Cowboy Sex, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM)

Cowboy Sex

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 333,955
6 Ratings (4.0)

Box Set #56: Cowboy Sex, Volume 1 (All 4 books for $3.99)

In Sex Party, known hellion Peyton Storm’s world is upended by the unexpected. Enter Braden, Kane, and Evan Cartwell. These brothers offer Peyton a roof over her head and the security she needs, but soon Peyton wants more than just friendship. During an attempt to gain the brothers’ attention, an unforeseen attack places Peyton in a psychopath’s line of fire. Afterwards, the brothers are forced to acknowledge their feelings for Peyton.

In Sex Games, Vicky Little is falling fast for her doctor and his brothers, only she doesn’t realize they are related. When she does, she isn’t sure she is ready for the three handsome men, but they are impossible to refuse. Vicky is too busy to notice a stranger following her until he catches her in a vulnerable position one night. The McKay brothers rescue her, but nothing can prepare Peyton for what lies beyond Doctor Patrick McKay’s examining room or the beds of Joshua and Aspen.

In Sex Camp, Trixie Cartwell’s parents send her to summer camp to work off her excess energy. Camp counselors and die-hard cowboys Mitch, Brock, and Rory are more than happy to help Trixie occupy her time. When Trixie returns home, her parents are less than thrilled about their daughter’s new cowboys. That is until the three prove themselves worthy by protecting Trixie from a man from her mother’s past. In Sex Holiday, Patience is running from her past, circumventing her future, and avoiding the present. She needs a replacement for lost love, and after a gentle push from her friends, she heads south to spend some time in the sand and meets two handsome cowboys. Patience knows there is something special about the McCoy brothers. Soon, she realizes why she has been running. She was headed in the right direction all along.

A Siren Erotic Romance
Natalie Acres is a Siren-exclusive author.


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Sex Party (MFMM) Sex Games (MFMM) Sex Camp (MFMM)

Sex Holiday (MFM)

Cowboy Sex, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM)
6 Ratings (4.0)

Cowboy Sex, Volume 1 (MFMM, MFM)

Cowboy Sex

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 333,955
6 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley





"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Kane shoved his chair back, made a sudden leap for her and Evan immediately threw back his arm to keep Kane from getting his hands on her. No doubt, a few seconds slower and Kane might have wrapped his hands around her neck and yanked the collar right off of her. Right after he choked her for wearing it with far too much pride in the first place.

"Down, cowboy, you know what I'm doing if I have this around my neck," she purred, slowly running her finger back and forth over the leather choker.

"He's gonna kill ya," Evan began with the warning, the one signifier to let Peyton know he volunteered for the job of tattling to big brother.

He'd have to stand in line because this went way too far.

Every nerve ending in Kane's body pulsed with anger and with lust. It was a dangerous mix. "Peyton, go to your room right now and get that damn thing off your neck."

"Sorry, Kane, I can't do it." She popped a hip and smiled seductively. "I'm afraid my Master may punish me."

"Your what?" Evan's skin didn't turn red, it flamed violet. Oh hell, violence loomed everywhere.

"The hell you can't." Kane stayed focused. "Just run on along and take it off. Now."

"Braden!" Evan started his immature rant for big brother. "Braden! Hurry, get down here!" He walked out of the kitchen and stood at the steps long enough to scream. "All hell's loose and there's an outbreak!"

The brothers crossed their arms and seethed while Peyton pulled a pastry out of the freezer, tossed it on a plate and put it in the microwave. "It's no big deal, guys."

"Uh-huh." Evan bit down on his lip.

"Really, it's not. It just means--"

"I know what it means, thank you very much." Kane glowered over her.

"Good, because now you know what does and does not belong to you." She set her jaw. "For the record, I do not belong to Kane Cartwell. Say it with me now. Let's practice together."

Like hell she didn't. If one woman on God's earth belonged to him, Peyton Storm was his.

Braden casually walked into the kitchen and didn't look surprised at all to find her with a collar around her neck. He sat down at the table and stared out over the lawn.

"That's all you're going to do?" Evan yelled. "Just come in here and sit down?"

"Hell, look at him," Kane said. "He already knew she had the damn thing. Who called you?"


"What are you talking about?" Peyton removed her breakfast from the microwave, grabbed a fork from the kitchen drawer, pushed it shut with her hip and cut off her first bite. Waving the first bite around, she inquired further, "Don't tell me. You know the owner of Clink?"

"Sid Jones," Braden said.

"What the fuck was he thinking?" Kane demanded.

"He didn't know she was ours." He slipped. And really fucked up when he did.

"Excuse me? I'm what?" Peyton dropped her fork. Hell, at this point, she might as well drop her pants too. Kane was sick and tired of her 'fuck me now or I'll fuck someone else' games. In his mind, this act, this collar idea, bordered with treason.

