[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, capture, sex in partially shifted form, spanking, flogging, cropping, sex toys, HEA]
Life is simple. The only thing Sebastian Michael needs is a steady paycheck. Sebastian values his independence too much to let his secretive brother, Ed, pay his bills. He tried selling his paranormal romances with little luck. Looking for a steady job, he soon stumbles into a dragon's den pretending to be a BDSM club. Gavin Thorvald, the dragon lord and club owner, recognizes Sebastian as his mate and begins to woo the sweet human. Gavin worries about how to explain a dragon's reproductive cycle while Sebastian fears his past is catching up with him.
At the same time, hunters are attacking and Ed is taking an interest in Sebastian's new life. Just when Gavin has everything he wants, Sebastian is taken from him by the hunters. Gavin fears the worst as he heals from the hunters' attack. Once healed, Gavin begins a race against the clock to find his mate and save their egg.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Taken (MM)
22 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Awesome dragon shifter story. There are parts that will make you cry. The struggles that Sebastian and Gavin have has mates. What Sebastian learns about his brother.
virginia lee
An excellent first foray into the world of MM romance. I look forward to the next book in the series. It wasn't all rainbows and insta-love. The characters are well developed, the writing excellent and the editing spotless. A rare treat. I definitely approve!




“You’re really going to do this?”

“Yeah.” Sebastian shifted his weight from side to side to side, popping his hips in the mirror before him. “I need the money.” It was part of the truth. The only part Sam would understand.

“It’s a fucking BSDM club! Run by a bunch of gothic weirdoes!” Sam, Sebastian’s best friend, looked at him with his mouth hanging open. Sam acted as if this was something Sebastian didn’t know, as if it would shock some sense into him. Sam just didn’t understand. Sam was over six feet tall and had all the muscles of a gym rat. As interesting as one, too. All he liked to talk about were sports and when he would get laid next.

Sam’s chocolate brown hair and deep sage-green eyes used to fuel a few fantasies, but not anymore. Mostly because vanilla completely described Sam, from what Sebastian had heard. Sebastian wanted more, wanted fireworks, and to feel it the next day. After one fateful night with a previous boyfriend, Sebastian learned he liked a little slap with his tickle.

According to Sam, Sebastian needed a keeper and he tried to fill that role. Sebastian was perfectly capable of paying his bills and eating on time. Really, just because he only put effort into the things important to him did not mean he needed a keeper. What he really needed was someone to pin him against a wall until he screamed and then go again.

“Yeah, it is, and I am just tending the bar! It’s not like I’m offering myself up to anyone.” Though…

 The gothic part didn’t really matter. Sebastian liked the style but he wasn’t self-destructive or depressed like most people assumed gothic people were. But, getting paid to dress the way he already did and be around all the hunky men… Yum! However, the thought of submitting to someone in bed made his dick rise to attention and that was not what he needed right now. Sebastian had limited sexual experiences in his twenty-five years, often finding the men he was with too… too… Gah! He had no words to describe them. Too dry. Too… Sam.

“You’re not serious!”

Sebastian ignored his friend and continued to inspect his outfit in the mirror. He had on his favorite boots, leather that went to his knees with a two-inch platform. They were high enough to make him feel less short, yet he could still walk easily. He hated being five foot five inches. His pants were made from real leather and hugged his slight frame like a second skin. The shiny metal zippers up each side had to be the best part about the pants. A simple see-through black silk netted shirt covered his chest, showing off his nipple rings while covering his scars well. He felt a little silly, having never worn a see-through shirt before. He felt a little scandalous, but that part was okay.

His friends knew him for being a little on the odd side when he dressed, but that usually involved a lot of color. It made him feel good to look the way he did, to make an effort. He hated when people just wore pajamas out in public rather than caring about how they looked. He celebrated and thanked every higher power for every day. He worked hard to find a way to keep his usual fashion sense, but now in black. After looking in the mirror, he had to admit he looked pretty good. All he needed was a matching jacket for the upcoming winter. Thankfully, it was still pretty nice out, but in four or five weeks it would be snowing.

Sam got off the bed, and the old mattress squeaked in protest. Strong fingers ran down the soft netting of Sebastian’s shirt before flicking against his nipple ring. A groan escaped him as his nipple beaded, pushing the piercing further out. “Stop that!” Sebastian said, swatting his friend’s hand away.

“Where did you get this getup anyway?” Sam asked, as his eyes raked over Sebastian’s body. Sam knew Sebastian was not into him but that never stopped the lusty looks. The bulge growing in Sam’s pants did not slip past Sebastian’s notice, though nothing would be done about it. “It’s pretty hot.”

“I had the boots and pants. All I had to do was order the shirt.” Amazing what one could find online.

“You had these pants already?” Sam asked as he fingered the zipper catch. “So easy to take off.”

“Stop it. I’m nervous already. Tonight is only a trial and I really want this job.” Sebastian took a step out of Sam’s reach, needing the space. He tried to make it as a writer, self-publishing his stories, but he never made enough to pay the bills, and he really did not want to rely on his brother. “I need to have my head in the game.”

