The Banished Bride (MFM)

Brides of Bachelor Bay 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,901
8 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition, light bondage, spanking]

As the youngest and most beautiful of the Prescott sisters as well as the original brides, Amelia has never had to want for anything. With a new shipment of brides due into Bachelor Bay any day, Amelia must fulfill her contract and marry or be banished. Regardless, Amelia chooses to never marry and instead live a life of freedom.

After rumors of infidelity, Andrew Gallagher releases Amelia, instantly regrets it, and returns home only to find her in a precarious position with his very own brother, Noah. Amelia is banished from the Gallagher house and the luxuries she's always known.

But the Gallagher brothers soon learn they are determined to prove to Amelia she is destined to be a bride whether she believes so or not.

In an era where land is as unsettled as the times, these brave brides fight for their right to live and love—always in threes.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Eve Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Banished Bride (MFM)
8 Ratings (4.0)

The Banished Bride (MFM)

Brides of Bachelor Bay 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,901
8 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Amelia finally got her story, for such a spoilt young lady she got her two hot men. So looking forward to more in this series.
Barefoot Okie
It was a good addition to the series not my favorite of the series though.
Professional Reviews

4.5 STARS: "Time is running out for Amelia Prescott, one of the original brides from the first shipment of women to come to Bachelor Bay seeking a husband from the men who live and work for Gallagher Logging. The youngest and prettiest of the Prescott sisters, Amelia has been pampered and spoiled all her life but with the new shipment of brides due in any day she must marry or be banished from Bachelor Bay. It doesn't matter she would rather banished and never marry to be able to live a life the way she chooses to live it rather than listen to what others think is right. Noah and Andrew Gallagher love Amelia and both men are bound and determined to prove to the beauty that they are the only men for her! The Banished Bride by author Eve Adams is a delightful historical romance that teases and engages the reader with its enchanting plot and the unconventional characters' that seem to explode off of the pages and into the readers' hearts. There is plenty of sizzle, delicious bantering, excitement and enough action to satisfy and charm the reader. While it's not necessary to have read the first four books in this wonderful series to enjoy The Banished Bride, this story will have much more character if you do. The strong characters and their sharp dialogue take center stage of this well-written romance. Amelia is a spunky and spoiled beauty who is used to getting everything she wants. As she grows throughout the story, readers can't help but embrace her new personality and spirit as she holds tight to what she believes in. Both Noah and Andrew have qualities that call to Amelia's spirit. Noah with his playful and adventurous attitude and Andrew the more serious, calm and determined personality combined create the perfect men to satisfy, challenge and love her for who she is and what she means to them. Their passion is given free rein and the loving is full of adventure, romance and tender seduction that will have the reader glued to the pages. Characters from the previous stories create wonderful secondary characters to enhance the main characters as well as the plot. Readers will enjoy reading the journal entries from Amelia as well as other secondary characters which works to provide insight into their personalities, their feelings as well as their actions. The ending is smartly written and wonderfully romantic." -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

"The youngest Prescott sister is the one that is considered the most beautiful. But, while her sisters have found their love matches the time for Amelia is running out. Not only has she strung along more than one man but the time limit for her contract is running out. If she doesn’t marry soon she will be banished from the town, and potentially sent back east. She is determined to live a life unmarried and with her “freedom” but, she is also attracted to Andrew Gallagher, who just might be the one to get her to marry. But, when Andrew hears rumors of infidelity he releases Amelia from an engagement and heads out of the territory. Upon his reconsideration and return he finds her in a precarious position with his brother Noah. What will become of the young lovely? For starters she is banished from living in the Gallagher household, and the luxuries that she become accustomed to. What will happen as she is forced to make some tough decisions? The woman that was considered the ‘most’ beautiful of the brides has finally found her match. In this installment of the Brides of Bachelor Bay you finally see Amelia get into a precarious situation that she can’t get herself out of. How will she determine what is right and what she really wants? While The Banished Bride is the last Prescott sister’s story it is also one that most fans of the series have waited for. Ms. Adams does a fantastic job in setting the stage for Amelia to finally have to face ‘growing up’ and determining what she really feels and desires. There are explosive interpersonal actions and reactions between Amelia, Noah and Andrew. The Banished Bride is a well written story about a woman who finally gets what she deserves. The Banished Bride can be read as a stand-alone story but readers will miss Amelia’s back-story and not enjoy this book as much as they will, following her journey from the beginning." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

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“Quick! We have to hurry!”

