Training Adam (MM)

Hard Hits 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,728
9 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Detective Seth London is a Dom in his personal and professional life. Late one night, Seth crashes his motorcycle into a bridge. Former friend and onetime fling Detective Adam West is there to save him. Seth knows he’s been given a second chance at life and love with Adam, but he knows they can never be together. Adam’s starting a new job with the Risk Assessment Team. The day after Adam saves his old friend, he discovers that Seth will be training him. Unable to fight the desire for his onetime crush, Adam wants Seth as his Dom. With their careers on the line, Adam agrees to Seth’s arrangement of sex with no love. Deep down, Adam knows he can’t be Seth’s sub without loving him, too. Can Adam teach Seth what it means to love before they lose their second chance?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Training Adam (MM)
9 Ratings (4.6)

Training Adam (MM)

Hard Hits 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,728
9 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Loved it, my favorite so far. Cant wait for more..,, Seth and Adam was a strong loving sexy story..., seth sucks you in and you end up falling in love :-) love this series
donna b buccella
Best one yet in this series



Seth London knew he was losing control of his life. He didn’t care. Rain hammered his shoulders as he pushed his Harley faster. There was nothing but open rain slicked road as he sped from Northern Kentucky toward downtown Cincinnati. He cut through Newport to take side streets across the river. The late hour guaranteed that not many would be on the road.

The memory of running into Trent and Ryan at the gay bar in Covington played over and over in his mind like a bad tune he couldn’t shake from his head. All three of them had officially been outed.

This was not good. Seth was not out with anyone. His entire world was crumbling before his eyes and there was nothing he could do to stop it from happening. Pain shot through his heart when he thought about everything he had to lose.

There were three bridges that spanned over the Ohio River from Cincinnati to Kentucky. Seth cut toward the middle one which would take him to Second Street and right to his loft overlooking the river on the Cincinnati side. The Roebling Suspension Bridge loomed in front of him. The bridge’s golden lights gave the brick a brown eerie glow. Seth switched gears hearing the rip of the bike echo into the night. He took it faster than he should have around a sharp bend.

A chill danced down his spine. The devil was riding shotgun with him tonight. He knew he was about to lose control of the bike. He slowed into the curve right before the bridge, but it was too little and a lot late. The back wheel skipped out, sending Seth spiraling into the corner of the bridge. The Harley made contact with the cement barrier. Seth struggled to maintain control as the back of the bike skidded along the edge. Sparks flew from the contact of metal on cement. He hit the brakes but it was too late. Fear rocked through Seth’s body as the bike spun, catching his leg between the bike and the wall. Heat seared through his pants, bleeding into his skin from the engine. The bike ricocheted off the wall, but came back in hard, flipping over the four-foot wall. The bike and Seth went flying over the barrier and through the steel supports of the bridge. Disbelief rocketed thorough his mind as he sailed through open air. His stomach plummeted as he started to fall.

A flash of blinding white light lit up the night sky when a whip of lightning cracked across the top of the bridge. Open air rushed up beneath Seth as he fell toward the raging Ohio River a hundred feet below. Fear ricocheted through his blood, but it was quickly replaced with the will to live. Seth kicked away from the bike right before he made impact with the water. Murky water rushed up and grabbed him around the neck. He was caught on the bike pulling him deeper into the raging water. Seth fought for his life, surfacing once to take a gasping breath of air before being yanked below again.

Beneath the surface, Seth opened his eyes and frantically looked to where his pants were caught. He kept calm as he worked the loop of his cargo pants, but it was no use. He was stuck. Stars flashed behind his eyes. He didn’t have much time. Seth kicked off his shoes and started on his pants. Seth’s hands shook. The pants stuck like glue to his legs. There was no way he could get these off underwater. Seth looked up toward the surface. Another flash of lightning lit up the night sky. It was so beautiful and eerie from beneath the water. He never expected that life would end this way for him. Seth worked frantically at his pants, but it was as though his thoughts and mind were elsewhere.

He thought about his brother, about all the things he was meant to do and hadn’t yet accomplished. He thought about his coworkers who would have to fish his body out of the river. They’d probably think he purposely took the dive into the river. That just sucked. Most of all, he regretted not finding that one special someone that would make this crazy life worth living. That person who he could wake up to and fall asleep with. If Seth had one wish, it was to have that chance to love and live life the way it was meant to be lived.

Seth knew he was wanting for things that were suddenly so far out of reach he would never ever be able to touch them again. Lightning flashed across the sky again. This time the beam was so powerful, it was as though it was shined right into his body. Seth felt his last breath of air leave him.

It was over.




“Hands against the window.”

