The Knights in Black Leather Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Knights in Black Leather

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 137,386
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, BDSM, Contemporary, Menage a Trois, Spanking, Flogging, Whipping, Sex Toys, MFM, HEA]

In Their Reluctant Submissive, Jackson and Marx have their eye on Kelly as their new submissive. Funny, she doesn’t remember applying for the position. She’s had enough of the BDSM lifestyle, but Jackson and Marx aren’t taking no for an answer. Is love enough to change her mind, or will it make things worse?

Marx and Jackson aren’t looking for a full-time submissive. They want someone who can think for themselves, but let them lead in the bedroom. They believe that Kelly is that woman. They set out to court her and show her they aren’t asking for all that much.

Kelly desperately wants to believe them, but her experience is that one thing leads to another and before you know it, you’re bound hand and foot. She doesn’t want to be someone’s possession anymore. She wants the real thing—love and the freedom to share it with her man, or is that men?

In Caught in the Middle of Their Love, Stacey Addison loves the Tyler men, but Steve is a Dom and doesn’t want to share her with his brother. Not willing to choose, she looks for another Dom, hoping it will help her get over the pain.

Ben and Steve are devastated she would trust another man enough to let him dominate her. Neither of them trust the other Dom but aren’t sure what to do about the situation.

While Steve struggles with his jealousy over her love for his brother, Ben can’t deny how he feels about Stacey any longer. He has to convince Steve that she has enough love for them both. When a stalker threatens her, they put aside their differences to protect her.

Will Steve be able to banish his jealousy and accept his brother as a third in their lives as well as Stacey’s heart, or will the unknown stalker steal her away from them?

Marla Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Knights in Black Leather Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Knights in Black Leather Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Knights in Black Leather

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 137,386
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing

Their Reluctant Submissive


Kelly Baylor eyed the over-six-foot-tall stranger warily as he approached her. She quickly shelved the books she had been carrying before she dropped them from her trembling hands. To say that he was intimidating didn’t half cover it. Tight, well-worn jeans left nothing to the imagination. Neither did the white T-shirt that stretched tightly across his chest and washboard abs. His piercing dark eyes seemed to hold hers captive as he drew closer.

His gaze slid over her as if he were eyeing a prize piece of horse flesh. There was no way he wasn’t a cowboy with the shaggy black hair and well-worn Stetson sitting on his head. He gave her a lopsided grin and turned to look behind him. She could hear him talking to someone but couldn’t hear what he said. Then he turned back to her and stepped to one side to reveal another man just as devastatingly handsome and intense. They had to be brothers. The second man could have passed as his twin were it not for the much shorter hair and slight crook to his nose.

“I’m looking for Steve. Is he here today?” The first man finally spoke in a smooth, rich voice that had her insides doing somersaults.

“N–no. He had business to take care of. He’ll be back sometime this afternoon. I’m not sure what time.”

“What’s your name, pretty lady?” This came from the second man as he took a step nearer.

She fought to maintain eye contact even though everything inside of her screamed for her to submit. She had fought too long and hard to regain her sense of self to lose it now to these strangers. Jutting her chin up a notch, she frowned at him.

“Kelly. Can I help you with anything?”

“Well, now. Maybe you can. I’m Jackson Callahan, and this is my brother, Marx. Pleased to meet you, Kelly.”

“We’re here to pick up some custom-made pieces. He called and left a message that they were ready.” Marx spoke up this time.

“Of course. Follow me.” Kelly swallowed hard around the knot forming in her throat.

Steve did custom leather and metal work as well as owning Heavy Trinkets, the fetish store she worked in. They were the ones who had ordered the leather bondage cuffs with the letters M and J branded into the leather. They were velvety soft inside so as not to chafe the delicate wrists that might be encased in them. Obviously they were thoughtful Doms to their subs.

She led them through the store to the back where the counter was located. She left them waiting while she slipped into the back to locate their package. She took an extra few seconds to regain control of her galloping pulse and calm the jumping beans in her belly. They were not interested in her. They obviously already had a submissive or two.

When she returned to the counter, it was to find the two men pouring over the intimate jewelry trays. She watched as Jackson picked up a set of nipple clamps and showed them to Marx. Seeing them fingering the jewelry she had made stirred her blood. She was proud of her accomplishments but felt uncomfortable seeing them handling the delicate pieces. What if they wanted something for their subs? She wasn’t sure why, but the idea of them buying something for another woman angered her. She shook it off and cleared her throat to let them know she was back with their package.

