Seductively Seduced (MF)

Mackenzie Dominants 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,637
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic African-American Consensual BDSM Romance, whipping, foot play, sex toys, HEA]
At 31, Jocelyn Grace Mackenzie has everything she wants out of life except a love to call her own. She’s the owner of a very successful fetish club and a full-time practicing Dominatrix. With the impending nuptials of her best friend Imani to her cousin Mac, Jocelyn often finds herself under the scrutiny of her well meaning family—who wonders when she too will settle down. However, finding that special someone is no easy task given her choice of lifestyle, and keeping her well meaning family from prying is a constant battle.
Thirty-five-year-old Ahmad Dupree, a former FBI agent, has returned to St. Louis on a mission to claim the woman he believes saved his life and has filled his every waking moment since. Now the head of his own security firm, Ahmad has kept tabs on his “Roadside Angel” from afar and is no longer content to be a silent bystander. Undaunted by the fact she’s a Domme, he knows that her lifestyle may be the only way to reach out to her, and he’ll do whatever it takes to earn her love.
Note: This book contains a heroine who is a domme.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Seductively Seduced (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Seductively Seduced (MF)

Mackenzie Dominants 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,637
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Ahmad Dupree scanned the banquet room until he found the woman he came to see, crashing an engagement party in the process. Five years ago, Jocelyn Mackenzie saved his life. She didn’t know that, however, because the circumstances surrounding his accident—and attempted murder—needed her and everyone else involved to believe that he had died. Not a day went by that he didn’t think of her, his roadside angel. Had it not been for her stopping, he truly believed he would not be here this evening. He had his angel to thank for his very life. Yet now that he’d found her, he hesitated. He wondered if he was making a huge mistake in making contact with her. He also wondered if she ever thought of him or that fateful night. He knew he was making a pretty foolish gamble. She had probably buried that night within the recesses of her mind and here he was ready to dredge all that up again. For that matter, why would she recognize him? When she had last seen him “alive,” he’d been in pretty bad shape. His superiors had signed him into the hospital under an alias. Even if she had inquired, strict instructions were given to tell anyone that asked he’d died from his injuries.

Pushing his doubts aside for a moment, he remained out of sight, partially hidden within an alcove, and just took her in. Regal bearing came to mind as he watched her rejoin a small group of people. She was speaking to a couple and the conversation was lively. Her husky, sultry laughter struck a chord within him. He watched her as she held court. She was right there, a few feet away and he couldn’t tear his eyes from her, was riveted to the spot. His intense gaze roamed over her from the crown of her head, downward to the tips of her heels—and lingered on all points in between. His lips quirked in a smile as she slapped the hand of a young man and gestured to the large plate of food he had in his hands, effectively stopping him from snagging a piece of cornbread from her own.

Jocelyn Mackenzie was a beautiful woman wrapped in dusky-brown skin, with dark, smoldering eyes and a mouth that begged to be kissed and savored. Not overly curvaceous, her body reminded him of a dancer’s, athletic and toned. The high swells of her breasts made his palms ache to hold them. He had thoughts of himself with her, her long, hose-covered legs propped up on his bare shoulders.

He imagined the silky feel of her hosiery against his lips as he kissed her slim ankles, all the while slamming his cock to the hilt within her. The vivid picture he painted within his mind made him grow uncomfortably hard. Her hair was longer now than it was in the crumpled newspaper clipping he kept in his wallet. She had it pinned in a sleek updo that exposed her swan-like neck. He imagined himself trailing tender kisses upon it. He could stand there and drink her in all night.

Over the years he had acquired several pictures of her. He kept his collection of newspaper articles and candid photos of her in a scrapbook, which he’d gazed at over and over. He used his money and connections to keep up with her over the years. It hadn’t been easy to remain in the shadows, wanting to reach out to her, to let her know he was alive—and in love with her. He made sure his private security followed her. He wanted to know that she was safe. Even after all this time, he didn’t want to take any chances that the gunmen that attempted to kill him might have seen her stop. With each report on her whereabouts, he became more tempted until finally he couldn’t stay away. He was no longer with the FBI, and was now running his own security firm. He’d returned to St. Louis to establish an office in the city to be closer to her.

He continued to observe her from his vantage point within the alcove. The way she walked, her movements were self-assured and confident and reminded him of a lioness upon the Savannah. She possessed a magnetic aura and it called to him. He’d willingly become this lioness’s prey if she gave him the chance. But he’d first have to explain to her what happened. That in itself was going to be tricky. She could very well send him on his way. Not that he’d go.

