Together Forever (MF)

The Andersons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,705
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, with paranormal elements]

Detective Ross Anderson has been in love with his close friend Jessica Ferris for as long as he can remember. Now working with the sassy and beautiful PI, he has the chance to have her in his life and in his bed. He wants to prove to her that he’s the man for her and that they will be together forever.

Jessica shares the sentiment because she, too, loves Ross to the point of eternity. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan after she agrees to become his wife. Not only has Jessica got a family secret she’s desperate to keep under wraps, but the death of a narcotics dealer unleashes holy hell with a ride around New York in a garbage truck and a shootout with a ghost who’s not impressed with the hole in the head that Ross dealt him.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Together Forever (MF)
2 Ratings (3.5)

Together Forever (MF)

The Andersons 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,705
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 KISSES: "Jessica Ferris owns Magnum Investigations; her best friend is Ross Anderson, a detective. When Jessica kisses Ross as part of an assignment, she realizes she’s mentally crossed the line from being friends to wanting more. Will stepping over the line ruin their friendship? Ross has always wanted to be more than just friends with Jessica. When they kiss, Ross realizes that he finally has a chance to show her how he really feels. He wants her in his bed and in his life permanently. When a case Jessica is working on makes her the target of some very bad men, it’s Ross who will have to protect the woman he loves. Together Forever by Marie Jermy is the first book in The Andersons series and is a sweet read. I liked Ross and Jessica’s friendship; it really shines through the story. Ross is a strong man who has worked hard to get where he is in life; he loves as hard as he works. He’s always wanted Jessica but never thought she would think of him as anything but a friend. Jessica never thought of Ross as more than a friend until they kissed, then she wonders what has taken her so long to see what her best friend could be in her life and that they can be together. The warmth and friendship between these two just makes the loving between them that much hotter to read. I liked these best friends finding their Happily Ever After. That is, if Jessica trying to prove she is the best PI around doesn’t get her killed before they can get to the altar!" -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews

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Story Excerpt


Jessica recovered first. Ross’s head was buried in her neck, his body lying heavily over hers. Broiled from his body heat and breath, she tangled her fingers in the moist hair at the back of his neck and gently tugged him. He groaned and nestled closer. She tugged harder. She got no response so moved her fingers down and scraped her nails across his dewy shoulders, almost drawing blood. That got a response. He yelped and drew back sharply.

“What the hell was that for?”

“I was hot. You were heavy. And I wanted you to move.”

“Couldn’t you have just asked?”

She trailed her fingers through the whorls of moist chest hair. “I would have done that, but I got the impression you were still cavorting with the little green men on Mars.”

“You’re a regular riot.”

“I know. Now move. Or I’ll start plucking you like a chicken.”

Ross moved swiftly from the bed and into the bathroom. Jessica laughed. He laughed along with her as he stood in front of the mirror, staring at his reflection. He looked like he had been spit roasted. He splashed cold water over himself to cool off then turned his attention to his cock. It was throbbing. But not in an unpleasant way. It was throbbing because he’d just had the most incredible sex, ever. And the orgasm…Well, the blow-job orgasm had been damned good, but the one that followed with his cock buried in her pussy had been intergalactic.

Flicking the light off, Ross left the bathroom and entered the bedroom. Jessica was curled up under the sheets, her long hair fanned over the pillow, her eyes closed. So much for spending the night pleasuring her. He quashed the pang of disappointment and climbed in behind her, sliding his arms around her waist.

Only she wasn’t asleep, because she turned around and kissed him on the mouth. He let her kiss him, loving the gentle caress of her lips, the softness of her tongue, her sweet breath flowing through him, before drawing back.

Light from the streetlamp outside filtered through the closed blinds, making it possible for him to see the amber flecks in her deep-blue eyes were glowing. His heart went haywire as a new rush of blood hardened his cock. This time, however, he quashed the desire to make love to her again. She’d looked weary before, but now, struggling to keep her eyes open, she looked exhausted. Still, it didn’t stop him from opening his mouth. “Marry me, Jess.”

Her eyes widened, and her jaw slackened. “I beg your pardon?”

