled and danced. He stroked her tongue with his, and then he suckled hard. She moaned and writhed. He flipped her over, proving exactly who was in control.

“You’re beautiful, my mate. I want to taste your bountiful breasts. They belong to me. You belong to me now. All of this beauty is mine.” He slid down her body and nipped, licked, and sucked his way to her breasts. When his hot mouth fastened over her nipple, she shrieked.

“Oh. I’m on fire. Help me. What are you doing to me?” She could have said that in her mind, but she cried aloud, and he gloried in the sound. He would make her scream again and again. He turned his attentions to the other breast. She arched her back, pressing her breast into his eager mouth.

“Yes, please, more. I need more. Suck me harder, please!”

He obliged, suckling strongly, holding the nipple between his teeth and flicking his tongue back and forth over it. Then he transferred his attentions to her other one. She threshed her head from side to side, as he lavished pleasure upon her. He nibbled her breasts and she moaned in appreciation. She seemed to like the bite of pain, so he gave her more.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” she panted. Her sobbing moans were music to his ears. He could scarcely believe this was only the second time he had taken her. She was pliant and responsive, beyond any woman he’d known before. He moved lower. His mouth encountered her curls, and he parted her swollen folds with his fingers. He breathed deeply of her scent.

You’re so wet and so hot. Your scent is delicious. It’s driving me mad. I need to be inside you now!”

Her cunt was slick, and her folds were swollen. He pushed one finger inside her pussy, coating it in her cream, and then he withdrew it and sucked the cream off. She tasted of citrus. He lowered his mouth to her pussy and licked all the way up her clit. Reaching her little pearl, he flicked it with his tongue. He was good at this. He’d had plenty of practice. His mate, Eilidh, would feel the benefit.

“Eilidh.” He savoured the name. His, all his! She’d never been touched by a man. Her innocence, her maidenhead, had been his to take. He suckled her pearl, and she fell apart in his arms. It was spectacular to watch. Her back arched, her eyes rolled up in her head, and finally she screamed.

“Braemuir!” His cock would wait no longer. He slid into her, flexing his hips. He thrust deeply inside her. The force of his thrust moved her whole body. Then he could wait no more. He began to fuck her hard and fast. She wrapped her legs around him, resting her feet on his buttocks, and clung like a limpet as he pumped in and out.

“Yes, just there, oh please, more, don’t stop. Yes, fuck me, harder, faster.” She moaned and sobbed as his huge cock rubbed against her special spot.


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