The Alluring Billionaire Country Doctor (MF)

Wives for the Western Billionaires 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,674
11 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA]

Randolph Brodie had planned his whole life, and then he went in another direction to become a country doctor. He loved the work. But his fiancée refused to consider living in a small town. Rand questioned his feelings for her. He found it too easy to go without her. Now he's looking forward to being free of any commitments.

Then he meets Marian Gaenor. She wants a husband, a home, and family. When they meet for the second time, they both realize the spark is there and they can't ignore it. But Rand wants to have fun and Marian wants more. Rand's receptionist gets sick and Marian fills in. They're thrown together in a different setting, and Rand is impressed with her work. But Rand's friend keeps reminding him to play the field. After Marian leaves without telling him, Rand fears he's let the best thing in his life go.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Paige Cameron is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Alluring Billionaire Country Doctor (MF)
11 Ratings (4.3)

The Alluring Billionaire Country Doctor (MF)

Wives for the Western Billionaires 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,674
11 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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An hour later, Chelsea was at her door. “I’m here.” Her arms were full of a large pizza box and a cake box. “I saw a cake place. The cabbie agreeably stopped.”

“Wow, I’m shocked and pleased. This is my best birthday in years. Come on in.” Marian took the cake box, and they walked into her tiny kitchen. She opened the lid. “‘Happy birthday to my best friend.’ Ah, thanks.” She hugged Chelsea, trying to hide her tearful eyes.

“Are you OK? I don’t think I’ve seen you cry except at sad movies.”

“It’s nothing. Well, it is something. I’m thirty-one. My clock is definitely winding down.”

“Come to Montana. There’s lots of handsome cowboys around. You’d have them fighting over you.”

“I’d settle for one. I’m not greedy. One good man. That doesn’t sound like too much to ask for. Let’s carry our food into the living room. Then you can tell me how you got off for a night without your husband.”

They sat around the low living room table and ate pizza. Marian handed Chelsea her wineglass. “I can’t drink wine. Water will be fine.”

“No wine?”

Chelsea smiled. “No. I’m pregnant.”

Marian ran around the table and hugged her. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m more tired than usual. But we’re so happy. We wanted to begin our family right away. Dirk is bursting with pride.”

“How about you?”

“Me, too. I’d be more scared, but we’ve had some experience with Ty and Lily’s baby. Dirk will be a wonderful daddy. And I’m getting more confident about my skills as a momma. I’m going to drive Lily crazy asking questions.”

“I’m so happy for the two of you.”

“Thanks. But I hate seeing you so down about yourself and about not having a husband and baby. You’ll find the right person. I know it.” Chelsea took a bit of her pizza. “I do love these evenings of pizza and talking. Wait, I know just the guy for you. If he wasn’t engaged. Dirk’s brother, Rand, and you would be the perfect match.” She waved her hand before Marian could speak. “The good news is I think the engagement will end soon. He’s moved to Montana to be a country doctor. His fiancée isn’t happy. She’s made two short visits since he’s been there.”

“I remember him from your wedding.” And I haven’t been able to forget him. “He’s a handsome man. But I can’t wish for someone to break up. And there’s no guarantee he’d even be interested in me if he was free.”

“You really are down. I think you’re ready to hear my suggestion.”

“What is it?” Marian asked.

“You always have lots of vacation saved. Come for a long visit. Dirk has a small cabin he lived in until our house was built. You can stay there and have your privacy. We can visit every day. I’ll show you around and introduce you to some cowboys.” Chelsea grinned.

“The offer is tempting. I have six weeks saved.” Marian took another sip of her wine. Chelsea ate another piece of pizza while Marian thought about taking a vacation.

“I’ll do it.” She jumped up and got a calendar. “Let’s see. If I put in for the month off on Monday, then my boss will have plenty of time to get over his snit before I leave. I’ll plan on arriving on Saturday, two weeks from now.”

“This is great. On that Sunday we’re all going to see Dirk’s mom. You’ll get to meet the clan, as I call them. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to convince you to take me up on my offer.”

“You caught me in a weakened state, depressed and tired. I need a break. Of course the boss will holler, but I’ll shout back.” She laughed. “This calls for a shopping trip. More fun. Chelsea, you’re my best friend. I’m so lucky to have you. But don’t forget the hunky men, or I’ll put you down to second-best friend.”

“I knew you couldn’t stay sad for longer than a second,” Chelsea said. “I suppose I’m sleeping on this couch tonight.”

“No way. You’re a pregnant lady. You get the bed.”

“I was teasing.”

“I wasn’t. But let’s not go to sleep yet,” Marian said. “There must be a good horror flick on.” She turned on the television and went to pop the popcorn.


* * * *


Two weeks later, as planned, Marian got off the plane and looked around for Chelsea. It was a small airport, and there weren’t many people waiting. She’d started toward the baggage area when a tall cowboy came striding in the door. He had on a light-tan cowboy hat, gray shirt, and jeans that hugged his slim hips and long legs. It took her a second to realize it was Rand headed in her direction.

“Marian, welcome to Montana.”


When he swept his hat off and gave her his lopsided, dimpled grin, her heart fluttered. “I hope you don’t mind me picking you up. Chelsea called and said she was having a difficult morning. I told her I’d be glad to take her place.”

He glanced around. “We’d better get your luggage. I could get beeped at any moment.”

Marian had to take quick double steps to his one as he strode off to the luggage area. There were only a few bags left on the rotating belt.

“Mine’s the two red ones.” He raised an eyebrow and gave her that heart-stopping smile. “Bright red, so you can’t miss them. I often have periods of flamboyancy. I’ve been known to dye my hair pink, dress in red, and wear platform shoes.”

