Subspace (MMM)

Club Depravity 6

Luminosity Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,503
1 Ratings (4.0)

When Damon Lace, the lead singer of heavy metal band Satan’s Army, wants something, he usually gets his way in and out of the dungeon.

Now he wants Luke.

The temptation of becoming the sweet vanilla virgin dancer’s first lover is driving him crazy, but he has a small problem.

He wants Syn Clearwater as well.

He craves to have the two delicious boys under his flogger at the same time.

Two subs tied, their pale skin red from his special attention and both begging for more.

With Syn due to leave on tour with his band, Damon will have to be his devious best, to get both men into his dungeon.

“Oh yeah, you’ll wanna be there when I push my two sweet pups into subspace.” —Damon Lace.

PUBLISHER NOTE: BDSM MMM, Multiple partners, flogging, bondage, wax, vanilla virgin

Subspace (MMM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Subspace (MMM)

Club Depravity 6

Luminosity Publishing

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,503
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Professional Reviews

4 TWINKLING STARS: Redz World Reviews

Subspace is the sixth book in the Club Depravity series by author H.C. Brown. This book should be read in order or you will be lost, there is no back story, it just goes forward from where the last book left off.

Damon he is a Dom and plays in a rock band. He is not the most likable character. He comes off really arrogant and full of himself. His subs though adore him so I suppose he is redeemable.

Syn he is a base player for a rival band, but he has played with Damon before. He loves the Dom who can go all night long and give him a little pain with his pleasure.
Luke is the new virgin who loves pain. He is being drawn in by Syn but Damon wants both men. Forever.

I really liked the pace of this book, there is a lot packed into a short story. I just was not keen on Damon, I thought he came off too removed emotionally. I wished he was more involved in that way. Other than that really great story lots of heat, and the subs are really well written.

Review by Redz Redz World Reviews

4 STARS: You Gotta Read Reviews

This is another great addition to this series. Syn has always been a favorite of mine and I was glad to see his story told. Damon is a strong Dom and expects a lot from his subs but he is also a caring man. He wants both Syn and Luke for his own from now on. Can Damon convince the men that he is so much more than his reputation?
I loved watching this story unfold. The three men are great together and it was nice to watch the three fight for their happiness. Their love is strong and it shows in all that they do.

The Doms are very strong in this series and they are not afraid to take what they want. Damon proves just how far he will go to get what he wants. He cares for Luke and Syn and is ready to find his forever with the two men if they will let him. It was nice seeing Luke find himself and enjoy life with his two men. We also get to see more of Syn’s personality in this story. We get to see past each persons persona to the real men making this a good read that should not be missed.

Review by Gabrielle You Gotta Read Reviews

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Chapter One

Damon Lace sat in the recording booth listening to the sound of his less than satisfactory bass player. He rubbed both hands over his face in frustration. How many times did the idiot have to play this section of the new song to get it right? He glanced over at the musical director and ground his teeth. It was obvious by the expression on his face he was less than pleased with the session so far. This bass player was the third person to audition for Satan’s Army and the recording contract Damon had signed, dictated the band must cut the album before the end of the week. I am in deep shit.

“What the fuck are you going to do?” Joshua glanced up from the control panel and frowned. “This guy is worse than the last one. Have you anyone in mind who might be able to take this idiot’s place?”

The image of Syn Clearwater’s fingers moving up and down his bass guitar on stage with Cold Heat slipped into his mind followed swiftly by the memory of the Moon twins standing back-to-back on stage at Club Depravity. He rubbed his chin. There would be no way, Reef Anderson would allow Joel to work with him even on a temporary basis, and he guessed Rogue would be the same with Jackson. However, Reef might allow his new guitarist to do a session in the studio on Satan’s Army’s new album. After all, many of the bands used each other’s talent on a regular basis, and it would give him the opportunity to get closer to Syn and perhaps persuade him to convince his sweet vanilla virgin flatmate, Luke, to do a scene with them at Club Depravity. Oh man, that would be something special.

He glanced at his watch, and then flicked a glance at Joshua. “I’ll see if I can persuade Syn Clearwater to fill in for us until I can get someone else.” He took the phone out of his back pocket and located Syn’s number. The guy picked up after a couple of rings. “Hey man, it’s Damon. Can you do a session this afternoon?”

“Music or dungeon?”

“Music, I need a bass player urgently, and as you seem to be able to play anything off the top of your head, I thought you help a man in dire straits.” Damon pushed a hand through his hair and sighed. “Double normal rates and if you have the time, I’d like to talk to you about something else later.”

“Would this be something to do with my new roommate?” Syn chuckled. “I noticed your mouth watering at the sight of him the other night at Club Depravity. Man, he is so shiny bright new, doing a scene with you will put him off BDSM for life.”

Damon winced. “I can be nice when I have to. I’m sure seeing the pair of you together, would slow me down enough.” Images of Syn naked and tied to his bench ran through his head like a porno. He turned away to avoid Joshua catching the growing bulge in the front of his jeans and swallowed hard. “I love watching two subs making out and taking Luke’s virgin ass while you give him the BJ of the century—man it makes me hard just thinking about it. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken someone as innocent as Luke to my dungeon and in any case you’ll be there to make sure I act like a loving dominant at least for one night.” He bit back a laugh. “I did say, one night, I’ll expect to bring him up to speed real fast.”

“Okay, I’ll fill in at the studio session. My contract with Cold Heat allows me to freelance with other bands. I can be there in twenty minutes.” Syn paused for some time as if making up his mind. “I’ll explain the situation to Luke, but you may need to sweet talk him into doing a scene with you. He’s had Rogue in his ear about making sure bad ass Doms treat him right.”

Damn Rogue. Fuck! Why can’t he keep out of my business? He clenched his phone so tight it creaked. “You know damn well, I’m not the first date, petting kind of guy. I like my boys hot and begging. Trust me Luke sure looked ready on the way to the dungeon with Rogue.”

“Hmm, maybe but what sub wouldn’t want to be punished by the lead singer of Alpha Rock?” Syn growled in appreciation. “Not that you’re not as hot as hell too, it’s just you have a very bad reputation when it comes to new boys. I know Rogue hardly touched Luke because Jackson went fucking ballistic and walked out on the scene. I think Luke is ready for a heavy scene, but he’s looking for romance too. You’ll need to instill some trust in him, Damon, like you did me.”

Damon chewed on his bottom lip. He trusts me? Holy fuck! He gave him his best line. “I’d like to think we have a special connection and one I’d like to explore but you know I’m hard to satisfy.” He sighed. “You should explain I like to keep my boys overnight at my place.”

“Luke told me he’s saving his ass for the right man. If you like him as much as you say, I think for once in your life, you should take the time to ease him into the scene.”

The idea of sliding his flogger over pristine, untouched flesh made his heart race. “I could do that but you know I need two boys to satisfy me. If you’re prepared to make out with Luke and join us in a scene, it would help him having a friend along. If it goes well, then I’d expect a night of hot sex. Does this appeal to you?”

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