Revenge & More (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,745
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Kim Morrison knows she has a few indulgences that cause tongues to wag, with her fondness for sexy 5” stiletto heels, wine, loud music, and hot guys—not in that order. 
She loves the single life. Monogamous relationships and happily ever after fairy tales belong in exactly that…fairy tales. Kim once made the mistake of falling in love, and she doesn’t plan on repeating it. But a girl’s gotta have male company and can’t rely solely on toys.
Millionaire land developer, Damon Black, arrives in Beechfield with one purpose. Revenge. From the moment he sees Kim, the woman who betrayed him, he is engulfed by memories he thought were long buried.
Determined to get vengeance, Damon sets on a course of destruction. As the passion re-ignites between them, Kim is convinced she can enjoy the mind-blowing sex without getting emotionally involved this time. 
But when the past collides with the present, Damon must re-evaluate everything. Will his hate cost him his love?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Revenge & More (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Revenge & More (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 66,745
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




After all the introductions had been made, everyone resumed their seats. Damon pulled out the chair next to the lawyer for Chantal and then sat down, right next to Kim. Way too close for comfort. Her entire body was on high alert at their proximity. She sat stiff in her chair, arms close to her side and legs crossed together so as not to touch him. Damon turned toward her, his gaze taking in her posture, his lips pressed into a thin line.

Kim was never one to back down from a challenge or let fear rule her. She straightened her spine and lifted her head higher under his scrutiny before giving him a cool glance back.

“How have you been, Kim? It’s been a long time.”

As she looked into his eyes, flecked with blue and grey, she was transported into the past. His voice, when he said her name, brought back so many memories. Her gaze involuntarily travelled to his lips as she recalled the feel of them covering hers. Her pulse raced and she struggled to keep her cool.

“I’m great. And you?”

“I read about your engagement in the paper shortly after I left town. Hubby at home tonight?”

Kim’s eyes widened in shock. Wow, he was going there, was he?

“Yes, actually he is,” she lied. It was none of his damn business and she was reluctant to admit she’d never married Robert or anyone for that matter. She had her pride. Damon had left, breaking her heart and betraying her, just like her parents warned her.

“Liar,” Damon whispered and smiled knowingly and Kim’s hand itched to wipe that smug smile from his face. “You never married.”

“If you know this, why are you asking?”

“Thought maybe you’d be truthful for once, but I guess it’s not in your nature.”

Kim stared back in shock and was about to blow a gasket when Chantal turned toward them, intent on joining in the conversation.

“A trait you’re familiar with, I’m sure,” she replied with a forced smile. “But at least I’m not a thief,” she retaliated softly so that only he heard.

Damon’s eyes narrowed but before he could add anything, she fixed her gaze on Chantal. “So, managing this place must keep you busy?”

Chantal laughed. “That’s an understatement.” Kim did her best to pay attention as Chantal went on about how much was involved in managing such a large and busy resort. She tried pretending Damon wasn’t sitting next to her and that he was just a stranger, but it was useless. Every nerve and cell in her body was aware of him. His gaze never left her face as the two women talked and the tension mounted within her creating a stress headache.

“Have you been in Beechfield long?” she asked when Chantal took a breath. The woman was certainly a talker. But she’d prefer to keep conversing with her than Damon.

“Only a few months actually. Damon moves me around a lot to different resorts so I never really get settled in one town.”

Kim’s eyes strayed to Damon in confusion, wondering why he would be moving Chantal around. Was he her boss? She knew the resort was owned by some large corporation and it surprised her that Damon got a corporate job. She had a hard time picturing the man she’d known in suits doing the daily corporate grind. He’d been incredibly sexy in jeans with faded T-shirts and his leather coat riding his motorcycle. But there was no denying his sex appeal in a suit either. Perhaps even more so because while he’d always had an air of defiance and cockiness, it was now replaced with a sense of power and dominance.

Damon regarded her with an amused expression and before she could ask anything more, the lawyer spoke up, his eyes gleaming.

“Are you staying in Beechfield long, Damon?”

Damon ignored him for a couple seconds, his attention still on Kim. His gaze seared her body as it travelled from her face down the line of her throat to her breasts. Her skin turned pink all over from the heated look in his eyes. Much to her relief, he finally switched his attentions to the lawyer.

“I’m not sure exactly how long. Depends on how my business here goes.” He glanced back at Kim as if she was the business he needed to deal with.

“Perhaps we can get out on the golf course. I have some business I’d love to discuss with you.”

“I’m sorry, but my schedule is jam packed,” Damon responded coolly and the lawyer’s smile faltered.

Conversation lulled as wait staff began serving the first course and pouring more wine. Kim said very little through dinner but was constantly aware of Damon’s presence. His arm brushed hers as he adjusted his napkin over his lap and electric currents ran up her spine. In all the years that had passed, no one had ever flustered her like Damon and time hadn’t lessened the effect he had on her.

Kim picked at her food as she sat in a muddled state. Conversation swarmed around her but she barely registered the sounds. Just about everyone at the table seemed to be competing for Damon’s attention, hanging on to his every word.

“Is there something wrong with the food?” Damon’s voice broke through her thoughts. She glanced up at him as she unconsciously pushed food around her plate.

