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Our Hearts (MF)

The Seer Trilogy

Luminosity Publishing

Heat Rating: STEAMY
Word Count: 26,996
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Owen Melonach, a respected Seer, has been injured in a severe accident. When he recovers, his memory from the last ten years has gone. How will he survive without the ability to remember?

Enter Viera Ethesreld, a member of a waning Representative Corps and former queen of her planet. She has known Owen since he valiantly helped to rescue her and save her home world from the ravages of civil war. Now she has been tasked with the assignment of rekindling her friendship with the Seer and watching over him as he recovers.

As the galaxy crumbles around them, Viera and Owen secret themselves away on her home world, but Andor, Owen’s former student, comes to claim Viera as his prize and threatens to tear everyone’s lives apart.

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4 STARS: The Romance Reviews

In a short story, it is often difficult for the author to establish really strong characters and a developed storyline. L.J. Fleming is able to provide a solid foundation for the story in a short amount of time. At its heart, it is about two people facing a choice about their future. After many years on one path, they now have to decide which direction to go. I was left with a very good understanding of the characters and their motivations. Both Owen and Viera are protectors and it is in their nature to sacrifice for others. They are now at a point when they may be ready to place their personal interests ahead of the interests of others. It is not an easy decision for either of them.

It is a dangerous time for everyone as one man is trying to build his power base. Owen’s injury leaves him especially vulnerable and his time with Viera becomes so special to them both. Their growing feelings don’t feel like a mistake but they are definitely risky. In pursuing their feelings, they make a choice that comes with severe consequences. This is the first book in The Seer Trilogy and it will be interesting to see where the author goes from here. I would like to learn more about his world and its other protectors.

Review by LiaL The Romance Reviews

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The days stretched on as the clouded sky of Ethesreld continued to pour down rain. Owen grew restless and stood outside often under the overhang of the front entrance. He watched the droplets of water fall from the gray sky above only to end in the puddle near his feet. A puddle that grew exponentially as the day went on and he lingered.

He reached out his hand letting a few drops of rain coat his fingers. The cold water trickling down towards his elbow making the sleeves of his shirt damp.

The rain felt familiar. Then the feeling was gone like the drops on his fingers and Owen grimaced at his lack of memory. He still couldn’t remember a lot of things and it was hard to come to terms with the facts.

The door behind him opened and he felt a rush of warm air buffer against his back. Viera said nothing merely sharing his silence. Owen liked that about her. She knew when he needed to talk and when words were just too much. She knew how to comfort without saying a word. The silence spoke more between them than words ever could.

Her hand gently gripped his as if to reassure him she was there and then the door clicked closed again and he was alone with the sound of the rain hitting stone and the memories he couldn’t find inside of his mind.

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