Quincy's Snowflakes (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,536
2 Ratings (4.0)
[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M/M, fairy tale, demons, elves, HEA]
Quincy Laxus is a Christmas elf at Claus's toy factory. One day, his life is turned upside down when he meets Kreon Mal, a demon with a mission to interrupt Claus's trip around the world. However, Maddox, Claus's stepson, is requested to save Quincy, who has been caught by Kreon.
As their relationship intensifies, enemies appear. Their relationship of demon and elf is frowned upon by the demons, and Quincy becomes the target. Kreon doesn't restrain himself from expressing his feelings for the elf, and tries to stop anyone who wants to hurt his mate.
All the while, Maddox struggles to fit in the relationship, not sure if he should change his personality to draw Quincy's attention. To add to his problems, Krampus, his stepfather's archenemy, knows that Kreon is mated to Quincy, and appears to know why his employee has chosen an elf as a mate.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Quincy's Snowflakes (MMM)
2 Ratings (4.0)

Quincy's Snowflakes (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,536
2 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“What’s your name?” Maddox asked from afar.

“Quincy,” he answered. The other man approached slowly, his handsome face warped from being tired of jumping. “Aren’t you supposed to be as strong as your father?”

Maddox didn’t answer and reached out to him. “Take my hand,” he told the elf.

It was impossible for that to happen with how far they were from each other. All the more, Kreon distanced himself whenever Maddox nearly reached them, as if he mocked Claus’s son on purpose.

Finally, Kreon landed and came to a stop on a spacious area of snow. He turned around. “Maddox, was it? From what I can see, your power is useless. Now I know why you didn’t want to save this elf.” He put Quincy down, not letting go of his forearm. “You’re weak.”

“You don’t need him, so let him go,” Maddox demanded.

Kreon let out a deep laugh that made Quincy shiver. “Didn’t I tell you that I was going to make him my sex slave? I wasn’t joking,” he said, and lifted the elf’s arm up. “You’ve been making toys all along. How about you change professions and become mine?”

Quincy shook his head quickly. “I enjoy making toys. The human children leave great reviews on what I make,” he answered quietly. “Besides, I don’t have time for a relationship.”

“Is that so?” Kreon uttered. “You know, if I take you away, you’ll have plenty of time with me.”

Maddox took his jacket off and threw it onto the snow. “If you want to fight, we’ll fight!” As he breathed heavily, dense steam came out of his mouth.

That reminded Quincy of what he’d heard earlier. He regarded Kreon. “Wait, if you’re a demon, wouldn’t you like a warmer place to live in? Why the North Pole?” When Kreon raised a dark, thick brow to him, Quincy flinched.

“You’re the first one who has asked me that,” Kreon said faintly. He shook himself and answered. “We are beings that are always extremely hot. The North Pole has the perfect weather that allows us to not overheat.”

“Oh, so that’s why,” Quincy said, fascinated by what the demon explained to him. “But why bother the inhabitants of the North Pole? You scare us just by living miles away.”

Kreon sighed. “It’s our hobby,” he said. “We have fun bothering you people, especially the elves, since you’re always happy and making stupid toys for human cubs.” Suddenly, his face turned to the other side.

Quincy sucked in a breath when he saw Maddox’s bare fist connect with Kreon’s cheek. He started to walk backward so he could be away from the fight, but Kreon got hold of his wrist.

“I-I don’t want to be a part of any of this. I wasn’t the one who chased your people out of here.”

“You’ll be my hostage until I say otherwise,” Kreon told the elf firmly. He then regarded Maddox. “I was thinking of going easy on you.” White smoke came from Kreon’s mouth, and then his throat lit on fire.

In a panic, Quincy grabbed a handful of clean snow and shoved it down Kreon’s throat. The demon chocked and coughed on the snow that had quickly turned into water. “You’ll burn yourself if you’re not careful,” Quincy said as he watched Kreon wipe his lips with his sleeve.

“You idiot,” Kreon managed to say. “This is not enough to burn me. This fire is a part of me!”

Again, Quincy flinched. He’d done it again. “I…apologize.”

Kreon rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I told you that I was going to make you my sex slave. You’re not supposed to pity me, elf,” he shouted to Quincy’s face, scaring the elf even more.

“I can’t help it. I’m used to being nice to everyone,” Quincy mumbled, his eyes averted from the demon.

Out of nowhere, Maddox leaped toward Kreon, his fist clenched and ready to punch the demon again. However, Kreon noticed the other man from the corner of his eyes and got a hold of Maddox’s neck. “Don’t expect me to fall for that one again,” he grumbled, and squeezed the neck in his big hand.

