Panahasi (MMM)

Demon Warriors 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 59,790
71 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, demons, werewolves, HEA]

Ten thousand years ago Panahasi made a deal with the keeper. It was a deal that not only brought about the creation of the demon warriors, but paved the lonely road he walked on a daily basis. All of that soon changes when he finds two wolf shifters to call his own.

But his happiness doesn’t come without a price.

The universe must keep checks and balances. And for Panahasi, his balance is Jaden, a creature whose very presence causes wars and famine—and now the man has his sights set on Panahasi’s mates.

Growing up in foster care, Drake knew from a young age that Casey was his. But when he meets a tall, lean stranger on a dark country road, the one person who matters most to him may be the one person he loses.

Casey loves Drake with every breath he takes. The shifter has been there through thick and thin, through good times and bad. But when he finds he has a second mate, Casey makes room for one large and very handsome warrior.

But Panahasi has a very dark secret. It is a secret that if found out, will destroy an entire race.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Panahasi (MMM)
71 Ratings (4.8)

Panahasi (MMM)

Demon Warriors 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 59,790
71 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I have beem waiting for this book and it did not disappooint!
Ms. Hagen has done it again!!!!!! This is a MUST read!! I can't believe what she revealed. It's mind blowing!
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS: "This fast-paced story unveiled Panahasi's past and revealed the price he paid to protect his city. It was fascinating to experience the demon realm through Casey and Drake's eyes as they first saw it. I enjoyed the camaraderie between Casey and Drake as the reader learned about the difficulties they had as children, when all they could only count on was each other to survive. Their immediate acceptance of Panahasi as their mate and their fight for him was wonderful. The struggle between good and evil was shown by the fight between Panahasi, representing life, versus Jaden as death, and how they had been fighting since they were created. The way the mates from the different groups banded together to support and help each other linked the many series and added depth to them." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 NYMPHS: "Panahasi is the newest release in Lynn Hagan’s entertaining Demon Warrior series. Because of the many returning characters, I recommend the books be read in order. I’ve been wondering about Panahasi since Hondo, so I was happy he was the featured demon in this new release. I mean he’s the big bad leader of the demon warriors, so how can he not be interesting? Getting to know him brings all kinds of unexpected ancient historical background information into the story, which really enriches it. The details are not just about Panahasi but about the formation of the demon warriors—it fills in some of the holes and answer questions bugging me since the series began. Panahasi’s a unique individual with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Finding his mates gives him the greatest gift but also the greatest burden—keeping his mates alive. That brings Drake and Casey into the story. They have an interesting personal story, totally interwoven since childhood. I like these two and they’re perfect for Panahasi, but certainly not easy to control. As you might imagine, with so much going on, this is the longest of the series to date and you’ll find action, danger and twists scattered throughout its fast-paced plot. Never fear you’ll have lots of chances to see the other warriors too. There’s even a big shocker at the end about Panahasi’s offspring. I think you’ll be as surprised as I was." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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“Greetings, Panahasi,” the keeper said as Panahasi entered the underworld. The place was a vast wasteland of lost souls, those who had died and had not earned their way into paradise. A few dark shadows brushed against Panahasi, but he waved them away. The lost souls were continuously trying to possess any living entity they came across. Thankfully Panahasi was older than dirt, able to keep them at bay.

“What is it you seek from me?” Panahasi strained his eyes to see in the utter darkness of the underworld. Normally the darkness was not a problem for him, but true darkness bathed the air of the underworld. The dark shadows almost blended into the background perfectly save for the glowing red of their outline. They were some creepy-ass creatures to look at.

“Always straight to the point.” The keeper walked until they reached the room the being used for spells and enchantments. This place wasn’t any better. The dimly lit room held bookshelves everywhere with skulls and candles placed haphazardly on top of books that were either open, or in stacks, seeming ready to topple at any moment.

And he wasn’t even going to look at the various jars that held items ranging from strange green liquid to eyeballs floating in smoky gases.

“I have spoken with the gods.”

It seemed like a day for it. But mentioning those pompous, self-righteous beings made Panahasi dread what was coming next. It couldn’t be good.

