Curiously Curious (MF)

Mackenzie Dominants 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,253
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic African American Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Imani Stuart is a thirty-year-old secretary with what she feels is a cushy job. She has the hours she loves, the pay is top notch, and when the days are slow she is content to fantasize about her sexy boss Mac to pass away the time…until she stumbles upon a curious find within his desk drawer, a find that blurs the lines between private longings and untold desires.

Jonathan “Mac” Mackenzie is a man that knows what he wants and gets it. At thirty-three, he seems to have it all. When he sets his sights on his hot little secretary, he knows he wants to be more than just her boss. Despite his charm, good looks, and success, one part of his life, a hidden lifestyle, threatens to unhinge the perfect working relationship. Can they each find what they truly desire, or will the journey ruin the friendship they hold dear?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Curiously Curious (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Curiously Curious (MF)

Mackenzie Dominants 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,253
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I liked this story and the way Mac played with Imani.



Imani Stuart drummed her fingers on her desk. Ten minutes later she tapped her pencil upon her notepad. I hate slow days. No phones ringing, no leasing agreements to log in or invoices to sign. Even Mac, her boss, had yet to put in an appearance. Jonathan Mackenzie, who was called Mac by everyone, was the owner of Mackenzie Truck Rental and Leasing. Imani was his receptionist, secretary, office assistant, shipping and receiving clerk, data entry specialist—in short his sole employee. He owned a very successful leasing company that leased large trucks to independent vendors that needed to haul freight.

She had no complaints about her job. It paid the rent, kept her fed, and supported her shoe fetish. She pretty much ran the office, being the sole employee, and flextime was a given. Sighing, she checked the clock hanging above the water cooler again and drummed her manicured fingers aimlessly. Boredom was not her thing. She searched her desk for work left undone and, finding none, sighed once more then began to nibble on the end of a pencil.

It was during lulls such as this that she often drifted off into that hazy place where her daydreams became hot fantasies. When work was slow, her very vivid imagination often led her to indulge in hot, torrid fantasies that included herself and her boss Mac. She literally scripted out each encounter. Imani’s fantasies would definitely be considered NSFW, not safe for the workplace. Too often, her fantasies were so erotically charged, she found she needed to have her vibrator on standby!

Staring off into space, she called to her mind’s eye her latest imaginings:

She pictured herself alone in the office. The air conditioning was on the blink and she sat fanning herself upon her desk, wearing a dress that was clearly not office attire. It was a sheer number, the neck line plunging dangerously low, exposing the swells of her full breasts. That was when Mac would enter shirtless, his skin glistening, clad in tight, crotch-hugging jeans. He’d bring her a cool drink, running the cold glass against her fevered skin. He’d next pluck a cube of ice from it, placing the ice between his full lips. Before long he’d trail his mouth, now cold and wet, along her jawline, then down the column of her neck.

His hands would cup her breasts, his thumbs teasing her nipples into hardened, tight peaks. “I’ve been waiting for you.” She thought that she’d say something sultry like that.

“Well, your wait is over,” she imagined Mac would in turn reply, before lifting her long legs about his shoulders as he dropped to kneel before her, kissing along the length of her inner thighs as he made her way toward her silken, wet core…

Imani allowed her latest fantasy to fill up the solitary moments in the office, growing aroused with each passing second. Before long her fantasy became less poetic and more primal. She wanted something so decadent that she only allowed herself the thoughts during her fantasy time. No matter how her fantasies started they almost always ended with the ultimate guilty pleasure, something she longed for with all her heart. Her secret longing included Mac and his very large, callused hands. One hand would grip her long, soft hair, holding her dominantly as she lay splayed across his firm thighs, and the other hand would repeatedly slap against her bare ass.

Imani longed for Mac to give her a spanking.

She shivered slightly as the familiar pool of warmth began to fan out into a dull ache inside her. Imani fantasized quite often about Mac spanking her. She had never understood why she desired it, but there it was. She craved to be spanked then fucked thoroughly by her boss. Mac never made any overtures in her direction outside of being polite and friendly, despite the fact that she’d worked for him close to three years now.

She would catch him gazing in her direction on occasion. He would look from inside his office through the large glass window that lined the outside wall. That window allowed him to see into the main rental area, where she sat out front to greet the potential clients. Whenever she would catch him gazing out of it in her direction, he’d always give her his trademark slow grin before turning away.

