I Like to Watch (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,381
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[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, with M/F/M not including the heroes, voyeurism, public exhibition, whipping, sex toys, HFN]
Lee felt an immediate animosity toward Flynn, deciding she didn’t need his job. Yet she was drawn to him and his unconventional business on a primal level she didn’t understand. He annoyed her with his blunt appraisal mainly because he was correct.
Flynn didn’t like the lingering thoughts of Lee swirling in his brain. He had a very private business to run and she didn’t fit the image he wanted to present to the public. He normally wouldn’t insinuate himself into her private life but found himself doing just that. Finding her personal sexual secrets mirrored his was disconcerting. Did he just want a fling or something more? Trusting her would be a leap of faith. Not many women would admit they liked to watch. Now he had to decide if he could trust her with his personal and private watch. Now he had to decide if he could trust her with his personal and private secrets. When the idea of permanency struck, he knew to tread carefully or take the chance of being humiliated.
A Siren Erotic Romance
I Like to Watch (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

I Like to Watch (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 60,381
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“No other hobbies?” He was being annoying because she seemed so prickly.

“I read a lot, anything I can get my hands on. I spend a lot of time at the public library.” She paused for a breath. “Since I’m currently unemployed, it seemed financially responsible to borrow books right now rather than buy them. I also have limited storage space in my apartment so borrowing them is a space-saving measure.”

“Why paper books?”

“Because I like the feel of a book in my hands. I like the way the paper ages and the weight of it in my hands. I like the aura of the old building, its history all around me when I’m there. I enjoy the quiet of the library in the middle of this huge city. There’s almost a reverence about the space, it’s like we all understand this is one place where it’s okay to be an individual and pleasantries aren’t required, rather the quiet is respected. ”

“So you don’t download books?”

“Of course I do, on occasion. But since I’m currently unemployed it makes sense to use the library. I can borrow them for free if I’m willing to wait a few weeks to read the new releases.”

“Boyfriends,  girlfriends?” He was trying to keep her off kilter and subdue the erection that was pressing against the zipper of his jeans.

“I don’t see how that plays into my ability to do my job.”

He’d ruffled her. Now she was leaning forward in her seat. He wondered if she’d leave or continue with the interview. For a second, he hoped she’d leave, it would show a bit of spine she seemed to be lacking.

“I asked about friends and lovers because this job will require you to work two nights a week as well as three days. That might interfere with your social life.”

“My life outside the workplace isn’t an issue. I’ve always managed to keep my private and profession life separate. Why not tell me more about the job requirements?”

“You’d be acting as the chief financial officer of Club Leto. You’d be responsible for all the normal things that go with the title.”

“That’s a bit vague. Just exactly what is Club Leto and where is it? I didn’t see any signs outside and this seems to be a private residence with an office on the main level.” He watched her draw a breath. “What does Leto mean? I’m not familiar with the word.”

“Leto refers to the hidden one.”

“Okay, the hidden one. But I still didn’t see any signs.

“You never will see any signs. You won’t find advertising anywhere. We are strictly a private social club.”

“How can you expand your business without advertising?”

“I don’t want the masses applying for membership. We have a very elite clientele.”

“What does your elite clientele do when they’re here?” She scrunched up her nose at him waiting for an answer.

“We are a private performance venue. Our clientele comes to enjoy new artists. Some of them are artists themselves, others just come to enjoy the show.”

“Is this the club?”

“No this is my private residence. I find it easier to have my offices on the main level. The rest of the house if off limits to everyone unless expressly invited up. Employees and clients remain on this first floor.”

“Where is the club?”

“Close by,” he said, avoiding the answer. “Those contacts, are they for vision or to make a statement?”

“They’re for vision,” she said, sitting back and glaring at him.

“They don’t flatter you at all. Neither does your fake frosted hair. You’d be much more pleasing to the eye if you accepted your natural brown hair and eyes.”

“I don’t see how the color of my contacts reflects on my ability to perform my duties?”

“As a staff member, you’ll be seen by clients. Your current appearance isn’t what I want my club to reflect. My employees carry a more natural, elegant air. Your clothes are wrong too. They’re good quality but too stuffy. During the week I don’t care what you wear, but on club nights, you’d be expected to dress to impress.” He put his hand up to ward off her possible questions. “I’m not looking for stripper wear, exactly the opposite. I expect my employees to reflect the class of the club.”

