Reclaiming His Discarded Mate (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,133
11 Ratings (3.8)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, werewolves, HEA]
Abused by her wolf shifter father because she was unable to shift, Ellie Chambers moved away at the age of eighteen. For seven years, she lived as a human. Now, she finds herself thrown back into the shifter world when she meets her mate.
As soon as Gabe Black meets Ellie, his bachelorhood is doomed. But she’s hiding something. On the day of their mating, Gabe discovers her secret, leaving him feeling betrayed. Her refusal to defend her secrecy pushes Gabe to tell her to pack her bags. He soon realises he overreacted, but it’s too late. His mate has disappeared.
While dealing with her mate’s rejection Ellie transforms for the first time. But she’s no ordinary wolf. Trying to come to terms with her newfound responsibility, as well as her heartbreak, Ellie remains unaware that Gabe’s searching for her, desperate to apologise. When he finds her, can she find it in herself to forgive him?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Reclaiming His Discarded Mate (MF)
11 Ratings (3.8)

Reclaiming His Discarded Mate (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 34,133
11 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Ellie’s mate has found her and she is willing to get to know him even though her past experience in her father’s pack has left her distrusting wolf shifters except her brother and Aiden. Even though Gabe asks her who hurt her she won’t tell him who her fathers is because she doesn’t want her brother hurt in the process. Just as Ellie starts trusting in the faith she has put in Gabe and their relationship the truth comes calling and he turns his back on her. Now Ellie has to face a new adventure without her mate. I say anymore and I may spoil the whole damn book for the next reader.

I just finished Reclaiming His Discarded Mate only to turn around read it again the next day, it’s crazy because really, it’s not riveting or anything but the darn books just calls to me or something, ugh. Oh, well, the book really is a decent read, it could use a once over to correct a few edits to smooth out the flow a little more.

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P.S. This is not the only posting of my review
absolutely loved this book. Well written, the characters came to life so much so that I cant wait to read their stories.
thank you




Could this day get any worse? Gabe silently questioned. First, he finds his mate, and she’s in the arms of another man. Worse yet, another shifter who knows the significance of a mate, and yet he still refuses to hand her over. Now, he was stuck at a table with total strangers, staring across at his mate, who was blatantly avoiding looking at him. His shin was beginning to hurt from his sister’s constant reminder to stop growling. She kept kicking him under the table while pointing out that he was probably scaring Ellie. A point he was well aware of, but the soon-to-be-dead cat seemed to be taking great pleasure in antagonising him by touching what wasn’t his to touch.

“So, Gabe, how do you know the bride and groom?” the woman beside him asked.

“I don’t. Lisa went to college with the bride,” he replied, pointedly looking over at his sister while cursing the person who decided the tables should have a male-female seating arrangement.

The only female he wanted to be sitting next to was his mate, who was currently sitting between the cat and another male claiming to be the bride’s cousin. Cousin to his sister’s friend or not, if he continued to gawk at Ellie’s cleavage, he wouldn’t live long enough to see the bride and groom off on their honeymoon.

“So what do you do for a living, Ellie?” Gabe heard the cousin ask.

“I’m a PA. What about you?”

To Gabe, the man’s response had little consequence. The man wasn’t going to be returning to work anyway. His drooling session over Ellie had gone too far. Even she seemed to think so. The man had inched his chair closer to hers. She subsequently moved away from him, closer to the cat. The cat seemed to notice. He pulled Ellie into the protection of his body, kissing her forehead.

“Come on, love, let’s dance.”

The cat then had the nerve, as he walked away with his arm around Ellie, to turn and wink at Gabe. He, in turn, decided that his mother deserved something nice for her birthday this year. Maybe a mountain lion rug.

Gabe’s murderous thoughts continued to flow, fuelled by the scene unfolding on the dance floor. His mate’s body seemed to move fluidly with the music. To a beat only she knew, but still it somehow fit perfectly with the song currently playing. The cat had his paws on her lower back. They seemed to be creeping to a destination that should only experience the touch of her mate. Nobody else.

Mine, his wolf growled in his head.

Gabe hadn’t realised he had stood and was moving toward the dance floor until Lisa slipped her arm through his.

“If you want to dance, you might need a partner,” she said.

“I have one.”

“Not yet you don’t. As far as I’m aware, she knows nothing about shifters. And this wedding isn’t the place to educate her on the subject,” Lisa warned.

“Fine, new plan. You distract Ellie while I kill the cat,” Gabe replied, watching as the feline in question continued to explore Ellie’s body with his paws.

“No can do, big brother. Ellie would be devastated if anything happened to Aden.” His sister’s comment elicited another growl from Gabe. “No, not like that. I have known Ellie for a couple of years now, and I have heard many things about him. They’re close, but not romantically.”

“So no killing, maybe just a little maiming instead,” Gabe said with a smile, his eyes never leaving his mate.

Watching the sensual way she moved to the music had his cock harder than he could ever remember it being. Her body swayed to and fro, hypnotising him, ensuring he would obey any command she gave. Her long wavy golden hair cascaded down her back, directing his eyes to the rounded hips, guaranteeing she could carry his pups safely.