Ahmad rubbed his chin thoughtfully. He wanted her. He needed her. And the only way to get what he needed was to go after it.




“Are you sure you want me to have free rein right now?”

Jocelyn chuckled. He sounded like the concerned Dom, not a fledgling submissive. “Yes, Ahmad, take me, no thought, just action. I don’t want to analyze this, I just want to feel.”

He quickly claimed her mouth once more, kissing her with ardor, with vigor, holding nothing back. She loved it. He wasn’t treating her as a fragile virgin that he needed to hold back with. He was releasing all the pent-up desire and longing he’d harbored for five years since their first meeting. She reached for his shoulders then wrapped her legs about his waist as he settled himself between her thighs. She groaned when he rubbed the length of his cock across her pussy, the fabric of her panties now soaked through and clinging to her mound and clit. She moved her hips with him, keeping that delicious contact, her nipples pressed against his bare chest.

She lowered her hands from his shoulders down to his ass and cupped the globes, pulling him to her tighter as they rubbed together, grinding cock to pussy, building the sweet friction.

“Ahmad!” she cried out his name, panting as he reached between them and literally ripped the panties from her, then positioned himself between her thighs, draping her hose-covered legs over his shoulders. She was wearing her hose and heels now and nothing else. Her bare pussy lips were being parted by his large hands. Her back arched when his lips made contact with her clit and she hissed out her pleasure. His tongue was a whirling dervish, flicking the tender bud, swirling the nub before gently sucking it into his mouth. “Yes that’s it, Ahmad, right there, baby, oh so good!” She crooned out her enthusiasm, his lips and tongue bringing her dangerously close to climax.

The minute he inserted first one then two of his thick digits into her aching cunt, she was done for. He plunged his fingers into her pussy and watched her as she rode his hand, coming apart and coating his fingers with the evidence of her orgasm. “Oh God, Ahmad, I’m coming!” Her hips gyrated from the bed and he continued to finger fuck her through her orgasm, his eyes intense burning flames of raw desire.

“That’s it, Angel, come for me!” He ground out his own command that she so readily obeyed as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted her body, her breathing coming in erratic pants. As her orgasm crested, peaked, then slowly subsided, he slowed the pumping actions of his fingers, his thumb gently rotating her sensitized clit.

“You look so beautiful when you come, Mistress, but I’m just getting started.” He rose over her, removing his fingers from her cunt then cleaning her cum from them with his long tongue.

Jocelyn reached for him, pulling him down to kiss him, tasting her own essence upon his full lips. She wasn’t ready to play that passive, however. “My turn,” she simply stated, then changed positions with him to his surprise. “You didn’t think I was going to let you have all the fun now did you?” she asked him with a smile, her eyes alit and her face flushed from her orgasm. He slowly smiled, a feat she’d marvel at again and again. That man had a smile that could melt steel and turn it into a molten puddle of Jell-O.

He lay back with his hands clasped behind his head in sexy repose as she kissed his barreled thighs, nuzzling the heavy sac between them then taking a hold of the turgid length of his cock that was easily a good ten inches or better. His cock was a thing of beauty, thick, dark and heavily ridged with veins. Already her pussy was priming itself for the inevitable, but first her upper lips wanted to feel that massive organ between them. She slowly glided her tongue over the tip of his cock then along the length several times, leaving a hot, moist trail before encapsulating the head of his engorged member within her mouth. Suckling with vigor, her cheeks hollowed as she bobbed up and down upon his cock, cupping his balls with one hand and pumping his shaft with the other. “Damn Angel you feel fucking incredible!” he exclaimed, pumping his hips. Groaning, he propped himself up on his elbows to watch her take his cock inside her mouth.

Chuckling, she raised her lips from his cock long enough to issue a warning. “Tonight we are just man and woman, but after this, I am your Domme and if you speak out of turn at any time during your training you are so going to pay for it!” His cock literally leaped in response as he lowered himself back into a prone position upon the bed, groaning. She hid her smile by popping his cock back into her mouth, secretly pleased that she could elicit such a response from him both physically and verbally.

Ahmad was going to be a challenge, a handful, all male arrogance at times she was sure, but oh what a joy he would be. She continued to bob up and down, sucking him deep within her mouth toward the back of her throat while she milked his shaft and balls with her hands. The very thing she craved she received—the give and take of a lover of equal measure. If tonight was any indication of what her time with Ahmad would be like, she was clearly on the path of no return with her heart heading on a collision course with love.

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