Kane decided to run with Braden's Freudian slip. "Boy, you hit that one right on, Braden. She may not know it yet, but she's definitely ours." He rubbed his hand over his erection. Damn if he didn't have a stiff one the second he spotted her little neckband.

She narrowed her gaze, shoved a bite of pastry beyond luscious lips and chewed slowly.

"That's right, darlin', think about a rebuttal. Chew nice and slow," Evan mocked her.

"Fuck you, Evan."

"I would've volunteered for the job, baby. Seems someone beat me to it, and I wouldn't dream of moving in on someone else's territory."

"I don't have a problem with it," Kane growled, and snatched her forearm in a locked clasp. He quickly pulled her with him.

"Braden! Do something!" She sat down on the floor, her bare feet bracing her against the tile.

"Damn it! Get up!" Kane yelled.

"No! Let me go!" She kicked out at him as he tugged her. Evan stood in the doorway, watching with a big grin. Braden's eyes were misty with pure lust as he watched for a flash of skin, a show of pink. Oh yeah, he knew by the way his brother stretched his long neck. He wanted to see her little pussy.

Other than rubbernecking a little, Braden didn't move and Kane noticed. All right then, he had big brother's approval. God help her, she was going to know what it meant to submit by the time he finished with her.

"Braden! Evan! Do something!" she pleaded and tears now formed in the corners of her eyes. "I belong to someone else now!"

"Oh really? Then where is he? You pushed too far this time, darlin', and you got my undivided attention just like you wanted." Kane locked his lower lip under his teeth.

Evan started for the door. "I'm headed to town. Anybody need anything?"

"Yeah, go by the horse supply and grab me a crop. There's a pretty little tail that I plan to spank."


* * * *


"You...think...I'm going to fuck Evan in front of you?" 

"No, sweets, you're going to fuck us all and maybe even at the same time," Kane said. "Isn't that what you wanted?" 

She narrowed her gaze and looked at his cock. "You wish." 

"Say, 'Yes, Master' and that will suffice." 

"You're nuts." 

"No, you wanted to submit so we're going to begin your training period." 

Braden nodded at Evan and Evan stripped down to his boxers. 

"The first thing we're going to do, Peyton," Kane's voice held steady, "is teach you about obedience, establish trust, and educate you in domination and submission." 

"What if I--" 

"Did I ask you to interrupt?"

Evan smiled. "Keep doing it. I get to punish you when you don't mind." 

"Mind? Have you seriously lost your grip on reality?" 

"Peyton, Sid said you were asking a lot of questions. We're going to answer them. This way, you won't go to clubs where those underage do not belong." Braden's legs splayed open and the length of his cock left an imprint off to the side. 

"I'm not underage. I'm eighteen." 

"And not quite twenty-one," Evan reminded. 





"Is this a dream?" she asked, dropping her arms.

"Yes," Patrick told her. "It's all fantasy, sweetheart. Yours and ours."  

Joshua pushed her shoulders flat against the examining table and gave her a kiss before he unzipped his pants. He didn't remove them but he hung free, his proud erection close to her moist mouth. Hard and ready, he tempted her by rubbing his dick over the smooth texture of her lips.

"She doesn't have panties on," Patrick stated, pushing her skirt high above her thighs and hips.

"She seldom wears them," Aspen remarked, revealing her secrets. "Do you, Vicky?"

"No, I don't like them."

Patrick nodded at Joshua and he cupped her neck and stared at her mouth. "You'll wear them when we tell you to wear them though, won't you, sugar?" He whispered the request into her mouth and acted like he planned to kiss her straight into heaven. But something stopped him and instead of giving her a tongue to suck on, he backed away and slowly fed her his heavy cock.

She moaned against his shaft, sounding out in an almost tuneful expression of gratitude. “I will,” she promised, taking him.

"Oh, that's beautiful," Patrick said, sliding his fingers into her cunt.

Her head slowly bounced over Joshua's dick and she swiped at the pre-cum, his taste driving her wild. She indulged in the flavor of his sex, her tongue unable to leave the small slit at the top for fear she would miss out on the creamy sauce she now craved more than her own satisfaction. He first slipped into her mouth, but as she sucked, he grew harder, his length filling her mouth. The tip eagerly tapped the back of her throat whenever she released him enough to permit his uneven thrusts.

Patrick inserted two more fingers and she snapped her legs closed, trapping his hand and his working fingers where they belonged—inside of her pussy, claiming her body. Patrick made a sudden move, it sounded like he kicked something and the table slowly tilted back. Her body at an angle, she could barely see him now and had to stretch her neck in order to keep Joshua's cock in her mouth.

"Beautiful, huh, Aspen?"

