[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, public exhibition, HEA]

Eli was whipped and bitten until he no longer resembled a human being. He wakes to a world of vampires he never knew existed and a society he isn't sure he's cut out to live in. He fights his new life, refusing to feed and refusing to admit he has feelings for one large vampire.

Jersey, bodyguard for the young prince Yasuko, has finally found his mate. What should have been a joyous occasion is instead becoming a hard road to travel. Eli fights him every step of the way until Jersey and his brother, Buck, show Eli another side to who he has become.

Helping Eli face his new life is only one of the many things Jersey has challenging him. Mallon, the elder who was responsible for Eli's kidnapping and torture, refuses to leave Eli alone, coming after him time and again.

Can Jersey help Eli cope with his new life while keeping the ex-elder from coming after his mate, or will Jersey lose Eli to his insecurities and the crazy Mallon?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.

Eli's Way (MM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A great series. Each book is a good read.
Wow what more can I say each story draws me in this one was no exception to the rules a true must read
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "ELI'S WAY is a vampire story which manages to be humorous and heart-felt at the same time. The leads are a wonderful couple and the vampire world is well constructed. Eli was tortured by a rogue vampire until he was rescued by the Vampire Prince's bodyguards and turned into a vampire to heal him. One bodyguard, Jersey, recognizes Eli as his mate but Eli fights his new vampire life and Jersey. Now it's up to Jersey to teach Eli the joy of being both a vampire and a mate. I was surprised at how well I liked this novella! This is the third book in the Christian's Coven series so I was unfamiliar with the vampire world but easily picked it up and really enjoyed both the complexity and humor in this world. Christian is the Vampire Prince trying to keep peace between vampires, other supernaturals and the oblivious humans. The set up isn't complicated but it's interesting to see how all the vampires relate to each other, even though they're very different characters. This is a vampire brotherhood and they argue, tease, and fight for and with each other. I love worlds where the characters are fighters but also real people with silly complexities. For instance, Jersey and his brother Buck are eighties pop music fans and sing Madonna's "Like A Virgin" when driving their powder-blue compact car. This world is full of characters who have sex and fight but do so much more as well. If you're a fan of fully developed characters than you'll like this novella. As to the romance, Jersey is so tender and loving to the vulnerable Eli that it was a joy to watch Eli accept Jersey's love. I like that the author didn't rush the couple into sex but let their relationship develop emotionally. Of course, this is an erotic novella but sex was the spice to the relationship and didn't comprise the relationship--a big difference in my opinion and one I much prefer. I liked how Jersey listened to Eli and didn't try to force him to do anything but instead showed him alternatives and gave Eli the respect to make his own decisions, with Jersey standing beside him. This was a tender romance to watch unfold and I know other readers will like it too. There are plenty of secondary characters to keep this series going for a long time and I think that's a great thing. In fact, I hope to go back and read books one and two to catch up and then I'll be a series fan awaiting subsequent books. ELI'S WAY is a wonderful vampire novella with a great world, lots of humor and a tender but sexy romance. MM romance fans must read this as well as vampire fans. I promise you won't be disappointed." -- J9, The Romance Reviews