The order was like a stroke to Adam’s cock. Adam wanted so much more with Seth tonight. The cold glass melted the heat in Adam’s palms. He loved how easily he obeyed Seth’s command. The lights were suddenly turned off, leaving both of them in darkness. He knew he was going into this relationship with his eyes wide open. He only hoped that by the end of it Seth could see that they could be so much more. Adam’s eyes watched Seth’s reflection move down the hallway until he disappeared. After several minutes, Seth appeared in the hallway wearing leather straps. A shudder vibrated through Adam’s cock.

“Oh, fuck,” Adam said.

Two inch black leather straps that emphasized his muscled chest and hips were wrapped around Seth’s body. The black leather was worked around his hips with his cock standing like a first place trophy between that leather.

“Turn around.”

Adam pulled his hands from the window and turned to stand before Seth.

“Take off your shirt.”

Desire rushed through Adam’s body as he reached up, yanking his shirt over his head in one quick move. Adam flexed his abdomen muscles as he looked down to see Seth’s hand flip the button on his jeans.

“There’s no going back,” Seth said.

“I don’t want to.”

“Good. Neither do I.”

Seth muscled Adam’s cock out of his jeans. Adam flung back his head as Seth rubbed him tip to base, gripping his shaft tightly.

“Eyes open.”

The command was emphasized with Seth giving him a hard tug on his prick. Adam cursed as he felt his balls pull up tight and his spunk start to shoot. His cock jumped around in Seth’s tight hand.

“Do not come.”

Seth locked his thumb down on the top of his cockhead, pressing against the slit.

“No coming until I give you the order.”

Passion spiraled through Adam’s body as he tried to keep his jizz from blasting out his cockhead. He was so close to coming that it hurt and they had only just begun.

“Now take off everything.”

Adam quickly obeyed.

“Hands against the window, legs spread.”

Anticipation had his prick throbbing hard with each quick tick-tick of Adam’s heartbeat. Lights from the city sparkled around them through the windows. Down below, the golden Big Mac Bridge arched across the river. Further down, the Roebling Suspension Bridge stretched over the river too. Adam couldn’t believe he saved Seth from the river a few short days ago.

Adam tensed as Seth’s hands rubbed over his body as though he were exploring every little curve and muscle. He purposely avoided Adam’s cock. Seth came in close, wrapping a hand around his waist and dropping his lips to his ear.

“Do you want me?” Seth asked.

“God, yes.”

Seth chuckled knowingly as his fingers reached between Adam’s legs. Adam groaned as Seth’s fingers stroked over his perineum, sending his balls and cock rocking forward. The tip of Adam’s cock head banged against the window. Adam dropped his head against his arm as he worked to keep his spunk from flying. Seth rubbed from his perineum up to the crack of his ass. Those strong fingers danced on the rim of his anus until Adam was arching back into his touch for more.

A handcuff snapped onto Adam’s left wrist and his arm was pulled down. Seth led him away from the window. Adam’s heart pounded as Seth took him to the kitchen where he locked the cuffs around a brass pot-and-pan rack. Adam felt trapped in all the right ways.

Seth grabbed Adam’s ass, sinking his fingers into his heated flesh. He bounced his ass up and down, making his big balls snap his cock up and down. Pre-cum dripped from Adam’s tip, sweating down the side of his cock like a drip of dew in the early morning sunshine. Seth caught that drip with the tip of his finger, smoothing it up to his cockhead.

“You’re so ready for me.”

A moan escaped from Adam’s parted lips as Seth gripped his shaft, pumping him up and down. Then he quickly let go of him. Adam jerked around, looking for Seth, but he was walking down the hallway.

There was a leather crop in Seth’s hand as he came back down the hallway. Adam’s heart raced when he thought about Seth using that crop on his ass. Seth snapped the crop against his palm as he came in close.

“Ass out.”

The order caused Adam’s arms to shake with anticipation. The pot and pan rack shook as Adam obeyed. The cool leather tip of the crop was smoothed along Adam’s ass. Seth brought the crop down on his ass, sending Adam’s prick bouncing with the tip knocking into the underside of the island. The impact of the crop and the knock against his cockhead felt too good. Adam cried out as Seth’s hand rubbed around the front of his neck and the crop came down against his ass again. He loved the way Seth’s hand held his neck so possessively as he spanked his ass with the crop. With each hit, it sent Adam’s cock hitting up against the island.

Seth came in close behind Adam, rolling the riding crop up the front of Adam’s chest. Adam sighed back into Seth’s arms as he pressed his cock between his ass cheeks. The piercings in Seth’s nipples seared against Adam’s back. He rolled the riding crop down to Adam’s cock, smoothing it over the long length of his throbbing dick. Seth rolled the riding crop off the tip of Adam’s cock and onto the top of the island.

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