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Plenty to Come (MFM)

Plenty, FL 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 58,237
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[Ménage Amour: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Giving up on the big city, Cassie moves to the tiny town of Plenty, Florida. Falling in love with Zachary and Chase Harper was easy. They ignite a fire inside her hotter and brighter than the Florida sun.

Intense and dominating Zachary Harper and his brother, charming and playful Chase, are tired of casual relationships and one-night stands. They’re looking for a woman they can share their life with, together. When they meet Cassie, they immediately feel that this woman just might be the one. Cassie is just as drawn to them, feeling safe and loved in their strong arms.

But not everyone is glad about Cassie’s newfound safety and happiness. Can Zachary and Chase keep Cassie safe when her past shows up and wants her dead?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

User Reviews
Wonderful new series, this was suspenseful and hot.

- Barefoot Okie

I love this book! I can't wait to read the next one. Great job Lara. Keep up the AWSOME writing. :)

- Erika Reed

Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "Life is like a roller coaster; it has its ups and downs and you never know how long each one will last. Cassie hoped that her roller coaster ride was over and she could start some place new and make a good life. Only her past came back to haunt her, which endangers her life. To what extent will her ex go to finish her off, and will her men save her in time? Cassie and her best friend were ready for a new life in Plenty, FL. To their surprise there was something different in Plenty—there were menageamous relationships going on. When she saw Zach in the pizza parlor, she felt all tingly inside and out, and her libido was on overdrive. However, she felt the same thing when she met his younger brother Chase. They were both hunks but if she could not even satisfy one man, how could she have two? But she found herself liking them and they made her feel safe. They made her laugh and the attention she would get from them was something that she never had with anyone, not even her family. Zach knew that he had just seen the woman that would make him and his brother Chase happy. They had gone through a rough relationship where the woman only thought about herself and what they were going to buy for her. Chase had the same reaction to Cassie when he met her the first time on Labor Day festivities at the park. They both decided that they wanted to court her and just see her happy. But the day that Cassie was able to tell them the truth about her move to Plenty, FL was the day that they were both ready to kill. When things get rough, they find themselves hiding in Zach's and Chase's home and the tension is high. They are all ready to get out and live again. But soon, they find themselves in a middle of a storm and the lights went out. I have to hand it to Lara Valentine. Her debut book was awesome. It kept me very interested and I read it within a couple of hours. Sure, Cassie gave in to her feelings too quickly but if something feels right and you feel safe, why not? Who can blame her when the men of this book, Zach and Chase, are alpha males? It seems that Zach is the darker brother while Chase is the silly easier going brother. Zach may not be a full Dom but he can't help what he likes, and with the reaction that Cassie gets when he uses that hard voice, more power to him. You can really see the love and dedication that they have to make this relationship work even though a surprise visitor comes in and tries to ruin the relationship. These three characters were meant for each other. All I can say is that I cannot wait until book number 2 comes out. I want to see how Ryan and Jack get Jillian to commit to a relationship. If you like reading about ménage relationships with a little kink, then this book is for you." -- Cozy Reader, The Romance Reviews

4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Now I want to visit Plenty. I think I fell in love with the town just as much as I lusted after Zachary and Chase. Ms Valentine did an excellent job of creating the small town atmosphere with a definite twist to allow polymonogomous relationships to thrive. In a way the set up of this town reminds me a lot of another author’s town, but set in Florida opposed to Texas. Either way, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the way people around Plenty came together to protect a woman they barely knew because she was now a resident. Now what to say about our sexy heroes other than the fact they are HAWT, know how to please a woman in bed and happen to be loved by everyone in Plenty? Well, I guess what struck me most about Chase and Zachary was the courtliness they showed Cassie. It’s very rare to see a man open a car door for a lady, pull out her chair or even go on something as innocent as a picnic with a bit of smooching. So I found Plenty to Come to be quite refreshing in that aspect. Add to this sizzling romance, a villain who is obsessed with the heroine and you have a first class read and one which I’ll definitely read again." -- "Dakota, Dark Divas Reviews

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Story Excerpt


“So, what do you like on your pizza?” Zach asked with his dimpled smile. She almost choked on the sweet tea that Charlie had brought her. Damn, he was one fine man. And she only had to look a little to her right and another fine man was sitting on the other side. Well, wasn’t she a lucky girl tonight.

“Lots of cheese, and Jillian and I usually have sausage. What do you guys have?”

Chase answered, “We’re fine with sausage, sweetheart. Do you need more tea?” He looked around for Charlie, who seemed to appear from nowhere. Cassie guessed that Charlie was keeping a watchful eye on their date along with all the townspeople in the restaurant who seemed to be stealing glances at them every few seconds.

“So have y’all decided on what you are going to have tonight? The garlic breadsticks are coming out of the oven now, so I recommend those, of course. Will you be having your usual with everything?”

“Garlic breadsticks sound good, Charlie, and an extra-large pizza with sausage and double cheese. Also, Cassie needs some more tea when you have a minute,” Zach said as he smiled affectionately at Charlie. Cassie could see that it was mutual and that these were good friends. She liked that. It made her feel safe knowing that people liked and respected Zach and Chase. It was important to her that she respected the man she was dating. Or, as she reminded herself, the two men she was dating.