Mac, as men went, was ruggedly handsome—wide shoulders, narrow hips, with an ass you could bounce quarters off of. He preferred his face clean-shaven, as well as his head. His smooth, rich mocha skin added to the total package. Imani squirmed a bit in her seat. Her body’s reaction to his appearance was unmistakable. When she thought of those large, mahogany hands making contact upon her bare ass, a sharp contrast to her fairer caramel-hued skin, it caused her to bolt up out of her seat and head for the water cooler.

As she gulped down crisp, cold water from a paper cone, she thought about his voice, so deep it rivaled that of Barry White. When Mac spoke, he commanded such respect from those around him. She enjoyed fantasizing about him speaking to her in that rich baritone close to her ear. His voice alone gave her goose bumps.




“Oh no, kitten, there’s no tapping out in this match. You’ll come when I tell you to, or you’ll be punished for disobedience!” he ground out, then aimed the pulsating showerhead back between her legs, watching as she rocked back and forth, fucking the water and sobbing in pleasure.

She was not going to hold out much longer. “Come for me, Imani. Let me see you come, baby!” he commanded.

“Yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Oh yes, yes…Sir!” Imani’s body fell apart. Her orgasm slammed her hard and gripped her in wave after wave of heated pleasure. Spent and unable to do anything else, she remained prone, her quivering body sated for now as she moaned and sucked her fingers.

Mac replaced the showerhead then reached down, turning her to face him. Her cheeks were completely flushed from her release and her breasts heaved erratically.

“Touch your pussy, kitten, and offer me your cream.”

Imani shakily placed her hand between her trembling thighs upon her cum-soaked pussy, the folds still tingling and sensitive, and dipped her finger inside, whimpering as she coated her fingers then lifted her hand, palm up with her offering. Mac took her fingers into his mouth and sucked them clean, and Imani damn near came again.

He fisted his hand in her hair, which had come undone from the braid and was now hanging in wet waves. The sight of her, naked, sated, and kneeling in front of him, had his primal nature roaring.

Imani’s eyes, however, could not hold his gaze. Her attention was on his engorged cock and she licked her lips.

“Don’t be afraid to ask me for what you want, baby girl,” he coaxed.

“Sir, may I kiss you there? May I take your cock inside my mouth and lick you like a lollipop?” she asked, now too far gone to be subtle.

Mac’s chuckle was sinister. “Oh yes, kitten, you may do just that.”

Imani grasped his turgid cock and wrapped her lips around the dampened head and began to lavish his cock with her brand of special attention. Never in her life had she’d been taken to this height of sexual bliss before. She’d never been so turned on as she was in this moment, kneeling upon the floor of Mac’s shower, her lips wrapped around his massive cock, tasting and teasing him to distraction.

The play of the color contrast of their skin added another dimension to her senses. His deep, dark cock was playing hide-and-seek between her lips as she skillfully licked and sucked him. She could feel him slightly tugging and fisting the wet strands of her hair while his hips pumped, fucking her mouth. A few times she gagged when his cock hit the back of her throat, but she was determined to give to him all the pleasure she was capable of.

Mac, still ever the tutor, grabbed the base of his cock and withdrew from her greedy little mouth. He was dangerously close to coming. He spanked his cock across her waiting lips, teasing her. Imani had placed her palms upon his corded thighs for balance, opening her mouth like a hungry little bird.

“You want my dick back in your mouth, kitten?” Mac teased.

“Yes, Sir, you know that I do!” she whimpered, eyes bright with her arousal.

“I have someplace else in mind, kitten. Stand up,” he ordered.

Imani rose to her feet. Mac grabbed her around her waist, lifting her, and in one smooth stroke impaled her upon hard cock.

“Oh, God, Sir!” she cried out, his girth stretching her resistant inner muscles. Her vibrator wasn’t half as long or as wide as Mac’s cock. She clung to him as her body adjusted to the snug fit. “Oh you feel so good, Sir. Fuck me please!” she cried out, lost in pleasure.

Mac growled as he pulled out then plunged in, finding his rhythm as he fucked her. How many times had he envisioned doing this, fucking her with her long legs wrapped around his waist, her back pressed against his shower wall. He was now housed completely within the tight depths of her pussy, his cock becoming coated with her cream as he pounded his way inside her.

“Whose pussy is this? Whose!” he demanded as he fucked her without mercy, his balls like a pendulum slapping against her pussy with each powerful stroke.

“It’s your pussy, Sir, all yours!”


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