The Adonis Dating Service: Todd (MM)

The Adonis Dating Service 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,037
1 Ratings (3.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

Todd, co-owner of The Adonis Dating Service, meets a handsome and charming client, Colin, and decides he wants to date him. Colin is a flight instructor and a daredevil stunt pilot. Colin proves himself an able right-hand man when Todd puts on his monthly electric train show for the benefit of charity. They have great fun amid the train set-up in Todd’s basement.

But a cloud looms over them in the person of Dan, Colin’s ex, who dumped Colin once but now, seeing Colin happy with Todd, seems determined to break up the romance. His dark side comes to the fore, and he crashes Colin’s surprise birthday and succeeds in charming Colin back into his life.

Todd is determined to get Colin back and comes up with a plan he hopes will succeed. Can he get Colin back into his bed and his life? Can he work his way back into Colin’s heart?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Adonis Dating Service: Todd (MM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

The Adonis Dating Service: Todd (MM)

The Adonis Dating Service 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 21,037
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



“Have you and Gary tried that new restaurant yet? The one that—” Todd’s question was cut off by the front door opening. A lean operation, the Adonis Dating Service had no receptionist, but both Ryan’s small private office and Todd’s offered a clear view of the front door, as long as the door of each private office was open. As the bell on the door jingled, Ryan glanced up from his desk, and Todd looked up from the chair alongside Ryan’s desk.

The man who walked in didn’t seem like he would need the help of a service to find a date. His curly, dark-blond hair was shaggy and looked somewhat windblown in a very attractive way. His muscles were well defined but didn’t appear overdeveloped. Tall and tanned, he had amber eyes that sparkled above a cute pug nose and sensuous lips. He peered around the outer office, perplexed, for three seconds until he spotted the partners sitting in Ryan’s office. “Oh, howdy!” he said, loping to the doorway and pausing. “May I come in?”

Todd got up from the side chair so the visitor could take a seat. “Are you looking for the dating service?” he asked, flummoxed that such a marvelous specimen would need help finding a date.

“I sure haven’t done too well picking the right man for myself lately,” the new client replied. “I was hoping you’d do a better job of it than I have.”

“We pride ourselves on handpicking matches for our clients,” Ryan spoke up. “No computers. Well, not for matching clients. Of course, we use them for bookkeeping, e-mail, and stuff.” He patted his keyboard almost fondly. “But we do all our matching personally.” As he spoke, he opened a file drawer and got out a blank questionnaire, handing it and a pen to the man. “By the way, I’m Ryan, and this is my partner, Todd.”

Business partner,” Todd clarified quickly.

“Colin.” The new client extended his hand to shake. Todd grasped it and held it firmly before reluctantly letting go.

“So how does this work?” Colin asked.

“You fill out the questionnaire as fully as you can. We take a picture of you, really more for our own reference than anything else,” Ryan began explaining. “You pay us and leave, and we go over our files and pull at least three matches of hand-selected, suitable, available men for you. We send an e-mail to you and each man, introducing you to each other and giving you each other’s phone numbers. After that it’s up to you to get in touch with the matches we picked for you or for them to get in touch with you. You get together with them and decide if one of them is your Mr. Right.”

“You have a wide enough selection of available men?”

“I’m one of them,” Todd piped up.

“Be careful!” Ryan interjected. “Look how much trouble I got into chasing after a client.”

“Yes, but in the end you got him.”

“Is there an extra charge for admission to the performance?” teased Colin. “It sounds like there’s a three-act drama in the midst of unfolding.”

“The three-act drama took place early in Ryan and Gary’s relationship. Everything’s smooth now. But I’m still on the lookout for a new boyfriend.”

“Well, maybe you’ll match yourself up with me.” Colin threw an easy wink at Todd, which set Todd’s pulse racing faster.

“Would you like that?” He thought he knew the answer but held his breath while he waited nonetheless. The man’s manner and personality were as appealing as his looks.

“Only if our questionnaires show we’re compatible. Isn’t that how it works?”

“I’ll take care of vetting the questionnaires,” Ryan interjected. “No unfair advantages to the business owners.” He grinned at Colin.

“Don’t I get a little favoritism?” Todd mock-pouted, thrusting out his lower lip.

“I’ll leave it to you guys to decide who to pair me up with. But somehow,” he added, standing and putting a hand on Todd’s shoulder, “I think I’ll be seeing you again.” He squeezed the shoulder conspiratorially and let his hand linger there for a moment before removing it.