“When did he get these in? They are exquisite.” Jackson carried over a sterling silver belly button piece that had a small chain with a tiny horseshoe hanging from it.

“Aren’t those amazing? Kelly makes them herself.” Steve Tyler walked up to the counter from the front.

She hadn’t even heard the little bell at the door announce anyone had come in. She’d been far too wrapped up in her thoughts. She set the package on the counter.

“They came in to pick up their order, Steve. I’ll let you finish.” She quickly dove into the back to get away from all the testosterone in the room.

Before she made it back to her little spot in the storeroom, she heard Steve tell them she had been working for him about six months. She missed out on what their answer might have been. Safe in her area, she calmed her racing heart and counted to twenty. She struggled to use her breathing exercises to chase away the panic fighting for control. It had been a long time since she had been so close to that many Doms at one time.

Memories of another time threatened to surround her. She refused to let them win. She wasn’t a scared little sub anymore. Kelly was her own woman and strong enough to stay that way now. Never again would she allow a man to dominate her like he had. Never again would she submit to the point of nonexistence. She had survived.




She turned around and looked up into his eyes. They were heavy lidded with arousal. She wanted to show him how much he meant to her since she didn’t think she could say the words. Holding his gaze, she went to her knees at his feet and balanced herself with her hands against his thighs before leaning forward and running her tongue along the underside of his hard cock. He threw his head back and growled, breaking their eye contact. She ran her tongue down the length of him and licked his balls. His reaction was almost explosive. His hands clasped her head on either side as she ran her tongue back up and circled the mushroom cap beneath the rim.


She couldn’t prevent a small smile before she pulled back and looked up at him once again. He watched her as she dipped her tongue into the slit at the top of his dick and captured the pearl of pre-cum glistening there. His swift hiss at the sensation coupled with the wild taste of him nearly blew her mind. If it were possible to come while giving a blow job, Kelly was on the edge. She dug her fingers into his strong muscular thighs as she slowly lowered her head over his cock and sucked him to the back of her throat. He was so big she didn’t think she could deep throat him, but she was determined to try.

She relaxed her throat and flattened her tongue, breathing through her nose and took him deeper. Nails dug into her scalp, increasing her arousal to epic proportions. She swallowed around him then backed off as he gurgled above her.

“That was fucking amazing. Do it again, baby.”

She stroked him in and out of her mouth, suctioning as she pulled back before taking him down again. She took him to the back of her throat then deeper again and again. His strangled cries told her that he was close. She moved her hands from his thighs to his tight ass and squeezed as she bobbed up and down on his hard cock.

Kelly’s pussy was soaked, and the pulsing of her clit was driving her to distraction. She squeezed her thighs together to try and alleviate some of the pressure to climax, but it did little good. Her scalp burned from Marx’s grip and how he occasionally pulled on her hair. It added to the throb of need searing her nerve endings.

“So good. So damn good.” Marx’s voice was almost unrecognizable it had grown so deep and raspy.

She added a little edge of teeth to her upward pull, and his cock jerked in her mouth with each stroke. She felt his buttocks squeeze tight as he struggled to hold on while she sucked his thick dick with everything inside of her. His knees were locked, holding him in place while his hands where trying to direct her movements now.

Kelly ran a finger around to his perineum and pressed rhythmically while using her other hand to stroke a fingernail lightly across his puckered opening. His reaction was intense and immediate. Marx threw back his head and roared like a lion, coming up on his toes as she swallowed around him. His hands fisted in her hair, adding to her burning need.

Thick ropes of cum filled her throat, and despite swallowing as fast as she could, it leaked into her mouth and out the corners. She swallowed again and again before cleaning his spent cock with her tongue and allowing it to slip from her mouth. She leaned her head against his pelvis, her breath coming in short, choppy gasps for several seconds. After a few seconds she was able to pull back and look up at how Marx had slumped over her with his hands braced on the wall behind her.

Finally he seemed to come back to himself. Standing up straight, he pulled her to her feet and pushed her back against the tile as his head bent and his mouth attacked hers. Lips, hell-bent on taking hers, feasted on her mouth with easy abandon. Then he was moving her head to match his needs and taking her higher than she had ever gone with a single kiss. It didn’t hurt that she was already so aroused that one touch would surely send her flying.

