His Dominant Omega (MM)

Nehalem Pack 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,175
35 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]

Being an omega wolf was never Cole Weathers’s choice. He doesn’t have a submissive bone in his body, and taking orders just isn’t his thing. When given an ultimatum from his overbearing father, he leaves the only home he’s ever known to experience life as he always wanted to, free from his father’s hatred.

Applying for a job leads Cole right to his mate, Josef Bayer. Not that he doesn’t want a mate. He just doesn’t want to bring anyone into his crazy family life. He disguises his scent from Josef, feeling the other man is better off, but his plan backfires.

Josef can’t explain his attraction to Cole, but it's driving him crazy. When he discovers Cole’s deception, he doesn’t know if he should be relieved or angry for being lied to, but all that is forgotten when a crazed alpha threatens Cole. Now Josef must rely on his friends to help him save the man he loves.

A Siren Erotic Romance


His Dominant Omega (MM)
35 Ratings (4.4)

His Dominant Omega (MM)

Nehalem Pack 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,175
35 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A very different take on the whole Alpha/Omega dynamic. Enjoyable!
Professional Reviews

4 ANGELS: "Cole was a very compelling character who came to life as his story was revealed. I never thought of an omega as being dominant, but Cole proved that labels can be deceiving. Josef's sadness at seeing his pack members happily mated was understandable and reading his confusion and then anger at Cole from hiding their bond brought him to life as he dealt with many issues people frequently deal with. People are often jealous of other individual's good fortune, but what they do with those feelings shows the strength of their character. It was sad how disconnected Cole felt from his Dad, but things are not always as they seem, and some fathers will go to any lengths to protect their children. Cole and Josef may have a chance at happiness if they can just trust in their love for each other." -- Teresa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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Josef had the music turned up and was singing along to a song when a familiar rusty, not-fit-for-the-road truck came into view. It was pulled off on the shoulder with the hood propped open and the owner standing in front of it.

“It seems to be my lucky day.” Josef sang out the words. He hit his blinker and pulled up behind Cole’s pickup and got out. “Can I help with anything?”

At the sound of his voice Cole’s head peeked around the corner. A warm smile crossed his lips, and he waved Josef over. “Only if you know anything about engines. I think the old girl is on her last leg.”

Josef stepped beside Cole and took a deep breath, just checking to make sure he didn’t miss something before. Nope, still just soap and Cole’s natural musk. But still Josef thought the man smelt delicious.

He looked down at the inside of the old truck and almost laughed. The wires connecting the battery were being held together with masking tape. Not the type of tape that can withstand high temperatures.

“I think I know what your problem is.” Josef pointed to the crumb-covered battery that was probably original to the truck.

“Yeah, what?” Cole took a step back, and his elbow brushed against Josef’s arm, and his breath caught in his chest. The small touch was electric.

“I’m not sure how much you know about trucks”—he pointed down at the offending battery—“but masking tape isn’t the best choice to hold car parts together.” He did laugh then at Cole’s raised eyebrows. “It’s like hooking up a tow hitch with a shoe string.”

Cole stepped back to the truck, braced his hands on the edge of the hood and looked inside. Josef took the chance and skimmed his eyes over Cole’s backside. His jeans were a little baggy but not much. Josef still could make out the hard muscles that clung to his legs and ass. God, he’d give his right nut to see this man naked even if for just a minute.

“Fuck me!” Cole shouted.

“Gladly,” Josef muttered.

“Excuse me?” Cole looked over his shoulder and raised an eyebrow at him. “Did you say something?”

Josef quickly looked up and wiped his hand across his mouth. He’d just been caught eyeing the man’s ass and didn’t want to add insult to injury by drooling down his chin. “Uh, no. I didn’t say anything.”

Cole squinted an eye as he looked at him. A small knowing smile graced his lips like he knew exactly what Josef had said. But he whispered the word so softly there was no way the other man could have heard him. Josef might have lost his finesse when in this man’s presence, but he sure as shit wouldn’t have said something like that for the man to hear. If Cole wasn’t into him, he could file a sexual harassment suit. That was the last thing Josef needed.

“What am I going to do?” Cole said more to himself as he turned back toward his truck. “Fuck, I so don’t need this right now.” He banged his hands down on the hood.

“Hey, calm down.” Josef stepped up behind Cole and rested his palms on the other man’s shoulders. He lightly ran his thumbs in a circular motion trying to relieve the tension in the man’s body. “Let me make a phone call. I’ll have the shop in town tow it back and have them fix the battery.”

“I can’t do that.” Cole turned around to face him. “Even if they fix it, I can’t afford to pay for it. I’m screwed.”

Josef’s eyes fell to watch Cole’s lips as he talked. It was like this man put him under a spell, and no matter what he wanted or requested Josef wanted to do it. He wanted to see Cole smile again.

“Not today you’re not.” Josef stepped around Cole. He needed to put some distance between him and the man before he kissed the breath from his plump pink lips. He dropped the hood and pulled out his cell phone.

“What are you doing?” Cole asked as he followed closely behind him.

“I’m going to have your truck towed back to town and pay to have a new battery put in it.” He held up his hand when Cole started to protest. “Just stop. You can pay me back when you can, no rush.”

Cole chuckled. “That’s very trusting of you. How do you know I’ll pay you back?”

“Well first off, I sign your checks, and second, I know where you live.”

After a minute of Cole staring at him the man finally relented and nodded his head. “Thank you. I promise to pay you back every cent.”