“Well, I probably shouldn’t tell you that I am going there tonight.” Sam’s attempt at sounding innocent failed.

Sebastian turned, nearly toppling over. “You can’t!” Sebastian wanted to stomp his foot and throw a tantrum but, really, he was a little too old for that.

“I promised Ed I would.” Shit! Sebastian let out a frustrated sigh. His big brother, and only living family member, would send a baby sitter after him. Ed worked in some freaky undercover stuff. Sebastian always assumed he was CIA, but Ed never confirmed anything. All Sebastian knew was that Ed was around less and less as the years went on. Last time he remembered seeing Ed was more than a year ago. Ed said it had to be that way to keep Sebastian safe.

Sebastian sat on the corner of the bed Sam vacated, the only part not covered in clothing, and let out a breath. He lay back, tossing his arms above his head. “Did you really have to tell him? He’s just going to make it so I don’t get the job.”

“I promised your mom I would help Ed take care of you. Besides,” Sam said, “Ed already knew about the job.”

“Whatever.” Sebastian jumped off the bed. “I have to go, anyways. You aren’t riding with me.” Sebastian shoved his wallet into his back pocket, zippered as well, and threw on his black leather biker jacket.




Gavin watched, smiled, as Sebastian let out a breathy moan. Seemed his mate liked the idea. “I’d lick, bite, and suckle on you until I tasted every inch of your body. Once you were deep in your headspace, even breaths, no longer trying to anticipate me, I would redden your behind.” He had Sebastian’s shirt fully open, pulled off his shoulders as much as the position allowed. His hand rested just over the fly of Sebastian’s pants, his lovely mate already in lost in a lust-filled fog.

He worried for a moment if he should continue when Sebastian was so out of his mind with need. After all, this was all about telling Sebastian how it would be, so his mate needed to focus for that. Just as he was about to pull back, to taste the little pink, pierced nipples in front of him, Sebastian pushed his pants-covered cock against Gavin’s hand. It was a silent plea to move forward. His mate needed to learn that a touch like that would only come when Gavin desired to give it.

Knowing Sebastian wanted more did not mean Gavin was going to give it to him. Right away, anyways. Sebastian did a wonderful job of keeping his eyes open, as Gavin had commanded. That pleased him almost as much as the sweet sounds his mate let out. He enjoyed that Sebastian showed his pleasure. He was an open book of needy lust. Gavin quickly flicked another button open before dropping his lips to Sebastian’s beaded nipple.

The clink of the warm barbell lodged through Sebastian’s nipple as it hit Gavin’s teeth made Sebastian flinch a little. Gavin knew it didn’t hurt. It only surprised his mate. The small pink nub hardened under his ministrations, pushing further into his mouth. The light scars on Sebastian’s chest did not escape his notice, but he would ask about them later. They were clean, medical looking. Gavin had seen enough battle scars to notice the difference.

 Sebastian’s body twitched under him, pushing up before settling back down. Gavin could feel Sebastian’s fingers clenching in the bed sheets, his knees opening in another wordless plea for more. His mate just could not sit still. It would be so much fun teaching him control. When Gavin pulled back, he was delighted at the red hue to Sebastian’s nipples, one sucked and the other pinched.

“By the time I have your ass nice and blushing, you would be begging for more, pushing back, trying to get as much contact as possible. Your skin would vibrate with need and just when you think it is all too much,” Gavin said as he slowly lowered the fly of Sebastian’s pants, “I would take you in my mouth and show you just how your submission pleases me.”

The spongy head of Sebastian’s cock was swollen, leaving a small trail of pre-cum on Sebastian’s stomach as it flopped out of his pants. A moan escaped him as he realized his mate went commando.

“Please, Gavin.” Sebastian begged, his hands fisting into Gavin’s hair. He was surprised at the force Sebastian used trying to move Gavin’s mouth closer to his aching cock.

“Please what?” He had to work hard to not chuckle at wanton display his mate made. The way his clothing was half off as he writhed around on the bed drove Gavin’s cock infinitely harder. Gavin really wanted to tie him down, to help him be still and enjoy.

“I want it, please. I want you. Please, God, suck me. It’s been so long.” Sebastian continued to beg and plead in breathy whispers and Gavin could no longer deny his mate.

The salty sweet taste of his mate’s pre-cum slid over his tongue and imprinted itself on Gavin. He would never forget the sweet ambrosia of his mate, nor crave another again. Sebastian was his. Gavin quickly took his mate to the back of his throat, swallowing around the head. His nose tickled the light smattering of pubic hairs.

“Oh God, please. Yes. Fuck!” Sebastian thrashed his head from side to side, pushing into Gavin’s mouth. In and out. “Feels so good.”

Knowing his mate was close, he pulled back so he wouldn’t choke and sucked hard, swiping his tongue over the sensitive underside of his mate’s cock. He hollowed out his cheeks and wrapped his lips around his teeth so he didn’t injure his drage hjerte.

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