They don't call him Bulletproof Pup because he’s immune to gunfire. To fit into his wedding tux, Russell Summers has only been drinking bullet-proof coffee and eating lean. He was ready to start a new life...when tragedy strikes.

Russell retreats to the darkest corner of his mind. Russell only has one bossy, domineering, and gorgeous werewolf to keep him company. He can’t imagine a man like Dan would want anything to do with a mediocre pup who’s too different and too flawed.

Dominant wolf Dan Kennedy always knew Russell was his mate. Russell’s shy, sexy, and madly in love with another man. But Dan’s waited long enough. With nothing standing between them, Dan intends to claim what’s rightfully his.

Be Warned: m/m sex

Bulletproof Pup (MM)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs

Russell didn’t hesitate, helping him out of his bottoms. Dan guided Russell’s hand to his aching dick. “See how I’m always hard for you? I’m going to make you beg me for this. Get in the shower.”

“So bossy,” Russell mumbled, but Dan could see Russell loved taking commands. Kicking their clothes aside, Dan joined his pup in the tiny cubicle.

“It’s hard to fit two men in here.” Russell turned on the taps.

Dan doubted Russell would be complaining for long. Positioning himself behind Russell, he pressed Russell to him, nudging his shaft between Russell’s ass cheeks. Letting out a moan, Russell spread his thighs a little wider, but Dan kept his dick there, teasing Russell’s puckered hole but never pushing in, marking it with pre-cum. His territory.

“This again. Why do you like tormenting me?”

“Because you like it.” Dan moved his hand to Russell’s prick. Gliding his hand up and down, Dan began with slow strokes. Thumbing away the pre-cum on Russell’s tip, he switched gears, moving to furious strokes.

“God, Dan.” Russell groaned, seemingly unable to form any coherent sentence. Good.

“Tell me, pup. Does my hand feel good on your hungry cock?” Dan whispered.

When Russell didn’t answer instantly, Dan gave his prick a squeeze. “Answer me.”


Through the mirror across the shower, he saw Russell’s expression—head thrown slightly back, eyes dilated and mouth slightly parted—so ripe and fucking perfect for the taking.

“Do you want my dick in you? When was the last time you had a real cock in your tight little ass?”

“Too long.”

“How many other men have you been with, pup? Tell me, I won’t get mad.” Dan slowed his hand movements on Russell’s prick, smiling at Russell’s frustrated snarl.

“One man. You’re my second.”

Fuck. Dan wasn’t sure how long he could hold his orgasm back. No wonder Keith did a number on him. “You made a mistake, pup. I haven’t fucked you yet, but once I do—”

Dan purposely left the sentence hanging.

“What?” Russell managed, panting slightly.

“I’m going to make you scream. Make this so unforgettable you won’t want for another man inside you again but me. Once you’re mine, you belong to me forever, pup.”

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