Tattoos and Transformations (MFM)

The Callens 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,633
16 Ratings (4.2)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]

Dakota Smith has lusted after her best friend’s two brothers, hunky landscaper Clint Callen and sexy rancher Morgan Callen, for twenty years. Too bad they’ve always treated her like a pest. To protect her heart, she adopts the philosophy that the best defense is a good offense and dons combat boots, face piercings, and colors her hair blue, pink, and green. But when her best friend moves out of her warehouse and leases the space to Dakota for an art gallery, she realizes it’s time to act her age.

After a complete transformation, Clint takes notice of the totally hot woman and pursues her, realizing that the sensitive and artistic Dakota is the one for him. Morgan, however, believes leopards never change their spots and keeps his distance. What will Dakota and Clint have to do to change Morgan’s mind about joining them in a ménage relationship?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Tattoos and Transformations (MFM)
16 Ratings (4.2)

Tattoos and Transformations (MFM)

The Callens 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,633
16 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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5 KISSES: "Dakota has accepted an opportunity to run her own art gallery and test her artistic wings. Will her outlandish appearance cause the demise of her new business concern before it begins? So she decides to stop hiding and yelling for attention and tone down her appearance. With the change, one of her lifelong crushes finally sees her, but Clint has always stated that he will share with his brother Morgan. Will Morgan accept that Dakota's change is more than skin deep? Or will Dakota win Clint for a short time only to lose her heart without Morgan? Tattoos and Transformations by Melody Snow Monroe is eighth book in The Callens series and can be read as a standalone book. Dakota is an interesting and well written character. This story tells us about how she struggles to become comfortable within her own skin and her acceptance of how she used piercings and crazy hair to protect her heart. Even her crush on Morgan and Clint worked to keep others away. I loved watching her come into her own, and accepting of who she is inside. She learned to be unaffected by what she presented on the outside. Clint is fun loving and great. Although his quick acceptance of the "new" Dakota was a little off putting, you don’t mind because you can tell he takes it as a sign that she was maturing and not changing. I loved his consistent acceptance of Dakota. Morgan was a different kettle of fish. His efforts to protect his heart made for a complicated man. He sees himself as staid and Dakota as adventurous and never the twain shall meet. Watching him come to the realization that Dakota is loyal and steadfast in the things that matter was great. I loved this emotional and sensually story by Ms. Monroe." -- Tangie, Two Lips Reviews

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Clint studied the beauty in front of him. She seemed familiar, but her name didn’t come to mind. He was about to embarrass himself and ask who she was when she smiled, stopping the question from spilling out.

“It’s Dakota, silly. I dyed my hair back to its natural color, that’s all.”

Holy shit. “No way.” She’d also toned down the wild eye and lip makeup and took out the studs and rings. In a way, he missed the old gal.

They’d grown up together, but because she was his older sister’s best friend, he’d kept his distance. He’d always had a secret crush on her, but he’d never let on, and since Morgan always got upset when he was around her, Clint never pursued her. Besides, bringing home a girlfriend with pink, green, and blue hair wouldn’t have gone well, even if she’d practically lived with them for years.

She may have been a year older, but both he and Morgan thought of her like a younger kid sister, especially since she was so tiny. How his sister and Dakota became such fast friends and remained so to this day, he wasn’t sure. Jade was reserved compared to Dakota, who was pure daredevil and all sass.

He pulled up a chair and glanced at Harley’s design. He compared it to the sketch on her lap. He nodded to the paper. “May I?”

Harley handed it to him. He could see fine bristles on the brush. “This is incredible. An anvil and a paintbrush make a fitting design.” He’d seen her paintings in Jade’s house, and she was a true artist.

“I thought so.” She lowered her lashes at him, almost as if being this close to him made her shy.

“This your first tattoo?”

“No. I have two others, but I keep them hidden.”

He laughed. “Why? Your dad wouldn’t care.” His, however, would have a fit. It didn’t matter he was twenty-seven.

She blew out a breath, acting as if she’d had this conversation a lot of times. “My tats are artistic, but they’re also personal. I want them hidden.”

He leaned in and cocked a brow. “So where are they?”

Her mouth formed a perfect O. “Clint Callen. I’ll never tell.”

