Trust in Me, Please! (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,713
5 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, werewolves, HEA]
When Jayde Summers helps an injured wolf, her life is thrown into turmoil. She is accused of murder by a pack of wolf shifters and chased out of town, only to be drawn back by an unknown power linked to her cloudy past. As she arrives back in town, a strange and powerful chain of events starts to unfold, including the truth behind her being abandoned as a baby.
When Micah Gray realises that the woman his pack thinks killed his sweet little sister is also the one woman destined to be his mate, he is furious, and he’s not afraid to show his disdain towards her.
He soon discovers her innocence and regrets his actions. He must now try to woo her and gain her trust, while fighting off a malevolent enemy determined to kill Jayde. When she is kidnapped, will he get to her in time?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Trust in Me, Please! (MF)
5 Ratings (4.6)

Trust in Me, Please! (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,713
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved this book. It had me hooked from page one. Well written and the main two characters are well developed with just enough tension and conflict to keep the plot moving. Micah is romantic and tough and Jayde is a tough lady who can take care of herself but also feminine enough to enjoy Micah's attention. I'll certainly be reading this one again and again.
Mardi Maxwell
Totally, totally loved this book. I just finished it but I'm going to read it again straight away! LOVED the characters, the tense stress at the start, the overall trust building - it's all brilliant!
Thanks to the author, Emma for writing it!




Jayde didn’t know how long she sat on the swing, crying. By the time her tear ducts had dried up, she was exhausted. She must have made it to her bed because the next thing she knew, she was being dragged from her nap by an incessant noise filling the room. Looking at the late hour displayed on her alarm clock, she decided it was announcing Doug and Jerome’s arrival for dinner.

Making her way to the front door where the gate intercom was situated, she grew anxious at what she saw on the screen. At her front gate stood several men, none of them she recognised. She spoke into the speaker in the calmest voice she could muster.

“Can I help you?”

It was then she saw the star of many of her nightmares over the last month, staring directly at the camera.

“Miss Summers, my name is Wyatt Gray. I was wondering if I might have a word.”

Deciding this was a conversation she needed to have in person, she said, “Could you hold on a moment?”

“Yes, of course.”

Instead of pressing the button to open the gate, giving them permission to enter her property, Jayde walked out to her car. When she arrived at the front gate, she was reminded once again of how large and intimidating these men were.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Gray?” she asked once she stood several steps from the gate.

“Is it possible for us to come in and talk for a minute?”

“Considering our last meeting, I really don’t think that’s a wise thing, do you?” As she spoke, she heard many low growls coming from the other men at the mention of the last time their paths had crossed. It spoke volumes to her. “I’m not sure if you remember you’re last words to me, Mr. Gray, but I certainly do.”

“For that, Miss Summers, allow me to apologise. You have to understand that you had just delivered my dead daughter to my doorstep. I was distraught. This meeting has nothing to do with that. In fact, from the information I have received, you’re the one my pack has been looking for. We have come to protect you.”

“So, you no longer suspect me of having a hand in your daughter’s death?” she asked, already suspecting otherwise.

While the words “No, I wouldn’t offer protection to anyone suspected of hurting my family” came out of the man’s mouth, his mind told another story. He presumed she was guilty until someone came along and proved her innocent.

“I see, and what about the rest of you. Do you feel the same way?” she asked the rest of the men surrounding Mr. Gray.

As she looked each one in the eye, they nodded but still she heard all the conflicting opinions in their minds. When her eyes fell upon the last man, her brain numbed while her hormones sprang to life. He was the most gorgeous creature she had ever laid eyes on. The instant attraction was almost animalistic. His dishevelled, dirty blond hair had her wondering if he had just rolled out of bed before coming to see her. The style somehow suited him. Her hormones had her picturing her hands fisted in his hair as their mouths devoured each other’s. She swallowed the moan threatening to escape her mouth.

Her hormonal rush came to a grinding halt when her brain recognised the only emotion present in his eyes. It was pure hatred. And it was aimed solely at her. She took a step back. If the sneer forming on his lips hadn’t confirmed her suspicions of his true feelings toward her, his thoughts certainly had.

Fucking Fates selecting this murderous bitch as my mate. Well, this is one claiming that won’t be taking place.

Even though she had no clue of who this guy was, or what he meant by “mate” or “claiming,” his words still seemed to cut her deeper than anyone else’s. Trying not to show her inexplicable hurt, she turned her attention back to the nominated speaker.

“Thank you, Mr. Gray, but at this time I’m going to decline your offer of protection.”

“May I ask why?” the man asked.

“She doesn’t trust you, I’m afraid, Wyatt,” Doug said from behind the group. “And to be quite honest, neither do I. Especially not when it comes to my niece’s life. You don’t have to be a mind reader to know you still hold Jayde responsible for Natasha’s death.”

