Diamonds and Spurs (MFM)

The Callens 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,058
16 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, bondage, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Denver socialite Mandy Duncan is on the run from her ex-husband. She knows about his Ponzi scheme, and only she stands between him and jail. He’s determined to stop her from ever talking.

Mandy escapes to Samantha Callen’s ranch in Intrigue, Wyoming, and hires on as a wilderness guide. Distrustful of men, Mandy doesn’t want to be attracted to Samantha’s cousin, financial guru Vince Callen, or to his sophisticated lawyer roommate, Cameron Longworth, but she is.

Then Cameron and Vince’s ex-fiancée decides she wants them back. When Cameron tells her he’s found someone new, she decides Mandy needs to go.

When Mandy is shot, Cameron and Vince won’t let her out of their sight, and their passion explodes. Then she’s kidnapped. Frantic, Cameron and Vince risk it all to save her. How can they convince her to trust her heart again and want a loving ménage relationship?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.

Diamonds and Spurs (MFM)
16 Ratings (4.4)

Diamonds and Spurs (MFM)

The Callens 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 51,058
16 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Really, really good book.
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When Sam met up with her Friday morning, she explained that all of the workers started at the bottom and worked their way up.

“Bottom, my ass,” Mandy grumbled as she shoveled another pile of horse dung and placed it in the bin.

She knew she should be content she even had a job. The other three she’d applied for never materialized. But knowing she would be a stable hand for a month or so didn’t sit well with her. Her nails had already cracked.

“Need help?”

She spun at the sound of the rich male tone. Sam had explained a man went on each of the expeditions to keep everyone safe, but the women were the ones in charge.

Whoa. Mandy hadn’t seen anyone quite like this cowboy at the ranch since she’d arrived. His tight T-shirt had sweat stains between his pecs and had traveled in a V-pattern down to his low-slung jeans hugging his slim hips. As soon as her heart stopped fluttering, she lifted her gaze to his dazzling smile and then to eyes she bet every woman got lost in.

Answer him. “You’re asking if you can help clean the stall?”


Men at her Denver country club would never have offered. She wiped her hand on her pants and held it out. “I’m Mandy.” No need to state her last name. She feared she’d slip and say Clairbourne when her application used her maiden name.

“Vince. Offer still stands.”

She looked for another shovel. “There might be another one in the tack room.” There were only two stalls left to clean.

He stepped near, clasped her wrist, and lifted the shovel from her hands, brushing her fingers in what seemed like an obvious attempt to touch her. “This one will do.”

He tossed her an earth-shattering grin. From the way his eyes sparkled, she bet he was used to having women throw themselves at him. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to step back or follow the pack.

Pulse racing, she chose to step back. This was not good. In part, the job appealed to her because she wouldn’t be around men. After her experience with Craig, she never expected to have her heart race like this ever again.

Do something.

“I’ll go brush the horses.”

With his back to her, he waved a hand. “You do that.”

What was wrong with her? Craig had left a bitter taste in her mouth. Despite having the divorce papers, she wasn’t ready to walk into another relationship. Not that he was asking, but no one would mistake that pickup line.

 She gathered two different brushes and moved to the next stall. “How long have you worked at the Circle Bar?” If she didn’t strike up a conversation, he’d probably consider it rude.

The scraping stopped. He stepped over to her stall and leaned against the door. “I’ve known Sam my whole life.”

He didn’t quite answer her question. Understanding her boss, though, could help her avoid a misstep. “What’s she like?”

“Tough, but fair. She used to run a cattle ranch, but a lot of the men in town gave her shit. Intrigue can be a tough place for a woman. That’s why Sam decided to have a ranch where woman can be themselves.”

“That’s what drew me here.”

“Don’t get me wrong. Sam’s all female. Her two husbands have helped her express her more feminine side.”

Mandy probably should have focused on the word feminine, but instead couldn’t get past the concept of two husbands. “She has two husbands?”

Vince laughed and leaned over the stall door, looking amazingly comfortable in his skin. “Around here, it’s common, especially in the Callen family. Women are scarce, so the men share.”

She’d never considered herself sheltered, but in Intrigue, she was out of her element. “Makes sense.” Proud she’d acted calm, she returned to the horse.

“You interested in going for a ride?”

Her shoulders sagged and turned around. “Are you kidding? I’d love to, but I’m not sure I can. I’m not done here.” She waved her hand to all ten stalls.

“Let’s ask Crystal.” The taskmaster was her immediate boss.

“Okay.” Asking wouldn’t hurt.

Playing hooky on her third day on the job might not be the smartest move, but brushing the beautiful horses had her chomping at the bit to get out. While she knew what the other workers did for the ranch, her role was still unclear.