“I trust that you will.” Josef dialed the number and hit send. He paced back and forth while he waited for the phone to get answered. Once he got the arrangements made he turned back to Cole who was leaning against his truck.

“All set?” Cole asked as he stood up.

“Yep.” Josef nodded his head. He motioned from Cole’s truck to his own. “Why don’t you grab your stuff, and I’ll be your chauffer for the day. Be sure to leave your keys under the seat. They’ll be here within the hour.”

“Chauffer,” Cole said the words teasingly. “I might get use to that. I’ve never had my own personal driver before.”

Josef couldn’t believe he offered it. He just sentenced himself to be with this man who made his blood boil and his dick hard all day long.

He looked heavenward. Please God, give me the strength not to embarrass myself today. It was a small prayer for control and he hoped the big man upstairs was listening and took pity on him today.




He was taking another drink of his beer when a hard body grabbed his attention. The man had his back to Cole and was dancing with another man. The man with his back toward Cole had thick dark hair, and his sweat damped the back of his shirt. He moved his hips with his dance partner who had his arms twined around the other man’s neck.

Cole scented the air, wanting to inhale the smells of men and sweat. Watching the man dance had him wanting. Another set of dancers bumped into tall dark and sexy, and he turned around.


Cole clenched his fist around his beer bottle and stood up slowly. Anger coursed through his veins fueling his legs into motion. There was no way his mate was going to sexy dance with anyone other than him. His little dance partner had a smackdown coming. No one touched what was his.

He stormed forward. The music changed again, and more bodies filed onto the dance floor. He pushed his way through the crowd, only stopping when he reached Josef. With a tight grip on his mate’s arm, he spun him around.

Recognition flared in Josef’s eyes. And between the flushed skin, moist pink lips, Cole couldn’t help himself. He fisted his hands in Josef’s shirt and yanked him forward, covering his oh-so-kissable mouth. Cole’s hands came up to grip at his wrist, but he didn’t pull away. Cole hummed his approval as he forced his tongue into Josef’s moist heat. The spicy tang of hard liquor burned his tongue, but he didn’t break the kiss. He sucked and nipped at Josef’s lips, laying claim to what belonged to him.

“Excuse me,” a small faint voice said from beside him.

Cole pulled away and stared up into Josef’s big brown eyes. Josef’s tongue darted out to lick along his lips, and a smile curled Cole’s upper lip. His mate looked utterly debauched.

“Josef?” the faint voice asked again, pulling Cole’s attention toward him.

He slowly turned his head, keeping a firm grip on Josef, to look down at the other man. Cole narrowed his eyes at the man and said one little word that had a huge fucking meaning to it, “Mine.”

Cole released his hands from Josef’s shirt and grabbed him by the hand. He led him through the throng of sweaty bodies toward the back door that lead to the parking lot. Cole kicked it open with his foot and cool night air caressed his damp face.

“Cole, what’s going on?” Josef asked.

Figuring he was far enough out to not be disturbed, Cole turned around with lightning-fast speed and pinned Josef to the side of a black SUV. “This,” he growled right before he slammed his mouth down on Josef’s kiss-swollen lips.

Josef gasped, and Cole took the opportunity to ravage his mate’s mouth. As the kiss grew deeper and their hands grabbed and stroked each other’s bodies, Cole’s scent slowly started to filter through to his mate. He didn’t mean for that to happen, but his body was on overload and all his wolf wanted to do was claim its mate.

Every time Josef tried to pull away Cole followed him forward, not allowing the connection to break. He let his hands stroke down Josef’s chest, and he didn’t stop until he reached the fastening on his mate’s jeans. He quickly popped the snap and dragged down the zipper. Cole shoved his hand into his mate’s pants, and they both moaned when his fingers clamped around Josef’s hard length.

The hard muscle covered with silky smooth skin felt heavy in Cole’s hand. He jerked his hand from base to tip and let his index finger trail across the leaking cap. Drips of pre-cum slicked his fingers. Cole was excited, and his cock throbbed, demanding release.

Keeping one hand on Josef, continuing to work his meat, he used his other hand to free his growing erection. When he was pulled from his denim binding, he bumped his naked flesh against Josef’s. His mate moaned loudly and let his hands drop down, and Cole flinched at the tight hold Josef had on his ass.

In no time flat they found their rhythm. Cole rocked into Josef, rubbing their heated cocks together. Josef’s tongue fought for dominance over Cole, but he just tightened his fist, bringing Josef to heel. Cole might be an omega and calm by nature, but in the bedroom he liked to let his demanding side take over, and something told him Josef liked letting him sit in the driver’s seat.

A soft whimper left Josef’s throat, and the small sound urged Cole on. He worked his hand in quick pulls, combining their juices with every tug.

Tingles ran along Cole’s spine, and his balls drew up close to his body. His orgasm neared the finish line, and he could feel Josef’s dick swell in his hand. A few pumps of his fist later Josef shot his creamy cum over Cole’s hand, and Cole followed him into the abyss. He shot his load, being sure to angle his cockhead at Josef’s groin area, painting his mate in his cum. Cole needed to mark his territory.

As their breathing started to even out, Cole kissed along Josef’s jawline, dipping lower to nip at his neck. It might have just been the euphoria from just coming, but Cole felt lighter than air. Being so close and sharing such an intimate moment with his mate put Cole at ease. So much so he wasn’t prepared when Josef placed his hands on his chest and pushed him away. Cole stumbled as his pants were halfway down his legs.

He fell against the car parked next to the SUV and backed Josef up into its side. He looked up and saw the hard set of his mate’s jaw and knew he had a lot of explaining to do.



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