“Stop,” Quincy shouted. He grasped Kreon’s forearm and leaned on it so it would lower enough for Maddox to reach the ground with his feet. How could he solve this problem without violence? It seemed that the demon only wanted to start a fight to show dominance, while Maddox only wanted to protect him from Kreon. If Claus was around, the winner would be obvious.

Kreon released Maddox, and with a shove of his arm, Quincy was sent flying. “Oh,” Kreon uttered.

Quincy stared as the distance between him and the other two increased in seconds. He didn't know what else to do but to close his eyes. In the following moment, something hit his head and his consciousness slipped away right then and there.




Quincy looked down at Kreon. What should he do? He looked over at Maddox, who had a faint scowl. “I'll make sure to endure for you, okay?” he said, and the man nodded briefly.

“I'm going to make you feel so good that you'll remember me for the rest of your life,” Kreon said seductively.

A pleasant shiver ran throughout Quincy's body. “Don't talk like that,” he muttered, averting his eyes. He allowed Kreon to lift his hips, his big hands able to reach his buttocks. The demon then pointed the tip of his cock into Quincy's entrance and sat him down carefully. The large mound stretched him further than Kreon already had. The burn increased every second, and that made Quincy think twice if he should've started with Kreon instead of Maddox. Not that he thought less of Maddox's body, but Kreon was a large man.

Gradually, Kreon's four dark-brown horns grew out of his head, through his long hair, and his fangs grew sharply. Quincy had never seen such a fascinating sight. “Are you...able to turn into something else?” he managed to ask Kreon.

Kreon looked up at him. “Yes,” he answered moments later. He was finally all the way in and his robust body shook every now and then. “I didn't think making love to you would make me feel so much. This might end quicker than I expected.”

“That's good, because I'm still waiting,” Maddox said, clearly upset.

Quincy pursed his lips. “What do you want me to do?” he asked the other man, who stared at him. If Maddox had an idea, Quincy could go along with it. After all, he didn't want to make him watch the one he cared about being taken by another man.

“Why not just make him wait for his turn?” Kreon retorted. “Here I am doing this and you're only paying attention to him. I'll have to punish you for that.” He raised Quincy's hips and held them in place, his shaft sliding out halfway. Lastly, he bent his legs for more leverage. “Don't move.”

He jolted when Kreon began to thrust in and out of him as quickly as he pleased. “Wait,” Quincy begged. He could feel himself hugging the large shaft that barely pulled out. He realized that the wooden headboard had started to hit the wall. Quincy closed his eyes and clenched his hands on the mountains of muscle that were Kreon's chest.

Kreon grumbled and let out taut sounds whenever he pushed into the elf. “I'm not going to wait. This feels too good to stop,” he managed to say. He then got a hold of Quincy's wrists and pulled him down whenever he thrust up, creating slapping sounds of hips against buttocks that only embarrassed Quincy.

As soon as the demon's cock reached his hidden spot, Quincy arched his back and groaned loudly. He opened his eyes and noticed that Maddox stood on the bed in front of him, his shaft in full attention. Quincy looked up into the other man's half-lidded eyes. Taking the hint, he held Maddox's cock and brought it into his mouth. At first, he hesitated. He didn't want them to see him as a lewd man who knew exactly what to do with two men.

Maddox rested his hand on the elf's head from above and suppressed a moan. While he occupied Quincy's mouth, Kreon filled the other end to the brim. Maddox's mouth fell open as he watched what happened to his new mate, even though to the humans, Quincy would be his boyfriend. “Are you uncomfortable?”

Quincy turned his eyes up to him and hummed, the vibrations causing the other man to let out a moan. He moved his head away and made a trace with his tongue from the base to the tip of Maddox's shaft. “I'm all right,” he finally said. “You look very comfortable to me.” He smiled slightly before he engulfed the large mound into his mouth again.

Unlike the interaction between Maddox and Quincy, Kreon seemed focused on what he'd been doing. The thrusting of his hips didn't cease, as if the demon could endure beyond other beings. Occasionally, he would growl quietly, and his hands would clench on the elf's ass.

“Again? Get that thing away from me,” Kreon complained when he noticed that Maddox was naked and towering over him. Quincy rolled his eyes when Maddox pulled away to whine in return.

“Can you stop your bickering for five minutes?” Quincy asked them, and they stared at him in surprise. “I already understand that you don't like each other, but please leave that for later, all right?” They nodded in silence until the atmosphere in the bedroom became awkward. “Uh…I didn't forbid you from speaking.”

They remained like that, just looking at him as if he were someone new to them. Quincy turned his eyes down to the lewd connection between him and Kreon. In an instant, he threw his caution away and moved his body up and down, fucking himself on the large cock that had seemed to grow a tad bit more.

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