Noah ran into Logan’s office and stumbled to a stop, holding on to the back of the closest chair as he panted. Andrew and Logan exchanged tired glances.

Logan cleared his throat. “Are you attempting to outrun the devil, brother?”

“Quite possibly. This is a matter of life or death!”

Andrew shook his head. When it came to Noah, it was always a matter of life or death. “Are you sure the angry husbands of some of your quests haven’t finally caught up to you?”

“Joke if you will, but I assure you, this is serious.”

“Of course it is.”

“It has to do with Amelia.”

That caught Andrew’s attention. He pushed away from the wall. “What is it?”

“I was just at Madam Chen’s and spotted none other than that terrible uncle Lizzie has been warning us about.”

The power of Noah’s words sank in, and Andrew’s mouth ran dry. “You saw Robert Prescott? Here in Port Steele?” He jerked his gaze to Logan, who had the same concerned look on his face as Andrew surely had.

“Are you sure?” Logan asked as he stood.

Noah nodded at Logan. “Positive. He even referred to Amelia as his niece.”

“Son of a bitch,” Logan muttered and fell back into the chair behind the desk. He then sat straight as a board and leaned forward. “This does not get back to Lizzie, is that understood?”

“She has a right to know,” Andrew protested.

Logan nodded. “And as soon as I find out what he wants and then run him out of town, I’ll let her know he was here and gone.”

“That’s not fair,” Noah said, joining in on the protest. “Lizzie, Olivia, and Amelia have already gone through so much.”

“Exactly.” Logan nailed him with a penetrating look. “Why add to that without reason?”

Andrew and Noah exchanged glances. Andrew read the trouble brewing in Noah’s expression. There was already cause to add to the Prescotts’ grief with their uncle. “What is it, Noah?”

With a solemn look to match his tone, Noah said, “Robert Prescott means to take Amelia back to Boston.”

“Over my dead body.” Andrew growled and started for the door. “Come, Noah. We are going to pay a visit to Madam Chen’s and make sure the uncle knows exactly how unwelcome he is here.”

“Wait.” Logan brought up his hand. “This man is clearly insane if he thinks he can come back here and try this shit again. But he’s also dangerous. I refuse to have you two make Amelia a widow before she even marries. Let me talk to him.”

Andrew frowned and shook his head. “He’s not going to listen to you.”

“Yet you think he’ll listen to you?”

He didn’t have a comeback for that, so he said nothing.

“He’ll listen to no one,” Noah stated in an angry voice. “He was adamant as he spoke with Madam Chen. The man is back for Amelia. We can’t let him take her.”

Logan gave him a curt nod. “And we won’t.” He then turned to Andrew. “Find Gage. We need to talk about what to do about this.”

“And me?” Noah asked. “I should check on Amelia.”

“No!” Logan and Andrew demanded in unison.

“Why not? She could be in danger.”

“She’s not in any danger. That man won’t dare to attempt to kidnap her with Mildred around. If anything, she’s safest when she’s at the house.”

Noah clearly didn’t believe him. From the look on Logan’s face, he had his doubts as well. 




“Let me free,” she whimpered.

“Not yet.” Noah kissed her as Andrew stopped his assault on her pussy. She whimpered a protest. “It’s my turn, Amelia. I can’t wait to taste your sweet pussy again. I’ve been dying for it.”

He dove between her thighs as Andrew hovered his mouth above her nipple. He locked his gaze with hers as he lowered his head down and drew her nipple into his mouth.

