Raw Hide Away (MF)

Lassoed Lovers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,605
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Western Romance, with F/F/F/M, with F/F/F elements, voyeurism, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Newlyweds Maddie and Parker Leeds leave Colorado to reunite with Trina Hall and siblings Jen and Rory Pearson in California. Maddie does a bang-up job pleasing her man, yet when he heads out on a horse roundup she overindulges in feminine fetishes, throwing her new marriage on the rocks. Maddie loves her man, but do Trina and Jen offer delights that he can’t hold a candle to?

Parker is clearly ready to vamoose, especially when an old flame of his makes Raw Hide Away her new home. Can Maddie lasso her hubby back into her arms? Or will the erotic Indian maiden Makwa lure him with her native charms?

The Old West rumbles with unpredictable weather, heart-stopping adventure, and heart-wrenching loss. Yet the ranch keeps them grounded. Douse the lantern and dive into a bit of delicious deviltry. Once you enter Raw Hide Away Ranch you won’t want to leave.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Raw Hide Away (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Raw Hide Away (MF)

Lassoed Lovers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,605
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



As Parker put miles between himself and Raw Hide Away Ranch, his uneasiness grew. The scenery passed in a blur, his mind preoccupied with Maddie. Luckily it wasn’t his turn at the reins that particular day because he just couldn’t concentrate. The unease he had been feeling increased with each turn of the wagon wheel. He knew from experience not to ignore his gut, yet he couldn’t come up with a logical reason to tell Rory to turn back.

“You with me, buddy?” Rory asked.

Parker blinked several times before glancing sideways. “Um yeah,” he mumbled, taking in the quizzical look on Rory’s face. “Why?”

“Because I asked you a question is why. Asked it twice in fact. Your new wife cast a spell on you?” Rory asked with a smirk. He let the reins loose a bit as they traveled down a long, flat stretch of dirt road, indicating to Parker that he wanted to talk.

Parker sat up straight and looked straight ahead. The sound of the horses’ steady clip-clop normally relaxed him. Not that day. It reminded him how much farther he was from the ranch. “I ain’t under no spell,” he snapped. “Ask yer question again.”

Rory narrowed his eyes. “Seriously though, you all right? You were acting queer even back at the ranch.”

Parker spit off the side of the buggy, taking in the expanse of desert. The sky to the west was an ominous gray, something he didn’t see very often in Arizona. The skies were normally a cheery blue. He debated whether to tell Rory about his uneasiness about leaving Maddie behind.

“Right as rain,” he drawled. “Speaking of which.” He elbowed Rory in the side and thumbed to the western sky. “Looks like we have some rain headed this way.”

Rory squinted, the horses slowing down as he pulled back on the reins. “Good Lord,” he mumbled. Parker’s uneasiness turned quickly to full-blown anxiety at the look of fright on Rory’s face.

“What?” he asked sharply. Rory turned to him slowly. His normally robust face was pale.

“That ain’t rain, Parker,” he said softly. Parker looked west again. The sky was darkening quickly. It was then he noticed that the darkness was moving rapidly, faster than any rainstorm he had ever seen.

“What the hell is it then?” he asked wildly, unable to contain his anxiety. His eyes were incapable of veering from the approaching darkness. All of the uneasiness about leaving Maddie came crashing upon him full-force. Rory snapped the reins roughly, urging the horses into a full gallop.

“That’s sand!” Rory yelled over the increasing wind. “And we sure as hell don’t want to be caught in it!” He snapped the reins again. The horses didn’t need the encouragement. They were already stretching their long legs, apparently aware of the danger on their tails.

Parker tried to control his breathing so he could think. “Stop the horses, flip over the buggy, and hide underneath?” he hollered. His words were almost lost in the increasing noise. He likened the sound to a freight train bearing down upon them. For a sick moment he could imagine just that. He had to turn around to be sure there wasn’t one behind them. What he saw didn’t alleviate his worries. The storm stretched for a good mile in width and it was gaining on them.

In a chaotic rush the men leaped from the buggy and struggled to unhitch the horses. As soon as they were free they took off like shots. The men scurried under the wagon as quickly as possible as the storm howled over and around them. Sand rained down around the small wagon, creating a sheet so thick they couldn’t see. Parker clung to a wagon wheel as Rory did the same. The last thought Parker had before darkness descended was Maddie. And how pissed she would be if he didn’t come back.




Maddie bit her lower lip as she grasped the head between her thighs. She had thought that Trina had a gifted tongue, but Jen outdid her in spades. Maddie lost all capacity to think when Jen pulled and sucked her clit. And the way Jen flipped and tossed her around the exam table excited her beyond words.

