The Adonis Dating Service: Ryan (MM)

The Adonis Dating Service 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,892
2 Ratings (3.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Ryan, co-owner of the Adonis Dating Service, falls for Gary, a client, but Gary is also seeing another client he was matched with, Jock.

To keep Jock away from Gary, Ryan matches Jock up with someone else. It works, but when Gary finds out what Ryan’s done, he angrily accuses Ryan of dishonesty and breaks up with him. How can Ryan get Gary back?

Ryan hatches a plan despite his business partner’s warning that it was his scheming that got him into trouble in the first place. Can Ryan’s plan work? Can he get Gary back? Or will his latest scheming only lead to more trouble?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Adonis Dating Service: Ryan (MM)
2 Ratings (3.5)

The Adonis Dating Service: Ryan (MM)

The Adonis Dating Service 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,892
2 Ratings (3.5)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff

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Adonis was no do-it-yourself, computerized matchup. The agency promised handpicked, personally selected matches, at least three for every client. Clients came in, filled out a form, and then chatted with either Ryan or Todd in an interview conversation that was rather lengthy. They also posed for a quick photo, just to help Ryan and Todd remember who was who. Based on the interview and the questionnaire, one of the two partners would select at least three potential matches for each client.

Todd was clipping the photo of their newest client to his questionnaire when Ryan arrived at the office. “He’s cute,” Ryan remarked, looking down at the desk and Gary’s photo. He saw a picture of a good-looking dude who looked to be in his age range and had sandy hair and brown eyes and wore casual clothes.

“Nice guy, too,” Todd said.

Ryan’s antennae were up. “Tell me about him.”

“Interested? He’s a keyboardist. You have music in common. He does accompaniment for local vocalists, occasionally sits in with bands, and has done the music for a lot of local commercials. I wonder if he’s worked on any that you’ve written. You never met him on any of your jobs?”

“I never meet the musicians. I write the songs and hand them over to the client or the ad agency. I’m never present at the recording sessions. Tell me more about him.”

“He’s KooKoo the Klown. He volunteers as an entertainer at the children’s hospital.”

“Your pet charity?”

“The same.” Todd had a collection of vintage Lionel electric trains, which he had set up in the basement of his home. Once a month, on a Saturday, the public was invited to come and look at the trains go round and round, load and offload lumber and cattle, and generally go through their paces. In return, Todd asked these visitors for a donation in any amount they were comfortable with. These proceeds he turned over to the Mid-County Children’s Hospital.

“You never saw him at the hospital?” Ryan asked.

“Not that I remember. I just stop by to turn in the money once a month. I don’t go onto the floors. It seems, though, that he spends a fair amount of time entertaining the kids there, strictly as a volunteer. Obviously his heart’s in the right place.”

“I suppose it would be too much to hope that he shares my love of opera?”

“He didn’t say anything about opera, but you both love foreign films.”

“Is there anything unethical if I call him myself?” Ryan and Todd had started the agency while seeing each other, and the men the two of them had been involved with, subsequent to their breakup from each other, had not been agency clients. Neither had ever dated a client before.

Todd considered the question for a moment. “We promise at least three matches. Suppose I set him up with three other guys and you? He’s got three matches that aren’t “inside jobs,” and you don’t have an unfair advantage if I pair him up with the other three first. I don’t see what’s unethical if we do it that way.”

“If you’re going to give him three other matches first, do it quickly. I’m eager to meet him!”

Todd chuckled. “It’s good to see you taking an interest in guys again. You’ve been so down since the breakup.”

“Who are you going to match him up with?”

Todd pored over their client files, pulling out a few questionnaires from men who seemed like possibilities, shaking his head over others who were clearly all wrong. A small pile resulted. From these, he pulled the most likely, returning the others to the files. It was definitely a low-tech operation, but both Todd and Ryan felt there were clues to personality in the handwritten questionnaires. They didn’t want to computerize the actual matchmaking process, even though the other aspects of the business—the record-keeping, bookkeeping, and such—were all done on computer.