“They agree that something needs to be done about the demon realm. Things have gotten out of control.”

No shit.

“I proposed turning the underworld into a prison where the guilty would live out their contemptible existence being tortured with what they had done to the innocent.” The man sounded giddy. Panahasi had never heard the keeper sound so damn pleased and excited. It worried him.

“And how will you capture the guilty?” Panahasi started to sit on the edge of the desk, but decided against that idea when something moved around the scrolls that were strewn about the keeper’s desk.

“Demon warriors.” The keeper walked to one large bookshelf, grabbing a heavily bound book and dusting it off. “I can cast a spell to create only the strongest of the demon race. They will be the meanest, toughest, and surliest of the lot.”

“That only sounds like the evil things already running around the city.” How would these warriors be any different? The weight of the keeper’s words was starting to feel heavy on Panahasi’s shoulders. Somehow he knew he was about to be sucked into the keeper’s plan.

“No, they will stand out among the rest.” The keeper laid the book on his desk and then opened it, scanning the pages with interest. “These demons will have the bloodiest of backgrounds, the most deranged upbringings, and the harshest of lives.” The keeper looked up from the ancient writings. “But they will be the bravest, the most honorable, and have the most morally sound characteristics of all creatures, even if they don’t know that themselves.”

Panahasi glanced around the room, wondering if these demon warriors were the answer the demon realm needed, or if they would only prove to be even more deadly than what inhabited the city already. Something had to give. He was only one being, and there was a plethora of evil creatures to battle with. There was only so much he could do to help the citizens of Serenity City.

“So be it.” The decree had not come lightly. Panahasi knew there were challenges ahead. With these demon warriors’ creations, a price would have to be paid. There was always a price. The universe believed in checks and balances. He knew all too well about checks and balances. Jaden was living proof that the universe kept the scales even. Panahasi only wondered at the heavy cost for peace to reign once more.

“Do not hurry with your willingness,” the keeper said as he waved a hand over the candle nearest him, adding a glow to his withered face that did not help his appearance in the least. “There is a price.”

“I would expect nothing less from you.”

“Bringing peace back to Serenity City is a heavy task, and a heavy price must be paid for this. The price for the creation of these warriors is your mates. You will walk a lonely road filled with grief and sorrow for ten thousand years, Panahasi, maybe more, maybe less. I cannot say for certain. It will be a road filled with the bloodiest of fights, yet you will have no one to console your aching soul. You will yearn desperately for what you do not have and watch as others find their happiness.” The creature’s eyes glowed an eerie red as he looked at Panahasi. “Once you agree, your memory of this bargain will be wiped clean. Only the creation of the warriors will you remember. I won’t have you carrying that burden or knowledge around inside you of what you sacrificed.”

Shocked that the keeper had said mates, Panahasi walked to the shelves of books, clasping his hands behind his back as he gazed at the books, but didn’t see them. He was lost in thought, his heart filled with joy that he would have two mates to keep his bed warm and his heart light, but filled with utter despair that he would not know their touch for so many millennia that he wanted to curse the gods. He knew it was their stipulation. But, the keeper had not said he wouldn’t be allowed those mates, only that he would sacrifice ten thousand years without them.

Could he pay that high of a price to keep everyone safe? Was he willing to forgo his happiness to restore Serenity City to its former beauty?





“Please.” When Panahasi didn’t refuse him, Casey released the strong, warm hand and then ran his fingers over the bulge that strained the front of his mate’s pants. He bit his bottom lip and then separated the flaps, moaning when he saw a large wet spot already decorating the front of Panahasi’s boxers. Pulling the front of the material down, Casey leaned forward and gave one long lick to the head, closing his eyes briefly at the sensual taste in his mouth.

The only man Casey had ever had sex with was Drake. He had tasted his mate a thousand times. Panahasi’s musky and wild scent was different, more masculine, and spicier. Casey never knew two men could taste so vastly different yet appeal to him equally.

Casey’s eyes flickered to Panahasi’s face and then down to his groin. He reached his hand into the boxers, and then curled his fingers around the base. Casey swallowed at how thick the cock felt in his hand. The skin was heated and he could feel it pulsing beneath his fingers.

