Sub Rosa (MM)

Sailor's Knot 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,071
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, bondage, HEA]

Since the trial-by-fire incident that made them choose life outside the navy, David Williams and Hunter Masters, formerly the captain and the lieutenant of the nuclear submarine Cascade, have been together for a year and a half. And for four of those months they have been a devoted married couple.

Then one day a mysterious love letter arrives in their mailbox, addressed to Hunter from a woman named Megan. Though David finds it hard to believe that his husband would have an affair, let alone with a woman, the letter sparks a whole different kind of fire between the two men who have been in love practically since the day they met.

Setting aside their mistrust and disbelief, they set out together to find out who is behind this mysterious note, and what is the full story of forbidden love hidden under the roses.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Sub Rosa (MM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Sub Rosa (MM)

Sailor's Knot 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,071
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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5 KISSES: "There is something very special about Susan Laine’s books. I love the way she writes romance and I simply adore her characters. They are all well-written, likeable heroes that I would be proud to call a friend in my everyday life. They seem to live and breathe off of the written page and I’m simply addicted to all of them! Sub-Rosa takes place several months after the first book, Sub, comes to an end. Hunter and David are firmly committed to each other and are fitting into their routine of living together very nicely. When David finds a romantic love-letter that is addressed to his lover, he’s more confused than concerned. First, David knows Hunter loves him and puts him first before any other, so he KNOWS Hunter would never cheat on him and second, the letter is from a woman named Megan, so David is extremely curious about both the letter itself and it’s writer. Soon, David shows Hunter the letter and both men decide to see if they can find out the mystery about it. Along the way, they meet some very interesting people as their love becomes even stronger together. Will they find out who sent the mysterious letter and to who? Sub-Rosa is a perfect continuation to a series I truly love! It’s a very sweet, passionate and romantic continuation of one of my favorite couples, David and Hunter. I loved how their relationship has progressed and thoroughly enjoyed every scene they had together in the book. I also enjoyed watching them find out about the history, as well as the sender of the letter too. Between the adventure that the two men embark on and the passionate love they have together, I thought the story moved very smoothly and quickly. I know I highly enjoyed every minute of this book and hope that Ms. Laine will write more of this amazing couple on the future. Although Sub-Rosa could probably be read as a stand-alone book, I highly recommend reading the first book in the series first. This way you’ll truly understand the dynamics between David and Hunter plus you get to see how they met and fell in love first hand! Highly Recommended!" -- Gabbi, Top2Bottom Reviews

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My beloved hunter,

Come to me on the full moon next, and our love will blossom under the roses.

Your darling Megan.


David Williams read and reread the letter in his hands, frowning. The beautiful, old-fashioned parchment with its startlingly delicate, even artistic handwriting and slight scent of a rosy perfume had been delivered to their mailbox during the workday. But there was no sender, just a postmark from the town post office, and under the recipient it just said the occupant of the house. It was a mystery.

No, he did not seriously believe that his husband, Hunter Masters, would actually have an affair behind his back, and with a woman no less—because he was by far the gayest man David had ever known. Hunter may have been six years younger than David, brash and brazen and bold, but when it came to sexuality, the man was light-years ahead of him.

Hunter had been the one to seduce David.

“Hey, babe.”

With a happy smile David turned to the man in question. Their house was at the side of a rocky, pine-covered hill on a small fishing town on the coast of Maine. Hunter had parked their truck by the picket fence—not white, but green—and was walking toward David in his dark-blue mechanic’s overalls with a grin gracing those full lips of his.

There had been times when David had feared that the overwhelming, smoldering passion between them would burn itself out, but even after a year and a half that had not happened. In fact, if anything, their bond just grew stronger with every minute they spent together.

The first things David noticed were the tiny engine-grease smears on Hunter’s face and clothes and the smells of gas and burned transmission fluid that wafted his way. These sensations had become analogous to Hunter since he worked primarily as a mechanic in a garage by the port, keeping an eye on the ships that came and went—especially the fishing boat where David worked.

“Hey, you,” David replied with a smile.

And then Hunter’s arms wound around him tight, in a fiercely possessive manner that told David everything about the complete unlikelihood that his guy was having an affair—with a man or a woman. Hunter’s kisses were as ferocious as ever as he slid his tongue in effortlessly past David’s seams in a display of raw desire, his hot breath tainted with coffee and cinnamon fanning over his face and into his mouth as their breaths mingled. Hunter’s hands slipped lower to cup David’s rear end, and his hold of him tightened as he began to grind his hips and his evident erection against David’s similar state of arousal.

“Hunter, love,” David tried to speak, mumbling between smothering kisses. “Do you think we could take this inside?”

Hunter chuckled. “What on earth for? The nearest neighbors are way down the road.”

Shaking his head in refusal, and to avoid getting drawn into another tongue-dueling kiss with his husband, David pushed Hunter off as steadfastly as he could. “We’re not doing it on the front lawn. If you feel like being an exhibitionist, go right ahead—all by your lonesome.”

But Hunter was not insulted, and he peered down at David with his chocolate-brown eyes—which was odd that he could do that since they were roughly the same height. Hunter was grinning, sticking the tip of his tongue out childishly. “Tease…”

“I’ll put out—inside,” David countered, quirking an eyebrow in a way that was both a question and a dare. Hunter would respond to both, he knew.

