His Golden Touch (MFMMM)

Gold Rush 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,590
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Western Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, with F/F elements, spanking, caning, sex toys, HEA]

Schoolmarm Hannah Brown finds herself with a ranch she has no idea how to run. Town gossips and unwanted advances by a ruthless sheriff make it impossible for her to live unwed and alone. She needs a husband.

Wade Tolliver and Brady Sands, two loyal cowboys, propose marriage, but neither will stay on without her commitment to him. They find a pragmatic solution. She marries the cowboy she has secretly loved for years with the understanding the other adoring ranch hand will share equally in all marriage benefits.

After a period of blissful ménage, Rocco Ponti, another cowboy, joins the marriage. His stories of a cave of gold send the group into the Gold Rush. They mine for gold outside of savage San Francisco. When they realize they need to protect their findings from ruthless crooks, they hire a Frenchman named Andre to guard their mine, and Hannah gains one last husband when she falls for him as well.

Note: This book is written in one point of view.

A Siren Erotic Romance

His Golden Touch (MFMMM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

His Golden Touch (MFMMM)

Gold Rush 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,590
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



The circle of mourners around her parents’ graves was small. A muddy ditch, a spooked horse and her world had shrunk to a handful of neighbors, their children, the preacher’s family, and two ranch hands.

One by one, people paraded past Hannah Brown with kind words she barely heard. For twenty-one years her parents had paved the way for her, softened the blows of childhood, failed puppy-love crushes, and the insecurities of becoming a woman. All decisions, large and small, were up to her now. Decisions like which field to plow, what bills to pay, what to eat for dinner, and where to live were hers to make—alone.

Could she keep the ranch going with her limited knowledge? Once she’d gone east to school and returned to become Plantsville’s school teacher, she’d had little to do with the day-to-day workings of the small spread. She’d sleepwalked through the days of the wake, stared at the ceiling of her overseer’s house at night, and had come to accept she was now alone in the world.

Wade Tolliver and Brady Sands, her father’s, no, her ranch hands, were waiting in the buggy to take her home. Neighbors would be there with food and condolences. For her sensibilities, they’d put this gathering off for a month, but she had to go through with it now. She sank to her knees and let the tears flow. This was the last time she’d give in to her sorrow. Life had to be got on with, her father always said after a setback or a tragedy.

She took in a shuddering breath and swiped at her eyes with a hanky. Heavy footsteps pounded the ground behind her. Her body turned rigid with tension. A large hand covered her mouth, and a beefy arm around her waist raised her to her feet. “Not so high and mighty, now, are ya, Miss Prim-and-Proper Brown?”

Hannah struggled but couldn’t loosen his grip or open her mouth to scream or bite. She tried kicking back with her dangling feet, but he pulled her tighter into him.

“If ya don’t want to be grabbed, then why’d ya let yer hair flow down yer back callin’ me with its shiny glow like polished corn silk? Why’d ya wear that dress huggin’ a waist my one hand fits around and pushin’ up those tits I’m dying ta see? Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be a lettin’ ya go today fer the festivities, but rest assured I’ll be back when yer alone so’s we can get to know each other real good.” He palmed her breast before he freed her and disappeared into the brush behind the church cemetery.

He’d been behind her, and she hadn’t seen his face, yet she knew who it was. She’d rebuffed Grant Slyke, the town sheriff, one too many times. He’d sworn his revenge, but fear of her father had kept him at bay—until now.

Wade ran down the hill to her. As always when she saw him, her heart did a little flip. His freshly shaven face was tanned and rugged from working in the sun, but when he smiled, he had dimples cuter than a baby’s. He was not smiling now and neither was she. Grant had given her a moment’s fright, but she’d known he couldn’t really hurt her with Wade and Brady close by.

“Was that Slyke I saw hightailing it into the woods?” Wade was panting a bit from his rush down the hill.

“Yes, he threatened me.”

Wade took several strides toward the trees but came back to her. “Reckon I’d better get you home, Ms. Brown.”

On shaky legs, she made her way to the buggy. Wade helped her inside and left her to go topside with Brady. The ride along dirt roads bumped and jostled her, but Hannah felt the ache in her heart more than in her body. She had been wrapped in swaddling by her parents since the day she was born. They were the people that loved her most in the world, and she had loved them the same unconditional way.

The ranch house should have looked sadder. With waiting neighbors holding covered dishes out on the wraparound porch, a party could have been in progress. Hannah swiped at her eyes with a hanky and let Wade help her out of the buggy and up the stairs. She unlocked the front door and entered a cold, dark living room. Someone immediately pulled up all the shades, someone lit a fire, and someone took charge of the food.

Hannah had little to do the rest of the afternoon save accepting platitudes offered by well-meaning friends. As dusk fell, two ladies cornered her in the kitchen as she was wrapping extra food to go home with the guests.

Mrs. Bielle, a plump busybody, cleared her throat. “Would you like to come stay with us, darlin’, until you decide what to do with the ranch?”