4 STARS Eli’s Way is another fun addition to the Lynn Hagen’s paranormal world. In this installment we are back to the politics of Christian’s Coven and dealing with the aftermath of the evil ex-elder Mallon. Eli was found beaten and hardly recognizable in Mallon’s lair and Jersey, a member of Christian’s Coven discovered Eli was his mate when Eli was brought to The Manacle for safe keeping. As always there is drama involved when a human is changed with no knowledge of the paranormals around them. Eli literally wakes to a world he did not know existed and discovers that he is mated to Jersey and he is not even “out” in his normal life. What I like about this book as opposed to some others in this saga is that Eli’s father is open to continuing a relationship with his son after he finds out that Eli is gay. This continuation of family ties made me happy. The path isn’t easy, but at least communication is still open. All and all, if you have become addicted to the writings of Lynn Hagen as I have, you will enjoy this installment. If you haven’t yet discovered this series, I would recommend you read the other books before this one, because there is a lot of back story that you will not know. -- Gennie, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Jersey can't believe that Mallon has once again slipped away from them, but he is determined to make him pay for hurting Eli, his mate. Eli was kidnapped and so abused that when they found him he was at death's door, forcing his best friend Jimmy to decide to turn him into a vampire to save his life. Eli awakens and to say he is upset about being a vampire is an understatement. Eli's refusal to feed or accept his mate isn't what Jersey expected. When Jersey tells Eli he is a vampire, he runs out to the coven club, the Manacle, where he encounters the one thing he was taught was abnormal: men with other men. All of his life Eli was taught by his dad that being gay was an abomination and disgusting making Eli hide the desire he felt for other men. Eli is stunned to find that Jersey's family not only accepts that their son is gay, but is willing to accept him as Jersey's mate. Eli is finally beginning to accept his new life when Dante, the leader of the Northern Coven, arrives asking for Christian, their leader who is the first vampire, to help him uncover who is killing members of Dante's coven. With the rogue vampires on the rise the threat to all vampires intensifies. Will Eli and Jersey get the chance to explore their feelings before it is too late? The abuse that Eli endured when he was kidnapped was terrible, but with Jersey's patience and love he was able to overcome his past. I can't imagine surmounting not only the physical injuries but also the psychological abuse that Eli suffered. Jimmy's decision to save Eli's life must have been the hardest one he ever made especially when he knew that Eli might not be initially happy about what he did. Christian may be the first vampire, but it was interesting how many vampires fight everything he was trying to do to try to bring all vampires together. The only way they could have any chance to take down the rogues was to band together for their and the humans' protection. The love between Eli and Jersey was wonderful to read as it unfolded. The path to love isn't always easy, but if Eli and Jersey believe in each and their love they can't lose." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews


"Brutalized by a vampire Elder and his ghouls, Eli was barely alive when he was rescued. To save Eli it was decided to turn him into a vampire, without his permission. When Eli does recover as a newly turned vampire he is beyond furious. He lashes out at everyone, from his best friend Jimmy who is also now a vampire to Jersey Iachino another member of the coven and Eli’s mate. The last thing Eli wants is life as a vampire or as a vampire mate, even if the big guy is totally hot. Stubborn is putting it mildly. Eli won’t drink blood or assimilate into his new life. Jersey will do anything and everything to make the transition easier for his mate if only Eli would let him. If things weren’t bad enough for Eli it seems that the Elder is still interested…in reacquiring him. Christian’s Coven takes a step onto a dark path in Eli’s Way. Dealing with the trauma of his experiences at the hands of a vampire and then becoming one himself is understandably difficult for Eli to wrap his head around. Jersey’s level of patient devotion is deserving of a medal. In the end, Eli’s acceptance is something special. Eli’s Way forges a new life after working through depression and despair. The story delves into several emotional landmines, doesn’t flinch and comes out victorious for Eli and his mate in Eli’s Way." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story Excerpt


Eli shot to the door, snatching it open so roughly that it smacked against the wall and bounced back, hitting Eli on his ass. That didn’t stop his mate or even slow him down as Eli raced out of the office.

“Fuck!” Jersey shouted as he jumped from the couch and gave chase.

He didn’t want anyone near Eli until he claimed him, and not even after that. Okay, Jersey was a little possessive, so damn what? He never claimed to be right in the head.

Jersey growled when he lost sight of his mate in the throng of bodies writhing on the dance floor. With the laser lights bouncing everywhere and the lighting low, Jersey had to concentrate to find Eli. He could see well in the dark, but with this many people, he had to take extra time.

Fuck it.

Jersey began to knock people out of his way, bowling some over as he looked for his mate. He spotted Eli racing for the front door, forcing his way through the throng of humans. Jersey roared as he pushed everyone in his path away from him. He lifted his hand, pointing to Eli and then shaking his head at Harley.

The door mind scrubber and bouncer looked his way and gave a nod right before he stepped into Eli’s path, placing a hand on Eli’s shoulder and shaking his head.

