Two Spirit Ranch: Murphy's Law (MM)

Two Spirits 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,260
9 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Murphy and Aiden's passion for each other is explosive, and they've been dancing around a commitment for a couple of years. 
Murphy has a secret past, and hides a dark side that even his closest friends are unaware of. He knows he's in love with Aiden, but will Aiden love him once he learns the ugly truth?
They are sent out to locate a hidden facility, operated by a vicious cult, and discover far more than they bargained for.
Two Spirit Ranch has become a refuge for those who fear the cult, shifters who have lost loved ones or who just want to live in safety. The shifter world is about to be made public, something the cult fears, as it will expose their dirty little secret.
As the cult loses its power, it drops one last bombshell—something that will have far-reaching consequences, and leave the Two Spirit crew reeling.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Two Spirit Ranch: Murphy's Law (MM)
9 Ratings (4.3)

Two Spirit Ranch: Murphy's Law (MM)

Two Spirits 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,260
9 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“You didn’t read the map, did you, sweetie?” Aiden asked with a smirk, eyeing his companion with a wicked glint in his eye.

“Fuck you,” the reply came back, feisty and full of sass. Aiden grinned widely, leaning his head back, one arm resting on the open window. Murphy was losing his cool again and Aiden was loving it.

“We’re not lost, I just decided to take a sitrep, that’s all,” Murphy continued, glaring at his cohort.

Aiden burst out laughing, a deep belly laugh that shook the vehicle they were in. They were sooo lost. The blush on Murphy’s cheeks was kind of cute, while he tried to deny their situation. A sitrep? Please.

“We. Are. Not. Lost,” Murphy bit out, his face inches from Aiden’s, his moist breath fanning Aiden’s cheek.

Aiden turned his head, silver eyes laughing into Murphy’s amber ones. He saw the heat in that gaze, the temper that Murphy rarely showed—to everyone but him. For some reason, Aiden brought out the worst in Murphy, and Aiden did his level best to keep it that way. The sparks that flew between them whenever they were together meant a lot of emotions close to the surface. Apparently, being closeted in a vehicle for twenty hours with Aiden had taken Murphy’s irritation to new levels.

“Yes. We. Are,” Aiden replied forcefully, placing a hard kiss to Murphy’s lips. Murphy jerked back in a hurry, huffing noisily. The scent of his arousal rose pungently inside the confines of the large SUV. Aiden sniffed, his eyes narrowing as his gaze dropped to Murphy’s lap. Sure enough, the thick dick between the man’s legs was the size of an anaconda now, getting ready to play.

“You like that, stud?” Aiden growled, his hand shooting out, cupping the back of Murphy’s head and dragging him close again, his other hand diving down and squeezing the snake in Murphy’s pants hard. His lips closed over Murphy’s, feeling the man’s shudder, the instant of hesitation before Murphy capitulated in a hurry.

Growling louder, Aiden forced Murphy’s lips open, shoving his tongue inside the man’s succulent mouth and taking what he wanted. Exploring the depths, Aiden took his time, tasting each flavor like a connoisseur at a wine tasting. Murphy was addictive. He tasted of all the things Aiden had craved while stuck in that dungeon below Sage. Once at the trophy ranch, Aiden had refused to allow his cravings loose, channeling his hunger for rough sex into fighting his captors. He had a sense that Murphy was hiding a secret kink behind the smooth exterior. He submitted like a fucking dream, allowing Aiden to go all primal on him.

Murphy moaned against Aiden’s lips, almost whimpering as the kiss deepened. Aiden placed Murphy’s hand to his crotch, allowing Murphy to touch his thick rod of steel-hard flesh signaling Aiden’s enthusiasm.

Easing back, Aiden eyed Murphy’s closed eyes, his swollen lips glistening moistly. Aiden traced the scar that tracked down Murphy’s tanned cheek with one finger, watching as the amber eyes opened warily, a hint of something like fear in their depths.

“Are you going to tell me how you got this?” Aiden asked huskily, breathing heavily. His cock ached like a bitch, ready to blow at the slightest touch—and Murphy hadn’t released him yet, so an explosion was imminent.

Murphy immediately retreated, eyes going blank in the space of a heartbeat. Aiden frowned at him.

“How did you get it?” he ordered, not allowing the sexy shifter to turn his head away.

“What does it matter?” Murphy replied, refusing to meet Aiden’s eyes.

“It matters because we’re going to be lovers soon,” Aiden retorted gruffly, still stroking the scar. His gaze softened, and his head tilted. “It matters, because you know everything about me, and you haven’t told me one damned thing about you. I know about all your crew. I’ve heard all their horror stories. What’s so bad about your past that you hide it from even your crew?”

Murphy’s eyes jerked up, meeting the shrewdly alert silver of Aiden’s.

“Tell me,” Aiden murmured, then came back for a second taste of those beautiful lips, kissing Murphy with a sensual, languorous skill that had them both panting.

“I can’t,” Murphy finally answered, almost sobbing when they parted at last. He lowered his eyes as he pulled away from the temptation of Aiden’s tantalizing kisses, adjusting the hard cock pushing at the front of his jeans.

“Why not?” Aiden wasn’t giving up. He stared at the stubborn man next to him, willing him to answer.

Murphy paused, then shook his head and started the engine again. The light from the full moon shone down, bathing them both in soft silver as the interior lights went off.