Everything converged as he nipped at her lips, drawing them in one at a time to nibble on and tease with his tongue. Even with her arms wrapped around his neck, she couldn’t get close enough to him. She wanted him inside of her but knew it was too soon after his recent climax.

As if reading her mind, he picked her up so that she had to wrap her legs around his waist and climbed out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and wrapped it around her back and shoulders before settling her on the bathroom counter and immediately burying his face between her legs.


Caught in the Middle of Their Love


“When did you first realize you were a Dom, Steve?”

His brother’s head jerked up from where he’d been studying his coffee as if it held all the answers. His eyes darkened for a moment then cooled.

“I’m not sure. I’ve always been aggressive, even before I joined the football team. Playing quarterback just reinforced that in me. Then I found out I liked it when the girls did what I said and trusted me to take care of them. It got me off to know that I held their pleasure in my hand. It just did it for me.”

Steve got up and grabbed the carafe, pouring more coffee for both of them. After returning it to the counter, he leaned back against it and stared at Ben. He could see the struggle in his brother’s eyes as he talked.

“I’d heard a lot about BDSM and thought it sounded like something I could get into. You graduated a year early with me and had already decided to go to veterinarian school. Until then, I’d thought we would always do everything together, but you wanted to work on a ranch or with a vet. I didn’t really have any plans outside of going to college and playing football. That summer you and I went our separate ways after nearly eighteen years of always being together. It kind of left me wondering what I was going to do with my life.”

Ben hadn’t realized that Steve had depended on him for anything. He’d always been so independent and aggressively outgoing. He never would have thought of his brother as being anything but secure in who he was and what he wanted out of life. It floored Ben, guilt eating at his soul that he hadn’t realized his brother needed him.

Before he could say anything, Steve continued.

“I met Marx, Jackson, Zander, and later Tag when I went to college that spring for orientation before school let out. They were working on some of the ranches outside of Dallas for the summer and said they could get me a job there, too. I figured it would be a good idea to get a little job experience under my belt before classes started that fall. They introduced me to the clubs in Dallas and I realized it was exactly what I needed.”

“You were a lot calmer when you came home before school started,” Ben said.

“I started learning how important control was and how to achieve it. It was a turning point in my life.”

“I’d never seen you happier than you were then. In high school, you’d always been a little depressed, almost angry at times. I know it worried Mom and Dad. You weren’t like that when you came home that summer before college started.”

“The D/s lifestyle fills a need inside of me. It gave me control over my life and in a smaller degree, over others. I need that, Ben. I need it to stay sane.” He dropped his head to stare at the cup he held in his hands.

“Is that why you can’t share Stacey with me? Because you have to be in control?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, pretty much. I was her Dom, her only Dom, and she was my submissive. I controlled her when we were together and knowing she let me, gave me her trust was the most powerful rush I’ve ever felt in my life.”

“And now it’s gone.”

Steve looked up at him, anger and pain leaving lines in his face. “Now it’s gone.”

“Steve, I’m not a Dom. I’ve never taken that control away from you…”

“Until that night!” Steve broke in. “You questioned me about using the cane on her. Then you joined us when I hadn’t invited you to.”

“I–I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that without talking to you about it first. I was in love with her and had been for a while. I’d tried to keep it under control, but when you pushed her that night, I needed to take care of her. I needed to know that she was okay and that I had helped make sure she was. I didn’t think about anything but how much I needed to be a part of her.”

Ben leaned back in the chair and cursed. Now because of his selfishness, neither one of them were taking care of her. God only knew who would step in and claim her for their own. He wanted her to be happy, but he didn’t think he could stand back and watch it with anyone other than Steve. That other job looked better and better all the time.

“You didn’t trust me to know what was best for her, Ben. I would never hurt her like that.”

Ben swallowed. He needed to get that final bit out and in the open. Then maybe they could find a way to fix things between them if not Stacey. He swallowed and looked up.

“I think Stacey wasn’t being completely honest with you because she loved you so much. She was scared you wouldn’t want her if she refused you anything. You were pushing her, Steve, and she was letting you push her past her comfort zone into something she didn’t really want.”

“Bullshit! Part of a D/s relationship is based on trust. I have to trust her to be totally honest with me just like she has to completely trust me. Without that it’s almost like she doesn’t have a safe word.” Steve stalked back across the kitchen, setting his cup on the bar on his way to the table.

“I would never do anything that we hadn’t talked about ahead of time.” He leaned his hands against the table and stared at Ben. “She knew to tell me if she wasn’t comfortable with something.”

