Enslaved by a Rebel (MM)

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Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,484
22 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA]

Desperate and determined… Being sold to a beautiful golden alien certainly seems better than facing his imminent demise, but Jarrett Michaels is stunned when the alien offers him his freedom in exchange for one long and lusty weekend. Leaving behind everything and everyone he knows might be more than Ranic Vaidya can handle, but he’s determined to know love in another man’s arms no matter the cost. Once he’s free of his planet’s repression, Ranic discovers stunning new abilities, and the capacity for deep and abiding love. But when the auction house wants their slave returned, Jarrett and Ranic fear the worst. Just how far will they go to be together?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Anitra Lynn McLeod is a Siren-exclusive author.

Enslaved by a Rebel (MM)
22 Ratings (4.3)

Enslaved by a Rebel (MM)

Sold! 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,484
22 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Cute and heartwarming in its story.
Professional Reviews

"Different from the first book in this series (which seemed more like a parody than "real" sci-fi to me), this second volume focuses less on the alien/human and slave/master themes, and more on the building of a relationship between two very different sentient beings with cultures that are truly light-years apart. Learning about the Finoc race and their preconceptions and beliefs was fun, and I truly enjoyed the relationship dynamics in this book. The story is set in the same world as book one, and the characters from the first volume are mentioned, but there is no interaction. Ranic is from the planet Finoc, a place of unbelievable xenophobia, restrictions, and laws so tightly held up that nobody can escape. At least not while they remain on planet, which, luckily, Ranic has decided not to do. He ventures out, wanting one last opportunity to do the things that are so utterly forbidden on his home world. He wants to know what it's like to be held and loved by a man, an act punishable by death on Finoc. The only way he can think of making that happen is by buying a slave on another world. Little does he know that he will find so much more... Jarrett is a human abducted from Earth at the moment of his death. He would not make a good slave at all, but he is curious about Ranic from the moment he meets him. His careful questions and loving way of teaching Ranic about love shouldn't mean as much to him as they do - but for some reason that is the case and he has a difficult decision to make. Does he want to return to Earth or does he want to stay with Ranic? Except he soon realizes that it isn't a decision he can make anymore; his heart has already decided. This is a very sweet, romantic story at heart, with a good dose of inter-species surprises and multicultural differences thrown in for good measure. If you enjoy stories including an abduction that turns into the best thing that ever happened to both the "victim" and the man who buys him from his kidnappers, if you like relationships between men who struggle to understand each others' cultures as well as the other man, and if a sweet love story is what you're looking for, you will probably enjoy this book." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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“You are going to regret that sale, I assure you.”

The alien on the other side of Ranic’s bidding screen laughed and shook his head, tumbling his thick black hair around his shoulders. Ranic Vaidya said nothing. He didn’t care what a Krase warrior thought of him, his kind, or his purchase. So far, the Krase warrior had only bid on the tiniest offerings of the auction house. Ranic thought that was strange, considering how big he was, but to each his own. The very things that caused most of the bidders to shy away from Jarrett were the very qualities that attracted Ranic. He did not want a tiny slave who would fear him and tremble in his wake.

Ranic wanted a man.

Moreover, he wanted a man who would give him a fight. It had taken Ranic a long time to admit to himself what he was, but now that he had, he was going to indulge himself to the fullest, and none of his kind would know.

Jarrett Michaels was perfect.

His hair was black as the depth of space, his eyes were brown like the beach on Finoc, and his mouth was full and somewhat sad. His body was tall and lean but not scrawny. What muscles he had were strong, but not too strong. He wouldn’t be a match for Ranic in a bare-handed fight. He was older than all the other offerings on the stage, and Ranic thought that maturity would make him more interesting. A young slave would be too easy to mold. Ranic thrived on challenges. And his new slave would give him that in great quantities. Ranic also had to admit to a curious force drawing his attention to Jarrett. He was bronzed from exposure to a star and looked like he spent most of his time outdoors. By holding him close, Ranic might know what it was like to be able to do that.