Her feistiness hadn’t changed. “Guess I’ll have to find out for myself.” He sat back and wrapped his hands behind his head, enjoying the repartee.

She glanced away as if she didn’t want him to see the sparkle in her eyes. After a moment, she turned back. “What are you here for?”

“What do you think?”

“You don’t have any tattoos.”

He lifted his shirt, and her breath hitched. “I got a lot of them. I just keep them hidden under a T-shirt, too.”


He was surprised at how much her approval meant. Being a landscape designer, he often went shirtless. Tattoos were art and he loved art. Often the customers would comment on the intricacy of the design, but he never cared one way or the other about their approval.

She reached out to touch his chest where the tribal designs were the most prevalent. Her fingertips nearly singed his skin. He pressed her hand to his chest. “Touch once and I won’t want you to stop.”

“What’s gotten into you? For twenty years you’ve avoided me.”

That was true but not because he didn’t want her. She was a pest until she turned sixteen. After that, he’d been fascinated by her for many reasons. This woman had been fat, anorexic, Goth, punk, and a lot of fads in between. But deep down, she was a woman who needed loving. When he was near her, he ached to make her realize how special she was.

“Guess I was waiting for you to grow up.” That was lame, but he couldn’t come up with a better reply.

She waved a hand. “Funny. So why stop the tattoos at your shirt line? Are you afraid of what your daddy would say?”

She acted like he was some wuss. “Not afraid, but why push it? Dad thinks only lower-class people have tattoos. He doesn’t see tattoos as artistic expression.” He gave a quick shake of his head.

“I think I’ve heard him express those thoughts, but your dad has a lot of misconceptions, especially toward women.” Her lips pursed.

His father’s prejudices always bothered him. He and Morgan got a chance to go to college, but not Jade. “Jade thinks he’s really changed. Look at how he renamed his ranch to include Mom’s initial.” He was still stunned that his father did that, though he couldn’t have been more pleased.

“It’s a start.”

Harley lifted her chin away from where he was working. “Stay still.”

She smiled and mouthed, “Whoops!”

Harley’s attention to detail mesmerized him. Okay, he was more mesmerized by how Dakota’s breast rose and fell with each prick of the needle. The side of the old man’s hand was pressing on her tit, but she didn’t seem to mind. He imagined a million times what it would be like to hold her luscious breast in his hand and how she’d moan when he plucked the nipple with his teeth.


Damn. He must have a shit-eating grin on his face. He sobered. “Yeah?”

“Never mind. You looked lost.”

That was because he was in his lustful world. He cleared his throat. “Harley, how long you going to be?”

The tattoo artist glanced at the wall clock. “Sorry. I know you had an appointment at four, but when Dakota called, I didn’t want to say no. Can you give me thirty minutes?”

“Sure.” He pulled up a chair and sat a few inches from the delightful woman. He still couldn’t get over how much she’d changed. Her dyed hair and removed piercings weren’t the only things different. Her attitude and self-confidence seemed to have risen. Now that she was going to be a storeowner, she had a distinctive air about her.

“When’s the grand opening?”

She jerked her head back to him. “I’m hoping in three weeks.”

“Can I get a sneak peek?”

He loved how her breath always hitched when he caught her off guard. “Sure.”

“How about I stop over after I get my tat done? We can compare our artistry.”

She laughed. “I haven’t heard that line before.”

“It’s not a line.”




“Darlin’, didn’t someone promise us a naked body and a wet pussy?”

Yes, she had. “Why don’t you two have a seat on the bed?”

Clint obeyed, but Morgan stepped over to his drawer and pulled out some condoms and a jar. Her ass clenched in delightful anticipation of the joys of having a large dick in her ass and a big, strong cock in her pussy.

Her yellow dress buttoned in front. The top two buttons were already undone. She waited until Morgan returned to the bed. With her two men facing her, she slowly loosened each button, licking her lips in between. Clint whistled and Morgan clapped to cheer her on. When more than half the buttons were open, she turned her back to them.

“Hey, what are you doing, darlin?”

“Hold your horses.”

She wiggled her hips as she slid the top half of the dress down to her hips. Lowering her gaze, she undid the rest until the entire dress was open. Taking a hold of the lapels, she opened the material and slid it down her back inch by inch.