“In red I suppose?” he spoke dryly.

“Oh my, no. Far too much red. They were in pink to match my hair.”

Rand studied her for a moment and then laughed out loud. Several people looked their way, but it didn’t seem to bother him. Still chuckling, he grabbed her bags and led the way outside to the parking lot.

“My truck is the black one.” He nodded his head to the right.

Marian followed him. She was quite enjoying herself, more than she had in a long time. He opened her door, and she swung up into the big monster.

Rand put the cases in the backseat. He opened the driver’s side and got in. Soon they were on a two-lane highway. He’d slipped on dark glasses and gone quiet.

“Why do men have to have such huge vehicles? I think it must be a sexual thing. ‘Look at me. Mine’s bigger and better than yours.’” She heard a choking noise. “Are you all right?”




Marian opened the front door, and Rand followed, carrying the pizza. On the table was a chocolate cake, a tall pitcher of iced tea, and an unlit candle. A small note read, “Have Fun.”

Rand put the pizza on the counter, and Marian stuck the tea in the fridge. They looked at each other. She wet her lips, and Rand’s eyes darkened.

“I suppose we must be civilized and eat first. The pizza is hot. But then I’m not very hungry.” He walked toward her. “What do you think?” he asked as he reached her. “Shall we start with dessert?” His fingers undid her first button. “Perhaps if we took care of this other hunger first, we might be more ready to eat.”

Rising on her tiptoes, Marian brushed her lips across his sensual mouth. Her breasts touched his hard chest. “Rand, I do like your idea.”

He scooped her into his arms and took long strides into the one bedroom. Rand let her body slide against his until her feet touched the carpet. His fingers ran through her hair, and he sniffed her hair and neck.

“I love your fragrance. Light, sweet, alluring to a starving man.”

His lips on her neck sent heat down her body, settling in her core. Had it only been yesterday that she’d resolved not to get involved with him? But he was temptation walking around inside long, lean legs, a muscular body, and a smile that melted all resistance. He’d woken something inside her at the wedding, and the feeling had increased by the hour since her arrival.

Her fingers traced around his dark eyebrows, across the line of his nose, and brushed over his sexy lips. Her body bent into his, and his hard cock pressed into her abdomen.

Rand nuzzled her neck. He kissed the sensitive spot behind her ear. She leaned her head back, giving him greater access. Shivers of delight zipped along her body.

“Let’s get rid of these clothes.” Rand finished unbuttoning her blouse then unfastened her bra. He threw both items toward a chair.

When his warm hands cupped her breasts, Marian moaned. He kissed each rosy nipple. His teeth teased the tips.

Desire surged like a wildfire out of control. She unsnapped his shirt and let it fall. Her hands ran across his wide chest. Soft brown hair arrowed down to below his belt buckle. She took her time kissing his chest and rubbing her fingertips across his nipples. His fingers ran through her hair as she touched him.

She continued downward, kissing all along his hard six-pack. Then she undid his buckle and unzipped his jeans. Marian gasped as his firm, smooth cock almost jumped into her hand. The pearl of salty essence gleamed on the crown of his dick. Rand groaned when she licked it off.

He sat on the side of the bed. Marian licked across the crown again before taking him deep into her mouth. Her hand gently held his balls while she moved her head up and down. Her tongue licked along the bottom of his cock and around, but then Rand stopped her.

“We’re going to take it slow and easy. Any more of that wonderful attention and I’ll be through.” He removed his boots and pushed his jeans the rest of the way off. From one of his jeans pockets he pulled out a condom and sheathed his dick.

Marian had sat on the bed. She admired his naked, tall, muscular body, wide shoulders, and chest tapering down to a flat stomach, lean hips, and long legs. He stepped in front of her.

“Like what you see?”

She reached out and ran her hands down his legs and then back up. Her fingers traced around his cock. Her breath blew across the crown. Rand lifted her to the center of the bed.

“I want to see your whole body.” He unsnapped her jeans and, in one move, pulled them and her panties down. He stopped to yank her boots off and then the pants.

Feeling vulnerable, Marian put her hands across her body. Rand pulled them away.

“Surely you’re not bashful.”

His lopsided smile had her heart racing and her pussy clenching tight. “A little shy. Everyone who lives in New York is not one of the party girls.”

Rand had been straddling her, and now he moved to her side. “Is that how you think I see you?”

She swallowed around a lump in her throat. “You ended your engagement yesterday. I doubt you’re looking for another serious relationship. It’s all right. I decided last night I want to make love with you.”

“Then I don’t have to stop?”

“Absolutely not.” She rose up and kissed his mouth. “I’m ready for my dessert.” Why get into a deep conversation right in the middle of what promised to be the best sex she’d had in years? But his comment had almost brought it all spilling out.

This was the last short-term relationship for her. She wanted to find someone who had the same dream as hers, a family and a home.

Rand’s mouth covered her breast and sucked, bringing her full attention back to him. He teased her other nipple with his fingers. Desire shot straight to her core, making her pussy ache for him to fill her. She moved restlessly.

He sat back and grinned at her. “What a feast. I love your lush curves and those soft, sweet breasts.” His hands roamed along the sides of her body. Leaning forward, he whispered, “You are one hot lady.”

Marian was sure her whole body flushed. He slid farther down and breathed in the scent of her wet curls covering her pussy. She’d hoped he’d thrust his hard cock into her, but he continued moving down her body. He kissed the inside of her leg and the sensitive area behind her knee. When he got to her feet, he caressed each one. His leisurely exploration increased her craving to have him deep inside her pussy.

“Take me,” she said, hoping to encourage him to move faster.

“This is our first time. I’m going to be sure it’s memorable.”


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