Training Kemper (MM)

Hard Hits 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,844
7 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

When a high speed chase goes wrong, Lt. Kemper Morrow’s night on patrol goes from situation normal to all messed up. The night before his SWAT testing, Kemper is critically injured in the line of duty. As his injury takes him out of the game, Kemper can’t pull himself back together.

Sgt. Shawn O’Leary sees a broken officer before him who he knows he can save, if Kemper is willing to accept his help. He’s not willing. That’s okay with Shawn. He loves a good challenge. Refusing to walk away, Shawn knows he can build Kemper back up.

As Shawn gets closer to Kemper, he finds himself falling hard. Shawn is a Dom who only wants Kemper as his sub, but can he break a man in who is broken down? With Kemper’s career on the line, Shawn takes a chance and crosses the line. Will Kemper trust him and hand over complete control?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Training Kemper (MM)
7 Ratings (4.4)

Training Kemper (MM)

Hard Hits 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,844
7 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Had a promising start, but for me the last half of this book fell flat. It seemed very rushed, the emotions involved were glossed over even though they were difficult for Shawn. Could have been a longer book with the author fleshing out all the things brought into the story, such as Gabe & his apparent interest in Shawn, but once introduced they weren’t mentioned again. Very disappointed
Could these 2 be any sexier?? I love shawn and kemper together. The fact that shawn excepted kemper as is, flaws and all, truly showed what a real man he is!!! They were sweet loving and hot hot hot!!!!
donna b buccella




Metal crashed against metal, giving Kemper a big fucking jolt to his body. The cars spun. Everything blurred together as lights raced across the darkness. His teeth knocked together, causing pain to shoot down his jaw.

Steam billowed up from the front end of Kemp’s cruiser. He used a controlled hit to the rear quarter panel of the speeding car. The cars slammed against the Big Mac Bridge’s cement railing. Chunks of cement broke apart, flying against the metal walkway. A piece slammed into Kemp’s windshield, shattering a spot in the middle the size of a soccer ball. The impact didn’t stop the speeding car. The man gunned the engine in reverse and took off across the bridge.

Kemper pursued the running vehicle. They went flying across the bridge and into the heart of Northern Kentucky, racing down the highway. Kemper glanced down at the odometer. They were hitting speeds up to 100 mph, taking dangerous turns faster than either car should be going. His hands tightened on the steering wheel as the car took the next exit on two wheels. Kemper slowed down cautiously as he took the turn. They were heading into Kentucky backcountry. It would be easy for Kemper to lose sight of the car out here. Kemper knew he needed to do something drastic to get this car to stop. He would have to ram it a second time. Kemper sped up, hitting the back quarter panel of the car again.

This time the suspect’s car went flying off into the ditch and trees. The car spun as a suspect struggled to maintain control of the car. The two cars were now facing each other. Kemp was out of his patrol car before the brakes fully came to rest. He slid across the hood of his car on his knees, getting into position with his gun pointed.

“Get out of the car!”

The suspect kicked open the car door and staggered out. His hands were down low. There was a glassy dead look to their suspect’s eyes. A shiver vibrated down the back of Kemper’s neck as though someone had just walked over his grave. Sweat dripped down Kemp’s temple as he readjusted his hand gripping the gun.

“Driver! Show me your hands!”

Traffic was stopping behind the accident. Other police cars had finally followed up on the chase. Their suspect got out of the car pointing a gun at Kemp. Everything in Kemp’s head felt fuzzy. It was then he was certain that his bell had gotten rung when the cars had collided. The guy dove back into the car, hitting the gas. Kemper attempted to dive out of the way by jumping onto the hood of his cruiser. The car slammed into his cruiser, sending Kemper airborne. Kemp went flying up further onto the hood of car, hitting the windshield. Kemp rolled off the hood of the car, landing hard onto the forest floor. Something sharp stabbed into Kemper’s leg. He screamed as he rolled out of the way of the speeding car.

Kemp’s entire body felt numb from the inside out. His body was officially in shutdown mode from the amount of injuries he had. This was not good. Kemp didn’t bother trying to move. He knew it would hurt too much if he tried. He reached for his leg, feeling wood jutting out from it. The stick was lodged deep within his thigh. He couldn’t believe the wood had cut through his tactical pants.

Pain shot down his leg. Kemp looked up at the night sky. Stars winked through the trees. It was a view Kemp knew he wouldn’t ever see again. Desperation had him trying to get up, but he fell back down hard. Something wooden was sticking out of his leg. It registered late on his brain that it was a stick. Strangers rushed to his side. Sirens wailed like a hawk crying in the distance. Kemp tried to move his legs and things felt off. He looked down at his legs. His left was at a bad angle. He groaned as he tried to move again.

Disappointment and fear raced through his blood. He wouldn’t be taking the physical exam to make SWAT like he planned tomorrow. Everything he hoped and dreamed of was suddenly being yanked out of sight. This was not what Kemper wanted.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw an ambulance roll up. It was then that Kemp knew it was for him. Darkness threatened to pull him under. All of a sudden, SWAT doc Woods was above him. His voice sounded very far away. The only sound Kemper heard was the sound of his heart beating wildly within his ears. He felt cold and clammy. It was clear that he was going into shock.