“You don’t have to do this.” His whisper stroked over Casey’s nerve endings like sensual silk.

Casey gave Panahasi’s shaft a few small strokes before he pulled the cock toward his parting lips. His head snapped back when a spurt of fluid shot from Panahasi’s cock. Never before had he seen anything like that. He licked the fluid from his lips and moaned at the spicy taste.

He opened wide and took Panahasi into his mouth. Panahasi’s moan shattered the silence of the room. Chills rocked the length of Casey’s body as he licked the skin just below the head. He licked the fluid clean, half hoping his mate’s cock did that neat little trick again. Panahasi’s fingers scorched Casey as he rubbed them down Casey’s cheek. He loved the look on Panahasi’s face when he touched him as a lover. Panahasi’s eyes became heavy-lidded as he watched Casey taste him.

Casey’s eyes fluttered closed as he inhaled the musky scent of his mate’s skin. The flesh was so warm and hard in his hand. His fist tightened, the length reminding him of satin over steel.

Panahasi’s other hand ran through Casey’s hair, playing with the strands as Casey continued to taste his mate.

Gods, Casey just loved how Panahasi tasted. He loved how Panahasi was caressing him as well. It sent a sharp pulse of arousal straight to Casey’s groin, his cock thickening in his pants.

Casey wanted more. He felt like he was drowning in Panahasi’s scent. He pulled at the slacks with his free hand, bringing them down to midthigh, the lean and sculpted muscles showing off beautifully in the low light. His mate’s legs were long, well-shaped, and gorgeous. Panahasi hissed when Casey took the head of his mate’s cock into his mouth. Panahasi was considerably larger than Drake, but Casey was up for the challenge.

He fought his teeth from lengthening as his tongue explored the skin and veins, not wanting to hurt his mate, but bring him the utmost pleasure.

Panahasi turned, pressing his back into the window as he cupped Casey’s head with his strong hands. When Casey looked up, he saw the raw hunger swimming in Panahasi’s dark pools. It sent a shiver over his entire body. This man was going to own Casey, heart and body, just like Drake already did.

“Casey, what are you doing to me?” The question was moaned as Panahasi’s fingers touched everywhere on Casey’s face, driving him to the brink of madness. The scent of Panahasi’s warm skin assailed his senses as Casey traced the length of Panahasi’s shaft until he reached the man’s balls. His mate pushed at his pants until they pooled at his feet and then spread his legs wider, giving Casey more room than he previously had.

“Loving you,” Casey replied. He mouthed Panahasi’s sac, noticing the musky odor was strongest here at the center of the man’s body, and then laved at each orb, his hand slowly stroking Panahasi’s hard cock.

“It’s too dangerous,” Panahasi said, giving a halfhearted protest as he tugged at the strands of hair on Casey’s head, sending electrifying shocks down his spine.

Casey licked a long, wet path up the inseam of Panahasi’s leg and then nipped the skin of his sac. “It is.”

“You have to stop then,” Panahasi groaned.

“I will,” Casey replied as he took the length back into his mouth, sucking the hard erection to the back of his throat. His own cock was pulsing in his pants, begging to be let free, but Casey ignored his need, fearing that Panahasi would put an end to everything if Casey took the time to undress.

Lightning-hot desire ripped through him as another spurt shot from the head of Panahasi’s cock. The dark spicy scent filled his lungs and seemed to cling to every cell in Casey’s body. A soft rumbling growl vibrated in Casey’s chest as he palmed the man’s solid thighs. He wanted closer, needed Panahasi deeper inside of him.

There was no way Panahasi was going to ever deny Casey again.

He had the man, not only in his mouth, but willing. Casey wasn’t sure how, but he wasn’t going to lose this opportunity. It was time to show the man that Casey planned on keeping him.

He wasn’t walking away.

He wasn’t giving up.

Panahasi belonged to him, even if the man protested every step of the way.

Casey slid his hands behind his mate, cupping his ass as he drew the cock deeper into his mouth, conveying his feelings with every lick, every suck, and every beat of his heart. The demon may be lost somewhere inside his own head, but Casey was damned and determined to find out where and pull the man into the light.


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