“She wanted to please you, Steve. She would do anything to make you happy. She felt like it was something you needed, and if she couldn’t provide what you needed you would find someone else to get it from. She was scared of losing you to someone else.”

“You’re saying she lied to me, Ben. That I trusted her to be honest and she lied to me.” Steve stood up and stumbled back against the wall as if he’d been hit.

Ben watched him as he internalized what he’d told him. Then Steve straightened up and glared at him. His eyes flashed in anger.

“Just how in the hell would you know this, little brother? Were you spending time with her without me?”




Before she knew what Steve was going to do, he had covered her mouth with his, stealing her breath and searing her lips with an almost brutal but desperate kiss. It was everything she ever wanted and her worst nightmare. How could she regain the brittle peace she’d managed to carve out for herself again? This time it would be impossible to forget how good it felt to be in his arms.

His tongue plundered her mouth with some purpose he hadn’t shared with her. It sought out every crevice and hidden spot, leaving behind an even greater need for more, more of his taste and more of his touch. It slid alongside hers until she chased it back into his mouth where he sucked on it until she grew dizzy.

When at last he released her from the kiss, Stacey wasn’t sure what she had been saying. All she could think about was how good he felt on her, and how much she wished he was inside of her. That brought about a groan from deep within. She ached for more, wishing things were different between the three of them.

Steve rolled over on his side, taking her with him this time. Almost as soon as he did, Ben pushed up against her back, the hard heat of his engorged cock pressing at her buttocks. She moaned even as Steve buried his face between her breasts. Ben nuzzled her neck, licking and sucking at the juncture of where her shoulder and neck met.

“What are you doing to me?” she asked.

“Shh, baby. Let us make you feel good. We want you to forget everything but us and now.” Ben’s husky voice pulled at things low in her belly.

“God, your breasts are heaven. I could stay here forever.” Steve licked and nipped her heavy mounds before moving up to tease her nipple with the tip of his tongue.

He ran the flat of his tongue all around her nipple then sucked the little nub into his mouth where he could tease it with his tongue. When he nipped it lightly with his teeth, Stacey thought she would scream with pleasure. The tiny stings he left as he pulled at it with his teeth had her gritting hers.

Ben was busy licking and biting his way down her back till he made it to her ass. There he licked and sucked on her meaty cheeks to the point that she was sure she had marks there now, and that was fine with her. She liked the fact that both men were marking her. Later, when all of this was over with, she’d have reminders of their attention for days until they faded away.

“Turn her over, Ben. I need to taste her pussy. I’ve missed her sweet juices.” Steve pulled back from her breasts after giving one nipple a hard suck so that it plopped out of his mouth with an audible pop.

Ben rolled her over and immediately licked her lips before sucking the bottom one into his mouth where he held it with his teeth for a second. Then he gently kissed her, sipping at her lips before slipping his tongue inside. God, how she’d wanted this, needed this for so long. How would she ever be able to live without them now?

Even as he explored her mouth with broad strokes of his tongue, Steve lapped a pathway from her cleavage down her abdomen and around her belly button until he reached her bare mound. There he lightly bit the plump area before pushing her thighs as far apart as they would go, shouldering his way between them. The feel of his hot breath across her wet pussy lips drew a gasp from deep in her throat.

Ben drew back from kissing her. “Open your eyes, baby. I want to see them while he tastes you.”

Stacey struggled to open them. It took so much more strength than she thought she had left in her. They were draining it all with their mouths on her body. Ben’s eyes swirled in arousal much as she was sure hers were doing. It looked as if keeping his eyelids up took all of his energy. The passion, evident in how he stared down at her, took her breath away. She wanted to reach up and cup his cheek with her hand, but even that took too much effort right then.

Steve’s tongue delved between her southern lips, sending her eyes wide and her breath searing through her lungs. After that, he ate at her like a wild man. When he couldn’t get to her the way he seemed to want, he used his fingers and spread her apart so he could lick at the center of her, stabbing her cunt with his talented tongue.

Back and forth, her attention was stretched between the two men as Ben latched on to one of her nipples and sucked as if his life depended on it. His fingers pulled and pinched the other one, assuring that no part of her was left unattended.

“Oh, God! Please don’t stop!” She would strangle them if they left her hanging after stirring her up so.

“Don’t worry, babe. We’re going to make sure you’re taken care of.”

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