Gypsy Ink Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 8,000
11 Ratings (4.4)

Welcome to Purgatory! A club for every fetish…

Katie has a fetish for rope and she’s had her eye on riggers Leo and Quinn for quite some time. Week after week she goes to the club and watches them tie up women from afar, while she imagines their rough rope against her own skin.

Now the two hunky men have decided to make their move. But is plus-sized Katie ready to turn her fantasies into reality?

This book was previously titled Rope Dreams.

11 Ratings (4.4)


Gypsy Ink Books

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 8,000
11 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Mina Carter
a big twist, was shocked in a great way. after shock i laughed my butt off. hope this author spins this into a second book. would buy it in a second.
Professional Reviews

“I loved this story. Once I opened the file and began reading, I found myself unable to stop until I reached those two magic words: The End. Ms. Gayle has made her characters three-dimensional, turned them into real people, and I found myself identifying with Katie in many ways. It seemed as though I was there, alongside Katie; seeing what she was seeing, and feeling everything with her. I wanted to be there, in Purgatory; and wanted to experience all of the sensations with her.

Not only would I be willing to read this story again, I intend to do so, several times. This is one of those books that will forever stay in the “To Be Read” file. As a matter of fact, I actually read it three time before I wrote this review. I intend to recommend this book to many of my friends, and when I do so, I will be quite vocal about just how much I liked it…”
- Alyna, The Romance Studio

“Eliza Gayle did a great job of building the excitement and passion to soaring heights with smooth, descriptive and captivating writing…”
- Melissa, Dark Diva Reviews

“This story sizzles from the first sentence to the last. I desperately wanted Katie to come out of her shell and allow herself to fully submit to the gorgeous Leo and Quinn. The intense passion that lies under that shy exterior is endearing. Eliza Gayle certainly knows her way around the BDSM scene and lends an authenticity to this story with references to subspace and her knowledge of shibari, something that I usually find lacking in a lot of contemporary BDSM stories. Roped is my first story by this author, and I am really looking forward to reading more from her in the future.”>
- Heather, Fallen Angel Reviews

“If you want a steamy read, complete with bondage, a little spanking and to drool over heroes, then look no further than Roped – Purgatory. I give this short story 4 red-hot cherries.”
- Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream Reviews

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Quinn grasped Katie’s wrist and flipped her around to face him. His amber eyes pierced through her with a heated intensity as he watched her reactions. “You come here week after week and stand here looking down at us as we work. Do you think we don’t notice the longing on your face? The way your body squirms as we wrap more and more rope around the girls who ask us to? Why are you torturing yourself? Or should I say…what are you waiting for?”

She closed her eyes to his questions, searching for an adequate answer when she knew there was none. How could she deny the truth? “I admire your work. What’s wrong with that?”

His fingers gently grasped her chin and raised her head back up, forcing her to look at him. “We see you, Katie, we know what you need. Why do you hide here?”

She bristled against his words, shame heating her face. “I’m not hiding, Quinn, I’m just observing. I’m here and I’m alone, yet no one ever approaches or speaks to me. Which is fine, but don’t tell me that I’m hiding. What am I supposed to do? Throw myself at someone?”

A grin split Quinn’s handsome face, revealing the beautiful smile she loved so much. She always noticed how happy his job made him and she envied him that feeling. Some ties were more intense than others as evidenced by the hard lines of his face when he concentrated or the occasional bulge in his pants when a willing female turned him on. It was those moments when she had fleeting thoughts of both him and Leo taking her for their own. The popular riggers were frequently gossiped about around Purgatory, and word was they had a great time playing the scene together but hadn’t taken a submissive of their own for a very long time.

“You don’t have to get defensive with me, babe. I’m not sure what’s wrong with the men in this club, letting you spend all your time alone. Their loss is my gain, though.” He leaned closer, his lips a breath away from her own. The sharp tang of citrus filled her nostrils and she imagined he’d just come from a break where he would have eaten an orange. Did he realize even the way his hands peeled the skin from an orange could turn a woman inside out?

Katie sucked in a slow breath, afraid to move. She worried he would kiss her as much as she worried that he wouldn’t. She was in a mood tonight, and watching the play stations hadn’t helped but instead stoked the flames inside her until, now pressed against one of the men of her nightly dreams, she wanted nothing more than to submit to his every whim. She ached with the desire to be touched, to be tied, and to be fucked by Quinn and Leo.

He edged a little closer, but instead of kissing her like she expected, he stroked her lips with his tongue. A gentle touch that was more like a taste than a kiss. He leaned into her until they were pressed together from hips to breast, and his erection was unmistakable pushed against her belly and pelvis. His hot tongue licked at the corner of her mouth and along the seam of her lips. She opened farther on a soft sigh but he only continued his exploration.

Her own arousal went off the charts as she rolled her hips against his. A low growl sounded in his throat and he pulled his head back from hers. “Careful, Katie. For a girl who professes to being happy alone, your body is quickly making a liar out of you.”

She clamped her mouth shut and tried to pull back, but there was nowhere to go. He had her against the railing and his arms still held her in place. “I think we should stop this, people are starting to stare.”

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