Finally he had narrowed it down to three prospects, Jock, Nathan, and Barry. Now was where the computer came into play. Todd sent one e-mail to both Gary and Jock, one to both Gary and Nathan, and one to both Gary and Barry. In each case he gave the two recipients of the e-mail each other’s first name and phone number and suggested they contact each other, get to know each other on the phone, and make a date to get together in person. Now it was up to them.

“I’ll give him a chance to get in touch with the three of them, and then I’ll tell him we’ve had a fourth possibility come up,” Todd told Ryan.

“Don’t wait too long,” Ryan said.

“Eager, aren’t we?”

“Yes, but it’s not just that. I don’t want him getting too attached to one of the others.”




“Stand up for a minute. I want to just look at you,” Ryan requested. He circled around Gary as he stood there, and he marveled at the firm, high-riding butt cheeks that jutted out without a hint of flab. Then Ryan wet a finger and wormed it into the tight, pink, tempting hole those buns were concealing.

Gary’s body wriggled all over as Ryan’s sneaky finger insistently pushed its way up into the warm, humid confines of his pucker. His sphincter clutched Ryan and ate his finger up as if it were dinner. Ryan wiggled that finger around to touch as many tender nerves as he could on the soft, sensitive lining of Gary’s back hole. Gary was panting in heat, whimpering, and seemed so ready to explode that Ryan was reluctant to even touch his straining dick.

That dick looked to be a respectable six or seven inches, and about average in thickness, but the tip was exuding an impressive quantity of pre-cum, which really made Ryan take notice. It was a continuous stream of thick, translucent droplets. Like the rest of Gary’s dick, his dickhead was a mottled purple.

Gary had begun swaying, punching his hips forward, driving his ass back and forth, clearly reacting to the workings of Ryan’s finger drilling as high as it could get up his ass. Ryan’s own dick ached to follow the path of his finger, but Ryan decided he’d better relieve Gary of his first load quickly, and orally, so Gary could settle down and really get into the fuck Ryan meant to give him.

Fishing a rubber from the night table drawer, Ryan stretched it onto Gary’s hugely engorged erection, eased Gary back down onto the bed, and then followed the rubber’s downward path with his lips. He engulfed the totality of Gary’s cock, from the tip down to the very root, until his nose was nestled in Gary’s sweet-smelling pubes, and Gary’s corona was tickling Ryan’s gullet.

Ryan’s hands grasped Gary’s firm, taut thigh flesh. Below the flesh, the muscles were hard as lumber and tense as Gary strained eagerly toward the climax his body was insistently demanding. Ryan turned up the suction, speeded up the bobbing motions of his head, and let go of one thigh to worm his way under Gary’s humping butt and back up his ass. This eager lover was not going to last long at all before he exploded, and Ryan meant to have a finger up his asshole when it happened.

Pressing inward, Ryan shoved a second finger alongside the first, then spread the two fingers apart deep up Gary’s asshole. Ryan tantalized Gary’s nerve endings while he fucked in and out with his two fingers. Gary was wildly tossing his head back and forth on the bed, gasping like a landed fish, throwing his body crazily around on the bed, and pounding the mattress with his fists.

Then his hands came up to Ryan’s head, and he grabbed Ryan’s hair in a death grip, pulling Ryan’s head down harder on his dick. “Yeah, man. Suck it. Suck that woody. Get me off. Get me off! I’m so hot! Your mouth. Yeah, your mouth! That’s the way! Oh yeah! Oh yeah…yeah…oh…yeah! Ohhhh! Ohhhhhh!

Gary was in the grip of an orgasm that rendered his body stiff and shaking, and he unloaded torrents of scalding jism into the rubber, deep in Ryan’s mouth. Letting go of his other thigh, Ryan squeezed Gary’s sac as he continued to plunge in and out of his ass with two fingers of his other hand.

Ryan knew Gary’s orgasm had ended when his body sagged back down to the bed, relaxed, shuddered once, and seemed to melt. He knew it, too, by the marbled-looking receptacle end of the rubber. He couldn’t have proved it by the state of Gary’s dick, however. The thing was nearly as granite-solid as before he’d gotten off, and in fact, his body had begun to rock again, however slightly. And there went his thighs, starting to tense once again.

Ryan had never let up the plunging action of his fingers, but now he wanted to replace them with something much bigger, much harder, and much needier.

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