River's Pet, Angel (MM)

Dark Times 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,558
21 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy/Paranormal Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, werewolves, angels, public exhibition, HEA]

After being sent to Montana to the annual supernatural convention, River finds that he's bit off more than he can chew, not only in the mystery of the threats made out on the hotel's employees but also in finding a mate who is literally from out of this world. After two hundred years on the human plane, Angel finally finds himself in a hotel room with his werewolf mate, although the trouble following them has Angel fearing for his very existence. River has no idea what he is going to do. The man hell-bent on using his mate's powerful magic for his own gain is only the tip of it. The threats coming through the hotel are becoming more frequent, but who or where the threats are coming from is impossible to figure out. And where does a dead elf come into play?

A Siren Erotic Romance

River's Pet, Angel (MM)
21 Ratings (4.2)

River's Pet, Angel (MM)

Dark Times 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 29,558
21 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Book two of the Dark times series is Awesome loved it
Professional Reviews

4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "River’s Pet, Angel is the second book in the Dark Times series. Although I love a good BDSM book, I have a hard time with the mealy-mouse sub who allows the Dom to literally trash and humiliate him. River’s Pet, Angel did not disappoint me, as I am a fan of Book 1 in Ms. Shaw’s series. The relationship between River and Angel was the perfect combination of the Dom/Sub relationship; one based on love and mutual respect for their respective roles. As the enforcer of the new Light Pack, River is used to having his orders followed by others, and this steeps into his private life as well. River and Angel complement each other perfectly. We also meet Paul, pack beta, and his new mate, Damon, who also happens to be an angel and Angel’s brother. We can only hope that Ms. Shaw graces us with more adventures regarding Paul and Damon as the series unfolds. River’s Pet, Angel by Christine Shaw has the perfect amount of steamy sex, exhibitionism and a wonderful surprise at the end that definitely left me anxiously waiting for Dark Times 3. Recommend." -- Evelise, Dark Divas Reviews

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Story Excerpt


“Nice to see you, too, brother. It’s been too long,” he said after River pulled away from his neck.

“It sure has. Although you realize you have a werewolf attached to you?” Damon giggled as some mystery man he saw by his brother earlier stepped out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel and wrapped his arms around him.

“So do you, baby,” the mystery man crooned, and he nuzzled his brother’s neck just as River had done to him.

“Who are you? And why are you all over my brother?” Angel glared. It was his younger brother after all. He had spent too long without Damon to lose him once more. 

“Oh, my bad, Paul Jones. I believe I am your brother’s werewolf mate and beta of the light pack in Texas. Pleased to meet you.” The man now named Paul held out one hand while keeping the other wrapped around Damon’s shoulders.

“Angel,” was all he said as he shook the man’s hand who was now effectively his brother. “Welcome to the family, I guess,” he added as he saw the scowl on his brother’s face. He must have done well because Damon visibly relaxed and smiled at him.

“Thank you,” he mouthed to Angel as he snuggled back against Paul’s chest.

Angel suddenly felt nervous. He knew he was in good hands with his mate, but would his brother have the same luck? His body suddenly tensed, every muscle contracted in River’s arms. Thankfully the bond between them was there, and River knew exactly how to calm him down.

“Don’t worry, pet. Damon is in the best hands with Paul. He is our beta for a reason. You can trust him as you would Damon.”

Angel responded by blushing and tucking his face into River’s neck, inhaling the man’s heady scent. His mate was truly gorgeous. Standing at six foot eight and close to three hundred pounds of pure muscle, he looked like a god. He loved the fact his mate was sexy as sin. River’s hand caressed up Angel’s arm, past his shoulder and neck, and up to cup his chin. He gently lifted his chin so he looked at River’s beautiful silver eyes. “Don’t ever be embarrassed, pet,” he sternly said as River’s mouth came to rest in front of his. They were so close their noses touched lightly.

Angel’s breath caught in his throat from the loving look River gave him and the close proximity in which they were at. “Yes, Master,” he agreed as he blushed even more. Something screamed to him to call this man, his mate, Master. He had no idea how it came about. He had never tried BDSM but knew all about it. It wasn’t that he had no desire to try the lifestyle. He craved the lifestyle more than anything, but he just never found the right man to dominate him.

River’s breath hitched as he said that one little word, and Angel knew in his heart his mate loved the idea of being his master. He would spend eternity making sure he was the perfect sub for his Dom. Then River’s lips landed on his in a slowly sensual yet toe-curling kiss. He opened up for his mate to allow River’s tongue to delve into his mouth. River searched every corner of Angel’s mouth as Angel did the same. He loved the taste of his man this way. It made his cock harden through his jeans as he felt River’s hard-on nestle against his ass.

The sound of a clearing throat just about registered in Angel’s mind. “Okay, how about you two stop playing tonsil hockey and help us figure out who in hell is after my mate?” Paul suggested while growling, causing Angel to remove his lips from his mate’s mouth. River let out a small moan of protest, which made Angel smile up at the big man. How he could reduce a man like River to moans of protest had him beat.

Angel turned to face his brother and, well, brother-in-law, as the human phrase went. Shock, anger, and repulsion filled his mind at the prospect of somebody after his long-lost brother. “What do you mean someone is after Damon?” he bit out. He needed to make sure his brother was safe. That was what a big brother did.

“Pet, you remember when we first met in the next room?”