Their connection did nothing for her resistance. Andrew held her arms above her head with the help of the scarf as he feasted on her breast, while at the same time Noah overwhelmed her with his attack on her pussy.

“Oh, Noah. I can’t stand it. Oh, Andrew.”

“I’ve got to have you, Amelia.” Andrew’s breath against her skin whispered goose bumps across her body. “This time it’s my turn in your sweet ass.”

“Yes.” She loved it when he used such wicked words.

“My sweet Amelia,” Noah murmured against her sensitive nerves, and she jerked, the sensation too much. He stretched out and rolled her over on top of him. She would have crashed into him had Andrew not grabbed the scarf binding her wrists.

Noah lifted her hips and sank her weeping channel onto his hard cock. She cried out at the tight penetration and shifted, sending her deeper onto his shaft while Andrew held her wrists.

“That’s it, baby. Oh, yeah. Jesus. So fucking tight.” Noah dug his fingers into her hips. “Oh, Amelia. I can’t wait to make you my wife. Please, baby. Just say yes.”

He thrust deep, and she threw her head back. “Yes!”

“Say yes to me.” Andrew untied her wrists, and she dropped her hands down to Noah’s shoulders to hold on as he fucked her slowly and steady, driving her mad with want. When Andrew licked at her tender puckered entrance, she released a shuddering cry.

Andrew pressed the blunt tip of his cock against the tight entrance to her ass. When he rocked his hips and the hole loosened, allowing him penetration, it sent a rush of flames burning through her. He eased in farther, and she bucked her hips.

“Say yes to me.” Andrew growled from behind her. He pulled out and pushed in, over and over until his gentle, unyielding assault allowed him to sink all the way inside her rear.


“Say yes,” he groaned and held her hips so she couldn’t move. Hell, she couldn’t move if she wanted to. Noah was still buried deep inside her. With Andrew in her at the same time, she could barely cry out.

“Yes, Andrew. Yes!”

“I was first,” Noah said and slowly slid out, and then eased back inside the depths of her pussy. “And I didn’t have to beg. Ah, Jesus! Amelia, you feel like hot silk, baby.”

She couldn’t take it. They were killing her with pleasure. Could a person die from too much pleasure? She was sure of it. They were close to killing her. Oh, dear God. She’d never survive this.

“Andrew!” She screamed when he slammed into her ass, and felt the muscles of her ass clench around his cock.

Noah withdrew and then pushed back into her with a strong thrust.


It was sweet rapture, having both of them inside her at the same time. Every thrust pushed her higher, closer to the cataclysmic explosion that would release her from the torment.

When they both drove deep inside her at the same time, she threw her head back and screamed at the pleasure that burned so hot it hurt. One more invasion like that and she’d shatter.

“Make your choice,” Andrew demanded in a low growl.


“Do it.” Noah stabbed his flesh into her, and she cried out.

“I won’t.” And she wouldn’t. How dare they make her choose when she was on the verge of ecstasy?

Andrew placed something over her eyes and tied it. She reached up for it, but Noah stopped her. She stilled. “What’s going on?”

“Taking a sense away heightens all the others,” Andrew explained. “Without your sight, you will feel so much more.”

She could see shadows but nothing else. The feeling of helplessness didn’t please her any, yet she felt her senses come to life and explode with alertness. “But I want to see you.”

Feel me here.” He reached around and touched the skin above her heart. “Feel me, Amelia. Feel us both. It’s here that your choice lies.”

“Or here.” Noah thrust deep into her pussy, and she gasped.

“Please,” she cried. “Don’t make me do this. Not now.”

Andrew fucked her with long, smooth strokes. He pressed her shoulders down to Noah, and it opened her up for him to increase his pace. “Are you mine?”

Noah wrapped his arms around her. “You’re mine.”

“And mine,” Andrew added.

She screamed as, in one final thrust between them both, she exploded. Her eyes flew open, and even with the blindfold she saw stars burst in her vision. Violent spasms rippled through her as wave after wave slammed into her from the inside out.

“I’m yours!”

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