“I don’t look like a stripper!”

“No, you’re too short. But my point is this job entails you to have client interaction. If you get the job, I’ll recommend some appropriate clothing for show nights.”

“So you don’t like my look. My hair is brassy, my contacts obvious and apparently my work suits too matronly.” She shook her head at him. “Is that all you want changed?”

“For now, at least you don’t have an accent,” he said and tossed the file on the desk before him.

“I don’t know about your specific position, Mr. Ellis, but I’ve always been hired for my brain and my ability to get my job done.” She paused as if debating something and went on. “If you’re looking for a girl to mold into some sort of part-time play toy you’ve got the wrong woman. I’m not impressed by your bad boy, beach bum appearance. I expect to be respected for my work abilities.”

“Well, you’ve got a bit of spunk,” he said and laughed.

“I’m not Mary Tyler More and you’re not Lou Grant. This isn’t some sitcom from the seventies. Is this a legitimate job or not?” Her statement was said with conviction but not anger. She controlled her temper and exasperation well. That fit one asset on his list.




Flynn managed to pull out his wallet and toss it at her. He dropped his head and sucked her nipple through her shirt. He heard a thud as his wallet hit the floor where Lee tossed it aside. She threw her head back and used her hand to push his mouth tighter to her breast.

“Suck me, Flynn. You won’t hurt me, just suck my tit.”

“I need to fuck you,” he managed. She straightened in his arms and he took a step back, leaning her weight back while she awkwardly reached between them and encased his cock in the latex. As soon as he was covered, she levered her weight up and shifted her skirt before dropping her body on is cock, impaling herself around him.

Flynn almost came that very instant. He had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from coming. “Bitch,” he said, as his fingers bit into her buttocks, shifting her over him.

“Bastard,” she said as she reached down and bit his earlobe.

“I hate you,” he told her and bit at her nipple through her shirt. He groan satisfied him in a strange way.

“I hate you too,” she told him, using her tongue to swipe along his chin.

“I hate that you excite me,” he mumbled around her tit.

“I hate that I want you to fuck me all the time.” She sucked his other earlobe instead of biting it.

“I hate that I want to be with you.” He lifted her slightly and let her drop back over him.

“I hate that I want to be with you. You’re arrogant and smug and your cock drives me crazy. It hits just that right spot deep inside me.”

“I hate that your pussy wraps around my cock like a warm velvet glove, grasping at me, trying to suck my cum.”

“I thought that would be a good thing?” Her words were interspersed with deep breaths.

“So did I,” he said, lifting her slightly and dropping her again. “Make me come.”

“Stay still,” she told him.

Flynn froze in place and relished how she used her inner muscles to grasp him, to coax him to come. When he let himself go, his orgasm was intense. His body shuddered and he had to grasp her tighter to hold them both up.

“Don’t move, Flynn.” Lee pulled up her shirt and pointed to her breast. “Suck.”

Flynn dropped his lips over her nipple, sucking it and her ring and as much surrounding skin as he could fit between his lips. Then he sucked harder, deep and long as if he were waiting for her to give milk. He felt her pussy clasp his cock in a stranglehold and her body shook. After several seconds, her inner body released him and he lightened his hold on her tit.

“Christ,” he whispered, dropping his head against her chest.

“Yeah,” she said and let her head rest on his.

“Now what do we do?” he asked, leaving his head against her chest.

“I guess we could find a softer place to continue this or we could make that coffee and have the dreaded talk about our future and if we have one together.”

“Do we have to have that talk?” he questioned, finally loosening his grip and allowing her to let her legs down. She slid along his body and his cock stirred.

“We don’t have to talk, we can just fuck again. This time I want you to take me from behind while I’m on my hands and knees.”

“Am I fucking your pussy or ass?” He reached down and hiked his pants back up his thighs. Then he reached to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head, tossing it aside and onto the floor. Flynn didn’t resist the urge to flick her nipple ring with his tongue a few times.

“Pussy first to get me in the mood and then my ass to get me off. Will that work for you?”

“Hell yes.” Flynn lifted her around the waist and tossed her up onto his shoulder, spanking her butt the entire way into his office.

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