Angel nodded.

“Well, just before you showed up, Paul came in with a distraught-looking Damon, and his suit was dirty and in shreds, barely hanging on his body. It was obvious he had been involved in some sort of fight. Thank god there were no lasting injuries,” River answered. Angel just looked from his master to the other large man now cuddling a sobbing Damon. It made Angel’s heart break. All this time he had believed his brother to be dead and gone, nowhere to be seen, and now he had stumbled across his brother and his mate. He should be happy. Everything should be perfect, but no. They had to deal with someone hell-bent on hurting or even trying to kill his brother.

“How did you get here, anyway?” Paul asked from the chair by the window. Damon just nodded toward Angel, silently giving his agreement to answer. River’s arms just tightened around his shoulders and chest as he took a deep breath.

“Damon called me,” he answered, looking Damon in the eye as he answered.

“You got a cell? Why didn’t you think to ring anybody that could help you with whoever attacked you? Why did you just accept the attack and not phone for help?” Paul shouted, but the further he got along, the more it turned into a high-pitched squeal. Angel just laughed, and Damon giggled at Paul’s rant. The situation might not be funny, but the rant itself made everything seem so much lighter.


Adult Excerpt


A seductive grin blossomed on the face of his little pet as Angel kicked his shoes off then slowly undid the bottom of his shorts and then undid the zip before he wiggled his hot, muscular ass out of the shorts until they pooled around his ankles.

River reached into his jeans to pull out his suddenly painful cock. Holding on to the leash, he directed it downward while telling his pet, “Kneel.” A bleep came in through the two-way computer, and River went to read it. Make him suck your hard cock, the suggestion read. It was one River had no problem executing. His little pet gave good blow jobs, and once all these people saw it, there would be a lot of cum shots staining the glass and the voyeurs’ hands.

Picking up the leash in one hand, River directed between his legs with the other. Angel soon moved his ass to wiggle himself between River’s big, muscular thighs. Not even a word needed to be exchanged between them before Angel knew what to do. He just dove for River’s hard, jutting cock and swallowed him to the hilt. Several moans, groans, and even a couple whimpers went through the atmosphere, but none of them belonged to River. Looking around the area where their audience had gathered, a lot of horny men, each with their hard cocks leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, all squeezed their bases to try and stave off their orgasms.

Women stood clinging to their masters and subs as they played with themselves. A few even looked to be getting it on right alongside River and Angel.

Angel’s mouth felt like heaven. He worked his way up the shaft to suckle on the head alone as he fondled River’s ball sac before moving down to suck one ball then the other into his mouth, teasing him to no end. River’s hands fisted in Angel’s hair as his hips began thrusting, driving his cock deeper down his pet’s throat. Then another suggestion came through.

Yeah! That’s it. Fuck his hot little mouth. It was then he had an even better idea. Tapping Angel on the shoulder, telling him to stop, he reorganized himself as he stood. “Lie on your back, head overhanging the edge,” he instructed as Angel jumped up to comply. He lay on his back, head hanging over the edge of the bed and his knees bent.

“Do not touch yourself,” he commanded, his Dom voice so stern that even a few other Doms watching removed their hands from their cocks. This was why he loved the BDSM lifestyle. He could command as he wished, and most subs watching as well as his sub obeyed even if it was only by instinct or habit alone.

Moving to rest his hands in the silk of the comforter, River tapped his pet’s chin to open up wide. As he did, River drove straight home. He began driving his cock in and out of his mate’s mouth, fucking him deep and hard the way they both liked it. As River began to feel his balls draw up tight, he pulled from the hot, wet mouth with a loud pop that echoed throughout the glass walls. “Assume the position, pet,” he demanded. He knew his mate would know to get into the doggy position, but the way he commanded it showed what a good Dom he was and what an obedient sub Angel was. According to the nods and smiles from majority of the Doms and Dommes around them, they were impressed with Angel’s “training” when in reality the man was a natural and no training was necessary with him. He listened to his Dom, his master, and that was all there was to it.

Going into the nightstand, he grabbed the lube and a condom. Although as a werewolf he couldn’t receive or give diseases, within an environment such as this, where the majority of the audience was human, a condom was necessary to maintain reputation. It is also club protocol that all unbonded couples or groups use condoms. Even though Angel was collared and everybody could see that, he still needed to arrange a ceremony to bond them together in front of the resident Doms and subs.

He lubed up his fingers and dripped some down his mate’s crease before he started circling the tight ring of muscles. As his pet began to relax, he pushed in one finger to the second knuckle. His mate began mewling as he dropped down further onto his shoulders. With the angle and pressure, he held his finger in his mate’s ass.

He began thrusting his finger in and out, stretching his pet out until he became loose enough to push a second one in alongside the first. He scissored his fingers in and out as Angel relaxed and moaned in time to his thrusts. When his mate began meeting his thrusts, River swatted his mate’s ass gently as he ordered him to not move. Angel hesitated in stilling but bit his bottom lip. River continued to pump his fingers in and out of the now-quivering hole as he crooked his fingers a bit until he ran over the walnut-sized gland that was his mate’s sweet spot. The result was enough for his mate to arch his back as he cried out happily. His cock hardened more if that was possible, and River knew they both wouldn’t last long.

He quickly pushed in a third until it glided in and out effortlessly before replacing it with his hard cock.

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