The Adonis Dating Service: Officer Derek (MM)

The Adonis Dating Service 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,520
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]

The Adonis Dating Service matches police officer Derek with Tony, a member of the Citizens Observer Patrol. Although they have a lot in common and soon bond, when Derek’s life is endangered not once but twice, including an incident while the couple is on vacation, Tony asks Derek to give up police work, because Tony doesn’t want to risk losing Derek in such a dangerous occupation. Derek loves being a cop, though, and doesn’t want to give it up. Is this a deal breaker? Will Tony issue an ultimatum?

Then it’s Tony’s life that is endangered, while Derek isn’t there to help. Tony takes a risk to stop a crime, but he pays dearly for his bravery. Will Derek return in time to help? How will it all end?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Adonis Dating Service: Officer Derek (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Adonis Dating Service: Officer Derek (MM)

The Adonis Dating Service 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 20,520
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



Suddenly, as they slowly drove through a residential neighborhood, they came upon an unexpected occurrence—a crime scene. A woman was fleeing from a man who was screaming and shouting obscenities at her. “Stop! Stop the car!” Derek shouted at Tony. Ever the policeman, he was alert to situations around him even when he wasn’t on duty. And of course, he had his police weapon with him, as always.

Before Derek could decide whether this was a situation that required police intervention, the man shot at the woman. At that, Derek drew his service revolver, yelling, “Police! Freeze!” as he leaped from the just-stopped car. The man turned and immediately shot at Derek.

Tony instinctively reached for his cell phone, dialed 911, and said, “We have an off-duty officer down. He was responding to a domestic disturbance at a residence on Shady Lane between Oak and Franklin. We also have an injured civilian. Can you respond with backup police and an ambulance?”

Derek, clutching his side, gave Tony the thumbs-up as he heard him call in the report. The perpetrator fled. The woman lay in a puddle of blood.

Tony ran to Derek. “How badly does it hurt?” he asked.

“Well, it’s not just a bee sting,” Derek answered, attempting to smile. “Good for you on your quick call. How’s the woman doing?”

The injured woman was moaning, gushing blood, and thrashing around. “She doesn’t look too good,” Tony reported ruefully. His voice quavered. Then he spat out the words, “Why did we have to drive down just this street at just this minute—and why do you have to be a cop?” His thoughts were interrupted by the wailing of sirens in the distance. They quickly grew nearer.

The ambulance and police car both arrived. Derek’s wound was judged to be non-life-threatening, even though more than a simple flesh wound. The woman was not so lucky. Although she was able to identify her assailant, she was DOA—dead on arrival at the hospital. Tony, however, was utterly shaken. Two days later, when Derek was released from the hospital, Tony told him, “I want you to get out of police work. I don’t know if I can stand to love someone whose life is in danger every day—even when he’s not working.”

“I’m a cop,” Derek replied as he walked unsteadily to Tony’s car. “It’s what I am. It’s who I am. I’m sworn to uphold the law and protect the citizens. I take it very seriously. I can’t change.”

“I can’t keep going through this,” Tony answered. “I want you to quit.”

“And do what? I’m not an artist like you. I’m not a businessman. I’m not a used car salesman. I’m not a teacher. I’m a policeman. Get used to it, babe. You’re in love with a policeman.”

“Yes, but I can’t stand it.”

“You’ll have to. It’s who and what I am.”

They went home to Tony’s house as they’d planned but didn’t make love that night, although they held each other tight all through the night.

Derek wondered if this was their breaking point. What if Tony became insistent? What if Tony demanded that he give up police work or…?

He couldn’t give up police work, even though he didn’t want to give up Tony.

It took a long time before Derek fell asleep that night, and when he did, his sleep was restless and uneasy. From the way that Tony was tossing and turning and intermittently clawing at the sheets, Derek surmised that Tony wasn’t sleeping well either. But Derek didn’t say anything to him. After all, what was there to say? Derek was, no matter what, a cop. And if Tony couldn’t live with that…?

What would happen, he wondered, if Tony couldn’t live with that?




Both their dicks were already up hard and ready, and capping Derek’s in rubber was easy for him, despite the fumbling of his eager fingers. Before he was even fully covered, Tony was down at Derek’s crotch, his hungry tongue lapping at Derek’s sac. His eager tongue laved Derek’s balls, probing into the squishy sac and teasing the already-roiling contents.