Everyone seemed to stop eating, focusing on her as Damon frowned.

“The food is fine. I’m just not very hungry.”

She put her fork down. There was no use trying to keep the appearance of eating since Damon had centered everyone’s attention to her.




“I can’t take any more torture,” he whispered against her neck, dropping kisses along the way. “I need to touch you, taste you, and God, do I need to fuck you.”

“Umm, dinner?” she asked, personally not giving a shit about eating. The only thing she was hungry for was him.

“I’m starting with dessert,” he replied in a hoarse voice before lifting the hem of her shirt and yanking it over her head. His eyes gleamed with appreciation when he saw her bare breasts and wasted no time, closing his mouth over one nipple. Jolts of tingling sensations shot from her breasts straight to her pussy, and her hands grasped at his hair for support.

“Damon,” she gasped. “We should talk first.” Kim knew she should make sure he understood this was about sex and nothing more. She liked to be clear about her expectations so no one got any ideas. Especially with Damon. It wasn’t like they were going to resume their relationship from years ago. Not after their history.

But even as she said the words, her body betrayed her. Instead of pushing him away, she arched her back, jutting her breasts into his open mouth.

Returning to her mouth, he nipped gently at her bottom lip before replying, “Later. I can’t think straight when I’m this hard for you.”

Thinking about his cock only increased the deep pulsing in her clit. She drew his bottom lip into her mouth and sucked while her hands travelled down the length of his back to his ass.

“How hard is that?” she asked playfully, moving one hand to the front of his jeans and laying her palm flat against his erection.

Oh my…she’d forgotten how big he was. She bit the inside corner of her mouth and smiled up at him as she cupped him through his jeans.

Damon closed his eyes and thrust into her hand with a groan. “Painfully hard,” he muttered.

Kim gave him a small shove and squatted down so she was directly in front of it. Damon stared down at her, and she could see the veins in his neck as she undid his pants, yanking them lower on his hips until his cock sprang free. Keeping her eyes on him, she traced her fingertips along the shaft, rubbing the head against her mouth which left a glistening trail of pre-cum across her bottom lip. She could see the movement on the side of his jaw indicating he was gritting his teeth and smiled, finally wrapping her hand around the base.

Her mouth watered in anticipation as she looked down at her prize and stroked her hand up his length. As much as she wanted to suck him from root to tip, she also wanted to savor this. She licked at the slit, still slowly moving her hand up and down his shaft. Then she ran her tongue around the swollen head, looking back up at Damon.

He gripped the counter on each side, leaning forward, watching her intently while trying to get more of his cock into her mouth. She opened her mouth, their eyes locked on one another and Damon accepted the invitation and drove in with a curse. Kim wrapped her lips around him, relishing the feel of soft skin and hard like steel in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the tip as she sucked.

Damon’s breathing grew ragged as he continued to fuck her mouth. Kim’s breasts were heavy and swollen with arousal, her clit throbbing at every thrust of his cock. She rotated her hips, moaning around his cock when the seam of her jeans rubbed the sensitive flesh.

Damon uttered another curse and took a step back, lifting her from her squatting position. He ran his thumb over her lip. “God, I’ve missed those pretty lips wrapped around my cock,” he said in a ragged tone. “But what I miss even more is the taste of your sweet pussy.”

Damon cupped her sex with just the right amount of pressure on the seam of her jeans, sending bolts of pleasure through her. She drew in a sharp breath and wiggled against his hand, wanting more.

He unzipped her jeans and together they quickly pulled them off. His eyes gleamed appreciatively over her as she stood naked in front him, having forgone panties. Holding only her hand, he paused, drinking in the sight of her. “You are so beautiful, even more than I remember.”

I could say the same about you.

Damon dropped to his knees and lifted her leg, wrapping it around his neck. Holding her breath, she watched him, desperate for his touch. He moved closer, dropping a kiss against her swollen lips. As soon as his tongue touched her, she came undone, panting and moaning.

“Damon,” she cried, holding on to his head, feeling her knees go weak as he licked and sucked at her clit. After years of dreaming of him and the sexual tension between them the last couple of nights, the reality was too much. Kim’s entire body was rigid as she fought against the orgasm rushing to the surface.

Oh sweet Jesus. She could not come after five seconds. She had to make the exquisite torture last.

But as his tongue swirled around the swollen flesh again, she began losing the battle. “I–I can’t hold back,” she panted. “Damon, stop.”

Her legs trembled and she gripped his hair tightly, closing her eyes as her moans filled the room. Damon sucked harder, adding just the right amount of pressure and Kim cried out. Just as she was about to reach the point of no return, he stopped.

Her eyes flew open, still holding his head and trying to steer him back toward her pussy. Fuck, she was just about to come. He gave her a naughty grin, his face millimeters from where she ached.

“You said stop,” he said, feigning innocence, before ever so softly flicking his tongue against her.

Kim let out a breathy sigh. “I said don’t stop,” she replied, arching toward him.

Keeping his eyes on her, he licked again. “I’m sure I heard stop.”

She shook her head vigorously. “No, no, no. Please don’t stop.”

Another lick. “Stop.” Another tortuous slow lick. “Don’t stop.” A swirl of his tongue. “Which one is it, Kim?”

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