“I’ve known you all my life,” he said, his voice roughened by emotion. “I’ve been in love with you all my life. And now, I want you as my wife for the rest of my life. Marry me.”

“I’ll have to think about it.”

“Take your time. I’m willing to wait.”


He frowned slightly. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, I’ll marry you.”

“That was quick.”

“Well, why wait?”

Ross drew Jessica’s head to his chest. Why wait, indeed.


Adult Excerpt


Oh shit, he was in trouble, Ross thought as Jessica straddled him. Both hands braced for support, she gave him a quick kiss on the mouth then, inch by inch, nipped, licked, sucked, and kissed all the way down his body to his feet, deliberately bypassing his cock.

“Tease,” Ross accused as Jessica again bypassed his cock on her upward journey.

“Start moaning and I’ll stop teasing.”

She rolled her eyes when he thrashed his head from side to side and moaned, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” aloud. He grinned. “How’s that?”

“Very funny.”

“Believe me, Jess, you wrap that beautiful mouth of yours around my cock and the little green men on Mars will hear my moans.”

“Do you believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy, too?”

“Now who’s being funny? Ohhhh,” he moaned when she twirled her tongue over the engorged head of his cock, lapping up the drops of pre-cum that had accumulated in the slit.

Ross’s moans got progressively louder as Jessica first nibbled up and down his rigid cock then traced the same path, this time with the tip of her tongue before licking the head as if he were a lollipop.

She drew back slightly. “My, my, you are vocal, aren’t you?”

“You ain’t heard nothing yet.”

She smiled as she circled one hand around the base of his cock and palmed his balls in the other, rolling them gently. He moaned softly, but when she wrapped her lips around him and sucked him to the back of her throat, his moan was loud enough to wake the dead.

Jessica’s deep sucking and ball-rolling actions drove Ross all the way to the edge of insanity, and he began thrashing his head from side to side for real. Not being able to take the exquisite torture anymore, he placed a hand in her hair and gently tugged her off him. “Please, Jess, I’m gonna shoot if you don’t stop.”

“Don’t you want to come in my mouth?”

“Well, yeah, you know I do, but—”

“But nothing. Shoot your load in my mouth, Ross.”

Her soft command had him groaning and tugging her back onto his cock. Holding her hair away from her face, he watched as she took him into her mouth. He felt her relax her throat, and then his cock slid deeper. She met his gaze and started to suck, and oh, fuck, he was coming! His hands holding Jessica’s head steady, he closed his eyes and shot his cum down her throat.

His hands flopped to the bed, and his body felt relaxed and loose. His breathing evened out, and his heart slowed to a more manageable beat. While Ross lay there, Jessica made sounds of approval that made him smile. Then he realized she was moving her head back and forth. He opened his eyes. Jessica was eating his cock, wrapping her hot lips around him, sucking him deep into that equally hot mouth of hers, and making him harder than what he had been before.

“That’s it, Jess,” he encouraged. “Make me hard again. I want to stick a condom on my cock and then stick my cock inside you.”

She waggled her brows in amusement and then slowly released his cock from her mouth. It glistened from her saliva. “Condoms?”

He reached a long arm out towards the drawer of his bedside cabinet. Frustratingly, his fingertips were mere millimeters away.

“Here, let me,” Jessica offered, moving up over him until her thighs rested on either side of his head. He was treated to the erotic sight of her cum-drenched pussy hole. Her cum scent was intoxicating, and though Ross had already sampled her, he knew he had to taste her again. He heard her open the drawer and remove a condom from the box inside. However, before she tore the packet open, he reached for a pillow and shoved it under his head, raising him higher so that his nose butted her clit.

Then, he subjected her pussy hole to a vigorous tonguing, inserting it as far as he could. She cried out and tried to wriggle away, but he held her hips steady with his hands.

“Oh, God, Ross. I’m coming!”

Ross didn’t need for Jessica to tell him that as he could feel it. Her whole body shook, and her pussy hole quivered around his tongue. He greedily lapped at her cum, again not wanting to stop, but Jessica jerked her hips free from his hands.

“Move,” she croaked before collapsing facedown on the bed. Luckily, he was a quick mover.

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