Derek returned the favor, arranging his body so he could lap at Tony simultaneously. His tongue quickly segued from swirling across the surface of Tony’s balls into swiping its hasty way up his tall-standing dick. And that erection seemed to stretch taller and taller as he licked his way up it.

Finally he reached the summit. His tongue dipped into the welling slit, protected by latex but still vulnerable to the feel of a marauding tongue. Derek lapped down into the tender opening, while his hand began gently jacking Tony’s stiff, swollen dick at its thick base. His massive balls lay below, their sparse pubes tickling the side of Derek’s hand each time it dipped down to the bottom of Tony’s spongy cock.

Soon they were gobbling each other’s cock with abandon. Derek’s mouth had engulfed almost the whole of Tony’s throbbing shaft. It lay within the loving warmth of Derek’s mouth, bathed in the same kind of humid, tender environment that Tony’s mouth was providing for Derek’s exquisitely responsive dick. And then Tony’s tongue started twining around Derek’s cock, tickling and darting and teasing and taunting, touching here and tormenting there.

Derek was totally captivated by his new lover’s brand of lovin’. He looked up, raising his eyes as far as he could without lifting his mouth from Tony’s dick, and saw his strong musculature, his adorable face, his twinkling brown eyes, his curly hair, and was even more captivated than he had been before. Then he inhaled the musky, sweaty, pheromone-laden scent that rose from his groin, and he was totally swept away with lust and longing.

Tony, meanwhile, seemed determined to swallow as much of Derek’s dick as he could, and he did just as he wanted, taking Derek’s appreciable length and considerable thickness all the way down deep in his throat, titillating the bottom of Derek’s shaft with his tongue as he went. When he reached the base, he did a neat thing with his throat muscles, constricting and relaxing them so they massaged Derek’s palpitating glans. Derek’s knob quivered at the feel of those massaging muscles surrounding it and squeezing.

As Tony sucked and swallowed and treated Derek’s dick to royal sensations, his hand worked its way under Derek’s butt and squirmed its way into the clench of his anal sphincter. His puckered asshole felt Tony’s skillful fingers jabbing into him. How many fingers was he trying to stuff up there? It was obviously more than one—and it felt like there might even be three of them pushing their way up Derek’s quivering ass and invading his depths.

Then those fingers started chugging in and out of him, and he squirmed at the feel of them rubbing his sensitized rim and stuffing him delightfully full. Coupled with the feel of Tony’s tight lips locked around his blood-engorged dick, the sensations made Derek moan as he wriggled with need on the bed and began pumping his hips up and down in a quest for the orgasm he now needed urgently.

He wasn’t ignoring Tony, either. Derek’s own lips encircled Tony’s hard-on, his tongue licking tauntingly at Tony’s crown as Derek’s mouth sucked voraciously on Tony’s erection. Tony’s pube patch inflamed him with his man scent—sweat and musk and pheromones and all the sexy smells that turned him on. The tendrils reached up Derek’s nostrils and into his brain, setting his body on fire, a fire that only Tony could extinguish.

Derek was sucking demandingly on Tony’s rigid cock, and it seemed to swell even further in Derek’s mouth as he sucked at it. Each man gobbled the other in an oral orgy of steamy sex. But soon Tony wanted more. Removing his mouth from Derek’s dick, he asked, “Do you get fucked? Or are you a top?”

“I’m versatile…but you’re awfully large.” It was true—the length of Tony’s cock was notable, although well within the range of dicks that Derek had taken before, but the circumference was truly awesome. Tony’s dick had to be the thickest, fattest piece Derek had ever wrapped his lips around, and he shuddered with pleased yet concerned anticipation at the prospect of having that fat hunk of cock thrust up his ass.

“Let me try?” Tony wheedled.

Derek had to admit that the thought of being filled with so much hot dick was tantalizing. Ahh…the way it would stretch the rim, the way it would rub every nerve that lived around his opening…Yes, as much as Tony’s size concerned him, he just had to try. So he squirmed around until he was on his back with his knees up near his shoulders, presenting his winking hole for Tony’s pleasure.

Tony lowered his mouth to within an inch of Derek’s asshole and spit a deposit of saliva toward his rim, then worked it in with his fingers, lubing him the old-fashioned way. When Derek was suitably slicked up for Tony’s entry, Tony reared back, thumped his hefty dick against Derek’s asshole, and took it in hand to guide it into his entrance.


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