Okay, just because he told Harley to stop Eli from leaving, he was going to kick the guy’s ass for touching Eli. Humans ran away from Jersey as he stalked toward the front door, determination filling him as he saw Eli look around with a terrified expression on his face. Even Harley backed away from Jersey, but not enough to allow Eli to pass.

“Mine!” Jersey roared so loudly that his voice drowned out the club music. People stopped dancing to watch the large vampire go after his mate as if it were some sort of hypnotic dance that they couldn’t take their eyes off of. Jersey approached Eli, gently grabbing his mate around his waist and hauling him off of his feet.

“Whoa,” Jimmy said as he ran over to the door. “Calm down, big guy.”

“Mine!” Jersey roared again as he looked around at anyone who just might be stupid enough to challenge his claim. His chest was heaving as he felt his eyes shift to a deep crimson.

His mate had tried to run, and that only made Jersey’s protective instincts kick in big-time. Nobody, not even Eli himself, was going to take his mate from him.

“What do I do?” Eli asked Jimmy as he held tightly to Jersey’s arm. Jersey knew he was overreacting, but he couldn’t find it in himself to calm down at this very moment. “What the hell is he going to do to me?”

“No sudden moves,” Jimmy warned as he scratched his head and then shrugged. “Just go limp in his arms or something. Curl into the fetal position if you can. He won’t hurt you.”

“How the hell do you know that?” Eli shouted as he pointed up at Jersey. “Do you see him?”

Jersey gave a low growl in Jimmy’s direction, which made the guy’s mate, Nija, hiss, his fangs bared and ready for business as he pushed Jimmy behind him. “Calm down or I swear I’m going to fuck you up,” Nija threatened.

Jersey began to calm when he felt Eli calm down. He knew it was Nija’s presence that was making Eli relax and he didn’t like it. The two had some strange bond for the simple fact that it was Nija who had converted Eli, but he still didn’t have to like it. Jersey wanted that bond with his mate. Maybe it was jealousy, but he didn’t really care at the moment.

Pulling his mate closer to his chest, Jersey glanced around the club. He saw Christian standing on the second-floor balcony, watching the scene below, a slight smirk on his face. Jersey blinked a few times, trying his best to rein in his anger.

The last thing he needed was to get kicked out of the coven for acting like a total caveman and have no protection for his mate.

He wasn’t sure if he had harmed any humans in his desperation and anger, but he knew Christian wasn’t going to allow anyone to be hurt while they were here partying in his club.

“I have this,” Buck, Jersey’s brother, said as he pushed the crowd away. “Come on, little bro. Let’s get your mate in the office and away from everyone.”

Jersey growled. He hated when Buck talked to him like he was a little kid. He was a pissed-off vampire, not a five-year-old throwing a tantrum. Jersey glanced around one last time before following his brother, holding Eli tight as he walked back down the hallway.

“Go have a seat. It seems your mate needs things explained to him,” Buck said as soon as they cleared the doorway to the office.

Jersey took a seat on the couch, feeling his common sense slowly return. Buck moved into the room as Nija and Jimmy entered, Christian, along with his mates, coming in lastly and closing the door behind them.

Jersey’s charge, Yasuko, carried his son over to the desk and took a seat, Minsheng taking a stance behind him as Christian leaned against the desk, placing himself between the room and his mates.

“Trust me, I don’t need intervention,” Jersey said to the room as he held Eli close. “I’m cool. I just got a little psycho, but I’m much better now.”

Buck snorted as he tossed a hand toward Eli. “Then why is your mate turning red?”


Adult Excerpt


He took the steps three at a time as he raced to Eli’s bedroom. His mate spun around as Jersey thrust the bedroom door open. Eli was standing there in nothing but his boxers. A deep growl ripped from Jersey’s chest as his eyes took in all the milky flesh exposed to him.

His mate’s body still held scars, bite marks, and fine slash marks marring his beautiful skin. But they had faded to almost nonexistence and didn’t detract from his beauty in the least.

Jersey closed the distance, hauling Eli from his feet as he slammed him against the wall. Their lips locked in a duel of tongues as Eli’s legs wrapped around Jersey’s waist. Their first kiss was explosive as Jersey tried to suck Eli’s tongue from his damn mouth. Their teeth clinked together as Eli opened wide, letting Jersey’s tongue swoop in to explore the warm, cavernous mouth. His mate tasted exactly how Jersey knew he would, sweet, warm, and manly.