The bed squeaked as if one of the men had stood. She glanced over her shoulder. “Clint, sit down. One touch and the show stops.”

“Damn, but my cock needs some attention.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be good to him in a moment.” She loved it when both men groaned.

She made the material shift from right to left as the dress got closer to the ground. Eventually, she let go. More hoots and hollers followed. Reaching behind her, she unsnapped her bra, slipped her right arm out of the strap, and clasped it under her arm to keep it from falling. She repeated with the other arm.

“Turn around, darlin’.”

“I’m not ready yet.” Teasing them was so much fun. “Okay, but just a peek.”

She faced her men and with immeasurable patience lowered the cups until her nipples popped out. She took the bra in one hand and swung it on one finger. After a few rotations, she flung it at the men. Morgan reached out and caught it. He brought her bra to his face and inhaled.

“It smells so sweet. Like you.”

“Aw, you can say the nicest things.”

After wetting her finger, she ran circles around her nipples.

Clint bit down on his lip. “You’re just being cruel to us. Don’t you know it’s our job to suck on those lovely tits?”

“You’ll get your chance. If you need to rub your cocks, I’m okay with that.”

Morgan grabbed his and squeezed. “We’re trying to hold on here, babe, but it’s getting harder and harder.”

“Ha-ha.” She doubted he even realized his pun.

“I’m not kidding. I’m harder than a fence post. You wanna see?”

She slid her hand down her panties and slipped a finger into her wet pussy. Even her finger gave her some needed relief. “God, that feels good.”

“Darlin’, you are cruel.”

She removed her hand and painted her nipples with her dripping juices. “I thought I’d put a little pussy sauce on them.” She looked over at them. “Didn’t someone say something about me looking at a fence post?”

Morgan groaned. He unzipped his pants. Even through the briefs, she could see how big his cock was. “See? I’m hurting here.”

“You poor baby. You’ll get your release soon enough.”

“You gonna touch it?”

She laughed. Now for the good part. Her response to his plea was to turn around. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. Just thinking about what was to come made her creamy hole drip more. Wiggling her hips back and forth forced her panties lower.

Morgan whistled through two fingers. “Take ’em off, babe.”

The material slipped down over her ass. Instead of stepping out of them, she kept lowering them until they were around her ankles. “Clint?”

“Yeah, darlin’?”

“See anything you want?”

“You have no idea. I gotta hold down my cock as it is. I want to fuck your sweet ass so damned bad.”

She grinned. “Hold that thought.” She stepped out of her panties, strutted over to Clint, and dropped them on his head. He immediately sniffed them.

He looked over at Morgan and smiled. “Bro, we are in for a real treat.”

She turned around again and kept her back to the men. This time she moved just out of reach of Clint. Bending over, she slipped off her heels and looked between her legs. Returning to a standing position, she faced them. “How do you want me?”

The brothers stood and kept their gaze on her. They both lifted off their shirts like they were on some synchronized stripping team. Each flexed his muscles, probably to torment her like she’d tried to tease them. Next came their boots followed by their jeans.

Her mouth turned dry looking at them. Their abs rippled and chests flexed. Her pussy got wetter watching them take off their clothes. They dropped their pants, but their huge cocks pushed out from their underwear.

“Darlin’, you want to finish the job?”

“Yes, please.” She wasn’t sure which one to do first, but since Clint had asked, she pranced over to him. “You’ll have to get used to taking turns.”

Morgan reached out and lightly pinched her nipple. Clint followed with the other side. “Good thing you have two of those.”

Clint reached behind her and squeezed her ass while Morgan slid a finger down the cleft of her pussy. He stopped at the top and pressed on her clit. A spasm made her inner walls contract. She pushed back her hips. “Give me a second to get you naked before you get me too excited.”

“Too late for us, babe. We’re already on the verge. I’m just praying we’ll be able to last long enough to satisfy you.”

“Oh.” She withdrew her hand from Clint’s pants.

He laughed. “Now that you’ve started, you can’t stop. Take them off.”

With care, she slid them over his big cock. When his dick popped out, she swore he’d grown. “That is not going fit in my ass.”


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