[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, vampires, sex toys]

Ty Buchanan, vampire and Council Shield, awakens after a night of partying with friends to find himself stripped and staked out. With dawn approaching, he knows his odds of surviving are not good.

Libby Shaw is a photography student whose latest assignment is to complete a series of wildlife studies. A friend has loaned her an isolated cabin, and she hopes to get some excellent shots. Instead, she stumbles upon the horribly burned body of a man. He’s alive. But barely.

When Libby saves Ty, she is plunged into a paranormal world she never knew existed. As Ty and Libby work to save themselves from an unknown enemy, they turn to one another and discover a passion that makes them both burn. The stakes get higher as the lovers are drawn into a world of bloodslaves, betrayal, and an enemy from Ty’s past reappears, bent on revenge.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Burn (MF)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
LOVED this book - such a great read & I hope there are heaps more in the series!
Lovely vampire story that was a great read on a could night. Sexy, good plot, well developed, yet the ending needed a little more thought. All in all, a good vampire story that all vampire lovers should read
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Two worlds collide when a vampire is saved from a long a painful death by a pixie-like woman with green eyes. They will be chased, hunted and searched for by their enemies and allies alike. In their battle for survival, can they learn enough about each other that their physical intimacy can become something more? Ty Buchanan, a Council Shield or vampire cop, has been kidnapped and left for dead. And he has no idea why. Libby Shaw is anticipating a weekend photographing wildlife for an assignment when she stumbles on the sun-wounded vampire and saves him from the ravages of the sun. After 24 hours on the run, they are able to contact Ty's brother and Regional leader Quinn who takes them back to their headquarters to solve the riddle of why Ty was kidnapped and who would want to murder him. Libby is confronted with a world she never knew existed, a world where vampires exist peacefully with humans, though secret and self-governed. Werewolves work for the brothers and there is an alliance between them. She must decide if this is a world she can live with and if she wants something more with then a fling with the sexy vampire she has saved. Added to the relationship story of Ty and Libby is the secondary narrative line of why Ty was kidnapped and their search to find out who has instigated the attack. This serves as a key motivator to the hero at several key plot turns in the book. It also pushes the story from being a string of sex scenes. Ms. Younger has created an interesting parallel world for her paranormal characters. The rules are clear and she uses Libby's new arrival into this world to explain the rules to the reader. This is a great device to educate readers on her take of the vampire story. The characters in Ms. Younger's novel are easy to relate to. They are modern, even the 250-year old vampires speak in the vernacular, so the dialogue flows well. The characters have their flaws and insecurities, which enables the reader to empathise with them. Her supporting cast is well written, but she does not delve into their characters over much. As this is the first in the series of books, I assume she is setting up her cast for the books to follow. Bree Younger pulls no sexual punches with her first "All American Vampire" novel. The story opens with a sizzling sex scene and this sets the tone for the book. This novel is erotic and sexually charged; it got this reader hot under the collar, and no mistake. If you are uncomfortable with the use of some of the coarser nouns for lady parts, this may not be for you. BURN is a compelling and sexy read. If you like your heroes hot and your love scenes sizzling, this is one for you." -- Musingbookworm, The Romance Reviews

4 HEARTS: "Burn is the first book in the All-American Vampires series and Bree Younger has set the bar high. Libby is out searching for some good nature spots to take pictures for a photography class when she stumbles across a strange man staked out in the sun and slowly burning. Incoherent, dazed and very confused, Ty is sure he is going to die. Ty Buchanan, vampire and Council Shield, awakens after a night of partying with friends to find himself stripped and staked out. With dawn approaching, he knows his odds of surviving are not good. Libby Shaw is a photography student whose latest assignment is to complete a series of wildlife studies. A friend has loaned her an isolated cabin, and she hopes to get some excellent shots. Instead, she stumbles upon the horribly burned body of a man. He's alive. But barely. When Libby saves Ty, she is plunged into a paranormal world she never knew existed. As Ty and Libby work to save themselves from an unknown enemy, they turn to one another and discover a passion that makes them both burn. The stakes get higher as the lovers are drawn into a world of bloodslaves, betrayal, and an enemy from Ty's past reappears, bent on revenge. Once Libby rescues Ty, she has to come to grips with the existence of vampires and werewolves very quickly. Understandably, she has a million questions that she needs answered. But, belief comes easy for Libby since they are on the run from some very evil vampires and she sees what they can do first hand. Neither Ty nor Libby is looking for any kind of relationship. Yet, they are undeniably attracted to each other. The passion between the two is intense even as they try to deny it. Both Ty and Libby are strong and independent which causes a few moments of push and shove between them. They are both very realistic and, along with strong supporting characters, make the reader become involved with them. Burn takes the ummm sparkle out of vampires and puts them back to being hot, in control men without the fluff. This generation of vampires doesn't have telepathy, aren't affected by holy relics, can see themselves in mirrors and much more. These vampires are alpha men with some paranormal abilities but not so many you get bogged down trying to remember who can do what. Burn is a great story that has me itching to sink my teeth into the next one. Bree Younger's style and investment with her characters has made me a quick fan. Burn moves very quickly and pulls the reader in from the first page; I finished the novel in about 2 hours! Burn is a fantastic story for anyone looking for a good paranormal, erotic, action filled romance." -- Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

