Tempting Temptation (MF)

Mackenzie Dominants 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,652
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic African American Consensual BDSM Romance, flogging, feather play, ice play, sex toys, HFN]
Rasheed Mackenzie is the youngest of the Mackenzie cousins. Often dubbed as the playful Dom, he longs to find his true love. When he discovers Ebony Stuart is the author of his favorite romance book series, he sets out on a path to win her affection by offering to role play a scene from one of her books. However, he worries that his lack of sophistication, coupled with the fact that Ebony isn’t interested in the BDSM lifestyle, will be a barrier.
Ebony Stuart is a full-figured woman, on the return road to self love. Because she was hurt by a narcissistic man, she sees all handsome men as a potential for disaster…until she meets the extremely attractive Dominant, Rasheed Mackenzie. Ebony finds herself attracted to him— but not his lifestyle. Through his patient pursuit, however, she finds a genuine, caring man and learns what the adage, judging a book by its cover, truly means.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tempting Temptation (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Tempting Temptation (MF)

Mackenzie Dominants 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,652
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Ebony Stuart was in a conundrum. She paced back and forth, thinking of excuse after excuse. She adored her sister Imani and her future brother-in-law Mac and had agreed to do this to humor them. Her sister was trying to hook her up with her fiancé’s cousin, the one that worked at that sexy club—Velvet Fantasy.

Lordy, what is she trying to do to me?

Granted, she had a blast at Imani’s bachelorette party. The Doms and subs there put on quite a show and made sure that each guest participated in something. But the party games at Mani’s party were tamed down, especially given that their mother, a few aunts from both the bride and groom’s sides, as well as good friends who had no idea what BDSM was, were in attendance.

Then there was the private admission made by Imani and Mac to her, that they also subscribed to that lifestyle themselves at home. Talk about a jaw-dropper! However she wasn’t going to judge her sister’s choice to lead a submissive life. After really observing Mac at one of the family barbeques this past summer, it really didn’t surprise her at all he was a Dominant. Mac had already given her the impression that he was a strong confident man—if not a bit on the Alpha male side—so the revelation they privately disclosed to her seemed par for the course. Even so, she never got the sense that Imani was some browbeaten female, being bossed around and made to do anything she didn’t want to do. Add to that fact Mac adored the ground her sister walked on, it almost made her envious—almost.

Ebony and her sister were too close for jealousy and practically shared everything with each other, especially when it came to their love lives—which brought her back to tonight. When her sister had casually inquired if she was seeing anyone she’d been honest and said her love life existed only between the pages of her books, and why had she done that? Her sister had promptly invited her to have dinner with them and Rasheed Mackenzie and she reminded herself again that she had agreed to this. Sadly, dating was on her secret wish list and even if she wasn’t so damn messed up, finding a special someone that could appreciate her was next to impossible—hence why she’d given up putting forth much effort.

Rasheed Mackenzie was extremely handsome, the type that could date anyone he wanted. With caramel skin, wavy black hair, and green eyes, he was definitely pretty boy material. Ebony avoided men like him almost as much as she avoided carbs! She berated herself for judging a book by its cover, something that, having been on the receiving end of, she really was ashamed of herself for doing. Even if she put his looks aside, she still couldn’t forget that he, like his cousin Mac, was a Dominant. He was handsome and spanked asses for a living! What the hell was her sister thinking? Besides, he was going to take one good look at her then probably excuse himself from the table.

Ebony checked the time and realized she’d been brooding almost two hours. She was past the call and cancel stage so she wondered if she could manage a flat tire and conveniently not have a spare? Even as she imagined the scenario, she knew her sister’s tenacity. Knowing Imani she’d have Mac get one of his tow trucks to haul her in! Why did she agree to this? Maybe they wouldn’t hit it off because of lack of chemistry. In fact she was almost certain they wouldn’t because she was vanilla as they came and wasn’t interested in the BDSM lifestyle at all. Then again, there was no law that said all Dominants wanted their girlfriends to be their subs. Okay now where did that come from?

Sighing with exasperation, she headed to her closet. Imani had suggested she wear the knit-wrap dress she’d given her for Christmas with the new black boots they’d just bought during their latest shopping spree. That dress hugged her curves and that was at the crux of her worrying. Ebony was full figured. She was in perfect health, ate well, and exercised, but she wasn’t a size 5 and would never be. At one point in her life she felt very comfortable in the skin she was in. For the most part she was getting herself back on track with the self-love, despite her involvement with her ex-boyfriend.