But most of all, Jarrett had not liked to have the probe inserted into his ass. That alone made him undesirable to those bidding for sexual slaves they could penetrate. There were some species who thrived on using force, but most wanted to have a slave who at least found a certain pleasure in the sensation so he could be conditioned to accept his fate. Jarrett had climaxed, but he had done so without his prick being fully hard. Nothing clarified his disinterest in being penetrated more than that.

Finished with bidding, Ranic deactivated his screen and rose. His metallic suit made gentle whispers as the hydraulics kicked in, helping to move him with effortless ease in the heavy gravity of Krase. Some of the aliens in the room bristled, clearly uncomfortable with a fully outfitted Finoc trooper, but Ranic’s suit had been deactivated. Since bidding could become fierce, as it was over the first slave offered, none of the bidders were allowed to have weapons, or anything that could be used as such, within the bidding rooms.

Should hand-to-hand combat erupt, there was a dampening device that would incapacitate everyone in the room. Or so he’d been told by the auctioneer. None of it mattered to Ranic because he wasn’t interested in fighting over any of the offerings. Before the event even started, he knew he would have to settle for the one no one else wanted because he didn’t have enough money for one of the finer slaves. Not that he was disappointed with what he’d gotten for his limited funds. Ranic had never bid on a slave before because his kind did not need them, but Ranic had a very specific use in mind. He had to know. He had to feel what it was like to indulge his lusts. He’d thought of choosing one of his own kind, but it was simply too risky. Even propositioning another Finoc trooper could lead to imprisonment and death. So Ranic had worked every extra shift that he could. He lived in the smallest cell he could stand on the ship. Every spare bit of earnings he had he hid away for the dangling possibility of making his dream come true.

Today was the start of his long vacation and total indulgence.

From the bidding room he returned to the lowest floor of the building to finalize his payment and collect his slave. By the time he arrived, Jarrett was there. He was even more magnificent in person than he had been on the stage. Here, the much-less-harsh lighting emphasized the proud line of his nose and the high curve of his cheeks. His lips had a bit of a pout that was compellingly seductive, but most of all, Ranic was able to see that he was the perfect height and weight for what they would do together. The only trick now was getting this alien to go along with his desires.

It was the only part of his plan over which he had no control. That was irksome, but he thought he could manipulate this interesting creature into performing his fantasy. If he did, Ranic would reward him with his freedom. If he did not…well. Dead men told no tales, and Ranic’s terrible secret would be safe. He would be out a tremendous amount of money, and it was unlikely at his age he’d ever be able to amass sufficient funds to try something like this again, but still, he had to try. There was nothing to be gained by simply sitting idle and hoping what he wanted fell in his lap. To get what he dreamed of, he had to do the work that would put all the pieces in place. Now that he had, he was a little afraid. He had looked at everything in a multitude of ways to try to minimize any problems before they started, but he wasn’t omniscient. He couldn’t anticipate everything.




“I would kiss you, if I may.”

Jarrett laughed. “You may.”

“Why do you laugh at me?”

“Not at you.” Jarrett set his wine aside and rose. “I am just tickled by all of this. I think there’s a part of me that figures I’m going to wake up alone on the beach at the resort with a huge erection and dozens of chuckling tourists standing near.”

“Ah. So this is like a dream to you?” When Jarrett offered out his hand, Ranic slipped his hand within his grip. His touch was warm, slightly moist, and firm without being grasping.

“So far it’s been one of the best dreams I’ve ever had. What man wouldn’t enjoy being the object of a beautiful alien’s affections?”

A timeless moment spun out. As Ranic stood, Jarrett moved close, holding his hand as he maneuvered their two bodies together. Contact stunned him with shivers of heat shooting over his skin and branding the feel of this most curious creature into his mind. When he’d first arrived, Ranic feared that all his money had been wasted, and he would end up having to return home broke and broken, but now he knew that for a very limited time, he would have exactly what he’d always wanted.

