The Great Wolves and the Princess (MFM)

The Great Wolves of Men-Edge 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,179
3 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, voyeurism, HEA]
In the far reaches of the mysterious Carpathian Mountains, some kingdoms still adhere to the lifestyle of the Middle Ages. Although Princess Nina Julia Marta Miranu dresses like a modern diva, she has been raised to follow her father's lifestyle—until he promises her in marriage to a man his own age. When Nina escapes home for the first time, she is followed by a warrior hired to guarantee her safety and bring her back.
Todd Martin has no idea that his quarry, a Werewolf shifter, is headed for a tiny town in Idaho, and his brother, also a shifter. Now Todd has to swallow his hatred of wolves in order to protect Nina from her own desires—and those of his brother.
Does every prince and princess story have a happily ever after ending? Not necessarily. Until great wolves get involved. Then anything goes.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenna Stewart is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Great Wolves and the Princess (MFM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

The Great Wolves and the Princess (MFM)

The Great Wolves of Men-Edge 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,179
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




For an hour or more, Nina tossed and turned, unable to relax enough to drop off to sleep. Finally, she lay still, listening to the faint sounds of traffic from the highway and wondering what she could do about the attraction she felt for the strange man who seemed to be following her—literally—to Idaho.

A noise in the next room made her sit up. She pulled her knees up and tucked the sheet around them. Beside her, a door closed and then opened. Bathroom. She climbed out of bed and eased open the connecting door. A thin strip of light shone under the door on Todd’s side. Then the light went out. The next noise came from the hallway. Nina rushed to her own door, throwing back the latch and swinging the heavy door back.

“Todd,” she called in a low voice. His helmet hung from one hand as he walked toward the elevator at the end of the hall. He stopped and swung around. The soft hall light shone off his leather jacket and magnified the blaze in his eyes when he saw her. He rushed back.

“What are you doing out here dressed like that?” Anger filled his voice. “Anyone could see you, for God’s sake.”

She looked down. Her silver-colored satin gown hung to her ankles. Her breasts were completely covered with both satin and lace. What was wrong with what she wore?

He shoved her door open with one hand and used the helmet to nudge her back inside. “Don’t you have a robe or something?”

“What is your problem?” she demanded. “I am more covered than if I were on a beach. And besides, no one saw me but you.” Nonetheless, she picked up the matching peignoir trimmed in the same Belgian lace and slipped into it. As she tied the sash, she asked, “Where were you going? It’s after midnight.”

He stood with feet braced and arms crossed and examined her head to foot. “Better,” he said.

Yes, Father,” she said with some sarcasm.

He grinned. “Sorry. I guess I was surprised to see you standing in the hallway nearly naked.”

“Hah! Now answer my question. Where were you going?”

“Out for a ride.” He avoided looking at her by studying his helmet. “I couldn’t sleep and I was tired of tossing and turning.”

“I was doing the same.”

“Having seen you dressed like that it’ll be even harder for me. But…” He looked away, up at her and then to the bed where she’d carelessly thrown back the sheets. “Maybe we could get a cup of coffee or something together?”

The way her heart sped up was dangerous. Her father would kill her for venturing out of the relative safety of a hotel to go off with a stranger in the middle of the night. And no question, Todd was a stranger. A perfect stranger. She shouldn’t do it.

“Give me a few minutes,” she said.

“Okay, good.” Without meeting her eyes he exited her room. The light shining under the adjoining door showed he had entered his own.

Nina ripped off her robe and pulled the gown over her head. She dressed in record speed. After applying a little mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss, she brushed her hair back into a ponytail. Stuffing her room key and her wallet into the pocket of her denim jacket, she grabbed it off the back of the desk chair. Giving a quick knock on their shared door, she said, “I’ll meet you in the hall.”

Todd exited his room just as she entered the hallway. He gave her another once-over. “I’ve found another helmet we can borrow. Want to take the bike?”

She’d never ridden a motorcycle before. “That would be fine.” They didn’t talk again until they reached the lobby. Then Todd went to the front desk where a young man handed him a scratched, brown helmet. Todd turned and fit it onto her head, snapping it snugly under her chin. “Too tight?”

She shook her head. “No, it feels fine.”

“Good.” To the young man he asked, “Is there a good place for a cup of coffee not too far away?”

“Go left at the light and up the hill. Take the Interstate west to the next exit. On the right is a truck stop. They’re open all night.”

“Thanks. We won’t be too long.”

As though it were natural, he reached for her hand and she slipped it into his.

The motorcycle was parked out front. Hanging his helmet on the handlebars, he swung his leg over and then helped her climb on behind him. “Comfortable?”

“Yes.” No! The seat area was small, making her scoot forward until the vee of her legs pushed his rear end. The extra width of the seat spread her legs wide. The intimacy was both frightening and thrilling.

“Wrap your arms around my waist.”