Now naked, Colin sat on the bed beside Todd and kissed him again. As he did, his right hand dropped to Todd’s lap and curled around his half-hard dick. Slowly but deliberately, he began jacking it as he continued kissing Todd, who returned the kiss with a fervor and thrust his tongue into Colin’s mouth. At that, Colin eased his free hand under Todd’s buns and slid inexorably toward Todd’s quivering asshole. Colin curled up all but one of his fingers, which continued questing beneath Todd’s butt.

His ass cheeks, already taut with need, tightened up even more with the knowledge that that finger meant to invade his anal chamber. Those tight cheeks notwithstanding, though, Colin’s finger was determined. He pushed harder until his fingertip had breached the defenses of Todd’s anal sphincter, and then that fingertip was inside his tightly guarded cavern. Inside and wiggling. Inside and tickling nerves. Inside and doing wonderful, hot things to all the nerve endings up in there including a few Todd hadn’t even discovered previously.

Todd shifted his weight on the bed so he was resting more on one cheek than the other, which gave Colin’s hand a greater freedom of movement and allowed Todd’s asshole to swallow even more of Colin’s fingertip. While Todd was eager to suck or be sucked, fuck or be fucked, he couldn’t argue with the fact that right now, his asshole was voraciously hungry for more of that marauding finger. Meanwhile, his dick was growing undeniably hotter and closer to eruption as a result of what Colin was doing.

It had been a while since Todd had been with another man. Self-gratification was better than none, but it merely took the edge off his appetite. It didn’t really satisfy it. Now he was with another man, and a hot one at that, one he found he really liked and one who turned him on enormously. A sudden wave struck him, and he stiffened and started to shiver. His orgasm was inevitable.

Colin seemed to sense it, too. Just before Todd’s dick lurched and went off, Colin urged him, “Yes! Yes! Do it! Come for me! Give it to me!” Then Todd’s fountain of jizz erupted, the cream spurting up and splatting down over Todd’s insistently jacking hand. As Todd looked down into his own lap, he noticed that Colin was sporting a hard-on of his own, which jutted out from his crotch and drooled viscous tears of pre-cum.

Todd’s head started to move downward as if of its own accord. Colin stopped him. “Oral’s pretty safe, but let me put a rubber on anyhow.”

A shivery thrill took possession of Todd’s body as the image of himself sucking on Colin’s dick took possession of his mind. He ducked his head to the hefty dick, now covered in latex Colin had fished out of the night table, and touched his lips to the bulbous glans.

Wrapping his lips around that huge mushroom, he slid them down the deluxe dick it topped. He gripped tight, slid down, and delivered the beginnings of an impassioned blow job. Colin coached him in how he liked it. “Suck harder. No, not that hard. Yes, that’s the way. Ah, yes, up and down just like that. Use your tongue on the underside. Ah yes, perfect.”

Todd caught on to Colin’s preferred rhythm quickly. He knew he was doing it just the way Colin wanted when the pilot began to pump his hips and thrust his dick down Todd’s throat. Not the world’s greatest deep-throat practitioner, Todd started to gag at first, but Colin backed off, and Todd quickly got control of himself. Soon Colin tried again, and this time Todd was able to take him down his throat without a problem, albeit briefly. The thick column excited him as it slithered down his clenching throat and pumped in and out of his mouth. Ah yes, that was one of the things he had wanted to do. Suck and be sucked. Fuck and be fucked.

It soon became clear that another of those delights was next on the agenda. Todd’s asshole had felt unbearably deserted ever since Colin had removed the finger that had teased all those nerves that lived up there. Now it became obvious that Colin meant to plug up that empty hole with something far larger and far more exciting. “Stand up, bend over, and clutch your ankles,” he instructed Todd.

Todd complied, clutching his ankles and waiting expectantly. He knew what was coming next. First was the return of that finger, which introduced some cool, greasy lube to Todd’s asshole. As the finger wormed up into the inner reaches of Todd’s rear, he sprang a renewed hard-on. Then the finger pulled out, and Todd felt Colin’s dickhead snug up to his sphincter and nuzzle against the resistant muscle ring.

Colin began to push against the ring, trying to ease his way in gently. When easing gently didn’t cut it, he used more forcefulness and finally succeeded in pressing his way in. Todd felt that familiar and wonderful fullness up within his nether reaches. As Colin made his way up inside, farther with each thrust, he scraped nerves that came alive for the first time in quite a while, more nerves than his finger had found, and every one connected directly to Todd’s dick.


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