“You know, if you guys normally have your pizza with everything, go ahead and order that on part of the pizza. I don’t mind. Really.” Cassie smiled at both the men. She was going to have to get used to talking and smiling to both of them equally. She didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

She liked both of them but in different ways already. Chase was the teaser and charmer. He liked to flirt and make her laugh. He connected to her with his words, wanting to find out every thought that went through her mind.

Zach was the intense and quiet one. He exuded hardness, but she could see the softness within. Zach connected to her by his attentiveness. He listened intently to whatever she had to say, his eyes focused on her. He moved his chair close and held her hand quietly, as if it calmed him to be so near to her. It certainly calmed her. She had never felt so safe.

“We’re fine. We love Charlie’s pizza no matter what it has on it, don’t we, Chase?”

“Hell, yeah. Best pizza in the state of Florida. And her peanut butter pie isn’t anything to sneeze at either.”

Charlie left the table laughing and saying something about them being silver-tongued devils.

Cassie couldn’t help herself. She wondered if her men had noticed all the attention they were getting from the other patrons. “Ummm…we seem to be getting a lot of attention from the other diners. I feel a little like a bear in the zoo.”

Zach and Chase burst out laughing, and it was Chase who was able to answer first.

“Well, sweetheart, as long as they don’t expect to watch us mate, I don’t care. They can stare as much as they want. They aren’t looking at me and Zach anyway. They’re looking at how gorgeous you look tonight. You are probably the most beautiful woman in Plenty.”

Cassie felt the heat in her cheeks at the sexual connotation, and Zach almost choked on his beer. “Angel, you are going to have to toughen up a little if you are going to take Chase’s wicked sense of humor. He has never been known to be politically correct. Personally, I like your blushes, but with Chase’s mouth, you are going to be walking around in a permanent state of embarrassment.”


Adult Excerpt


Cassie panted with pleasure as Zach’s talented tongue teased and licked her sensitive flesh. Chase’s mouth was sucking on her already painfully hard nipple while his fingers stroked and pulled at the other one. The flat of Zach’s tongue swiped over her clit once, then twice before sliding down to her entrance where she gushed her arousal into his mouth. He lapped it up hungrily, running his tongue in circles around her hole. He pointed his tongue, and she felt him start fucking her with his tongue, pushing farther in with each stroke.

Chase started nipping at the spot on her neck that sent her into convulsions of pleasure. She felt her mind switch off as she hovered on the edge of climax. Her body hung over the precipice, waiting for the now-familiar command. Her legs started shaking as Zach moved his tongue back to her clit, giving it soft licks but not enough pressure to send her over.

“Please! Please let me come!” Cassie heard the urgency in her own voice but didn’t care that she was begging. Zach’s fingers traveled to her slit and worked one, then two in her tight pussy. He fucked her pussy, in and out, hitting her sweet spot on each stroke.

Zach lifted his head, and Cassie whimpered at the loss of contact. “You have permission, Cassie. Come for me and Chase.”

As usual, Cassie’s body responded to his commanding voice. His mouth latched onto her clit and sucked softly as his teeth gave it a nip, his fingers still fucking her tight channel in and out. Her body froze as the pleasure tightened in her abdomen and cunt painfully. Her climax ripped through her like a hurricane. White light blinded her as the pleasure ran like quicksilver through her veins, making her skin ultrasensitive and tingly. Chase held her as Zach’s devilish tongue continued to torture her, the shaking and trembling of her body going on for what seemed like an eternity. When she finally came down, she opened her eyes to see Chase’s tender ones staring down at her.

“Damn, sweetheart, I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than watching you come.”

Cassie opened her mouth, but her ability to form words was still impaired. She reached up and pulled Chase down for a wet kiss instead. Chase wrapped his arms around her and rolled her on top of him. She blinked in surprise when she saw that Chase had already donned a condom.

When had that happened?

No matter, she knew what her man wanted. She positioned herself over his hard shaft, letting her fingers stroke him up and down, teasing him slightly. Chase groaned, and his hands tightened on her hips.

“Don’t play around, baby, or I really will punish you next time.”

Smack! Smack!

Cassie’s head flew around to see Zach’s smirking at her as the heat from his spanking turned from pain into the most delicious pleasure. Her pussy dripped more moisture, and she could feel it running down her thighs. Zach’s spankings always made her hot as hell, and she knew she would come hard.

“Stop making threats you won’t keep, Chase. Cassie, get Chase inside you now or I will punish you this time.”

Cassie pulled a face at Zach and wriggled her ass at him, knowing what his reaction would be. “Yes, sir, Zach, sir, right away!”

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“It’s clear you are asking for it, angel. And I am happy to give it to you.”

The light pain from the spanking amped up her arousal, and her pussy clenched, needing to be filled. She positioned herself with Chase’s cock at her entrance and slowly lowered down on each hard, delicious inch. She was so wet he slid in easily. She could feel his girth stretching her and rubbing against her sensitive spots, moving her closer to orgasm. Chase bucked up from the bed, slamming in the last few inches, bumping against her cervix, and sending a spasm of delight up her spine. She moved slowly up, his cock sliding almost out, and then he bucked again, pounding her pussy hard and sending more tingles to her clit and nipples.

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