Vince headed over to the corral. “There she is.”

Her boss sat on a beautiful Arabian that reminded her so much of Charger. Mandy inhaled and sucked in her stomach, remembering all she’d left behind.

Vince placed a warm hand on her back. “You okay, darlin’?”

The way he said darlin’ had her nerves jumping. His hand on her back had another part of her anatomy throbbing. “I’m fine.”

Vince waved and Crystal slowed the horse and dismounted. She tied off the reins and came over. “Vince. What’s up?”

“Mind if I take your charge for a little ride? Stalls are clean.”

Her boss smiled and ran a glance between the two. “Sure. Don’t tire her out too much.” She winked.

“You can count on me.” Vince turned back toward the barn.

She looked up at him. “What was that about?”


Now he was being coy. “About tiring me out?” The image of making love with someone this easygoing altered something inside her.

“I like to ride hard. That’s all. Can you keep up?”




“You are so overdressed. I thought you said you wanted to take off your pants?”

“After you take off yours.”

Vince leaned back on his knees and tugged down her bottoms. “I will in a sec.”

He dragged his backpack near and withdrew a condom from the side pocket.

“You planned to seduce me?”

“Shh. Hell, yes. As I said, I can’t get you out of my mind.”

That worked for her. She grinned. He moved to the side and the two them removed the rest of their clothes. She wished the light in the corner had been brighter, as his cock was shrouded in shadows.

Her wet nipples had puckered, and she wrapped her arms over her chest to keep warm. He pulled the sleeping bag over his shoulders, slid her arms to the side, and returned to the business of adoring her breasts. With one swipe of his tongue, goose bumps rippled up her arms. She shivered and he palmed her shoulder to warm her. With her free hand, she clasped his biceps and squeezed, loving the texture of his skin and the way the muscles moved even as he breathed.

Vince dropped his mouth to her belly, dragging the blanket over his head as he travelled. “So much of you I want to taste. So little time.”

She tucked the bag up to her chin. Seeing his back lift and drop the bag prevented her from knowing exactly what he was about to do. When his thumbs parted her lower lips and his tongue swiped her pussy, she moaned and immediately clamped a hand over her mouth.

“I heard that, young lady.”

The whole camp probably heard his comment. “Shh.”

He nabbed her clit, and her mind splintered. Perhaps it was the forbidden nature of the act, but every sense heightened. He licked and sucked. She lifted and bucked. She clenched her fists, digging her nails into her palms to keep from making a sound. No way could she remain still once he impaled her. Part of her wanted to urge him to give her his cock now, but the other half adored the way he incited a riot in her body. He plunged a finger in her wet opening, and her stomach tightened. She milked his finger.

He curled the meaty digit that was pressing on her most sensitive spot, and her back arched. She wrapped her legs around his shoulders and lifted her hips. Her head thrashed.

Vince crawled up her body and kissed her. “How would you like to ride me?”

Craig was Mr. Vanilla. Missionary style was his only option. “Music to my ears.” This way she could control the speed and drive him crazy. “I want to suck on your cock first,” she whispered.

This time, Vince groaned. “Be careful. It’ll be like riding a bull. You’ve got maybe seven seconds before I toss you off.”

That brought a giggle up her throat. They changed places, and she straddled him. He pulled the coverlet over her shoulders, and she slid backward until her hands and mouth were on him. He seemed thicker than Cam, but a smidge shorter. Both were massive, but from the amount of juices she was spewing, he’d fit nicely.

Although she was unable to see, his cock was an easy target. She cupped his sac and grabbed the base. She devoured him. He slipped his hands under the bag and cupped her shoulders.


That one word said it all. He was on the edge and wanted her. Not wasting any time, she dove down on his cock and ran her tongue around in a circle. His grip tightened, and she sucked harder.

“Enough.” Vince lifted her shoulders. Foil ripped. With practiced precision, the condom found its mark before she could ask to do the honors. “Ride me, darlin’.”

“My pleasure.”

On her knees, she grabbed his cock. Instead of immediately taking him inside her, as her body was screaming for her to do, she pumped his cock a few times. Vince clamped a hand on her wrist. “You’re about to be thrown.”

She swallowed a giggle. “I’ll be good.” Or not.

She placed the head of his cock at her opening, but only lowered an inch. Her eyes popped open at his size. She’d misjudged him. He held her hips, but she wanted to be in control. With an even descent, she dropped down on him, stopping only to catch her breath. Every time she forged ahead an inch, she pulled up half the distance.

“You’re killing me, darlin’.”

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