“Oh,” Hunter huffed dismissively. “Don’t be so conventional.”

“How about common decency? Or not getting arrested for public lewdness?”

“Invented by people who aren’t getting any.”

Yes, David was well familiar with Hunter’s modus operandi of getting him all hot and bothered in an argument and then coaxing him to bed for some spectacular make-up sex. This time it wasn’t going to work.

Not considering what David was holding rumpled in his fisted hand.

“I’m going in to have a shower and make some dinner,” David said calmly, turning to the house and starting to walk. He’d been out for two days open-sea fishing, and he needed a hot shower with plenty of orange-blossom shower gel, lots of time to do it properly, a fine meal that didn’t come out of a can, and maybe, if he cajoled Hunter enough, a nice, long massage. “I smell like fish and—”

“No, you don’t. Besides, I absolutely love the way you smell, wee-one,” Hunter murmured appreciatively, his grip not loosening an inch.

God, how David hated—and adored—that endearment. Gritting his teeth, he fought for control of his emotions. Before Hunter he had always been the one in charge—literally and figuratively. He’d had his own submarine, he’d been the uncontested commander of his men—and then Hunter had blown in, like an irrepressible storm, and taken David for a ride of his life.

“I’m done with this conversation,” he said emphatically, lifting his chin in defiance, although the mannerism was typically one that Hunter employed against him. “I’m going inside. You do whatever you want.”




“Gimme the lube, David.”

Dazed with desire, David was slow to react, but he did eventually reach for the drawer of the nightstand and fished out the tube of lube, all scrunched and well used. One of the reasons why Hunter loved ass play with David was that he was so responsive to physical stimuli, especially of the pleasurable varieties, and he then required much less prep for anal. Still, Hunter had a fear of hurting his husband engrained in his very being, since the first time they had had sex Hunter had been far too rough with David, taking him unlike anyone before, and to this day he feared the overpowering need for David that consumed him would again take over and he’d end up hurting the one man in his life he loved more than anything and anyone.

“Hunter, I can feel you thinking about it again, the past. Stop, and love me.”

David’s soft, understanding tone went a long way to mellow Hunter out, and though David couldn’t see the gesture, Hunter nodded. “Here it comes, my lovely, little David,” he spoke hoarsely and pushed two gelled-up fingers inside his husband’s pulsating asshole.

His man’s response was immediate. David’s body went pliant as he fell forward onto his elbows, then burying his face in the pillow, moaning quietly. “Oh, Hunter, yes. Feels so good.”

“That first time?” Hunter thrust his fingers in deeper, all the way until he was hitting on that sweet spot that made David shiver and jump and whimper. “I know I was too hard on you, and that’s not a metaphor.” David glanced over his shoulder, frowning, clearly about to argue the case in point, but Hunter twisted his fingers and probed his husband quiet with delight. “But I also know you loved it. That no one had ever done that to you. Taken you so rough. God, I needed you so fucking bad. And that hasn’t changed to this day.”

Adding a third finger, he fucked his husband steadily, with an increasing pace, and he heard David half-moaning, half-chuckling. “Sometimes…rough…is better…than sweet…” Oh, he was breathless with desire, and that Hunter shared.

“Gonna fuck the shit out of you, babe,” Hunter vowed. “You’ll be so sore when I’m done with you you’ll feel me for days.” Leaning over his lover’s back, he whispered in his ear, “No one else can give it to you like me. My cock belongs inside your sweet little ass. Your ass is home for me, and no one is gonna take that, or you, away from me.”

Hunter was well aware he was growling his menacing words out, but he knew equally well the effect they would have on David. “Only you, Hunter, my love. Just you. Please…”

Without further ado, Hunter pulled his fingers out carefully, lubed himself up, aligned the blunt head of his cock at David’s fluttering, waiting hole, and dove right in. David moaned as his body seized, his ass clamping down on the full length of Hunter’s cock, compressing him like an army encircling an invader.

“Take it, babe. Take it all. Don’t fight it.” Hunter didn’t wait until he was in to the hilt, buried in loving flesh. “I know you want it. Know you need it. Let me give it to you.”

When David’s right hand snaked back to rest first, then squeeze Hunter’s thigh, it was Hunter’s cue to ramp up the volume. You’re a go. Starting a primal rhythm of slow, deep thrusts, he claimed and owned David’s beautiful behind. Watching his cock entering his lover over and over was a sight he hoped he would never get tired of. Those round, firm, pale white buttocks bumped his hips again and again, bouncing off of him. He relished the arousing vision of his lover yielding to his male prowess, so his cock plunged deep into David’s ass, his balls slapping against his lover’s perineum with every profound stroke, galvanizing his lover to a wanton love slave.

This heavenly indulgence to enjoy his husband’s body always overwhelmed Hunter’s senses and reason. He had to have more and more until his cock would explode within that tight channel. He had been an aggressive lover before, but the willingness of David to submit to him was an inspiration and an invitation to ravish his man repeatedly and pleasurably, and nothing was going to stand in his way.

“God, you’re so fucking beautiful, gorgeous, perfect,” he murmured with pervading appreciation, grabbing David’s hips and ramming into him good, hard, fast, and deep.

But it wasn’t enough. Hunter was too far away.



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