[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Cowboy Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Isaac Newton has been sheltered his entire life. He's been taught that being gay is wrong, sinful, and knows that if he reveals his deepest desires, he'll be shunned from his family. Isaac's managed to keep his secret hidden until he meets a man who tempts him in ways that threatens his very way of life.
Tanner Rexford finds Isaac fascinating. His friends rib him about how straight-laced Isaac seems to be. But T-Rex knows what he wants and goes after Isaac, unknowingly setting into motion a course that will leave them both with more than one devastating loss that will test their very beliefs. Fate seems to have it out for both men as T-Rex and Isaac try to put the pieces of their lives back together. Anything worth having is worth fighting for. T-Rex finds this out when the stakes become even higher. With family, friends, and each other, T-Rex and Isaac just might put the pieces of their lives back together and find the happiness that seems just out of reach.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Cowboy Trouble (MM)
67 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
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“Who is that?” Isaac fanned his face as he watched a tall and lean cowboy walk from the sheriff’s station. He’d never seen anyone so gorgeous in his life. He felt as if he were going to melt into the ground as he stared at the tallest and sexiest man he’d ever seen.

He sighed as he watched Mr. Hunkalicious mount his motorcycle and slide his dark glasses into place. What a fine specimen of a man. If Isaac had any bravery in him, he would walk up to the stranger and introduce himself. But he had a chicken heart beating behind his ribs. That, and the fact that he’d be shunned by his family if he even thought of dating the same sex.

His seven brothers would beat the snot out of him, and that was mild compared to what his father would do.

“If you drool any harder, you’ll melt into a puddle,” his best friend, Simon, said. “Besides, you know he’s off-limits to you.”

“Stop bursting my little lust bubble.” A guy could fantasize. There was no harm in Isaac daydreaming about riding on the back of that motorcycle and having his way with the handsome guy. But Simon was right. Isaac could dream all he wanted, but at the end of the day, the man was truly off-limits to him.

“You know how to cock block a fantasy,” Isaac complained as he and Simon headed to the feed store. He usually hated running errands, but now he had a reason to come into town as often as possible. Heck, he’d come here every day if he was able to see such delectable eye candy.

“I’m not trying to ruin your death wish. I was just pointing out a fact,” Simon defended as he held the door open for Isaac. “You know your family is strict as fuck when it comes to dating and all thingsevil.” Isaac waved his hands around as if trying to appear spooky. “Thank god I wasn’t born into your family.”

“Gee, thanks,” Isaac retorted. He might have had a strict upbringing, but he knew his parents loved him dearly and only wanted the best for Isaac and his siblings. He just wished they weren’t so dead set against homosexuality. It made dating impossible for Isaac.

He was an adult, twenty years old. But it wasn’t uncommon in his family for one of them to live at home until they either went off to college or could make their own way in the world. Isaac needed a job that his father approved of before he could move out. So far, nada. His dad would flip his lid if Isaac applied for work at the local tavern. And as of right now, they were the only place in town hiring.

They walked inside the feed store, but Isaac wasn’t moving very fast. He was still dreaming of the sex god as he ambled his way to the counter.

“Hurry up,” Simon said as he placed his hand over his nose and mouth. “This place smells like horseshit.”

The man behind the counter gave Simon an evil glare but didn’t say anything. Isaac paid for the order his dad had placed a few days ago and headed for the door. “You have the manners of a slug.”

Simon batted his long eyelashes at Isaac. “You say the sweetest things to me.”

“Dork.” Isaac shoved his shoulder into Simon as they left. He set the parcels into the back of the old pickup truck he’d driven into town and glanced back at the sheriff’s station. The guy was still there, talking with some other guys.

Isaac’s pulse began to race when the object of his lusty interest turned his way. The stranger dipped his head, as if to say hello, and then turned back to his friends.

“Wow,” Simon said to Isaac. “How did you get him to notice you? Maybe I should dress in tacky blue dress pants and a pukish green shirt. Your erection-inducing friend might wink at me then.”

Isaac glanced down at his outfit. “What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“Nothing if you’re going for a Children of the Corn look.” Simon yanked Isaac’s shirt from his waistband before he reached up and ruffled Isaac’s hair.

Isaac smacked Simon’s hand away. “It took me twenty minutes to comb my hair after I showered.”

“I’m trying to make you look like a rebel instead of a schoolboy. Who parts their hair down the middle anymore?” Simon tried to reach for Isaac’s hair again, but Isaac jerked his head away.

“Get lost.”

“You’re never going to get laid looking like you’re one of the Waltons.”

“I happen to like the way I look.” Isaac tried to finger-comb his hair back into place. The brown strands flopped back down into his face. Isaac growled at Simon. “Look what you did.”

Isaac really did like how he dressed. Unfortunately, he’d been the butt of many jokes his entire life. Growing up in a strict family who were highly religious hadn’t been easy. It had gotten so bad for Isaac and a few of his brothers that his parents decided to homeschool them. That had stopped the bullying, but his social life had become a lot worse. At least with the teasing, he was still in a social environment with his peers.

He had met Simon when he’d first moved here. The guy was obnoxious, had no brain-to-mouth buffer, and didn’t care what people thought of him. Isaac was instantly drawn to the man’s rebellious nature. Simon was living the life Isaac secretly envied. What would it be like to live so freely, to ignore society’s dictations and throw up his middle finger to whoever didn’t like him?