“What do you mean?” Hannah abruptly closed her gaping jaw.

The birdlike Mrs. Alexander stepped in. “You know Mrs. Vance is not a well woman. You can’t stay over there forever, and surely, you don’t intend to stay here alone?”

“By here do you mean Plantsville or the ranch?”

Mrs. Bielle cleared her throat again, louder this time. “You’re old enough to realize you can’t live alone in a house with naught but two men on the property?”

Hannah was a late bloomer because she’d been coddled so by her parents as their only offspring, but she’d had a few beaus and knew at once why the women were scandalized at the thought. “You really don’t have to worry about me. Wade and Brady are true friends and would never let anyone harm me in any way.”

More throat clearing, this time by both women. Mrs. Alexander spoke first. “Perhaps, I should stay the night and we can talk more about this in the morning.”




She licked her lips and smiled and hoped he would fuck her now. She wanted that feeling again.

Wade pushed Brady aside. “I won’t need much recovery time tonight.” He began playing with her pussy. Oh, she did love that, especially when Brady kneaded her breasts at the same time. She was so excited over her success with sucking Wade, she wanted to do it again.

“Give me your cock, Brady.”

Brady came to her side and held onto the headboard as she drew him into her mouth. She didn’t need him to move her head. This time she knew how to do it. She sucked harder as Wade played with her pussy. Brady’s milk tasted a bit different than Wade’s, she was surprised to discover.

“Hannah, gads that was good. You’re wonderful.” Brady looked like he was near tears.

“Thank you. I only had one lesson, so I hope to improve.”

“Hannah, darlin’?” Wade called her attention to him. “What I’m about to do may hurt a bit, but the pain won’t last long. Are you ready?”

“I think so.” She grabbed Brady’s hand, and he kissed her as Wade began his thrust into her pussy. So far it felt marvelous. She raised her hips.

“No, please don’t do that this time or I’ll be done before I break your maidenhead.” Wade sounded frantic.

Hannah lay still as Wade’s cock slid into her until it hit a barrier.

“Help me out here, Brady.”

Brady claimed her lips again and pinched her nipple. He nodded to Wade as he pinched harder. Wade jammed his cock all the way inside her. She drew in her breath but didn’t scream, though it hurt like hell. Her first thought was to get him out of her, but then Brady suckled her breasts one at a time and Wade slithered out of her a little and then back in. He kept repeating the motion so slowly, it was hypnotic.

She could no longer stay still, she moved to meet him with each thrust, and they came faster and more forcefully. “Come for me, darlin’, come for me,” Wade whispered over and over. She felt the pressure build, and oh, it was sweet torture until she called out his name with her release. Her head thrashed back and forth on the pillow as her climax continued for several seconds. She screamed out as he pumped his seed inside her and another contraction overtook her. She let it wash over her and pulsed her pussy muscles around Wade’s cock until she came again.

The three of them collapsed in each other’s arms, but no one slept. Hannah’s senses were so overstimulated, she thought she’d never sleep again. She wanted this night to go on forever. For their part, the men couldn’t keep their hands off her. Brady toyed with her pussy, and Wade fondled her breasts. Wade was the first to move. He went to the basin and came back with a cloth and bathed her as best he could.

She reveled in his tender touch. When he moved away, she panicked. “It isn’t over, is it?”

Brady laughed. “Not unless you want it to be. I’d surely love to pleasure you some more, Hannah, my love, if you wish it.”

She sat up and ran a hand down his hardened erection. “I haven’t had this inside me, yet. It seems ready if you have a condom.”

“Oh, I have plenty, but you’re new at this. You sure you ain’t too sore?” Brady’s voice had a breathless quality that endeared him to her. She felt worshipped.

“I am wet with the expectation. Please do not spare me, sir.”

Brady sheathed himself, and she shot him a quizzical glance. “You don’t mind wearing it, do you?”

“I am not your husband in the eyes of the law. As you said, any children should have their proper father.”

As much as she’d always been attracted to Wade, she was now falling more and more in love with the character of this giant man who treated her with such reverence.

All his gentleness evaporated when he entered her. He pumped and pounded her and transported her to new heights. She loved his roughness as his hands raised her bottom for deeper penetration and his rough sucking on her nipples. She was embarrassed at her boldness when she called out, “Harder, harder,” but couldn’t stop herself. She’d be bruised tomorrow, but the sweet joy of it spurred her on. Her climax stunned her because it was so violent and lasted so deliciously long. When it was over, he held her tight and kissed her until she stopped moaning.

Wade joined them on the bed, his cock hard against her hip. “That was spellbinding to watch. We can’t enter you again tonight or you’ll be sore and hurting tomorrow, but I’m in dire straits.”

Hannah took in a deep breath. They had done so much for her, she couldn’t leave poor Wade in this state. She slid around him and stood. “I’ve heard there is another place we can use.” She grabbed onto the footboard and bent so her bottom was at his sight level. “Do you want to try it?”



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