Oh. Her breath came a bit faster. Tentatively she placed her hands on his waist. He took her hands and pulled them to his front, just below his breastbone. Now she sat tightly against him. His chest rose and fell under her fingers. Her heart pounded wildly in her chest. They sat for a moment. Then, breaking the spell, Todd donned his helmet, started the engine and kicked the stand out from under them. Giving the motorcycle some gas, he eased out to the street.

This isn’t bad. It looks scarier than it is. She wasn’t sure if she meant riding the motorcycle or being so near to Todd.

Then Todd moved them onto the road. Shifting gears expertly, he gained speed, took the left corner gently and then merged onto the Interstate.

Suddenly, they were flying! Beyond the bottom of the helmet, her hair blew wildly in the wind. She tightened her arms around him and laid her head on his back.




“That’s right,” he groaned. “Just like that.”

She pushed forward, using her tongue to lead. Paul held her head steady when she reached the root. She stretched her jaw open as far as she could, and the tip of his penis tickled the top of her throat. Blindly, she grasped his hips, digging in her nails in order to handle the waves of desire flooding her, emanating from her clitoris and surging through the rest of her body.

Todd guided her hand back to him. She stroked him in time with the motion of her head on Paul’s cock. Up and down. Forward and back. She lost track of who was who. It didn’t matter. Using her entire body to project herself forward and to pull back, she knew only their scent, taste, feel. Her entire existence was a snarl of sensations. The men formed her whole world. They represented her reason for being. She wanted more. She wanted them to fill her in every way.

Suddenly, Paul withdrew from her and she was swept off the floor. She gazed up into Todd’s eyes. “Are you ready?” he asked.


He carried her to one of the beds and laid her on her back. “This might hurt at first, but I promise, I will make you feel good.”

She held up her arms. “I trust you.”

“Nina,” he said, “are you sure though that you don’t want Paul first? He’s wolf.”

She had traveled all the way to the state of Idaho looking for a Weren to take her virginity. It had been a mission. But the man she wanted more was the one who had first made her feel. The man who had accompanied her and kept her safe physically yet confused emotionally. She wanted Todd.

“Do you mind?” she asked Paul.

He smiled. “Big brother brought you to my town and to me. I’ll wait.”

Todd nodded to Paul and then focused on her with a laserlike gaze. He spread her legs and stretched out between them. “I wish I could kiss your lips. I’d fill you with my tongue like my cock is going to fill your pussy.”

“I understand,” she said. “But please…”

Without any further preamble, he positioned his huge cock at the entrance to her pussy. Short thrusts sent her emotions soaring. She drew up her legs and wrapped them around his waist.

Then, one long, hard jab took him all the way into her pussy. Sharp pain stabbed her. Nina tried to catch her breath. Why had she wanted this? Why did any woman want this? But she’d said she trusted him, and she meant it.

“Stay with me,” he whispered into her ear. “Just hold on. You’re so tight, so wet. I have to move, and when I move you’ll feel better. Oh God, I have to now.”

He pulled out, leaving her empty and yearning. The aroma of their arousal filled the air. The sound of his strained breathing filled her ears. She raised her hips to capture his cock, only to find it near and willing to probe her pussy again.

When he eased back in and then out again, a shimmer of need swept through her. Fullness consumed her with Todd’s cock inside, overtaking her senses. They were joined in the closest way any man could be with a woman. Finally, she was claimed.

Her breath caught. She thrust her breasts up to brush Todd’s chest. He pushed in again, harder, rubbing her clit. She gasped with the thrill that raced through her, nerve to nerve. She wanted to touch him, any part of him, but Paul crossed to them, grabbed her wrists, and pulled them over her head.

Todd drove into her pussy, increasing speed and strength. Sucking her breasts and lightly nipping the skin surrounding her nipples, he sent shards of light pain through her to merge with the exquisite pleasure surging from her pussy with each stroke of his cock.

Arching her back, she pushed up, pressing her head into the mattress and opening her mouth for air. Paul cupped her chin and rubbed his thumb along her lips. She licked the tip and he inserted his thumb into her mouth. Greedily, she sucked it as she had his cock just moments ago.

Before now, she never would have imagined that sucking a man’s cock—or even his finger—could cause as much pleasure to swell in her as for the man. Now she was hungry for every experience. Dare she think of fucking one man while sucking another?

The fleeting image that accompanied the thought drove her to the edge of release. The world of sex was a glimmering new territory she was anxious to explore thoroughly.

She exploded in wave after wave of breath-stealing sensations. Rigid, she lay still, allowing her body to control her world and Todd and Paul to control her body.

Todd thrust inside and froze. Pulsing where their bodies merged sent another paroxysm of sensation through her, rippling from the core of her existence through every inch of her.

Paul released her hands and moved away. Todd collapsed on her, breathing hard but not letting her go. She ruffled his hair and he nuzzled her breast.

“Thank you,” he murmured.

“No, thank you,” she said. “Can I do this again? Soon?”

“I hope so,” Paul said. “Because I want you.”

Todd rose. Nina held out her arms.

“Oh no,” Paul said. “Get on your knees, Princess. I have different needs.”

When she gave in to Paul, what had she agreed to, exactly? It was time to find out.

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