“Stay with me, Morrow!”




Complete compliance was the only way this relationship could work. Shadows played over Kemper’s body as he went to work unzipping his fly and dropping his jeans to the floor. He stepped out of them. It was then that Shawn noticed that Kemper had a different type of hardware on his leg. It was then too that Shawn noticed that Kemp was barefoot. Kemper reached behind his head, pulling his T-shirt off in one sexy move. His muscles rippled to life in a wave that sent heat scorching through Shawn’s body. The sensation was like lightning striking through his body. Kemper was stocky and sexy just the way Shawn liked his lovers. He would fit perfectly when the time was right.

Tight white Tommy Hilfiger briefs shown in the moonlight. Three inches of the tip of Kemper’s cockhead hung out over the band of his briefs. Those tight briefs accentuated Kemper’s balls. Kemper went to hook his thumbs into the band of those briefs when Shawn grunted in disapproval.

“Leave the briefs on for now.”

 Kemper bit his lip, sucking on his full lower lip as though he was having a really hard time obeying his command. His right hand moved over his prick, adjusting it through those tight briefs. Shawn’s gaze moved over Kemper’s navel, following that thick happy trail like a cowboy who had all the time in the world.

“Don’t move.”

Every muscle in Kemper’s body locked as he waited Shawn’s next command. Shawn hadn’t planned on starting their first session tonight, but he was emotionally weak when it came to Kemper.

Emotional weakness wasn’t something Shawn ever felt before with a submissive. Shawn always had complete control of his emotional grid. He was a pro when it came to compartmentalizing his feelings. He suspected that was what made him such a good Dom. Things were very different with Kemper. He didn’t know why and right now, he didn’t care why they were different. He just knew that Kemper was special and unique and completely his to use as he saw fit for the next six months.

Shawn worked his leather belt out of the loops of his jeans. He wrapped the leather back on itself and gave the loop a powerful snap that shouted through the kitchen. Kemper’s eyes widened as Shawn came closer. Shawn worked the leather around Kemper’s hips, sliding the belt down under Kemper’s ass. He bounced Kemper’s athletic ass several times. The tip of Kemper’s cockhead bounced with each shake of his ass.

A shiver went through Kemper’s body as Shawn slid the leather belt up his back. Shawn worked the leather up over Kemper’s shoulder and over his neck. Shawn leaned in giving Kemper a possessive kiss. Shawn threaded his fingers into Kemper’s hair as he flicked his tongue deep into his mouth. He worked the leather belt around Kemper’s neck, sliding it in close to make a collar.

After tightening the belt, Shawn stepped back, hooking his fingers into the front of Kemper’s briefs. Shawn slipped both hands into the window, yanking the soft cotton material apart as though he were ripping open a birthday present. Kemper gasped as the material ripped apart, exposing his fully loaded cock. Kemper’s prick slapped out, hitting against his abdomen.

Pre-cum left a creamy wet spot on Kemper’s abdomen. It took all of Shawn’s will power not to lean down and lap up that sweet cream. Shawn smeared his thumb over that wet spot, smoothing it up over Kemper’s navel. Shawn lifted his thumb to his lips, licking the cream off the pad of his thumb. Shawn felt his eyes go dreamy as he tasted his lover for the first time. He usually wasn’t such a cum whore but he was feeling like one tonight.

The flaps of Kemper’s briefs hung open like the torn pages of a new book. Shawn reached around Kemper’s back side, ripping that white cotton so that it exposed his ass cheeks, too. Shawn couldn’t resist temptation and slid the tips of two fingers up between Kemper’s ass cheeks. Kemper groaned as the pads of his fingers rubbed over his rim. Kemper arched out his ass for more. Shawn pulled away, whipping Kemper around.

“Hands on the table. Don’t move.”

Kemper arched out his ass, silently begging Shawn to take ownership of him with his leather belt. Shawn slid his fingers over the leather belt that was now a collar. Shawn rubbed his hands over Kemper’s ass, giving his ass cheeks a hard pinch. Shawn felt Kemper relax into his touch. It was then that Shawn knew it was time to spank Kemper until he was begging for more.

Shawn pulled back his hand, bring it back in hard. He spanked Kemper roughly, making his balls bounce into his prick. Shawn watched as his cock flexed up, hitting against his abdomen. With every hit of Shawn’s palm, Kemper groaned for more.

Headlights cut across the front windows. Shawn pressed his hand against Kemper’s back when he started to stand.

“Are you expecting someone?” Shawn asked.


“Then who could be here to see you?”

“I don’t know.”

Kemper sounded breathless and annoyed. Shawn grabbed the band of Kemper’s briefs and yanked, tearing his briefs off. He worked to remove his belt from around Kemper’s neck. “This could be a problem. Put your jeans on.”

A few seconds later, a knock sounded on the front door. “Answer it.”

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