Isaac wanted to touch. He placed his hands on T-Rex’s chest, over muscled flesh, tough, invincible, as T-Rex pulled Isaac closer and lifted him tighter against the man. The hard proof of T-Rex’s erection nudged against Isaac’s stomach. It pressed into him and reminded Isaac that he was alone, with a man, and naked.

Sexual need, excitement, and a rush of emotions that made no sense crowded in on Isaac. His flesh heated, burned. Wherever T-Rex touched, wherever the warmth of his body caressed Isaac, triggered such a rush of pleasure racing through Isaac that he felt dizzy.

A moan whispered from Isaac’s lips as he pushed his hands into T-Rex’s hair, gripping the strands, feeling the softness of it. So little in his life was familiar anymore. Isaac needed an anchor. He needed to feel loved and wanted. T-Rex’s kiss was magic. There was just no other word for it.

“Tanner.” Isaac whispered the man’s name as T-Rex’s lips slid down Isaac’s cheek, the curve of his jaw, to his neck. Nerve endings tingled with a rush of pure sensation, white-hot and intense as it washed through Isaac’s body.

T-Rex groaned. “I love when you say my name.”

Callus fingertips moved over Isaac, caressed him. Isaac fought to hold on to a sense of balance as T-Rex slid Isaac's pajama pants off and tossed them aside before the man tugged his boxers off. When he settled back into place, the pad of T-Rex’s thumb raked over the head of Isaac’s cock.

The sensation was exquisite.

As Isaac arched against T-Rex, his legs parted for the hard thigh pressed between his, lifting him, forcing Isaac to ride the contours of T-Rex’s leg as he ground his balls against the man.

Isaac ached as though sex were more than a want. He ached as though it were imperative to his very being. A cascade of heated sensations flooded his body, making his cock hard as he fought to breathe.

T-Rex’s mouth found Isaac’s nipple, and the lash of the man’s tongue had Isaac’s eyelids fluttering, had sensation shooting straight to his cock and beyond as a wild, ragged cry left Isaac’s lips.

“Come for me, baby.” T-Rex’s voice was rough and raspy.

Isaac gasped for air as T-Rex took Isaac’s lips in a kiss, the man’s tongue licking along Isaac’s as T-Rex’s fingers slid down Isaac’s ass, gripping him closer. Arcs of pleasure tore through Isaac as his legs tightened and he rode the man’s powerful thigh.

“I’ve dreamt about this,” T-Rex growled against Isaac’s lips as the man gave Isaac a moment to breathe. “I want to bury my cock deep inside of you. I want to feel you quivering in my arms, calling my name.”

Heat flushed Isaac’s face at the explicit words. He wanted T-Rex to take him, to ease the hard knot of hunger tightening inside of him. His hips arched closer, the friction nearly shattering him.

T-Rex chuckled, a breath of male hunger in amusement, as his fingers rubbed over Isaac’s ass. “You want that too, don’t you?”

A shudder tore through Isaac. He wanted to feel T-Rex inside of him badly. It was all he could think about, all he wanted. “Make love to me, please.”

He no longer cared if being with T-Rex was a sin. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered at the feel of T-Rex’s hands, his kiss, his touch. Isaac burned for it. He twisted his body closer, feeling his canines elongating.

T-Rex lifted his head and gazed at Isaac as if Isaac was the most beautiful creature on earth. “I want you to bite me. I want to feel your teeth sinking into me as I fuck you.”

T-Rex rolled, placing Isaac beneath his powerful body. The man’s hands were everywhere, caressing, touching, learning every inch of Isaac’s body. Isaac cried out breathlessly when T-Rex swallowed his cock. Spirals of sensation crashed through him, making his body shake as his fingers clutched into T-Rex’s hair.

Isaac writhed, riding the waves of pleasure. He spread his legs farther apart, amazed that a man of T-Rex’s caliber would even consider sucking another man’s cock. The man devoured him as Isaac thrashed his head back and forth.

And then a wet finger slid inside Isaac’s ass. A fiery aching pleasure centered in the very core of Isaac, convulsing through his body as he teetered close to the edge. The pressure was building inside of him, making his body jerk as T-Rex inserted another finger.

T-Rex’s tongue was like a lash of pure sensation, licking, stroking, causing Isaac’s body to arch as Isaac fought to get closer to the incredible agony of pleasure.

He never knew that sex could be this good. He ached deep inside and knew that once would never be enough. A hard growl tore from T-Rex’s lips. His fingers delved deeper into Isaac’s ass, scissoring, stretching him. The man stroked inside Isaac with tight, forceful thrusts.

And then Isaac shattered. His body convulsed as T-Rex drank him down. The man devoured him before he reared back and then drove his cock deep inside Isaac’s body.

Isaac cried out. His fingers dug into T-Rex’s flesh as his pleasure turned to pain.

“Breathe, baby,” T-Rex said as he settled his body over Isaac’s. “You have to relax.”

Isaac felt something slippery at his backside and then turned his head to see a bottle of lube on the bed. He had been so lost that he hadn’t even realized what T-Rex had been doing. But he fought to accommodate the man’s sheer size, panting, gritting his teeth.

“You can take me,” T-Rex whispered as his lips trailed down Isaac’s neck. The man started to move his hips, and Isaac’s world began to once again fall apart. Sensations lashed through him. T-Rex lifted his head, and his expression was tight with hunger, with sensual pleasure, as the man stared into Isaac’s eyes.

Isaac became lost in the gaze.

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