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The woods weren’t too overgrown, and Libby was able to keep up a pretty good pace. She photographed a few birds and interesting trees she spotted and even a rabbit she had startled into sudden movement. The day was starting to warm up as the sun rose higher and higher into the sky, so she took off her light jacket and tied it loosely around her waist as she continued on, much more comfortable in just the plain white T-shirt, khaki shorts, and hiking boots. Taking several more shots, she made her way leisurely through the woods.

She’d been walking a while when she thought she heard the gentle trickling of water. Confident that she must be close to a creek, she headed toward the sound. There was bound to be an abundance of wildlife in the area. When she entered another clearing, she surveyed it with her usual thoroughness. A cry high above her head reached her, and she glanced up to see a hawk circling above. In a single movement, she’d raised the camera, zoomed in, and snapped several pictures of the majestic creature. Then it darted down toward the trees and disappeared from her view. That would be a great shot, she thought jubilantly. Maybe this was going to work out all right.

She started forward again, searching for something else to photograph. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of her eye. Swinging her camera up, she peered through the viewfinder, hoping she had stumbled onto something interesting, maybe a doe or a fawn.

As the scene came into focus, she froze in disbelief.

Oh my God. Oh my God, she thought. A body was sprawled on the ground in the center of the clearing. The camera dropped from her suddenly nerveless fingers to dangle uselessly from its strap, and she barely managed to squelch the scream that trembled on her lips. For several moments she couldn’t move, shock robbing her of thought. Then she sprinted forward, the camera banging against her chest with every stride. As she got closer, she could see that it was a man, and he had been staked out like some kind of ancient sacrifice, his arms and legs spread-eagle on the ground and held down with heavy chains.

“Jesus!” She threw herself down beside him. He looked horrid. He was burned, burned so badly his skin was red and blistered. What the hell had been done to him? Had someone set him on fire? How long had he been here? Please, God, let him be alive.

When she leaned over to check for a pulse, her forgotten camera flopped forward, almost striking against the man’s face. Quickly, she pulled the strap over her head and set the camera aside. Then she reached out to lay hesitant fingers against his neck. At first, she couldn’t feel a pulse, so she pressed harder, trying not to lose her nerve. She’d just moved her hand lower, thinking maybe she was feeling in the wrong spot, when his eyes opened and stared straight into hers.

She jerked back, startled, before letting out a small, relieved laugh.

“Mister? Mister? It’s okay. I’m going to help you. Can you hear me?” He blinked his eyes closed and then opened them again, but they seemed unfocused, and she couldn’t tell if he knew what she was saying. Suddenly, he let out a low moan of such pain that Libby’s heart pulsed in sympathy. “I’m going to get you loose,” she assured him when his eyes closed again, hoping the man could understand her.

She examined his bonds with a growing feeling of helplessness. He had been bolted to the ground with heavy chains and locks. She tried pulling up the stakes, tugging and bracing herself against the ground, but she just didn’t have the strength. They didn’t even budge. There was no way for her to get him free like this. What the hell could she do? She didn’t want to take the time to drive all the way back to civilization and then get someone out here to help her. He might be dead before she could do all that. Or whoever did this to him might come back. Hell. They might still be around somewhere.

She could feel herself about to panic, her eyes darting nervously around trying to catch a glimpse of anything suspicious looking, but she saw nothing. She needed to do something to help him. To keep them both safe. Wait. Her gun. It was in her truck under the front seat. She always carried it with her when she traveled any distance. She would feel much safer with it—plus, the thought suddenly occurred to her—she might be able to use it to shoot through the chains.

 “Mister?” He opened his eyes again. They were such a clear blue that they seemed to pierce straight through Libby when they focused on her face. “I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying, but I can’t get you free like this. It’s impossible. I’m not strong enough. I’m going to my truck for my gun. Okay? I’ll be right back.”