That observation jolted him out of his drooling session. Up until this morning, he had had no plans of looking for his mate for another couple of years. Now that he had found her, his thoughts were filled with children. He hadn’t even spoken two words to Ellie and here he was filling the many bedrooms of his yet-to-be-built house with their children. He needed to slow his imagination down, and speed up the wooing.

“Here, cat, let’s swap partners,” Gabe said after pulling Lisa toward the dancing couple.

Gabe watched a silent communication take place between Ellie and the cat. He realised, in that moment, how true his sister’s statement was about their relationship. The cat refused to give her up until he received a nod from her. Gabe appreciated the cat’s protectiveness over Ellie, but he would soon have to learn that she didn’t need protection from him.

“Come on then, she-wolf, let’s show these people how to dance,” Aden said as he released Ellie into Gabe’s care.




Her eyes landed on his mouth and refused to move. Licking her lips, she began to wonder what it would be like to kiss him. His groan pulled her from her ponderings. She gave him a questioning look.

“You need to keep that tongue tucked away, otherwise I’ll find a more fun use for it,” he said, running his hands through his hair. “I’m trying to be a gentleman here, but you’re making it hard for me.”

“What if I don’t want you being a gentleman?” Ellie couldn’t believe she had just said that. She had never been so forward with a man.

Before she could consider her uncharacteristic behaviour, Gabe stepped closer, lowering his head toward hers. He paused just before their lips touched, and waited. She knew he was giving her a choice. She could either step away, denying them both undoubtable pleasure, or she could close the gap. It was a no-brainer, really.

Moving up on her tippy toes, she placed her lips onto his. That was all the invitation he needed. Pulling her firmly into his body, his mouth caressed hers. He may have given her the power to say no, but once the choice was made, he took control.

Her body had been on fire since the moment she had laid eyes on him. It had steadily grown in intensity until this moment, and now the man, who had been stoking the fire, causing it to burn uncontrollably, was taking his ever-loving time kissing her. She wanted it hard and fast, while he seemed content with slow and soft. Every time she tried to deepen the kiss, he would pull back slightly. With a frustrated growl that came out sounding more like a moan, she submitted herself to the pleasure he was offering.

As soon as that had happened, Gabe gave her exactly what she wanted. His tongue pushed through her lips, entwining with hers. Their tongues danced the ancient dance of lovers. Growing bolder, she ran her fingers through his soft hair, holding him to her. Being a wolf shifter, he had the strength to move out of her grip, but he seemed content to remain exactly where she held him. In fact, his hands mirrored hers. Surprisingly, being held captive by Gabe seemed to go straight to her pussy. She could feel her juices against her upper thigh, escaping her already soaked panties.

With that knowledge came more. He had, at some stage, moved them up against her house, his body protecting her from any nosy onlookers. He pressed into her, his hard cock cushioned in her soft stomach. It was then she became aware of his size. The word huge didn’t do it justice. Had her body not been in control of her actions, in that moment, her mind would have had her so fearful that he wouldn’t fit she would currently be running for the hills.

“Baby, we have to stop,” Gabe said, resting his forehead against hers.

“Why?” she asked in a haze.

Gabe laughed before replying, “Because we’re on your front porch. If we stay out here, your neighbours will get quite a show.”

“Then why don’t we take this inside?” she asked, offering him her house key, her newfound boldness giving her the courage to ask for what she wanted.

“Are you sure?”

Giving this moment the respect it deserved, she thought about Gabe’s question, and the possible changes that may follow. As soon as she had her answer, she looked directly into his eyes and replied, “I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life.”

Taking her keys, Gabe opened her front door. Stepping aside, he allowed her to enter before him. Placing her bag on the hall table, she heard the lock clicking into place. Before she had a chance to turn around, Gabe was at her back.

“I’m sorry, baby. I need you here and now. I promise to go slow once we make it to your bed.”

That was all the warning she got. She was spun around and lifted before Gabe’s mouth came down on hers, ravaging it. Instinctually, she wrapped her legs around his waist, moulding her body to his. She now had her back to the wall, which gave her the leverage to angle her hips up. Her pussy came in full contact with his denim-covered cock.

She was so lost in the savage way Gabe ate at her mouth, she hadn’t realised he had managed to work a hand in between their bodies until she heard material ripping. A cool breeze wafted over her now bare pussy. At the sound of a zip being undone, her pussy readied itself for the invasion by leaking some more juices.

She felt the thick head of Gabe’s cock bumping against her entrance. With no preliminaries, he slammed into her. She screamed. The pinch of pain quickly turned to pleasure as her muscles adjusted to his size. Being pinned against the wall, she was unable to move. She had to leave Gabe to work his magic, and magic was what it was. Every time he thrust forward, filling her completely, he hit her cervix. When he withdrew, his cock rubbed against her special spot. She was barely holding on. Then he growled the magical little words that had her exploding like a Fourth of July fire cracker.

“Come with me, mate.”

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