The Highest Bidder (MF)

The Virgin Auctions 3

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,780
6 Ratings (4.5)

When Kristoff St. Michaels sees Veronica Dubois, he knows he will own her. Being the highest bidder at the Virgin Auctions wasn't difficult, especially when he had never wanted something as much as he wanted her. With a scarred past, Kristoff hopes he can start a new life with his young, virgin bride.

Veronica knows that she must give herself to Kristoff, but she doesn't know is if her new husband will be gentle or cruel. But Veronica isn't Krostoff's first wife, and she fears she will forever be the shadow of a dead woman.

As their relationship grows, and the once virtual strangers find out the most intimate details of their lives, they both realize a future together doesn't seem unattainable.

But their happiness is short-lived when Kristoff's past and jealousy threaten to tear them apart for good.

Be Warned: anal sex

Stand-alone title featuring Kristoff and Veronica from The First Tim

The Highest Bidder (MF)
6 Ratings (4.5)

The Highest Bidder (MF)

The Virgin Auctions 3

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 40,780
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs
What a great continuation of The First Time!!! Loved learning how Kristoff felt about everything and getting more insight to his history. Felt alot of emotions with this story and just when you thought you had it figured out, everything changes and you are like WOW!! Looking forward to reading more of The Virgin Auctions.

Robin Womack
Great reading. This story has a twist to it and is well written.

Kristoff slammed the door shut with his foot and refused to relinquish Veronica's mouth. Her hands were at the buttons of his shirt, slipping them free until he pushed the garment from his shoulders. The feel of her hands smoothing along his flesh had him all but ripping her dress off her body. When the offending material was in tatters on the floor he took a step back and admired the view. She stood before him, her body gloriously nude, and moonlight reflecting off her curves. He ran a hand over his mouth, all intelligent thought leaving him as he stared at her. Kristoff was going to ravish her.

"I plan on having you in every way tonight, baby." He took another step forward. "I want to go slow with you, take my time and savor every moment." When he stood right in front of her he slipped his hand behind the heavy fall of her hair and cupped her nape. Kristoff brought her close and dipped his head to pull her bottom lip between his teeth. She moaned and pressed her breasts to his chest. The tight points caused his shaft to twitch in response. Already he was harder than hell, and knowing Veronica was right in front of him, naked and responding to his touches, had him ready to spill his seed.


God, there was nothing better than hearing her say his name in the throes of pleasure. He used his body to move her toward the bed. When she went to sit down he gripped her waist and broke their kiss. Sliding his hands down and taking a handful of her succulent ass, he let himself savor the feel of her right before he turned her around. She fell to her belly on the mattress, her bottom popping up in invitation. She lifted her arms above her head and looked at him over her shoulder. The innocent look on her face could have stopped time, but he was too far gone. Her sweetness was so tangible it wrapped around him and drew him in. Looking at her was like gazing into the sun—blinding, encompassing, yet gorgeous and breathtaking.

"Kristoff…I ache for you." He groaned and smoothed his hands down her back. Settling his palms on the rounded curves of her ass, he sank to his knees at the same time he spread the cheeks apart. She was already so wet for him, so red and swollen. Burying his face between her spread thighs, he used his tongue to spread her lips.


The taste of her was like the fruit of the gods, and he wanted more. Keeping his hands on her bottom, he curved his fingers around her flesh and tightened his hold on her. She moaned and lifted her ass, causing her pussy to rub along his face. She smelled incredible, like fresh lemon, but tasted sweeter than any delicacy that had ever graced his tongue. He ate her out with a ferocity that startled even him. His hips, seeming to have a mind of their own, ground against the air, needing something more substantial, like the tight, wet confines of her pussy, to press against. He sucked on her clit. Veronica shook beneath his hands and he knew she was close to coming.

Renewing his efforts, he moved his tongue down to the opening of her body and speared into her. Her inner muscles clenched around his questing tongue, trying to draw him in deeper. He started rubbing her clit with his finger and that was all it took for her to climax all over his mouth. He drew out her pleasure, feeling his own heighten with every grind of her pussy and every soft moan that came from her. When he felt her body relax into the bed he stood and positioned his cock at her cunt. In one swift thrust he bottomed out inside of her. A gasp left her and then morphed into a groan. Gripping her hips, he started sinking in and out, faster and harder. He was close to exploding as it was, but when he came it wouldn't be in her pussy this time.

He lifted his eyes to her. Her head was turned to the side, her eyes closed and her mouth parted. Tendrils of sweat dampened hair clung to her face and caused a spear of lust right down his shaft. He let himself admire the beauty that was all: the gentle curve of her spine, already dotted with bead of perspiration, the generous mounds of her ass. He gathered her cream to coat the tight ring of muscles in the center of her ass. She tensed for a moment but he could tell by her increased breathing and the way she tightened her hands in the sheets that there was no fear, only anticipation.

"You want me here, baby?" He dipped his moisture slicked finger into her anus and watched her reaction. Her eyes opened, her teeth came out and bit at her bottom lip, and she pierced him with her aquamarine stare. "You want me to slide my cock in your ass?" His words were vulgar and filthy, but he could tell she liked it, the same as he. She didn't verbally respond, just licked her lips and nodded. He wanted to be gentle with her, needed to be gentle. All he wanted to do was push into her and get lost in the heat and tightening of her body around his.

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