He shook his head, finally responding to her. “Don’t go.” The words were rasped out in a barely intelligible whisper. “Please. Hurts.” 

She had to close her eyes against the agony she saw etched on his face. Tears blurred her vision. “I swear I’ll be right back.”




His jaw was rigid, his whole body tight, as though he was attempting to leash some ravening beast. But she didn’t want the beast leashed. Leaning forward, she gently touched her lips to his. As if she had given him a signal, he made a harsh sound deep in his throat, and his hands tightened on her with a grip of iron. Then his mouth was covering hers in a kiss that was devouring in its intensity. Her senses were drowning in him—his taste, his smell. The rough bristle of beard scraped against her cheek. His tongue speared boldly into her mouth with a masterful stroke that was devastatingly erotic and mesmerizingly delicious.

She writhed against him as he devoured her, pressing against his hardness, needing to feel it once again thrusting into her feminine softness.

“I can smell your heat,” he murmured as he pressed hot, greedy kisses down the line of her jaw. His hand slid down to cup her mound, probing delicately. “You’re so wet for me, baby.”

His finger stroked across her clit, and she arched against him, urging him to explore further. He circled around and around the sensitive nub until she cried out. “Oh, God, Ty. Please.”

A harsh laugh was his answer to her plea. “Oh, I will please you, Lib. Count on it.” His finger probed deeper, pressing up into her hot channel with a sure touch. In and out he stroked her, first one finger, then two. The wet sucking noise sounded loud in the small confines of the shower.

He added a third finger and she whimpered, “You’re killing me, Ty.” She needed more.

“Always so impatient, Libby.”

“Fuck me.” She barely recognized the hungry plea in her voice.

“Soon.” She heard the promise in his words as he bent his head and took one nipple into his mouth, working it with his lips and tongue, until she squirmed against him in desperate need. Then he gave equal attention to the other nipple, sucking and nibbling until she was ravenous. Her hands clasped his head, pulling him tighter against her, loving the feel of his rough beard against her sensitive skin.

He raised his head again to stare into her eyes, and he laughed huskily at the stunned look on her face. “What is it, baby?"

Libby felt dazed as if she could hardly form a coherent thought, much less a complete sentence. “I need you, Ty. So bad.”

“I know how you feel, Lib. I feel it, too. See.” He took one of her hands and drew it to his cock, wrapping her fingers around the hot shaft as far as they would go. He was so thick. No wonder she’d felt so full earlier. Then he was guiding her, directing her in how to stroke him, how to please him. “Harder, Lib. Touch me harder.” She complied, blindly giving him what he asked for. “Oh, yeah, baby. Just like that. That feels so good.”

She slid her thumb across the head and felt the dampness of his pre-cum. Rubbing it around in short circles, she wished that she could lick it. Never before had she wanted to go down on a man, but the need to engulf Ty’s cock in her mouth was almost overwhelming. She told him, “I want to taste you.”

He kissed her hard and quick. “I want that, too, babe. But not this time. Right now, I’m dying to work my cock back into that tight pussy of yours. So we’ll have to save the other for next time.”

That sounded like a brilliant plan to her. One knee came up to press her legs farther apart. “You ready, babe?” She nodded. Then he was thrusting home in one hard, slick slide until he was buried in her to the hilt.

Libby pressed her face against his neck, barely suppressing the groan of pleasure that trembled on her lips at his fierce possession. His cock was like a hot brand stabbing through her inhibitions, leaving room for nothing but complete and utter submission to his demands. She felt his hands clasping her hips, digging into the soft flesh and probably leaving marks. But she didn’t care. She wanted his boldness. His recklessness.  

She reached up to pull his mouth back to hers, greedily sucking his tongue in and winding her arms tighter and tighter around his neck. Her nipples were erect and aching, dragging against the light sprinkling of hair on his chest with each breath until she was almost mad with desire.

He leaned back. “Look, baby. See how gorgeous we are together.” She looked down to where he was embedded in her. It was the sexiest thing she had ever seen. “Isn’t that beautiful?”

She moaned and nodded. “Yes. Oh, yes. Please, Ty. Do it now. Please.”

He pulled out and slammed home again. All teasing, all playing over. It wasn’t pretty. Just hot and hard sex between them now. It wasn’t romantic or sensual or erotic. No sultry invitations. No languid strokes. It was basic and fast and amazing. She came right away. Two strokes and she erupted all over him, her muscles squeezing tightly around his cock. She gave a gasping scream as he continued to fuck her through the orgasm, not slowing down, not petting her. And she came again. Amazing.

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