Hot damn!

He was about to claim his mate.

Fuck yeah.

Jersey had been waiting for this moment. It had felt like time had dragged on for centuries since he saw his mate crumpled on the leather couch that first night. He wanted Eli so badly that it bordered on insanity.

Eli broke the kiss, taking his moist, kiss-swollen lips away as his fingers dug into Jersey’s skin. He ground his hard cock into Jersey’s stomach. The head of Eli’s dick was peeking out, the pre-cum bathing his belly as Eli buried his face in Jersey’s neck and inhaled deeply, smelling him. “Fuck me, Jersey. Please, fuck me, fuck me.”

Jersey growled at the way his mate begged to be filled. It was the sweetest sound to his ears. He spun around and left Eli’s room, taking him from his bedroom over to Jersey’s.

Jersey’s bedroom had lube.

Jersey slammed the door closed behind him and then deposited his mate on his unmade bed. Eli bounced, resting on his elbows as he looked up at Jersey from under his dark lashes, a playful tease in his eyes. Fuck if he didn’t look good spread out over his crumpled sheets—like he was meant to be there.

Eli didn’t say a word as Jersey peeled his clothes off, peacocking.


Showing off.

Damn straight.

He was going to show his mate what he had to offer.

Eli licked his lips as he watched Jersey reveal his naked skin, his cock jutting out proudly and leaking heavily as Eli’s tongue swiped across his bottom lip. When Eli rolled, getting onto his hands and knees, Jersey grabbed Eli’s side and flipped him back over. “I don’t want your back.”

Eli looked confused, but didn’t argue.

Fuck that. He wanted to watch his mate fall apart as Jersey rocked his goddamn world. He had been waiting for this very moment, and he wasn’t going to miss it by staring at the back of Eli’s head.

He reached down and hooked his fingers into the waistband of Eli’s boxers, pulling them down and off. Damn, his mate had one fine ass cock. The head was already an angry purple, telling him that Eli was already close.

Jersey ripped the drawer open to his nightstand, snagging the well-used bottle of lube as he dropped to his knees, worshipping the boner that was jutting out, teasing him. His lips parted as Jersey’s tongue took a swipe at the clear liquid leaking out, making his mate’s cock jerk its approval. Jersey opened wider and took his mate’s cock into his mouth, feeling the spongy head slide past his lips and onto his tongue.


That’s right, call my name. Shout it to the damn heavens.

Jersey wet his fingers with the gel and then pushed two inside his mate’s ass as his tongue lapped up and down Eli’s cock, tonguing the large vein and then swiping it over the head.

There was no way Eli was ever going to doubt who fucked him properly. Jersey was going to make sure of that. He flattened his tongue and ran it up and down Eli’s cock harder as his fingers scissored inside his mate’s tight back entrance. His own cock was begging to get in on the action as it throbbed out its plea.

Eli’s hands raced over Jersey’s hair as his hips began to buck, fucking Jersey’s mouth in an erratic rhythm. Jersey opened his mouth wider as he pulled his fingers back, letting a third slide in alongside the other two.

He took Eli all the way back and down his throat as his tongue snaked out and licked at his balls. Eli bucked and shouted as his ass clamped down on Jersey’s fingers tightly. Jersey fucked Eli’s ass with all three fingers in rapid successions as Eli came down his throat, hot spurts splashing in quick bursts.

Jersey pulled his fingers free as his tongue lapped at the slit, drawing out every last drop of honey.

“My turn,” he growled as he reared back and then stood up. Eli was pulling in ragged gulps of air as Jersey grabbed the lube and poured the damn bottle onto his cock.

“You’re going to feed from me, just so you know,” he warned as he plunged deeply into Eli’s tight ass, making his mate howl with pleasure, his hands shooting out and grabbing Jersey’s shoulders. Jersey scooped his mate from the bed and then flipped, landing on his back, his mate perched above him looking like a hot, sexy mess.

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