“So fucking wet,” Jen said with a growl, lifting her face momentarily as she tugged Maddie roughly to the edge of the table. Jen’s strong hands lifted Maddie’s ass right up in the air before diving back in to eat her. Maddie had a brief flash of Rom eating her like that so very long ago. Jen was just as rough, minus the whisker hairs.

“Oh god,” Maddie said with a moan, thrashing her head back and forth. The sound of the exam room door opening made her tense. She tried to get up but Jen squeezed her thighs, effectively pinning her down.

“Sorry I’m late. I had to meet with a parent,” Trina said softly as she approached them. Maddie opened her eyes to slits to watch Trina trail her hand along Jen’s back. Jen suckled Maddie’s clit steadily as Trina leaned over to smooth the hair away from Maddie’s sweaty face.

“Are you going to use the wand on her today?” Trina asked huskily.

Jen raised her head. Her chin glistened. “I think she’s ready,” she responded.

“Wand?” Maddie asked. “What’s the wand?”

“Time for your hydrotherapy,” Trina said cheerfully. She grasped Maddie’s hand to urge her off the exam table.

“But we did that yesterday. I thought I was only to get a weekly treatment now,” Maddie said in confusion. Not that she was complaining. The weekly soak in Dr. Woods’s massive wooden tub and Jen’s deep massage was something she looked forward to.

Trina tugged Maddie’s long blonde hair before swatting her on the behind. “This is a different kind of treatment,” she said excitedly.

Maddie grasped Trina’s hand as she was led to the adjoining hydrotherapy room. Gooseflesh broke out on her naked skin. Her chill quickly abated as soon as they entered the small, windowless, clay-tiled room. It was still steamy from Jen’s last patient. The scent of juniper, chamomile, and lavender permeated the thick air.

“Wand? What’s the wand?” asked Maddie again. Trina ignored her as she twisted Maddie’s hair up in a bun from behind. Once Maddie’s hair was secured in a coil she kissed Maddie’s slender neck.

“Heaven. That’s what the wand is. It’s Jen’s new invention. She used it on me last time the doctor left town. When we had the office to ourselves,” she whispered excitedly.

Maddie smiled softly, watching Trina undress quickly. “Now I understand why you were so eager for the doctor to head off to his relatives for a holiday,” she said with a slight grin. Trina leaned on Maddie’s arm for support as she unrolled one stocking at a time.

“Okay, Miss Maddie, in the tub,” instructed Jen, holding out a hand to assist her into the massive, six-foot-diameter oak tub.

As Maddie settled herself in the water she eyed the long metal wand in Jen’s hand with trepidation. Jen screwed it into a long hose. Once it was screwed together she attached the hose to the water spigot over the wooden tub. The entire contraption was then attached to the steam generator.

“Just relax,” Trina cooed. Maddie didn’t need that bit of advice. The hot water began to relax her instantly.

Jen sat in her tall stool, resting the wand on her lap while she fiddled with the tip. “Can you add some more oils before you get in?” she asked Trina. Trina nodded, reached over to the wooden shelf next to the tub, and added several drops from each small bottle of essential oil.

“Nice,” Jen said with a grunt, cupping one of Trina’s large breasts dangling next to her. Trina giggled, pecked Jen on the nose and began to climb in the tub. Jen was unable to resist cupping one of Trina’s round ass cheeks before she lowered herself next to Maddie.

“Mm, delicious,” Trina said with a moan. Once she settled into the warm water she sighed. Both ladies filled the tub nicely. Maddie reached out and caressed Trina’s slippery thigh, loving the feel of Trina’s wet body next to her.

“All right, so what I did was basically attached a light hollow pipe to a hose. The generator will pump the hot water from the tub through the wand. I can point the wand at a person’s injured body part. I’ve added two speeds, but I still need to tweak it. The hot water already helps relieve muscle tension. The jets seem to aid it even further. Dr. Woods loves the idea but he wants me to use gain more experience before incorporating it into patient therapy. I haven’t tried it on anyone besides Trina. The generator is kind of loud. I need to figure out a way to quiet that. Maybe move it outside and use a longer cord? Anyway, we were just playing with it one day when Trina pointed it between her legs.”

“My god, I thought I died and went to heaven,” Trina whispered as she nuzzled closer to Maddie.

“Your treatment begins now,” Jen said crisply, a slight twinkle in her eyes. She slipped a thick padding of fabric behind Maddie’s shoulders. Maddie nodded solemnly as she grasped the edges of the wooden tub, really not sure what to expect. When Jen started up the generator she tensed. It was loud in the small room. When Jen dipped the tip of the wand in the water she began to relax. The waves and pulses it created were soothing. Jen crouched next to the tub and eyed Maddie.

“Spread your legs, baby,” she coaxed.


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