Aspen approached the table. He pulled the small stool away from the wall. It rolled to a stop right next to her. He sat down and pinched her nipples. "You're a bad girl, aren't you, Vicky?"

Vicky gripped Joshua's cock and with a pop, she gave her own assessment, a verbal agreement too. "Very bad," she said. “And you love me bad, don’t you, Aspen?”

He grinned, rolling her hard nipple between his finger and thumb. “I know what you like.”





 “You tripped over me,” she pointed out, leaning back and placing her palms flat against her hips. She braced for the best of word wars.

Grumbling, he returned to his meager hut and didn’t ask if she needed medical attention. Instead, from what Trixie translated, he blamed her because he almost lost his balance.

She picked up her book and then immediately tossed the paperback to the wayside again. Standing, she debated trotting off to give the guy a real piece of her mind. That’s when she saw the only friendly native on the place. Holding her hand to her forehead, she groaned when she almost found the ground again. Swaying, she grabbed the nearby post and took her seat once more.

Rory rushed to her side. “Hey, are you okay?”

“I have a hard head.”

“I’d say. I saw Brock wallop you. What did you do to him, anyway?”

“Tripped him.”

“On purpose?” He smiled, pulling her hand away from her forehead. “If so, you should pick your victims more carefully. You’ll have a shiner there.”

“Great,” she moaned, glaring at Mr. Personality three doors down. “You know him?”

He looked down the trail. Brock pointed in his direction with his thumb, index finger and pinky extended in a cool-kind-of-gesture, as if to say, “hello” in a bad boy’s unspoken lingo.

“Let me go see what his problem is,” he said. “Want me to rush over to the infirmary and get you some ice first?”

“No, I’m fine. Thanks.”




 “I’m going deep, Trixie,” he promised. “And I’m going to stay buried inside of you for as long as you’ll let me.”

Her breathing changed and she splayed her legs. Opening herself up for exposure, she rolled her hips forward. 

Removing his fingers, he dropped his lips to hers and sucked in her flavor, the warm juices spilling from her vagina and straight into his mouth. He lapped and ate, sucked and licked, his lips smacking against her folds on a search for her pleasure and hungry for the taste of her orgasm, the climax he wanted her to go ahead and ride.

She spread her legs still wider and then quickly braced herself with an arm behind her back. The little seductress wanted to watch, and he enjoyed having her eyes fixated on him.

His fingers spread. He held her folds apart and then dipped his tongue inside her walls, enjoying the way she wiggled under his suction.  

“Easy,” he said mumbling against her body before he slapped her pussy and felt the hot gush of promising heat fill his mouth.

“Oh God, Brock,” she muttered.

He slapped again, and she started her first ride. Her body jerked and her cries sounded like an orchestra, beautiful and timed.

“Brock, help me, wait. Please, don’t do this. You have to stop.” She said one thing and did another. Her hands, not one but both, pressing down on his head assured him she wanted exactly what he gave.





 “Nice to meet you,” she said. She didn’t mean it. “I’m Patience McKay.” Or that either.

In reality, she had no idea who she was without David and Danny Joseph. For over two years, her life revolved around them. At some point during those twenty-four months, she lost Patience, in more ways than one.

“Are you staying here?” he asked, thumbing the resort behind them.

She arched her brow. “No, I like to hang out in front of the Bay View.”

He chuckled. “Oh, really?”

“Yep, absolutely. The guests frequenting this place have the most unusual assortment of beach attire,” she said, noting another peculiar character about fifty feet away, rolling up the pant legs of his Armani business suit.

Shaking her head, she turned her attention back to Mr. Cowboy.

He tilted his hat and said, “The boots get a woman’s attention every time.”

If he drew a crowd, Patience doubted they gathered because of his outerwear. An outrageously handsome man with curly, dark black hair and eyes to match, the cowboy held the intrigue, not his damn Stetson.

She should stop right now, she thought. She didn’t have the desire to pursue another rebel in denim. She’d had enough to last her three lifetimes.

“Are you here for the holidays?”

“No,” she stated flatly.

“So how long are you staying?”

Patience frowned. She hadn’t planned on returning home to Asheville until after New Year’s, but if the sexy inquisitive one didn’t back off, she might head for the mountains and pull into her driveway right before midnight.

“Are you spending the holidays here?” she asked, refusing him an answer.

“Yes, we arrived last week and plan to stay a little over a month. I kind of like South Carolina in the wintertime.”

“I see,” she said.

The tide rolled in and rinsed out. She watched the beige-colored sand claim the tips of Mark’s boots. Outside of stamping his feet in the wet grit and grime, the water stains on his fine leather didn’t seem to faze him. Instead, his gaze pierced hers and, by hell, he didn’t waste a minute of time perusing lower since he already looked once.