Aiden sat back, arms folded across his chest and with an erection the size of Texas. He was certainly not done asking, and eventually Murphy would let him know what it was in his past that was so terrible. Aiden shot a final look at his sexy companion, then leaned back again and closed his eyes. Murphy was toast. He just didn’t know how close.




Murphy’s body trembled, his skin slick with sweat and flushed with passion and anticipation. Blindfolded, he was strapped between the bed posts of his bed, arms and legs splayed wide and cuffed to each corner of the new four-poster to keep him in place. Naked and blind, he could only wait, cock rigid and dripping, for what was to come.

A whisper of sound reached his ears, then the lightest of touches slid along his engorged dick, pressing more firmly into his drenched slit. He groaned, flinching a little. The icy cold touch of whatever caressed him was almost painful against his heated skin.

He felt a drizzle of cold water drip onto his rigid flesh, and figured the thing was an ice cube. He yelped as it touched his balls, feeling rather than hearing the amusement coming from his tormenter. The ice trailed a swirling, agonizing path around each of his swollen balls, then dipped along his perineum, then upward, anointing the shadowy crease that separated his butt cheeks.

A warm, soft kiss landed on his shoulder, the touch of a moist tongue causing Murphy to shudder at the slight caress before the mouth lifted. He gasped when a second kiss landed on his hard ass, right side, and a sharp nip dug into his muscular flesh, followed by the soothing lash of a tongue. His toes curled, every muscle tensed in reaction. Around his cock, preventing pre-ejaculation, was a cock ring, his dick feeling swollen, painfully so. Without it he would have come screaming from the sensuous torture.

A tongue slid along his crack, hot and moist, following the icy trail left by the ice cube. He shivered at the contrast in temperatures, then cried out helplessly when the ice cube pushed against his clenching hole. A second later, that torturous tongue lapped at him, pushing insistently against the guarding ring of muscle. Relaxing, the muscles allowed the tongue access. Immediately, the ice cube was pushed inside, and Murphy yelled out again, bucking against his restraints. The shock of the ice against his sensitive hole was almost too much for his overloaded senses.

He felt the bite of sharp fangs against his exposed neck, the bite of the ice as it melted inside him. “I’m going to fuck you senseless, sexy man,” Aiden’s deep voice growled. Then a hard, long dick slammed inside Murphy’s chute, Aiden’s body snug against his back, a muscular arm slanted across his chest, the other sliding down Murphy’s frame and gripping his cock, tugging on the painfully aroused member.

Withdrawing a little way, Aiden paused, then rammed back in, beginning to fuck Murphy with a punishingly fast rhythm that had Murphy jerking with each thrust. Fingers pinched his nipples sharply, the fangs sliding deeper into his neck. Then a warm tongue soothed the bite, the dick was removed, and Murphy groaned loudly in desperate disappointment as the promise of a hard fuck went away. He was going to go insane if Aiden didn’t let him come soon.

“Now, now, sexy,” Aiden murmured, from the front now. “You didn’t think we were done so soon, did you?” It sounded like he was on his knees, his voice lower down. With a shout of surprise, Murphy felt warm lips surround his aching cock, swallowing him to the hilt, then throat muscles working against the spongy head of his dick, sending his brain reeling.

“Fuck me, you fucking dick,” Murphy yelped, bucking against his restraints again. “I need your fucking dick inside me. Please.” He begged, panting now, trying to fuck himself inside Aiden’s succulent mouth, the cock ring preventing him from coming.

Aiden laughed smugly, sucking hard, then popped Murphy’s cock from his mouth. Removing the cock ring, Aiden inhaled Murphy’s dick again. “Come,” he ordered, and Murphy did, screaming in pleasure as he shot load after load of pearly white semen inside Aiden’s suctioning mouth.

The last pulse of his dick had him slumping against the frame, then he felt Aiden get to his feet. Then silence.

He tensed, not knowing what to expect, before Aiden slid his large dick gently inside Murphy’s clenching chute, lubed up and ready to go. Murphy nearly cried at the gentleness of the move. He had been expecting a full-on assault, but this…this was exquisitely beautiful. A gentle hand turned Murphy’s face, then Aiden’s mouth landed on his, opening and sharing Murphy’s own load with him, the kiss sloppy and hungry and so fucking sensual Murphy felt tears prick his lids. Gently and deeply, Aiden’s cock sank in and out of Murphy’s hole as they kissed, his hands trailing softly over Murphy’s big body, caressing and gentle. The tears trickled down Murphy’s cheeks, and he felt a sob rise in his throat.

“I love you,” Aiden whispered against Murphy’s lips, then groaned as he took the kiss deeper, eating at Murphy’s lips hungrily. He fisted Murphy’s cock, dragging it back to life with firm strokes until Murphy was jerking his hips in tandem. “You’re sexy as hell when you’re being all dominant male,” Aiden continued. “I wanted to fuck you, right there in front of everyone, showing them all who you belong to.” His fangs sank deep again, his hips moving more firmly, claiming Murphy’s ass. Murphy shuddered, listening to the words, to Aiden’s territorial tone. “You and me, we’re going to get married. Going to have you wearing my ring, so the whole world knows you’re mine—legally.” His fangs slid free, his lips met Murphy’s and they both came with glad cries as Aiden’s load lashed Murphy’s insides, hot cream spraying out everywhere as Murphy came hard for the second time.

Blacking out, his brain finally overloaded, and he sank into unconsciousness, surrounded by the scent and feel of Aiden’s large body.

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