Each movement he made closer to Jarrett pressed more intensity into his body. There had been social interactions with his own kind—females, of course—but he’d had no reaction to them at all. None noticed due to the heavy, protective clothing they wore, but Ranic knew. Other males talked about their hardening bodies and their eagerness to mate, but Ranic had only had such a reaction once, and that was when he’d looked at one of his male coworkers.

After a long shift, they had stripped out of their trooper suits and immediately bathed to wash away any dust that may have strayed from their suits to their bodies. He had never noticed the other males until he’d seen one that caught his gaze and held it fast. Even now, Ranic refused to name him. To name him was to give credence to that terrible temptation. By indulging everything in this short time with Jarrett, who was so welcoming and relaxed, he would have the memories needed to see him through the rest of his life. By thinking of this Earthling, Ranic would be able to mate, have children, and put on a front of normality that would keep him safe.

“You’ve never kissed anyone? Or have you kissed a female?” Jarrett cupped Ranic’s chin and traced his lower lip with his thumb. Each swipe across his flesh sparked sensations much lower. Ranic knew without looking that his cock was hard enough to rise and lift up the fabric of his loincloth.

“I’ve kissed your neck.”

“Oh.” Jarrett closed his eyes, and a big smile transformed his features. “A virgin.”

“Does that matter?”

“No, it’s just sweet.” His eyes opened, and the fire that had been there was hotter now. Ranic swore he felt heat wash over him. “And very, very sexy.”

Ranic didn’t bother to ask the same question of Jarrett. He knew he had kissed because he didn’t rush to lock his lips to Ranic’s. Only a man who had done an act before could be so relaxed to do so again. Ranic wanted to lean into him, to hurry him up, but he also wanted to enjoy the anticipation of the moment. Too soon their time would come to an end. As sad as that would make him, Ranic didn’t want to rush anything.

Slowly, tenderly, Jarrett lifted Ranic’s chin as he brought their mouths closer. Glimmer wine made their breaths similar, but right before contact came, Ranic breathed through his nose so as not to blow into Jarrett’s mouth. He drew in a breath of his scent. It was foreign and excitingly different. Ranic hoped he smelled as good to Jarrett, and then all thoughts fled from his mind because Jarrett’s lips were against his.


No words would ever be able to frame that moment so that Ranic could share what happened to him with someone else. Jarrett was at once kind yet commanding. He eased his way even closer so that their bodies touched everywhere they possibly could, and then Jarrett parted his lips. Another wash of tastes and sensations made Ranic reach for a hold only to find his hands clinging to Jarrett’s suntanned shoulders. Warm and strong, Jarrett represented safety and knowledge that he would quite willingly share with Ranic.

Their tongues touched, and Ranic’s hips flicked involuntarily, swiping his cock against Jarrett’s. They simultaneously moaned, and then Jarrett’s hand left his face to slide down his body to cup his hips. Reaching around, Jarrett palmed both of Ranic’s buttocks and pressed him tight while rocking his hips.

Unable to take the pressure, Ranic tore his mouth away and uttered a cry of surrender. Jarrett gripped him tighter. His strong hands found the tie that held up Ranic’s loincloth and pulled it apart. Ranic felt Jarrett fumble at his own covering. Quickly, he’d rid them both of the fabric, removing the last scrap that separated them. Again, he found the contact indescribable.

Another eager whimper escaped Ranic’s mouth as Jarrett rubbed their bare cocks together. The friction generated heat, and the urge to climax beat at the primitive part of Ranic’s brain. Just when he didn’t think he could take any more stimulation, Jarrett forced his hand between their bodies, wrapped his fist around Ranic’s cock, and stroked up and down while sliding his tongue along Ranic’s in the same lusty rhythm.



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