Patience kept her hourglass figure no thanks to her mother’s hounding and insistence on rigorous early morning workouts. At home, she joined her mom five days a week at six o’clock in the morning to pump iron and run across a treadmill.  Then they cooled down with yoga class. The schedule was insane, even for a woman in her early twenties, especially since the effort hadn’t paid off. She still didn’t have an interesting man on the line, or the desire to hook one.

Men who saw her instantly eyed her full chest and then her shapely legs. The more the cowboy stared, the more tempted she was to ask if he’d like to see her firm ass. Maybe she should’ve stood, possibly even bent over. Scrutiny made her nervous. Maybe it made her stupid, too. 

“All right,” he said. “I have a confession.”

She snickered. “I may look like I have it together, but trust me, I’m not a priest.”

He laughed. “What a relief.”

“Or a saint,” she informed.

“You could pass for an angel,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.

“You could give lessons in come-on lines.” She clapped her hands together, dusting the sand off of her palms.

“As I was saying,” he continued, “my brother and I are staying here, also.”

“I assumed. I didn’t think you’d wandered up the beach dressed like that.” 

“Got a thing against cowboys?”

At the moment? Everything. “No,” she said. “I grew up on a ranch and my dads—don’t ask—are cattlemen.”

“We’re not stalkers or anything, so don’t worry.”


“No,” he said, chuckling. “I’ve never been arrested, but a few times I probably should’ve been.”

She smirked. “I’ll bet.” She knew about those kinds of cowboys, too. Those good old boys possessed quick tempers and they often flared in public.

“I’m kidding,” he said, smiling.

She doubted that one. She’d never met a cowboy who didn’t deserve at least one night behind steel bars.  

“Anyway,” he said, straightening out of his stooped position. “We’ve noticed you walking down to the pier every morning, so I wanted to come on over and say hello.” Mark extended his hand again. “The pleasure was all mine, Miss McKay.”




She didn’t object even though she’d never performed oral sex on a dildo. She gripped the shaft and sucked.

“Take it to your throat,” Spenser said, slapping her pussy again.

She mumbled against the dildo.

“That’s what I like,” Mark whispered, close enough to tower over her. “When you have my dick in your throat, I want you mumbling against my cock.”  

She nodded, licking the shaft of the toy. Spenser rubbed the vibrator over her pussy. “Keep sucking, sweetheart. I’m like Mark here. I want a good visual first, see how well you manage two cocks at one time.”

Oh, she’d manage all right. And if they didn’t love what she did for them, they could show her what they liked, what they craved. She’d learn fast and have a damn good time working for perfection.

Spenser swatted her again with his hand and she jerked. The soft buzz started humming in the distance and he stuffed the vibrator inside her vagina at the same time his hand came down against her mound once more.

She released the dildo. “Oh, God,” she said, her hips flying off the bed when Spenser pushed the joy toy higher and turned up the speed.

“Nice,” Mark said.

“Oh, shit,” she said, fisting the dildo and licking the tip, rolling her tongue over the crest of the toy.

“Keep sucking,” Mark told her. “You can’t ignore one cock just because another one gets your attention.”

Breathless, she moaned, “I…know.” She tried to give the dildo its due, but Spenser slapped her mound again, removed the vibrator, and dropped his mouth over her pussy.

“Oh, my…God!” she screamed, dropping the grip she had on the flimsy toy and forgetting she was supposed to perform while enjoying the benefits of her own pleasure.

“What did I tell you about ignoring one of your cocks?”

Spenser stopped eating her pussy and both men moved away from her. “Where’d you go?” she asked, raising the blindfold to see for herself.

“No peeking!” Mark said.

Too late. She saw the way Spenser stared at her with nothing but pure lust. Mark held his cock in hand and pumped it slow and easy, watching her from a safe distance.

She fell against the bed again, securing the blindfold over her eyes once more. Reaching down her body, she needed to find her pleasure. She was dripping wet and in need of an orgasm.

“Don’t,” Spenser said. “We’ll give you what you want.”

“Tell us, Patience,” Mark said softly. “What do you want?”

You, she thought, breathing rapidly.

“Patience,” Spenser said. “Do you want us to fuck you now?”

“God, yes.”

It had been too long without two men in her life. Toys and dirty romance novels hardly did the trick after two years of a sex fest. After the Joseph break-up, she’d had to resort to self-service sex and she’d missed out on the physical connection she only found in another warm body.

“No peeking, remember,” Spenser said.

“Okay, I won’t.” 

“Don’t,” Spenser grated out.  

The room was quiet. No one said anything at all. Soon, a hot mouth covered her opening. A warm, thick cock parted her lips.

She licked the tip, gripping the shaft. She sucked and sucked, trying to draw out sound, any kind of tone to let her know which man she took first. Nothing gave it away but she suspected Mark thrust in between her jaws.

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