“Doug, we have known each long enough to know that I honour my duties, and we are sworn to protect the baby she carries.”

“Yes, but not the mother, isn’t that right, Wyatt?” Doug asked before turning his attention to her. “Jayde, honey, why don’t you open the gate for me? I’ll get Jerome to drive me back to my car after dinner.”

Jayde trusted her uncle enough to do as he asked. Doug removed her shopping from his car that was parked on her verge and walked through the gate. He then turned his attention back onto Mr. Gray.

“Wyatt, I’ll warn you only once. Don’t try to enter this property without Jayde’s permission. It won’t be a pleasant experience,” Doug said before moving to her car.

Jayde took one last look at the wolf king before following Doug. The look he gave her told her all she needed to know. He wasn’t giving up on his duty, no matter how reluctant she was.




As soon as they pulled up to the front of her house, she crawled into his lap, unable to fight what her whole body now demanded of her. Her lips found his while her pussy went in search of its mate. She moaned into his mouth as her pussy came into contact with his hard cock. Without forethought, she began to rub herself against him, causing them both pleasure and frustration. The ecstasy she felt was like nothing she had ever felt before, but still her body wanted more. She knew it wouldn’t be satisfied until Micah was deeply seated within her.

Knowing what she needed, she pulled away from Micah’s lips. They were both panting heavily. Every nerve ending in her arms had come alive as Micah’s hand moved down them. He grabbed a hold of her hands and looked into her eyes. He seemed to be searching for something.

“Are you sure?” he asked. She nodded. “A mating is forever. I’ll never let you go after I claim you.”

At his warning she felt her head bobbing up and down more vigorously. Now she had made the decision to become Micah’s mate, she wanted nothing more than to move forward into their life together. Thankfully, Micah seemed to understand, and wanted the same thing. He yanked open the driver’s door and exited the truck, with her still in his arms. He all but ran to the front door, which she quickly unlocked. Slamming the door closed with his foot, Micah had her against the wall within seconds.

His lips found hers. Their tongues entwined in a frenzied battle for dominance. Micah, of course, won, and Jayde was rewarded with the sweet torture his tongue and lips delivered. She was so lost in the sensations, she didn’t realise they were moving until Micah tossed her onto the bed. Without thought, she reached for him. Her progress was cut short by what Micah did next.

She followed his hands as they moved toward his buttons. One by one, in slow torturous movements, he undid his shirt, revealing his gorgeous chest. Her mouth watered at the sight before her. Her tongue snuck out, licking her lips while her mind had her tracing the intricate design of the tattoo curling around both biceps.

“Damn, angel, you keep looking at me like that, and I won’t last long,” Micah said, his voice deeper than usual.

“Please, Micah, I need you,” she said, her need evident in her own voice.

“I know what you need, angel, but I have to be careful. I won’t take the chance of hurting either you or the baby,” came his frustrating reply.

“You won’t hurt us, Micah. Please,” she begged, reaching out her hand toward him.

Micah hurriedly removed the rest of his clothing and crawled onto the bed beside her. Deciding she was overdressed, Jayde attempted to lift her dress over her head. As soon as her breasts were free from the in-built bra, Micah’s mouth found them. The euphoric sensations had her struggling to concentrate. The dress bunched around her neck. Micah must have realised her dilemma. He released her breast long enough for her to get the dress over her head. Falling back onto her pillow, she just allowed herself to feel.

Micah positioned himself between her legs but didn’t give her what she wanted. Instead, he trailed kisses down her stomach. His destination became apparent. Her pussy wept in anticipation of what was to come. It wasn’t disappointed. Micah’s tongue teased her through her soaked panties. In frustration, her hands came down to remove the offending item, but she was stopped. Micah grabbed her wrists, lifting her arms over her head. He wrapped her fingers around the bed’s headboard.

With a short, hard kiss, he ordered, “Leave them there.”

Too lost in the promises his eyes held, Jayde found herself nodding. An action she regretted a few minutes later. Instead of returning to his previous position, Micah took the opportunity to kiss every inch of her body, neglecting the areas that required his immediate attention. He was currently driving her to despair as he kissed, licked, and nipped the underside of her breasts, but avoided her nipples. Every time she moved to force the issue, Micah would move to another part of her body. She was so hot and desperate that she wasn’t beyond begging, which was exactly what she did.

“Please, Micah, I need more.”

Before she knew what was happening, Micah’s mouth replaced the now shredded underwear. She lifted off the bed in an effort to get closer to his face. His tongue thrust into her welcoming pussy, mimicking what she hoped his cock would soon be doing. Just when she was about to fly from what promised to be the most exquisite orgasm she had ever had, Micah pulled his mouth from her pussy and began gently kissing her inner thigh.

“No,” she screamed in frustration.

Her frustration was short lived. Micah moved up her body, his eyes never leaving hers. Finally, he held himself over her.

“Last chance to back out, angel.”

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