Although it was officially spring, Mother Nature still hadn’t gotten with the program. Ebony eyed the dress. Technically it was a winter dress, but the bite that was still in the air made it an appropriate choice. The boots however were just plain hot, and Imani had bought a pair for herself as well. They were more about fashion and less about the season. Imani, bless her, saw no fault in Ebony’s curves. Therefore, when they went shopping, her sister found immense pleasure in helping Ebony choose flattering fashions that accented her full figure. However, Ebony had a love-hate relationship with her appearance—in fact she didn’t find herself all that attractive. Her past relationship with her ex-boyfriend hadn’t helped matters either.

Ebony figured from her experiences the pretty ones didn’t look at women like herself. So she stayed away from the pretty boy type. Sighing, she continued to pull out her wardrobe to prepare for tonight’s evening with her sister and her fiancé.

And Rasheed Mackenzie…




Ebony was losing her mind. Between his sensual talking and his devilish tongue she was definitely heading for the big O.

“Don’t get quiet on me now, baby, let me hear you sing.” Sing? Is that what he wanted? She could barely form coherent words! His fingers had her pussy wide open and his tongue was dancing with a flurry of tiny flicks, paying a fair amount of time on her clit before delving into the damp slit of her opening.

“Oh, baby, don’t stop, don’t stop!” she crooned and hoped that’s the tune he wanted because she didn’t have anything else remotely close to real words. She bucked against his lips and tongue and when he placed one of his thick digits inside her of her she felt her walls closing in on the determined intruder. He was finger-fucking her within an inch of her life, lifting upward, making a “come hither” gesture and finding that elusive spot that had her tugging in earnest at her bindings. She tossed her head to and fro, dislodging the hat he placed upon her head, that’s how wild he made her.

“Come for me, girl, let me taste that honey.”

She obliged him, wasn’t much more she could have done at that point anyways. Her body had tightened, seized with heat and molten desire, her breathing erratic as he sucked her clit and finger fucked her soaking wet cunt. She came hard, long, and with a wail that came from somewhere primal deep inside of her. She saw stars behind her lids, pinpoints of white-hot lights as her body spasmed with her orgasm. She wanted him to untie her, damn it, she needed to get at him. She wanted to hold onto him as her body shook apart! He was the devil to have done her so damn good!

As she crested down from the euphoric high of her orgasm he slowly kissed his way back up the path he took, giving her thighs, belly, nipples, and breasts, even her collarbone, tender wet kisses. By the time he reached her lips she was so gone. She suckled his mouth and tongue, tasting what he had, her essence, inhaling the heady aroma of her own body. She licked his lips, cleaning his mouth, nibbling at his mouth in a barely contained hunger. He had done her so right but she wanted more. The play had only heightened the desire she had for him and once was not enough. “I want you, Rasheed, fuck me please. I don’t want to go slow! I want you inside of me now!”

On a curse and a growl, he ripped the blindfold off of her eyes to gaze into them with blazing hunger. “Make sure that’s what you want, baby girl, because once I get inside you gone have hard damn time pushing me out.”

“Untie me, please, I need to feel you!” He cut her free and she wrapped her hands around his neck, pulling herself up onto him and he gripped her waist, lifting her to exchange places. She marveled again at the prime shape this man was in. She wasn’t a waif and he lifted her like she was! She straddled his legs, grinding her wet pussy against his cock, feeling the hardness, and coupled with the rough feel of his jeans the combo was already jacking her up again.

“Girl, slow down, because I have half a mind to fuck you good and hard,” he warned her.

“Shut up and let me suck your cock!” she shot back and he nodded as if to say, “All right you playin’ girl…” She slid off him and struggled with the belt of the chaps and then his jeans, growling in her own frustration to have at him. She was so turned on that she wanted to make him feel every bit as good as he had made her. She freed the massive beast and had to pause, looking at his large cock and then up at him. “Damn.” He grinned. She bent over the head and took him into her mouth, swallowing him until he touched the back of her throat. She started to gag and he grabbed her hair tightly, holding her steady and pulled her back slowly.

“Easy baby, you feel really nice right now but take your time. We have all night.” She tried to slow her roll but the man had messed her up so good that she just wanted to take all of him inside of her. She slowed her pace, adjusting her jaws to his size, and coasted up and down his cock. She cupped his balls and pumped his shaft with her hands as she bent over him, offering him her mouth for his personal use. He began to pump his hips, meeting her downward drag with his thrust, pulling out as she pulled back. She hollowed her cheeks, sucking him in greedily and didn’t give a damn that she was slurping!

“Fuck baby, stop, stop!”

She pulled up short, alarmed. “What did I do wrong?”

“Not a damn thing, woman. I want to fuck you and you’re about to make me come in your mouth!”

She grinned. “Sorry.” He gave her sidelong glance like “yeah, right,” then pulled her up to straddle his lap. Ebony rose up enough for him to place the head of his cock to her opening and then without ceremony he thrust upward and she sat down. “Oh fuck!” they exclaimed in unison as the ride began.

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